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Coming from a middle class family in India, I am not used to having an air conditioner at home or in the bus…also, never had a car …on a hot summer day, if I travel, I would be almost drenched in sweat…It is quite a different experience living in similar weather conditions in America…I have Air conditioner at home, in the car, in the bus and in any building I enter….quite comfortable life…I am still an average middle class man in America…but, as an individual my life is pretty cozy. Let me share some of my thoughts on personal life, enjoyment and comfort in America comparing with India… this article is part of series Life in America vs. India

Personal Life in US vs. India

In America, your life is very independent…you have full freedom to be the way you want…Privacy is of utmost importance either at home or in a social setting. You do not see people intruding into your personal life, unless you know them very well. You can dress the way you want, travel wherever you want, be passionate about anything you appreciate, etc…Though you are a social being, you are less dependent on others for living your daily life…On the other hand, in India, unless you are from a very affluent society, you are limited by your choices and you are an interdependent human being…you may be barred from doing certain things because of the social implications and taboos…Your choices may be influenced by your peers, family or society because people tend to judge others based on their personal practices and lifestyle…In US, you have the freedom to have a weird lifestyle and not be judged by others…the reality is people do not care much about others lifestyle in US, it is all about individuality…

Physical Comfort in US vs. India

As I mentioned above, you have at most physical comfort everywhere in US….buses, trains, air planes, office buildings, homes, restaurants, shopping centers, etc…You have heaters in cold places and air conditioners in hot places…unless you live in a metro and have good transportation, most people own cars…owning a car is very common…You do not have power cuts…you have so many choices everywhere…I cannot think of anything that creates physical discomfort to me in US as a middle class guy…on the other hand in India, as a middle class guy, I am subjected to physical discomfort in many places buses, trains, shops, etc…I am not talking about upper middle class or rich people…just trying to compare middle class life in US vs. India

Enjoyment in US vs. India

There are so many things to do in US…you are free to do whatever you want without being judged by others…You are free to go to a American football game or to a pub and not be judged…read this article for things to do in USA …Some might like to play board games, some might like to paint, some might like to play guitar, some might like to do archery, some might like to do play cricket, some might like to tell stories, some might like to read books, do skydiving (my experience) etc…whatever your enjoyment activity is, you have a group of people interested in doing similar things and you can find them and enjoy your stuff without being judged by your peers, family and relatives…in India, due to social situations, unless your family and friends circle is care free, open minded, or may be affluent, you may be judged or criticized…Honestly, I would have never even tried to buy guitar, take dance classes, Tae-kwon-do classes, etc …just because my parents may say no, peer pressure and others would judge me…you have much independence to enjoy your life

Decision to live in US vs. India based on Personal preferences

Some people like to live an independent and comfortable life of their own without being judged by others…. some like to live in a social setting with their own cultural beliefs and surrounded by people with similar mindset…If you are in latter category, you are better off to live or settle in India…if not America is your place to live…irrespective of what your preferences are, living in US for some time will give you an understanding or new perspective of things….In all reality, many people settle in America not because they are making more money, but just that life is more independent, comfortable and with many options for their version of enjoyment….

What do you think of Personal life in US vs. India ?

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  1. thoughtful

    I am sure that people who said that common man’s life in India is very comfortable is either belonging to an affluent family or are too rich to state all they have said. We are singing ‘ Hum honge kamyab ek din’ since ages and that ‘ek din will never come. I am not a non-patriot but facts are facts. Transport in India and specifically in Pune, pathetic. Try fitting in a PMT bus on a May afteenon Or try arguing with auto wala to take you somewhre and if you are lucky he will fight with you and use his foulest language. India is choke full of corruption, problems, and rude, I’ll-mannered people. I know where people like you come from. I have heard people say ‘In US every one smiles and greats you every time they meet you. This is ridiculous’. Such people complain about US And they should stay in filth of India and not clog way of peole who want to live like humans.

  2. Ray

    Lol, this post left me in fits of laughter. For a middle class being living in Mumbai and now Pune, I have all those ‘American’ middle class comforts that the author mentions.
    Cant find the date of the post, is it a couple of decades old?

