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Process and Documents needed for Parents Visa to visit USA? B2 Visa/ Tourist visa Sample Documents

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One of the most frequently asked questions among friends after they start working in US and typically whenever they are expecting a baby is “What is the process for applying visa to parents to come to USA ? What documents do I need ? How do I start ?” . Also, if you are on F1 visa, you may want to invite your parents for your graduation…In any case, I was in the same boat and found information I needed from friends and other sources. This article will focus on the whole process with documents needed and what to do step by step.

Getting Started  with B2 Visitor Visa for Parents to Travel to US:

When you have an idea that you plan to get parents to US, couple of things you have to plan are

  • Parents Passports: Apply for Passport to your parents if you have not done so.  Depending on the country plan for the passport based on how much time it takes. If you are from India, in the past it used to take 3 to 6 months, now with outsourcing to TCS, you can get passport in little under 15 days.  Also, there are new schemes of Tatkaal, if it is emergency and you can get you passport as soon as 7 days, but you have to pay extra fee. Check out the passport application website for details. We have an article on applying for Passport Renewal in India, it should give some idea.
  • Bank Savings for Sponsorship: Make sure you save some good amount totalling up to $10,000 dollars or more to cover their expenses. It is advised to start saving 3 months before and accumulate steadily rather than just borrowing money and putting in bank. There is no hard fast rule. Just an advice.

Step by Step process for Applying for B2 Visitor Visa for Parents or Anyone :

1. Employment letter from your H1B sponsor/ Current employer :  You need to get an employment letter verifying your current H1B visa employment, indicating your salary and other stuff. Typically employer knows this stuff and they will give you the letter. They may ask for your parents passports and sometimes the appointment letter of interview. Depending upon the employer rules and regulations. Some employers are quick and some are slow in doing this. Plan well and make sure you have it with you.

F1 Student – Graduation Invitation : If you are F1 Student inviting for Graduation, you need to send your current status details like F1 Visa copy, I-94, I20 and Graduation invitation letter to your parents.

2. Get Scan copy of Parents passports:  You will need copy of your parents’ passports with all the information that is on the passport when you book the appointment online. You may ask them and get it item by item, but you may end up with mistakes. Best way to it is ask for scan copy for Parents passports. Ask your parents or anyone to send this to you. Your employer may ask for copy of Passports for giving the employment verification letter. So, it is easy if you get scan copies of parents’ passports.

3. Booking Visa stamping appointment for your parents: You need to book visa appointment at US embassy/ consulate for getting B2 Visa stamping to travel to US. In India, depending on the state you belong to, you will have to choose the consular office. Unless, your parents have access to internet and  are familiar with the process, you might want to book the appointment and fill up the application and other forms, etc.  If you are booking, make sure you have 15 days before from the day you are booking appointment. Because, you will need to get your documents straightened and send them on time.   To book visa appointment, the first step is to fill out DS-160 form.

  •  Fill out DS-160 Form:   You will need to create separate DS-160 applications / profiles for both of your parents or group, if you are applying as group. When you are filling out the first DS-160 form at the end, when you select ‘Email Confirmation’ on the confirmation page, you will go to Thank you page and on that page you will have an option to create a family or group application, you can choose this option so that some of the information from your first application will be copied over and imported. Of course, you can change those details as needed.
  • You need to fill out the DS-160 form carefully. Check out the article on How to fill out DS-160 form  to get some idea.  Below are the links for relevant links for DS-160 form. 
  • Parents Visa booking Native Language vs English: If your parents are not comfortable with English, I suggest you choose preferred local language that your parents are familiar with.  Most US embassies give you that option to choose the local language. For instance, in India, you can choose interview language  such as your mother tongue like  Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, etc. If you feel your parents are not fluent in English, it is better to choose native language rather than English, so that they are comfortable and communicate clearly when asked by Visa Officer.
  • Filling up the forms and What you should fill : Unless your parents are familiar with internet and online process of filling up forms,  you may want to consider filling up all the forms. It may be a good idea, if we do it because, we know what we are doing and we are sponsoring them.  Again, it is your preference. If you are filling forms at the end in DS-160, there is a section on ‘Sign and Submit page’, there you should fill out your details as third party and then inform your parents regarding the endorsement of the application by them and help them click on sign and submit button. You can check the DS-160 FAQs ( link above under fill out DS-160), it talks about it. Check out user discussion on this 

