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Coming from a middle class family in India, I am not used to having an air conditioner at home or in the bus…also, never had a car …on a hot summer day, if I travel, I would be almost drenched in sweat…It is quite a different experience living in similar weather conditions in America…I have Air conditioner at home, in the car, in the bus and in any building I enter….quite comfortable life…I am still an average middle class man in America…but, as an individual my life is pretty cozy. Let me share some of my thoughts on personal life, enjoyment and comfort in America comparing with India… this article is part of series Life in America vs. India

Personal Life in US vs. India

In America, your life is very independent…you have full freedom to be the way you want…Privacy is of utmost importance either at home or in a social setting. You do not see people intruding into your personal life, unless you know them very well. You can dress the way you want, travel wherever you want, be passionate about anything you appreciate, etc…Though you are a social being, you are less dependent on others for living your daily life…On the other hand, in India, unless you are from a very affluent society, you are limited by your choices and you are an interdependent human being…you may be barred from doing certain things because of the social implications and taboos…Your choices may be influenced by your peers, family or society because people tend to judge others based on their personal practices and lifestyle…In US, you have the freedom to have a weird lifestyle and not be judged by others…the reality is people do not care much about others lifestyle in US, it is all about individuality…

Physical Comfort in US vs. India

As I mentioned above, you have at most physical comfort everywhere in US….buses, trains, air planes, office buildings, homes, restaurants, shopping centers, etc…You have heaters in cold places and air conditioners in hot places…unless you live in a metro and have good transportation, most people own cars…owning a car is very common…You do not have power cuts…you have so many choices everywhere…I cannot think of anything that creates physical discomfort to me in US as a middle class guy…on the other hand in India, as a middle class guy, I am subjected to physical discomfort in many places buses, trains, shops, etc…I am not talking about upper middle class or rich people…just trying to compare middle class life in US vs. India

Enjoyment in US vs. India

There are so many things to do in US…you are free to do whatever you want without being judged by others…You are free to go to a American football game or to a pub and not be judged…read this article for things to do in USA …Some might like to play board games, some might like to paint, some might like to play guitar, some might like to do archery, some might like to do play cricket, some might like to tell stories, some might like to read books, do skydiving (my experience) etc…whatever your enjoyment activity is, you have a group of people interested in doing similar things and you can find them and enjoy your stuff without being judged by your peers, family and relatives…in India, due to social situations, unless your family and friends circle is care free, open minded, or may be affluent, you may be judged or criticized…Honestly, I would have never even tried to buy guitar, take dance classes, Tae-kwon-do classes, etc …just because my parents may say no, peer pressure and others would judge me…you have much independence to enjoy your life

Decision to live in US vs. India based on Personal preferences

Some people like to live an independent and comfortable life of their own without being judged by others…. some like to live in a social setting with their own cultural beliefs and surrounded by people with similar mindset…If you are in latter category, you are better off to live or settle in India…if not America is your place to live…irrespective of what your preferences are, living in US for some time will give you an understanding or new perspective of things….In all reality, many people settle in America not because they are making more money, but just that life is more independent, comfortable and with many options for their version of enjoyment….

What do you think of Personal life in US vs. India ?

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Comments ( 425 )

  1. Ruchi

    Where is the luxury? Is it when you return BK home ,no one is there to give you hot food,make hot rotis for you.if both husband wife are working.luxury for men if the poor women after work they come back home to clean the house,washroom,and prepare meals,and wait for the weekends to do grocery shopping and they get time to visit a mall for a while.can you eat food everyday outside.at see places in US it’s so cold when you have to hold the grocery packets in -28 …and get all one by one ..who is there to help.is this luxury.India has progressed a lot.I am talking about big cities,where u have tremendous opportunities.with a credit of yr family,festivals,,domestic help,time for yrself,time for yr old parents,spending time with friends,celeberating festivals with yr neighbours and friends and family.someone to care of your children at home if u have to go out.Not paying more than half of yr salary to care taker if u r calling at home.Having hot meals with the entirely family,this is the real happiness and luxury

  2. Ruchi

    I like what Diya said,it is affcourse one,s own choice where to live.I believe in living a king”s life.My family people around me.I like to have a more happy and lively surrounding,which no doubt you can experience all this in India.Happiness is definitely lacking here.You can afford to buy whatever you want here,u can wear the best brands,but who is there to even compliment you.No one.Little little things in life create happiness.Festivals in India,are so lively…I miss all the the street decorations during Diwali.Sometimes I feel missing out lot of things and life each day is passing by here…with just job house work on weekends and getting tired.