    Education is now global. Want to learn something from the best? Every university worth its name has its courses available online. Want to learn guitar, any sport, anything? Just do it, nobody gives a shit. Parents? Tell them you are grown up to take your own decisions. Author is probably able to take decisions in USA because his parents are too far away to bother him. He could have done the same in Europe or Africa. Author probably needs to just take a stand and do what he feels like instead of wasting time thinking about society, peers, blah.

    Frankly, all you people who run away to USA or other country by making such sorry excuses? Please dont call yourself Indians anymore. Enjoy being Americans or whatever country you live in now. Grow some balls and stop herding with other ‘Indians’, ‘Indian restaurants’, ‘Indian xyz’ even halfway across the globe. Even without all you brilliant people, India is developing well. Thanks to the ones who stay and help develop India.

    1. surabhi

      I sincerely wish Indians would stop being so self-centered and they should think about the development of the country as a whole. The people are still narrow-minded and their thinking is still somewhere in the 1800’s and 1900’s. They do not develop themselves nor do they let others develop.
      If only the people could change their cheap mentality and become open-minded, we could see traces of development in here. The rich go on becoming richer and the poor poorer. Some might argue that development is taking place. Yeah, sure it is. When you talk about development, are you speaking of the increase in no. of shopping malls , cinemas, hotels which are too costly even for the middle-class people, rest aside the poor? Wait, maybe you’re talking about the increasing no. of towers and skyscrapers , which aren’t even skyscrapers to begin with. They are just a few pieces of bricks put together in the semblance of a building and are even more destructible than the little pig’s hut.
      We preach about the importance of morals and ethics. We lecture about the importance of animals, especially cow and how they are divine creatures. But where are our morals when we slaughter hundreds and thousands of innocent cows just because they taste good? Okay, only muslims butcher the cows and hindus don’t. But what good are they if they don’t stop them when it’s all being done in front of their eyes. We eat meat of animals and we don’t give it a second thought. We say that we are the predators and they are the prey. As natural as that. Then why do we think that the lion /tiger/ leopard is a ruthless beast when he kills us? Is he not a predator, too? What I’m basically trying to say is that instead of lecturing or preaching Indians should try to rectify their own shortcomings and not make a grand show of the too few good points that they have.

    2. atheist

      Well said!
      A middle class person in India will work hard to get professional education, will have a job that pays well enough to have
      a house without mortgage
      a car or two WITH parking space
      dinners in grade A restaurants without a thought, good clothes & shoes
      university education for kids which is a given

      Can a middles class US citizen do that?

      1. Mohd

        You need to have an ancestral home in order to do all that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to buy even an 800, forget parking spaces and A grade restaurants. Look beyond your own self.

    3. emma

      SO SO SO TRUE…….. AGREE 100%……… THE AUTHOR IS A 100 YEAR OLD guy I GUESS who left India 50 years ago never to return …” I would have never even tried to buy guitar, take dance classes, Tae-kwon-do classes, etc ” WHO IS THE AUTHOR KIDDING ???????? INDIA IS AN INDEPENDENT COUNTRY … WE indians DO WHAT WE LIKE THE WAY WE LIKE ….#got.nothing.against.usa

  3. Am American

    I sure do feel the apathy of all doesn’t matter they are residing now. One thing that is leading America is crime and punishment. The punishment so harsh that you will not be able to work for the rest of the life and everything around you falls yet you can’t help unless you are lucky enough to give some cash job. The crime i am talking about are arguing with police office for something you didn’t do. Then you feel how great is your country. Get it.

    1. UsatoIndia

      I lived in India for 23years 15 years in USA and again back to India for 6 years.
      It does not makes sense to any intelligent honest professional to live in India. Most of people in society are cheats. People around you are for money. It is extremely tough to work on the ground. Corruption on low level is ok you can manage it. But politicians and goons will spoil your business. Education system is as old as 50 years it is only studies.
      I suggest if you move to USA don’t come back or don go to USA at all so that you don’t compare.