4. Bank Account Verification/ Balance Status letter : You will need to go to your primary bank where you have your longest standing account and the bank which has your savings and ask them to give you a Bank Verification letter for Visa. Typically  Chase does it instantly. For Bank of America or others they make take couple weeks or more. Do this in advance.  All they do is, give a letter saying when the bank account was opened and average running balance since opening.  It is just a simple letter. If possible, get the visiting card of the bank manager( not necessary, more documentation the better). Check out  Sample Bank Verification Letter for Parents Visa

5. Copies of W2 Form, Pay stubs, etc : You will need copies of W2 Forms for all the years, last three pay stubs or salary statements, Last three bank statements, Copy of your passport, I-94, H1B visa approval ( I797 ). This is extra piece of documentation to be given to your parents to avoid any issues. This is like an optional, I strongly suggest that you carry these documents.

If you are a student on F1 visa and not working, you may not have pay stubs, so do not worry about it. Send whatever you have regarding your current status like I20, etc.

6. Invitation Letter : You need to send an invitation letter to your parents saying that you are inviting them to visit you and sign it. It legally supports your parents intent to come to US and  you are inviting them to visit. Download sample copies below.

7. Visa officer Cover letter: It is recommended to send a cover letter with all the documentation addressing the visa officer. It just lets you keep in track of what you are sending and if visa officer needs to check, it is easier for him and more clear for our parents.

8. ( Optional ) Affidavit of Support I-134 Form: This is an optional form, which is typically filed with family based green card applications by sponsors. This is to establish that the applicant will not become public charges while in the United States. If you submit this form, you are legally signing that you take all the liability and they will not become a public charge. I have used this form, when I was sponsoring visa for my parents in 2008. You may fill, sign and send the affidavit of support to your parents.  It has some basic info. Nothing fancy and tricky out there. All you are telling in this document is that you are going to support their entire trip.  You can Download the I-134 Form, Affidavit of Support from USCIS website

9. How to send and What all to send: Ideally, you want to print out everything and sign all the documents where you filled forms I-134 (optional), invitation letter and cover letter. Make copies of all the documents as listed above. Send originals of Employment letter and Bank letter. You can use DHL or FedEx. I used DHL as it was cheaper and it reached in 3 working days. It cost me around $60.

Parents US Visa Documents Checklist for B2 Visitor Visa :

  • Copy of work visa approval  notice ( H1B, L1 – Form I-797).
  • Copy of Passport, Visa stamped on passport.
  • Copy of I-94.  (You can print it at DHS CBP I-94 website)
  • Current Employment verification letter
  • Copy of Bank statements from last 6 months.
  • Bank Account verification/ balance letter.
  • Copies of last three salary statements/ pay slips.
  • Copies of last year Tax Returns –W2 forms ( if applicable).
  • DS forms (if you have filled it and signed the same)
  • Copy of Green Card ( if applicable )
  • Form I-134 ( Optional )

If applying B2 Visitor Visa for in-laws ( Mother-in-law, Father-in-law) below documents are required:

  • Your Spouse’s Passport
  • Spouse’s approval notice I797
  • Spouse’s Visa Copy
  • Any other supporting documents like marriage certificate to prove the relationship.
  • Spouse Birth Certificate

Thanks to Rajesh for suggesting the above after his bad experience missing the documents of in-laws.

Sample Documents Templates to Apply for Parents US Visitor Visa from Sponsor:

Below are some of the templates that were used by me.

  • Parents US Visitor Visa Invite Letter Template : You need to send an invitation letter to your parents saying that you are inviting them and also specify, if you plan to pay for their expenses when in US. We have given a sample letter, but I recommend you edit it with your own flavour and make it unique : Invitation Letter Templates for Visitor (B-2) / Parents Visa
  • Employment letter Sample Letter Template for US Parents Visa : You should also send an employment letter that tells that you are employed in your company with your designation and salary. It can be any standard employment letter. You may use : Employment letter Template for Parents Visa USA
  • Cover Letter for Visa Officer at US Consulate: It is a good idea to put in a cover letter to the visa officer listing all the documents you are sending. You may use : Cover Letter for Visa officer – Parents visa USA

These are just standard templates that you can use, no hard fast rule that it has to be in this format. We highly encourage you to use them as guideline only and create your own letters with your own flavour, so that it looks unique.