  3. Rajiv Sorna

    I like how you used the term “social being” compared to “social animal”. That says a lot about your thoughts and insights and shows that they are dependable.

  4. Arif

    It is a blessing to be from majority community wherever you want to live, other wise there could be security, isolation and social issues,.

  5. Arif

    Your conclusion is correct however I see that even those who like to live in a social setting with their own cultural beliefs and surrounded by people with similar mindset prefer to live in US because of social security and easy accessibility to comfortable lifestyle. Infact I had this option to live in US but did not take it and continued to live in Gulf and like to retire soon to live in India. But it seems to be impossible to save for early retirement though.

  6. XYZ

    I don’t know what people think when they talk about progress. Do they talk about individual or a social environment. Talking about progress people say India must progress and so their people they say to leave custom and be free minded. I say to them really are you talking about progress but i don’t see any progress see statics in divorce in rape in child pregnancy in child abuse etc. You will notice that people talking about progress has not changed themselves yet but ironically they want to change Society every culture has it’s own pros and cons you can’t judge social life of a country with others. Living in a country depends upon your own choices some people like freedom some don’t some like to care some don’t doesn’t matter it lies within themselves not to society but if you want a change then start with yourself then to your family then come to society then to nation

  7. Rjp

    I love India but I respect USA people there are real Patriots. They have guts to screw people’s or even nations who harm there country. People’s are friendly and life is Independent. Yes you will need to wash your dishes after work, but that’s good they are smart enough to clean there own mess, having employees in India for cleaning your mess, I look at it as exploitation of poor by one having money unless you pay them fair share of there work. But mostly we pay less than people deserve coz we earn less and quality is comprised. Also it’s about attitude of people’s in India and in USA in India most people constantly live in fear of someone interfering there personal life. But good thing about India is love and family and extended family who will be there when you need them. Also people’s in India love to share and adjust still being happy. So it’s personal preference where one wants to go. India or USA if it makes you Happy that’s it

    1. bal

      I lived in US for there years and moved back to India (Bangalore) and coudn’t adjust there and now I am back to US

      Life in India became so hard these days.

      Even if we get 1 lakh take home, 20k goes for rent, 30k goes for two kids education and the remaining 50k goes for monthly expenses . you will save nothing
      Here in US, if you get 6k dollars per month, you can spend 3k as monthly expeness and can happily save 3k. i.e 2l INR which you can’t imagine ever in india


      Roads are pathetic in india..traffic is horrible..no way can be compared to US roads and traffic sense. Here automated cars and easy driving.can drive continuously happily with no tension

      Office hours

      Most of the projects are from US and hence you need to spend long hours in the night in office and you have hardly any time to play with kids. Here in US, will reach home by 5 and then can play with kids, go to gym or go anywhere you want


      Schools are worst and purely money based..Here education is free till high school. they speak good english, learning so many things ..they play at community neighbourhood happily from 5 pm to 8 pm..It’s not possible in india.Here public libraries for kids, play areas..what not..kids have best life here


      Water, power, internet are perfect with no breaks unless india.


    GOTO GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Notneeded

    just because i was born there, i cannot argue a bad environment to be the best place. I would not mind moving to a good place for the betterment of my own family. Can I stay and fight the issues in bad place, no, that is too much work to be done in our life time. Bad people have to change themselves.


      Yes you are right.But here in india people are uneducated and poor in villages whereas in cities living conditions are not good- no space , garbage , poor civic amenities .I have completed MBBS from reputed college in india but i am in dilemma whether it is a good idea to prepare for USMLE for MD from USA.I am not sure if i would be able to live all alone in USA with family back in india .What do you say – can one manage living all alone in USA .

  10. Notneeded

    Gosh, India is terrible. Too much poverty everywhere and every one has a terrible problem of their own, How can you see a person suffering outside restaurant even for a basic necessity or food and you can enjoy eating inside? In USA you would rarely see the extreme end of poverty. you can live peacefully in USA. Government assures safety and security of every one. Roads are very safe. In india if you let your kid drive a motorcycle, until he reaches home you cannot sleep peacefully. This happens every single day. you may call me a pessimistic guy but that is the truth.