  4. MKG

    I have been living in USA for a little more than five years. Before that I lived in India for full 30 years. I have done my Masters in Engineering from IISc, and just finished my Ph.D from a top US university in central Illinois. I think I qualify to make serious comments about USA vs India issue. I think enumeration will lead to a more readable article. I start with issues that are AGAINST living in USA.

    1) Of course public transportation is the first. Having an own car is fun and convenient, but it is far from safe. Gazillions of cars driven at high speed by humans is not at all safer than trains running on tracks. So, definitely high speed trains would make USA a far more livable place. Within city also public buses are rare. Some US cities have metro trains and good bus services, but they are far from exceptional. They should be exceptional. I know even in many Indian cities public transportation is not great, but there are always auto rickshaw or taxi to compensate for that.

    2) Life in USA can be pretty lonely. Nobody cares if you do something poorly. Also, there is probably no one to share your joy or happiness. I mean you can of course call home and talk to friends, but it is not really the same. But, if you are like me, who always enjoyed staying alone or with a partner and nothing more, then you should not have this problem.

    3) Weather related criticisms: I am not sure if other people have faced this. For the past five years I have been living in Central Illinois. I have done my PhD from a great school, and it is extremely difficult to get a PhD admit here. I have really struggled hard to get in here. I really liked it here. Small town, less traffic, nice people. But it is big enough, has great medical facility, it is close to Chicago, St Louis, Indianapolis, (2-3 hours drive from each). Nice cinema theater and everything that you would need.
    It has a typical Midwest weather. Now the criticism part. All the friends or relatives I have, instead of trying to find out what is good about this place, all they talk about is how cold this place is and how small this place is as compared to where they are. My cousin from New Jersey says why don’t you move to New Jersey. She is very proud to live there because there are so many Indian stuff there, restaurants, stores etc. Our friends from California says why don’t you move to California. They are so proud of being there, because its warm. And now that I have moved to Michigan from Illinois, people in Illinois constantly tell me how Detroit is much colder than central Illinois (its not really). People can’t just get over this weather thingy. Its almost nauseating.

    4) Materialistic possessions related criticism: same as 3) but now it is related to the quality of house you live in, the area, whether you have a car, etc. I know some of this is also present in India, I am just saying it is also there in USA. I guess you cannot escape it, unless you really stop talking to everyone (at least to Indians, relative or not).

    5) Indians hate each other? I heard Russell Peters saying in one of his stand ups, “Arabs hate Americans, the Indians, they hate each other”. I am not sure if hate is the word, but there is something wrong with Indian-Indian relationship in USA. Today I went to an Indian restaurant. They greeted each of the Americans in a nice and lovely way. But, when it comes to Indians, their salutations were a bit forced. Of course there are very nice Indian restaurants where they make you feel like humans. But, I have seen this type of behavior only in Indian restaurants. They treat their own countrymen badly. I remember also when I went to a doughnut shop at Chicago O’hare. I was in queue to buy, and the Indian guy at the counter suddenly stopped smiling the moment my number came. Ironically, I went to his shop only because it was owned an Indian.

    Perhaps I can add a bit more. But, I will stop and move to the arguments FOR.

    1) The whole culture comparison thing, and the family thing, that people often talk about, I feel it is a bit forced. I know of parents who really want their child to be in USA, and they feel proud of it. I am not saying coming and staying in USA is a matter of pride. That is a different issue. I am saying for people like me, who did well and got accepted into good universities, did PhD, it is an accomplishment. Doing PhD from India, isn’t a great thing, it has not so high International market value. And I can go on and on.
    So, the for point here is the anti of all the against point which justifies staying back in India because of culture thing. Your culture and religion is what is inside you, and you carry it with you. So, doesn’t matter where you go. About parents, if they are not proud of your being in USA, and they really want you to be with them in old age, then I am not sure, I guess then it depends on you.

    2) USA is clearly more developed and powerful than India. India have very smart people no doubt. I mean the common man in India is very smart. But, we really need a lot of catching up to do to make India a better place. Till that happens in 40-50 years or more, USA is going to get all the points for development and infrastructure, as compared to India at least.