Additional Supporting documents Checklist by Parents for Visa Interview.

Fundamentally, your parents have to prove that they have enough ties in their home country, so that they would return after their trip.  Some of the ways that can be done is by good supporting documentation.  Sample checklist of additional documents you may include are :

  • Notarized documents of land/ sites, buildings ( any kind of property).
  • Bank Statements with enough balance
  • Pension / employment benefits letters, if applicable.
  • Fixed deposits, any financial related documents.
  • If there are Tax returns, then carry them as well
  • Any other documents that shows your financially strong and you will come back.

If you do not have all documents or big property back home, it is OK. No big deal. Because, you are the one in US, who is sponsoring the visitor visa for your parents. So, do not worry. Also, if your parents are older, then they are fine.


Health Insurance for Parents : Having visitors health insurance is important for parents to avoid any unforeseen health conditions, when in USA, so that it does not dent your financial situation with fat medical bill. It is always a good idea to get Health Insurance from a US vendor, who can support you. We recommend Buying Parents Insurance at Visitors Coverage – Parents Insurance as they have US support and you can compare all insurance plans.

That’s it folks…not so much complex, all  you need to do is get all the list of documents and have things rolling as per plan and schedule. You can check out  some experiences like Parents US Visa Stamping Experience -Telugu  and  English Stamping Experience US Parents Visa  .

Do you have any other ideas or documents that are important  ?  Do share your experience and thoughts.


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  1. Dipti

    We are planning to Invite my mother , mother -in-law of H1 visa holder(my husband). For some reason my Husband doesn’t want to ask his Manager for Employment verification letter. Is it OK to omit that? He is an Full time employer in one of the leading banks in US. he has Offer letter and pay stubs .Please Help.

    1. administrator

      Well, it is all about carrying extra documentation as backup. If that is a big issue, he can prove that he is working by carrying I-797 form, Offer Letter and latest payslips as well.

  2. Hari

    Thanks for providing valuable information over here. My Question is that we are planing to invite my mother in law , father in law and my mother to visit us. My MIL and FIL live in nellore where Chennai is closer and my mother hyderabad.
    1. Can I book seperate interviews in 2 different states but will be providing same information (documents making 2 copies of each such as employment letter etc).
    2. Also, the primary reason for delivery however I have my doctorate graduation from last year which I never attended but this year i plan to can I use this for purpose of visit for my family members or just say visiting as a reason?
    3. Do I need to provide details of my wife part time job (recent H4 visa EAD ) or just include mine for pay stubs etc?
    Please reply. I look forward to hear from you soon.

    1. administrator


      1. Yes
      2. Yes, you can mention that they plan to attend your graduation and also spend time with you in US
      3. No need to include wife’s details. Just furnish your financial information

  3. Chitra


    Thank you very much for a detailed article! Please help me out with my situation.
    My husband is in the USA for 2 weeks. He had been to USA several times before and has good savings. But he cannot obtain 3 recent pay slips as of now. I will be joining him soon. I want my parents to get a touristt VISA. They can afford to sponsor themselves. SHould my husband just send a invite. Should my parents mention that i will be travelling soon? Thank you in advance

        1. administrator


          So you are on L-1 and your husband/son are on L-2. Wonder how he entered US before you, as you are the primary person here on L-1 and he is a dependent.

          Your parents have to tell purpose of visit. What’s the purpose? If you are currently outside US, they don’t need to mention your travel plans unless explicitly asked. Unless your parents have an urgent need to travel, it would be better if you could go to US first on L-1 and then send them the letter. The current set-up looks strange that dependent L-2 is in US while primary L-1 is outside US. Your call.

  4. Majeed Khan

    My Name is Majeed Khan. I filed for green card through marriage, my case is still pending, however I got an EAD. My question is that can I sponsor my parent on my EAD if yes, then do I need to submit additional documentation? Need advice and suggestion.


  5. Satish


    Thanks for sharing the info which is very useful.