  11. prajwal Chandane

    india is wonderful country but many things are taboos and influencing society but in usa many natural things are independent and full freedom their people life

  12. Diya Dey

    Wherever life is more luxurious I would love to stay there. And living abroad for several years for me I think luxury is in India cause I can afford lot of things here that I couldn’t in USA. I live a king size life here with grand house, big car, full time maids, cook, nanny, driver etc etc .. Life is so easy for mr here. Plus I get to live near my parents, siblings, cousins.. Weddings, functions, festivals are all so much fun here. And talking about food.. the Indian food in US can never ever match the Indian food in India obviously and being born and brought up in India I sure crave for Indian food and street food.
    If anyone who is ok to stay away from family and friends and can afford the luxuries in US.. They will definitely love it in America.
    So it’s all individual preferences that’s it 😊😊

  13. Prajjwal Bhardwaj


    Well friends….Let me clearify you about USA and India..

    If you are from middle family than your income will be from 15000 INR to 150,000 INR per month..

    Now I divide it into 3 parts..

    15000 avg = 220 USD

    70000 avg = 1000 USD

    150,000 avg = 2205 USD

    in 220 usd you cannot even eat for whole month in USA.

    in 1000 USD you can eat but you cannot live at the luxruy place as you can do in INDIA.

    2205 Thats the income where you can stay on rent in USA but that will be for life time because you wont be able to save any money to buy home. In India, you ll have everything in this amount…

    Further if we talk about cars… New Cars have very slight difference in prices. some does if they are not getting manufatured in India.. But now we also have jaguar at very nominal prices..

    Although, there old cars are so cheaper and yes the conditions of the cars are very good whether they are from 1980…

    So the conclusion is this if you earn 100 Rs per day in India you can eat and live too but if you will earn 500 INR in USA per day.. You wont be able to eat and even can die outside in winters.

    1. Prithi

      Middle class 15,000 per month!!! You got your numbers wrong.
      My maid makes 20K a month. Drivers make 20K a month!
      which decade are you in?

      Things have changed so much in India. Nobody judges you for going to pub.
      Lot of women even smoke these days. Indians in India have become very progressive. Indians in the US are stuck in the decade in which they left.

      Regarding comforts with facilities like OLA and UBER you can get cabs for very cheap in just a few minutes.
      These days air conditioners are very affordable and even lower middle class people have it.

      With facebook and media you have a club of like minded people for everything here

      I am a US returnee and LOVE India..after living a superficial life in the US for 13 years with conversation limited to weather with other american neighbors and always looking for Indians, I love the spirit of India!

      The only downside here is the roads…dont miss anything otherwise.
      I enjoy hot idlis for breakfast, hot rice and curries for lunch and dinner all by my cook. Company of numerous friends who pop in anytime for a cup of coffee not just a dozen INDIAN friends as in the US, get to meet my parents and spend time with them during their old age, kids just need to step out and play until 8PM with friends…beautiful and scenic locations for vacations all just a few hrs drive…festivals and weddings.
      Humans at the end of the day are social beings. THey is nothing wrong in being interdependent and not being selfish all the time.
      My take on it.

      1. Sharmi

        Hot idly and all foods by your cook is possible to make in usa also and this could not be a valid point. Also 13 years is too long for all the observation you listed.

        1. srini

          idli, you can eat, but the ambience is missing. Its basically what you want. USA is a gilded cage. You will work until you die or your retirement is going to be hell. 10million will only bring in 100K in a year and after retirement, you want to invest in stocks. Once slide into hospitals and you get a bill worth 25k to 600K. insurance will pay 1/3rd…And cost of insurance. ombinable. Its not to say USA is a place of opportunity etc., but once cannot run forever.

    2. Sourav

      Hey Prajjwal Bhardwaj , i don’t think you are getting it right . In us an average person can make $200 or $250 a week . Here in India (My mother land and my father land too ) people like me couldn’t make 10000 per month hardly . So here’s the difference , in us you can make money that will allow you to pay all expenses easily but in India you are making very less money as compared to your expenses etc.
      $1 = 64.7 inr
      So $200 per week is lot of money you can make in usa .

  14. Nandini Jiva

    People say that India is not a great place to live in because of many reasons. And these reasons can surely be removed. But if every one of us in three leaves India just for comfort, how will India prosper? If the bright minds leave, then the country will never change. If someone has a problem with the practises, they should be the change. This is a country, not a hobby that will change in weeks. And I’d rather have a difficult life and give something back to my country and make a change than live in comfort and have no care that my country is in poverty somewhere in the other side of the world.