    I know I have missed so many points, most perhaps. A fair comparison is difficult to capture and it is a thing that you have to feel for yourself. So, come here to USA and stay here for a couple of years to make your own judgement. Do not just stay back in India because of any criticisms of USA. Do not make judgement about USA just based on movies (they way the west do about India). Exposure is a great development tool. Please do not underestimate it. Also, your brain is so powerful tool that it can tell your heart (through exposure and personal experience) so many things that you cannot learn from other human beings.

    1. AC

      Although I agree with you regarding many of the points you made, there are few I disagree with as well. For example, I am against such a generalized statement that doing Phd in India is not a great thing. Greatness of Phd does not depend on country or institute. It depends only on the quality and the impact of the work being produced during Phd. There are number of exceptionally good institutes/research groups in India especially in Computer Science who are carrying out great research which is comparable to or even better than the research being carried out in top computer science schools in US. For example, you can check the impact factor of most of the publications from IIT Kanpur/ IIT Delhi in the domain of Theoretical Computer Science, from ISI Calcutta in the domain of security and cryptology and compare the same with the research being carried out in similar groups in MIT, Stanford etc. I am sure you will get the fact right. So all that matters is the work, not the country where that work is being produced.

      Secondly, being in US is not a great thing. All that matters at the end of the day is what a person is doing irrespective of the geographical location of that person. I know lot of people who come to US from India as onsite employee of various service companies like TCS, CTS etc. and they feel they are doing great things in life. I really laugh at those people.

      1. MKG

        I Agree with you AC, perhaps I wrote that stuff on PhD/research in India in a haste. It is a deep topic and that needs more attention. I apologize. I am aware of all the institutions you talked about and more. Even ISRO and DRDO must be doing great things. But just may be India isn’t doing that well as far as ECE and Statistics is concerned. ISI was once a giant. I don’t think they have the same reputation now (again its just my perception, and who am I?).

        I was not totally wrong in my assessment of Indian PhD though. I am actually qualified to make that comparison as well (long story). But, I won’t go there. If one really wants to understand the reputation and market value of their Ph.D., then they should try and apply for faculty position in USA. I am not asking that people become faculty in USA. I am just saying it is one of the ultimate test of your research CV and the impact of your research (I know there are complicated things there vacancy, diversity, etc, but still). With this new definition of international value, would you still disagree with me that Indian PhD’s are of not so great value as compared to a PhD from MIT? Believe me the answer hurts me as well. But, we should still say what the right answer is. I know there are always exceptions. But, just broadly speaking, don’t you agree?

        About your other point about people who come here on site from software companies, I closely agree with you. Although, if they are proud of what they have, it could also be simply being proud of their luck. There is no harm in that. But, I would give them the benefit of doubt assuming that companies send good guys over here to represent them (although based on my personal experience with a close friend, there might be serious politics, caste-ism, state-ism involved).

        Last year when I met a friend of mine after many years (he has been in USA for many years through Infosys), one of the first questions he asked me is my credit card limit. He then immediately told his limit, etc. One of my cousins who makes regular fun of my place, my house, my job, and everything, is actually a commerce graduate who came here because of her marriage. So, people from IT companies are probably in a better situation to make fun/feel proud.

    2. venkata ramana

      Hi MKG, I am very much interested about doing PhD in USA. I completed my masters in K L University (vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh). After that from 2011 on-wards, i am working as Assistant Professor in Engineering college. I am from Mechanical Engineering background. I know that i studied my masters in less graded college. But when i am working as Assistant Professor, i got lot of interest on robotics subject. Now I have a dream of doing PhD in robotics from USA. Now with my situation, can i try for PhD in USA (can i get it). If yes, What i have to do. what scores i need to get in GRE and TOEFL, how to contact with universities. Please help me by giving your valuable and useful information.

      1. MKG

        Hi Venkata,

        Try to get GRE and TOEFL scores as high as possible, the higher the better. In general 160+ score in each section should be safe bet. Vacancies are random and limited, so there is guarantee of admission no matter how good your profile is. But, the chances are higher if you have some research publications.