    I’ve a question – We’re planning to bring my father-in-law and mother-in-law to visit us this April’16. They already have B2 Visa and had been to US once earlier (My co-brother sponsored visa and travel that time and have visited them in 2010).
    Now, as they already have valid visa, what documents do i need to send them for Immigration process? Do i need to send entire list of documents which are mentioned for Interview process? Or a limited documents are sufficient as they’re not going through Visa stamping process now?

    Thanks in Advance,

    1. administrator

      If they already have a valid visa, there is no need to go for stamping. All you need to send them is the invite letter, your petition related information like copy of approval, work information and passport details, including where they will stay. All this information is for Port of Entry procedures, if the CBP officer asks any details. It is good to carry your wife’s details and marriage details like marriage certificate and H4 visa info.

  6. Megha

    I missed the thank you page for family application and filled two DS160 for my parents. Now how can I get a family visa interview appointment for them.

    Pls reply.


    1. administrator


      Completing separate DS-160 forms for each parent is required. You can call US Travel Docs team and ask them to help them w/ you this.


    hi, my name is Deepika and I am pregnant with 8th month. I need my parents here during delivery time and after for help. I am green card holder and my husband is citizen. My husband will sponsor them to visit here.But i have few questions please suggest me where to start like:
    1.First we need to send invitation letter to my parents or first need to submit ds160 form?
    2.Do we need hospital statement also in which they mentioned about my pregnancy and reason to bring parents here?
    3.My delivery date is coming soon less than 2 months left and i just started looking this visa process.Is it everything possible all process done in such short time ?
    4.How can we get medical insurance for parents when they will come here ?
    5.My father is advocate and have very busy schedule they can only visit here for month only so during interview if the interviewer will ask about how their stay what should they answer to them.I dont want only one month stay doesn’t effect their visa process or they will only give one or two month visa rather than 10 years ?

    1. administrator


      1. Both can happen in parallel. To schedule the interview, they should have completed the DS form and they should have invitation letter in hand on the interview date.

      2. No need

      3. Yes, but I am not sure about availability of visa interview dates

      4. Look for insurance online. There are several companies who deal in this

      5. Usually they give out B-1/2 for 10 years with multiple entry option.

  8. Bose

    Thanks for this great information, it’s really helpful. I am on a student visa (F1), I want to invite my mum to visit me in the U.S., can I complete the DS-160 application for her while she sign the application herself? Also, as a student, can I be the sponsor? Do I need to fill out form I-134-affidavit of support for her? What documents do I need to provide to support my parent’s coming since am not working- only doing some student job on campus, although I will be paying for her trip?

    1. administrator

      You can do that on behalf of her. There will be a section where you can specify that it was done by you/ with someone’s help. You cannot be sponsor, logically speaking how can you afford their stay, when you are still a student ? Though you may work on-campus, it may not be convincing to have you as the sponsor. It is recommended that they be their trip sponsors. You would need to send the invite letters and let them do the rest of process.

      1. Bose

        Thank you for your response to my question, I appreciate it. I have other questions please, can I scan all documents I need to send for my mum’s interview so she can print them out and keep for the interview? Thanks in advance for your response.

  9. Suman

    Hi ,

    Thanks for the ton of information being provided here. I have a question can i show my certificate of deposits (like fixed Deposit for 3 months) for 15,000 to invite my parents as proof to show that i will cover their expenses?


    1. administrator

      Well, I do not know that will help much. It is expected that you have liquid cash to cover their expenses, having in FD will not help to take out money and cover their travel and expenses ? There is no standard list as such that is given by US Consulate, they ask to show proof of funds and showing cash makes logical sense as that can be used to cover their expenses.

    1. administrator

      May not be for visa, but for applying for passport, yes they would need some extra documents like NOC, etc.

  10. Megha

    How many days after filling DS 160 for B2 visa that we get Visa interview date in chennai?
    If I submitted the application on March 20, what date will I get for interview?

    1. administrator

      The visa appointment slots are based on availability, you will need to keep checking the website for availability of open slots and book accordingly. It is hard to tell, you can call the customer service.

    1. administrator

      They are not mandatory, it is just one way to prove their ties back home. If you are going to be sponsor, your details should do as well. Do NOT try to fabricate anything, just go with what they have and tell them to be confident and that you are sponsoring the visit and they will come back after visit.