  15. indianmohankumar

    1/You born with address happly with relations in india but die without address without relations in foreign land.
    2/live in homeland as head instead of living in foriegn land as hair

  16. abc

    WELL…all i can sum up from above comments is that, its totally your choice whether to stay in india or to move US, before surfing this site, i was totally determined to move to US without a single doubt in my mind.I will be moving with my would be… after 2 years. he is already staying in malaysia.He is offered for a handsome job in US ,which he has accepted but will join once he complete the contact with malaysain company,though it was my dream also to move abroad,i had no worries,but after reading this article, i really need to think again, thanks guys to lead me to a great confusion.

  17. jp

    india is so poor because of only one reason , that is population because of that all good plan for society went vain and moreover Indians mind are fed-up with ego and Expectation. i feel proud to be an Indian but i feel ashamed to live in this corrupted society. these are major points i have observed are more lagging from Indians

  18. Monika

    Well said…. I don’t see enough love among people in India… I’m a doctor …. I hate it… Talk about opportunities.. Life is short people …. Tired of all the drama

  19. Joey

    I am still to figure out why people crave to be in the States. Ac in house, buses, office are all there in India. To me life in US is difficult. There is absolutely no luxury. Luxury to me means having a maid, a cook, a driver. Great parlour services, visiting massage center twice a month. I had all these back home. If you come back home and have to do the cooking utensils cleaning where is the luxury???? And if we talk about food- we cannot survive with burger pr pizza or ready to eat. Moreover, they are not good for health. So you end up having only side with rice or chapatti cause again you do not have time and only millionaires have cook. Where is luxury??

    1. Jatin

      Awesome reply… Luxury and beauty all lies in India 🙂
      US is just a place to earn dollars and go back and enjoy with your family….

    2. vik

      You can get all in US if you are ready to pay for it. Cooking common cant you cook its not that hard. Almost all homes i guess in US comes with stove and Baking oven. Bake your food chicken or meat its more healthy than fried food. As far as breads are concerned you get Indian food everywhere. Get a dishwasher your dishes will be cleaned easily. Yes your right grass is not always greener on other side. I live in NZ i love it here been here for quiet long time . You can make your best life anywhere in world you want. There is a saying you have no choice over your country of birth but you can def have choice where you want to live your life. Cheers

  20. tusharanand

    hey…!!!!!!! u have money to spend on shifting to usa but not have money to buy an ac. ac costs 10-20 thousand rs. and one plane ticket to us cost 50-3,4 lac rs. dude you are not saying right. i live in middle class i have a fully airconditioned car with heater and 2 acs at home. man..

    1. Saurabh

      Dude, most such people don’t spend money to go to the US, their employer might send them. And he is right, someone who can afford a Santro here (without EMI) can afford a BMW 3-series/Honda Accord and the likes (similarly, without EMI’s) – just an example. US is very cheap to live, the amount of money you spend on commodities is a very small fraction of what you earn. Try doing that in India. And don’t even get me started on the orderliness & cleanliness – you just can’t miss it

  21. sk

    Are you serious man? US is not a judgement free zone, people DO judge you based on your skin color (Yes, all those smiles are Fake). As a brown guy it’s so hard for you to date a girl (unless you look like Hrithik roshan) or to make friends in a new town! It doesn’t matter how long you live here, you’ll always have that gilt of being a foreigner. One should really have thick skin to ignore that, in fact most of the Indians do know that they’re not welcomed in USA, but they still ignore that fact and act like they have all the freedom in the world. (Again.. Thick skin!! LOL)

  22. XYZ

    India is also not that bad its just that people(including me also) are not enthusiastic and caring like Americans are for their country

  23. thought process

    if we want to live in luxury independent life america is the best country i have ever seen .And if we are just fulfilling our basic amenities it means we are only fulfilling our needs so we are living in india
    there is a lot of difference between luxury and need
    maruti800 is need
    rolls royal is luxury