        You can also try for another MS in USA. That may be easier to get. Based on your experience you may get Teaching Assistantship (TA). Once you are here you may talk to professors for PhD. It is generally easier if you are already here. If PhD does not work out immediately, you can may be work in a company for few years, and then apply to a different university.

        As to about how to apply, I think this is a matter of routine, although tedious. You have to work hard to figure it out.

        1. pawan

          hello mkg, I had done graduation in BE (ENTC), i had written GRE and TOEFL once and got score 275 and 69 respectively. Tell me should i apply on this scores and admit any average university? Does this scores matters at the time of job? I have published a research paper on international level will it help? What will be the job prospects after degree in market, will degree valuable?

  5. aarna

    I am in USA from 5 years now ,few years back i went to australia for a year too.
    what i knew after all experiences, that, what you want from your life ? just for an example you have house of 3 lakh dollars in usa and your friend got 2 million house with jacuzzi, backyard swiming pool and basement with all guyming ,gamming facilites and inside warm pool etc. and you are living in 3 bedroom simple house with your wife and kids and mother father .your friend will tell you that i will give you my luxury house for free ,but though i do not have family like you i want to stay with your family and have a life .what will you do? i m sure most of the people will refused this favor…….
    buddy even you have all luxury and money ,you cant bring your uncles aunty your old neighbour your school friends and many more loves one ,even your kamwali bai ( remember she did your house work even she had a fever,not because of freaking money but because she loves you and u r having guest at ur home) .
    we got country with amazing values and loving people with big heart,
    you cant buy happiness with dollars.sky diving is not fun with fun we had when on the rainy day light was gonna and we all seating talking laughing with ours neighbour and family.
    i am psychiatrist here and my spouse is occupational therapist ,we have good money ,and the life style all here ,but obviously no one can beat my counties roads, those buses, those less facilities etc.may be people feels i m mad but i definitely take my decision soon ,i suggest if you have at list above average life in india ,don’t need to go usa.
    this person is talking about poor people ,now a days middle class families can also have a good life because everyone is having good degrees and educations.my frined dhirubhai ambani and tata birla also born and earn in india ,and i am preety sure they having bettle life then yours 😉 so if you wann good life style and big money india or usa doesnt matter,one should have ability and courange to do that .county is not an obstrucle for such thing but in ur home land you have love which u never get in robotic country.
    As per my field i know people are here in usa tends to having 70 % more ratio of suicide and drug overdose ,every day i am seeing patients ,they are always wanting someone who can not talk but only listen to them,they are waiting for not to see their childrens but wanting just one call from them,oldies are really suffering here in usa,because during ur young age u dnt have time to sit and talk with your children,and as per this man is saying weekend are busy with laundries and grocery,not really pleasant all the time my friend.

    think quietly and see inside ,your land and your people needs you ,you r the young blood,i am sure that u can help to grown ur country.ur country – the old school and those people ,and those teachers made you what you are right now and what you are doing here .

    1. Shank

      Loved your post. Totally agree with you. I was in Europe for a few years and when we decided to start a family, we relocated back to India — only because of being close to family/culture/relatives and basically all things important in life apart from job, money etc.

  6. muthu kumar tamilan

    i have very amazing mother, she born in village, she is uneducated, but, she is very kind woman, she is angel to me, one day, i seen another white beautiful woman and i decided to want to be her child and ignored my mother.

  7. prakash

    A coin has two sides.
    Nothing is perfect.
    Lifestyle is man made.
    In order to gain something u hv to loose something too.
    Those who r trapped in emotions can not create miracle but those who creates miracle don’t like to show emotion.
    India vs US

  8. Viz

    I agree the points stated here (almost all), and I am sure that people who have not explored living in US would definitely not know this. You have to live in US for at least 2-3 years to know what this means. I am a person who love to be free and independent, and I have a better feeling when I live in the US rather than in India.