  11. Sanju

    Actually I wanna ask you that I am here in US since 7 month and now I am pregnent of 5 month . I am not working here but I have my greencard .And my husband is here for 4 years He has also his greencard and I wanna apply for my mummy and dad can my husband apply as I don’t have income . will there be any problem can you help me by giving an information about my confusion please.

  12. AP

    Hi Saurabh,

    My elder sister is 32 years old and unmarried. She applied US B2 Visa in 2011( twice) and last month in 2016. She got rejected in Mumbai consulate. My parents already got their visa in 2011. VO asked below ques:
    1. Why do you want to go USA?- Ans: For tourism and to meet my brother
    2. Who is there ? What is your brother doing? – Brother and working in IT as XXX.
    3. What you doing? – Front End Office Executive
    4. Have you travel before anywhere? – Ans: NEPAL in 2011
    5. How you traveling there? – Ans: Alone

    Then she got rejected with 214 (B). VO didn’t check any documents. I mentioned that I am going to sponsor her full trip. I also sent i-134 and invitation letter.
    1. What could be the reason for the rejection ?
    2. What are the chances of success if she apply from Hydrabad or Chennai as I heard that people get approval from Hydrabad and Chennai. ?


    1. administrator


      They found her as a potential immigrant and that’s why denied the visa. She can retry at a different consulate but they would keep her past denials in mind when reviewing her application.

  13. Megha

    Does the interview for both mother and father happen together or separately?
    My mother is a housewife and every document is in my father’s name. She doesn’t have any document in her name. How will that work?

    Pls reply.

    1. administrator

      It is recommended that you do it together as family. But, if there is no option, you can do it individually as well. That is fine to have documents on spouse’s name. It should not matter.

  14. weyn

    Hi. I want to ask you some questions. I want to invite my mom to U.S.. I am green card holder, I am student but I am not sponsor . My mom will show her financial and I have to complete B2 visa? and what she will show document ?

    1. administrator

      She can apply for general tourist visa and show funds in her bank to confirm that she is financing her trip. The process is pretty much same as above, except the sponsor.

  15. Sree

    My parents have tourist visa interview on 11th April 2016. I am working for company “A” (currently resigned and serving notice period) and will be joining a new company “B” (new job) from 4th April 2016. In my parent’s ds-160, my company details mentioned are about “A” as that time I was working with “A”.

    Can someone pls help me if my parents need to tell that my son has just joined company “B”. Does their DS 160 needs to be changed/updated with my new company details even in case when the information changes just 2 days before interview.

    Urgent response would be highly appreciated.

        1. administrator


          My question is what was the specific questions in your parents DS-160 form where you mentioned your employer’s name? I can’t recollect any such question.

          In any case, send your parents your latest employment verification letter from B, along w/ recent payslips to show who your new employer is and what they are paying you.

  16. Rajesh

    Hii am on H1 n am planning for inviting my parents here, my only doubt is my visa is going to be ended on 17sep2017 so will my parents get the visiting visa only till that date or longer time

    1. administrator


      Parents will be given visa based upon their own circumstances. They can get it for 3 years, 5 years or 10 years (most common). It won’t be governed by your 797 expiration date.

  17. JJ

    Hey, thanks for sharing this information. Quick question- whats the difference in form I-864, Affidavit of Support Under Section 213A of the Act Vs Form 134. I am kinda lost.

    1. JJ

      I think i know the difference in the 2 forms. so Please ignore above question.
      Although, i do have another question. I am changing job in next month and will be sponsoring my parents after that. So section 7 – my job details, company, income I will be providing info based on new job. I hope there is no issue/confusion since my last pay stubs and w2 will be from previous employer. Do you think I need to add another document or letter in addition to what you mentioned here?


  18. Silva

    Hi. I want to ask you some questions. I want to invite my parents to U.S.. I am U S citizen, but I am not sponsor . I have to complete B2 visa?How about if they want to stay here permanently ?

    1. administrator

      B2 a visitor visa and only for short term visit purposes. I am not sure how the family immigration works, please check USCIS site for details.

    2. administrator


      You can apply for family based green card for them. As you are citizen and they are parents (immediate family), the GC should arrive within few months. There is no wait-list.