  24. abhishek

    well i am a school going student in delhi .. i m currently in 12 standard .. i belong to a average family although we live in a posh location in delhi where u can really feel yes ,india has developed and changed a lot …
    a lot has changed in india and yet a lot has to be changed .. but let me ask u one simple question ..?? why should one live his all life waiting for a change ,for a still better situa that never happens .. well frankly i do love my india- its heritage and diverstity but perhaps i still dont like india for- i love myself more ..
    i am not one of them who live their whole life for the day they would chase,they would follow thier dreams ..
    seriously life in countries like india is tough and challenging .. and yet it has a flavor of intense hippocracy ..
    1:) we may be happy to call all indians are my brothers and sis in a school pledge but never behaved equally to the people who belong to a low cast or with financial problems … take times of india of any day and u will found more in it then i say ..
    2;) as a student ,i never enjoyed living in india ..this time our secrewed up education system is the culprit .. u cannot expect meaningfull from it . gradind system till 10 usually declined the education al standards .. and in 11-12there is a intense pressure of hetting into an iit or iim . i mean if they really want us to do well they should have do it in earlier classes too ..
    i do no share any more but you can still consult some articalls and refrences to conform
    3;) our culture ( although i do not support western culture too ,it has its own prob) is not made for all of us ,as far as i and 90%of youngsters think … it still had many wired things ,which made our culture bad .. for ex – u cannot kiss in public,but can pee in a public space .. we camplain about the increasing vulgarity in movies and banned many scenes proudly for it is against our culture but have a eye on what u say in a day and i can definitaly say – u usse many bad words everday .. ride in a metro and u will find teens talking in that manner go ouside and u will find office guys cusing their bosses ..
    3;) well i would like to feel sorry if i would hurt your imotions before beggining further ……
    in india moviea like pk and omg clearly signify what is the cureent scenerio ,,:( do i need to add more .. …. have u evet heard that perticular church is above that mountain and pilgrims work so hard to reach there ..well in a recent visit to such temple i found something wierd – a man take the helicopter to reach there only to camplain to god – i dont have my legs fixed after surgery !!!!!!?!? i mean to belive in god is good ,buy if u over believe that term has a different meaning- andwishwash is what we call in hindi ..
    4;) its system .. yes whole system in india is currupt … only sons vand daughterswith a reach dad find theier way easy to make it in any way in india especially in politixally BY HOoK OR By CROock technique still valids
    5:) those are from poor background s found it even more difficult to get even what they deserve …..
    6!) ther are still many areas in India wher we still live for food ,shelter and clothes .. forget about development ,u will never see a concrete house ther …..except a house of a mla or a politicien … ……
    5;) well u may say that crimes prevail in usa ,but India has othet crimes … here some wumen even found it difficult to go out in dark .. for in the darkness of night in delhi – criminal s made their way ..
    7;) one last point – before concluding this article is not written to critise india ,but to discuss about problems of young india( yes we are young now ,for we have only independent few decades back … and the best thing in young age anyone can develop***”*if he wishes to develop ***** so it should not be taken as a ….
    rather i think if one takes every critism as a compliment ,no one could stop him for developing …. from a cureent better ..

  25. thoughtful

    And yes. Whoever here is writing against US and is too pro Indian lifestyle, give them a chance to be in US. They will run to US at drop of a hat – writing something in blog is different and real life is different. Whoever has gone back to India has gone only because their visa was over or they could not afford living in US
    And if they feel so strongly for India’s they must have done 2 things by now:
    1. never should have thought or been to US
    2. Improved India.

    1. ProudIndian

      At the outset I would love to point out that every single thing written in one of the posts above shows how much the writer needs to improve on the language used for communication; there are hundreds of mistakes, grammatical as well as spelling. I think when we use the social media to openly express our views, we should be conscious about communicating the right way, especially when there are tools available to help you to do so. These posts not only represent you but your country, and also speak about your education, awareness, and maturity to post on social media.

      Well I have grown up in a simple, middle class, Maharashtrian family in Mumbai, completed my education in a small English medium school, in the S.S.C board. I know hundreds of people, including myself, who have had opportunities to settle in US, but wanted to settle only in India, and have done so after being in the U.S. between 5-10 years or above, because they want their children to grow up with a sense of responsibility, togetherness, and moral values, as well as get basic all rounded education, which can open up doors of opportunities for them in this globalized era!

      If people settle outside their homeland, because of jobs and their areas of interest, that does not make their homeland bad! Look at the statistics or even around you to know and understand these facts –

      1. How many Americans are educated or have seen a college?
      2. How many of those educated, or with a Bachelor’s degree do really know what they have learnt?
      3. How many of those have knowledge and wisdom to apply what they have learnt?
      4. How many of the school going American kids feel secure?
      5. How many crimes occur in the US which are based on hate and discrimination?
      6. How many women are abused but never reported or given justice because they belong to a particular community?
      7. How many people are never given opportunity to work, are feared or are hated because of their religion or appearance?
      8. How many people are helped but are then criticized for their faith and then brain-washed to convert their faiths?
      9. How many children are abused in the places of worship?
      10. How many cyber-crimes happen in US?
      11. How easy is it to get basic medical in US?
      12. How established is the public transport system?
      13. How easy and fast are the inter-bank financial transactions?
      14. How much tax is paid by every person?
      15. How many Indians who have settled here raise their children as per American culture?
      16. What food is cooked and eaten in the houses of Indians who have settled here?
      17. How safe is the tap water and GM food sold openly, without declaring the source of food and the harmful effects on human beings?
      18. How healthy is an average middle class American as compared to an average Indian, in mind and body?