  9. Roshini Natalia

    Well, I come from a middle class Indian family. And I totally disagree with this post. I have all the comforts this man feels deprived of in India. He must be like really old and doesn’t know the current scenario. In matters of comfort India is ahead, as we have the luxury of a servant which is really very expensive abroad. Right from home to college I have his so called comfort of an air conditioner.
    And Indians live a community life. None of my family members who have migrated really enjoy life. They surely do say America has more to offer than here, but in the end of the day you have no one to share your happiness with.
    I have heard people hardly know their neighbours, while here neighbours are thicker than blood. Anyday I would prefer people talking to me than just giving a nod. Here brotherhood is very strong, but that is because of people interfering in your life trying to get to know you. Is it wrong?
    Never in a million years would I give up this life!

    1. Samarjyoti deka

      feel The same… though I would like to stay for a few years in other countries too… but will be returning to my home who gave me all the power to stay nice and grow….as said in hindi ” Iss mitti ka namak khaya hai” so we Indians no matter what or how our India is… should love to give something in return. People have preferences. I got that.. but no one has the righ to say against my home with some personal experiences. to the writer- You stay there because we have enough talents here to support our India. Dare comingback to India and get the natural feel (the one without Your Air conditioner)…. We may Not have that AC to keep our cool, As we do not need them too….In US you will need that automatically, Because as you do not have a social Life there, plus if you wouldn’t have that AC, I would have asked What do you have then?

      1. Raj

        You know what… you should thank God for the kind of living you have and don’t call it middle class. Travel in Virar local of Mumbai and see the comfort. I don’t have a car, can’t afford one, no parking spaces easily available for those who have cars. And again several of them complain of dents / cracks being put by society members due to personal anguish… several people complain of that.
        I don’t have AC at home. Most people around interfere in life, not with an intent to know and help.. but ‘panchayat’. And shitty things like telling the maid you can ask for more salary as this guy earns more than us.
        Further to that, the brotherhood is usually visible only during festivals and that too among close group. If you are a girl and you travel at some places in India during days of festival holi i.e. even if you are going or returning from work or college; you would be greeted with balloons and that hurts. Is that celebration. Every diwali people light crackers in residential areas without being bothered about how much others suffer.
        Let me also tell you that I am not completely against this place. I am not Pessimistic.. unless you too judge others easily. There are many good things here.. but two bad things that I generally see are people don’t have empathy for others and they judge others easily (as this article says).
        This might not apply if your dad / relative is a government servant at good position and you have a villa or home of your own with good contacts. Otherwise, its the strong who is all set to hit the weak.
        There is so much more to share but I guess I’ll limit it.
        Last the most interesting topic = maid. The problem is people just hate to clean their home here. ‘ghar ki safai mein kaun haath gande kare’. A home is like a temple, if you just handover your baby to other women to clean and care, then you won’t understand. Some women and girls still love to take care of home themselves. They don’t depend on maid. They love that activity. And those who complain that they have no time should think if they are working for the sake of feeding their home ? living to work or working to live ? They delegate everything to a maid and if the maid takes leave for a week. Then its done with them.
        There is one thing that people might miss though in US, are easy accessible places where you find peace – temples. I’m not sure as I’ve not been to many places in US.

  10. Abhi

    Well, I found more useful info and thoughts in the comments below than the article. My consensus is: stay in US if you wish for a bright happy future for the next generation, stay in India if you have strong ties and if you love your parents more than anything else. No wonder no one have a definite answer. I wish I could come back and live in the US after 20 years, but then my kids will be sort of in the same dilemma I am in right now.

    1. Raj

      What are you talking about.. do you think people in US don’t have ties with parents ? Most of them stay in US with their parents. Enjoy weekends with parents. Parents find better things to do, easy to travel rather than be immersed in gossip.

    2. ash

      Hi Abhi,
      Just wanted to mention that your comments are really well balanced and mature! I am a mother of 2 daughters and me and my husband moved to US as doctors though I really long to go back and the only thing STOPPING me is my girls future; even though we belong to an affluent society in India; I STILL wonder if my girls (on the long term) will have the best life there? Though its hard to sacrifice (and dont know if even correct to do so) your life’s aspirations but all we as INDIANS think is everything for kids!