    3. Silva

      Hi, I’m brazilian and I’m living in Brazil I have a 20 year old son, he was born in the U.S. and he is currently living in America attending College. As soon as he turns 21, He is going to apply for a green card for me, my Husband and my 29 year old son, who was also born in Brazil.

      My question is, how long would it take for us to be able to go to America? Will all 3 of us be able to go at the same time?
      I’m also thinking of visit him before he turns 21. Is there a problem?

      Thank you so much for your attention.

      1. administrator


        Your son can file green card for his family. The parents would be able to get the green card pretty soon, without any wait. However, the sibling may have to wait a while (I don’t know what the current family wait times for Brazil are). This is b/c parents are considered immediately family (along w/ minor children, spouses) but siblings are not.

        If you want to visit your son prior to this, then you should explore the option of B-1/2 visa (tourism).

  19. Sneha Hole


    We are in process of getting visitor visas for my in-laws. The website says that original birth certificate of the sponsor is required. My husband would be the sponsor for the visa but he has his birth certificate with him in US. Does he have to send it through courier along with other filed forms to India?

    1. administrator

      Sneha Hole,
      No, just carry a copy of the birth certificate would do. Logically, look at it this way, why would your spouse give his originals for their parents’ stamping ? those are not their documents. Usually originals of the interview attendees is expected, rest of them would be copies.

  20. subeesh surendran

    I am applying Visa for my in laws.I was in L1 visa from 2010 to 2013,I came back to India and stayed in India for 1.5 years.I cam bk in H1 on Feb 2015..I 134 ,there is a section 2 “Have resided in US since ” What date i will select,First port of entry (2010) or last entery 2015.As i don’t have 2014 W2,Will that make confuse if i select 2010
    Please respond to my id subeeshhai at gmail dot com

    1. administrator

      subeesh surendran,

      I don’t think it matters as they would have access to your I-94 arrival departure record. Even if you enter 2010, it is ok to not have 2014 W-2 as you were not in US. Beside, they are scrutinizing your in-laws and not you.

      Having said that I don’t think I-134 is required. It has more disadvantages than advantages. Fill it and submit it at your discretion.

  21. Sunil Kumar

    I have a question about my father last in passport.
    In my passport my father name last name is Singh and there is no middle name. While in my father passport, his last name is kushwaha and middle name is singh.

  22. Sriram Devalapuram

    This is really a great document for those who doesn’t know the process to get the tourist visa for the dependents. I really appreciate all your efforts in educating all of us. This article has each and every step clearly explained. Thanks a lot for all this.

  23. Rajesh Badri

    I am here in the US for last 3 months and do not have W2 yet. Is it okay to just share the pay stubs and HR letter stating the salary and time period I am working in them? Is W2 mandatory to invite / sponsor my parents to US?

    1. administrator

      Rajesh Badri,
      W-2 for 2015 will be issued in Jan 2016. You are ok to not have any W-2 at the moment. For parent’s visa, you can send recent payslips and a letter from employer mentioning salary, start date, designation etc.

      1. pooja

        Hi Saurabh,

        I am on H1B. I want to apply visitor visa for my parents. So, i recently applied passport for my mother and father at same time and they got passport. Mother and father address in passport is different (only house number is different because their Adhar card also has different house number). Is it ok to have different permanent address in passport and to have same current/residential address for both of them in DS-160 ?
        If it is ok to go ahead Do we need to be prepared for any possible queries during interview?
        Please help me with this.Thank you in Advance.

        1. administrator


          I don’t think it is an issue that the passport addresses are different. If asked, they can respond truthfully why it is.

          The only concern this could raise is that they are not married, or are separated. So they can carry recent photographs, copy of your passport which would have their names mentioned or similar proof. IMO, chances of this is pretty low.

  24. saradha

    hi frds

    my mother name is naga my passport mother name is naga my mother passport name nagalaxmi.plz tell me any problem in visa stamping.plz reply urgent..

      1. Rajesh Badri

        what is the first name and last name?

        If First name in the passport is mentioned as Nagalaxmi and there is a last name separately mentioned, it should not have any problem.