      Get your facts right –
      1. Almost 60% of the American population has mild to severe allergies to daily use food items.
      2. Indians are hired, respected, retained, sponsored for their knowledge, sincerity, values, social responsibility, and hard work.
      3. Population density of India is around 390 people/ sq. km as against around 34 people/ sq. km. This means a developing country, and the largest democracy in the world supports a density, which is more that 10 times that of the supposedly supreme power of the world, and produces people who are valued worldwide.
      4. The average life of an American might me higher by 10 years, but Indians die more healthy and have people who love them, live with them, and miss them; this to me is more important that living longer.

      All the millionaires and billionaires in India were not born so; each one of them used their wisdom, knowledge and contacts to establish a big empire. They could have fled to another country after making it big, but they decided to retain and enhance what they created. No one can deny that creating an empire is undoubtedly difficult, but sustaining it and growing in the competitive world is even more difficult, but they did it and are doing it! If you trace back their roots, they all came from small, humble, at times orthodox backgrounds, but they dared to do what they believed in and achieved success, rather than going the easy route of not trying and then blaming the society for it!

      Indians who have settled in America live in close Indian communities, celebrate all important festivals with all love and vigor. Indians who want to settle and have settled here is only because they have managed to make a little India; they eat Indian, wear Indian, think Indian, speak Indian, they haven’t forgotten their roots.

      Every single crime or social issue like corruption, pollution, discrimination, poverty, hunger, women and child abuse, exists in the U.S. too, but it is not advertised to the world for obvious reasons; only insiders would know it. The ones who criticize India are the hypocrites who prefer ignoring things happening outside the closed windows of their cars, big homes and offices, in America and are content looking at the exchange rates between USD and INR. These are the ones who will run for their money, the day rupee starts getting stronger and goes back to what it was few decades ago.

      1. Saurabh

        Although I appreciate the way you’ve put out the facts and your “grammatically correct” way of writing. You seem to be coming from a socialist ideology – which is not a bad thing, but somehow I feel you fail to realize the power of capitalism. Maybe I don’t understand the real/full meaning of capitalism, but to me the amount of capitalist exposure I’ve had living in the US for a little short of 6 yrs, and coming back to settle in India – for the love of my country and socialism has given me a rude awakening. When something is in too much abundance – its value automatically reduces. Same goes with population in India. Life here is cheap! The amount of corruption and hypocrisy I observed in the way every damn Indian around me thinks – has made me feel the exact opposite of being proud about India (mind you – I include my own family members here). Indian culture is not fit for democracy, or far-nearsightedness. It’s not that biologically Indians might be a bit dumb, but our society and culture is highly anti-progressive (you could have your own interpretation of what progressive means). Blame it on anything you want, but the fact remains that the Indian society as a whole (almost all of “INDIA”) is against progressive changes. The Indian generation born during/right-after independence from the British (most likely the parents of the middle-aged people now) have totally ruined the India once the freedom seekers dreamed of. They woke up to freedom, but also to a country in misery. Moral values took a plunge…all this when true freedom had never been achieved.

        In India, in almost all families, a child is raised in a dictatorship environment – totally different from let’s say America – where a child is taught from the beginning the meaning of freedom, and trained to use it well. When this Indian child (raised Indian style) goes out to face the world, he’s not able to handle the freedom really well (that’s true, Indian constitution really does give you a lot of freedom to do almost anything). Does that mean you should exercise the freedom to dictate??? Your brain was never trained or wired to use freedom efficiently – now what do you do? I know I wasn’t able to do too well even though being conscious of this fact later in my schooling years.

        This is a question I’ve always pondered about…let’s have a separate thread on it. I rest my case (I think I’m deviating a bit too deep into the probable root cause).

    2. Raj thakur

      I will never ever live in USA because me and my wife together earning 1.4 lakh take home per month. I am happy with small car, have my own flat. Child goes to good school. Above all, I have stress free life. We don’t have that horrible work pressure like people in US have. It takes me 15 min to drive 10 kms to office in my cng car. I live in beautiful place. So, why should I move to USA.

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