    I am holding L1B visa, I would like to invite my parents for around 2 months. Please let me know the documents requirements for visa processing. what is the best visa type B1/B2.

    Kindly suggest.

  26. Krishna

    Hello ALL,
    Can anyone clear my doubt, I have filled out separate DS-160 for my Mom-Dad, and my Dad will be sponsoring the trip. Now while taking VISA appointment, should I make only Dads account and add Mom as dependent or separately make accounts for both separately for taking VISA appointment?

    1. administrator

      Enter through your dad’s application and then schedule it as a family application. You should then be able to add your mother to the same interview slot.

  27. Flower

    Hi I am a green card holder and a college student. I am a part time worker at Wal-Mart as a deli associate.I have 5000$ in my account. I would like to know if i can send an invitation letter to my cousin to come visit in the US
    My income is too low

  28. Mercy


    I want to get my mother over. The issue I have is my father has passed away and he was not a gvt job holder. So my mother do not have any property or pension to her name. There are no supporting document from her side. Please advice.

  29. shraddha

    I am having trouble with the amount in the bank to invite my mother. How much money is required to be in the bank. She is by herself, and i am the only daughter. me and my husband are the greencard holders. My income is not enough eventhough i am a fulltime. So, we decided to sponsor through my husband as he has better standing job and income.

    1. Anonymous

      I guess you do not need to worry at all as you both are working and you will earn further and are green card holders which even USCIS & Consulate knows.
      Well for minimum amount; one of my friend got his mother’s visa approved when his bank balance was just $5000.
      And in some websites I have read that the minimum expected amount to be spent on each person is $5000. So you are expected to have extra amount apart from $5000.
      However, looking at my friend’s scenarios it is no where a reality. As USCIS or consulate or…no one has set any rule of such sort. And I am pretty sure, if you dig deeper into your friend circle you might hear similar stories like my friend’s.
      My best advice would be to have your account joined in bank so you wouldn’t have to worry in future.
      Hope you got your answer and do not take this as any legal advice.

      I wish you all the best

  30. Michelle

    I have question , I understand all your step but right now i have a baby so I can not go back to work . I just stop working about 1 month ago . So it is ok I can ask the letter from my old work and put with my application or not. Or I do not have to put the letter from work. What should I do?

  31. David

    Why do I need to fillout Step 8 if its just a B2 Visa, for I 134 looks more specific for a person who wants to sponsorship. Please clarify.

  32. Blessy

    Hello Saurabh,
    I am currently on H1b in US. I have a valid H1B visa stamped on Passport. One year back I changed my job with a reputed company now I am planning to go to India for vacation and need to get my VISA stamped again with the new petitioner. I am also planning to get my mother and in-laws(2) also for their tourist visa. wanted to know if it is OK to take our parents (3) for their visa stamping (B2) with us at the same day ??

  33. Mary

    I am a US citizen and I would like to invite my mother to visit. I really appreciate your explanations. I understand I have to prepare documents, but I am confused about DS forms. Should I fill this form too? Also after I provide all these docs. Where I should send them? My mother lives in IRAN. Where should I post these docs? Could you please advice? I appreciate your time and help. Regards,

  34. Henry

    Pls is i don’t have 10.000 in my acount can i look for somebody else that can help me in that aspect and can the same person help me with affidavit of support.

  35. Naru


    Am planning to apply visa for my parents.I work for a consultant here in US.In form i134 in place of company address,we should mention Consultant address or my client place address.

    1. Anonymous

      If you are talking about question (7) in form I-134 then, It should be your employer address…meaning the address of the company with whom you are employed. In your case it is your consultant address.
      Anyone correct me if I am wrong.

  36. Sunil Dooda

    This is really help full. Well documented and explained. Thank you very much. Can you please add more information on B2 visa fees details and DS160 hyderabad is not opening up. Please suggest.

  37. tahira

    I am applying for my parents visit visa(B2) they live in Pakistan. My husband is a US citizen and he will apply as a sponsor for their visit. I pretty much know what documents i need, i just want to know that is there any document which i have to get notarized like form I-134. we will fill DS-160 online so there is no logic to get it notarized. Please help me to resolve this confusion that whether i should send all required documents to my parents by filling and signing it by myself or should i get it attested/notarized by an attorney.

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