    3. V

      I would have to disagree with that very broad generalization you make. There are many indians who enjoy a high standard of living in india with everything now being available in India at competitive prices. India is a society in flux at the moment so I think it remains to be seen as to how the future will play out. I think the opportunities and growth in India can be very beneficial for future generations. I also think people in US probably care for their parents immensely as well and face a difficult dichotomy specially if children are also involved. Such decisions of moving from home country/ staying back involve complex emotions and several factors.

  11. Justin

    I’m an Indian to…u know guys actually India is pretty bad when compared to US.Nothing works good here.No freedom(even in 18 age)…damn..I hate this…:(

    1. Jib

      Totally agree with you. Although mine is a different story. I was brought up in the gulf and came for higher studies to India. I live with my maternal family and it sucks!!! I don’t know what made me take the decision to come to India. Maybe it was excitement. It was definitely the worst decision of my life. I can’t wait for the 4 years of my degree to get over, so that I can pursue my masters in the west.

      For all the NRI children brought up in the gulf, it is the same case, they have to come to India for higher education and only few families have earned enough to send their kids abroad. The problem in the gulf is that one can never permanently settle here, forget citizenship. NRI can never own an apartment or a flat. He/she can never do business without paying rents and so on. However I find all these problems much more manageable than what we face in India. I don’t need to enlist them. You can find them in other comments.

  12. Andrea

    Not knowing anything about India myself, but the glory of USA isn’t all that great. Yes we are diverse, and have “freedom” but unfortunately we have turned into a narcissistic society and well its more like every man for himself(I guess that is how it is everywhere else). I feel so alone in this place and its almost like there is no way out. There is no cultural bonds or in some cases family bonds. And its really hard seeing the children being dumbed down to where they are mindless robots fueled by media, pop culture, and technology. No offense this is my homeland, but glorified USA isn’t the answer.

    1. Abhi

      “childern dumbed down to where they are mindless robots fueled by media, pop culture, and technology” is a global phenomenon. It is an equally troubling scene in nuclear families in India too. But the relation and bonding with grandparents is something different and I can’t see much examples in the US.

  13. Sujaa

    Hey……… I really wish I was far away from India, in some western country, in India the day to day life is very frustrating, everywhere people try to cheat you, from the bus conductors, who will not give you back your change, auto driver who will not ply for the meter, vendors, shops……every where you have to bargain and still you don’t know if they are charging you fair. It is like living in a “Choor Bazaar”, people steal under your nose.

    And the work culture be it the MNC’s or any other sector, there is huge politics, any person with moral values or self-respect is brow beaten every day, and any work to get done in a Government office, without bribe nothing will ever happen.

    Except for our few loved one’s there is nothing in this country to make me wish to stay in India. Each day there is some issues, some frustrations, it is a daily war.
    And the culture is no more the same, nuclear family the norm now, people are materialistic, they have no respect for family values, or the elders, they have no time for anyone but themselves. No wonder most don’t return to India once they are in the west. Good for them. If I get an opportunity, I too may not return to India.

    1. Samarjyoti deka

      Shame on you.. will not speak much. I too an Indian, Face real same problems you have mentioned. But I will want to solve atleast a lil bit around me. I am not like you who is very selfish. I do not want to run …. instead I want to face. Y didn’t you born in US. then you would have felt the same as Andrea from US (above comments) have felt.
      “LIFE IS ALL ABOUT FACING CHALLANGES AND LEARN FROM IT”… not running away to a safer zone wen you face a problem. Respect yourself, respect your motherground and be the change and solve our burning problems. Prepare and Be an IAS and change my INDIA.

      1. aarna

        very true evry coutry have their problem but atl ist in your home land you have a group of people to share with .i completely agrre with u, you are lucky if you were born in country like india, many times in life you need some one who understand even if u cant explain what u r actually feeling.

    2. prakash

      I thought same before I moved to US, though some of my friends living here warned that except money everything else is worse compared to India and they were right. Just FYI, politics in office, public life etc. is much more and especially adverse towards foreigners. You will be given second class treatment in each and every place including office. You perform better but dont get rewarded etc. The only and only reason people stay here is money. You earn much more than you earn in India so can afford to buy more things.

  14. thelegend

    U r lucky bro that u live in usa wish i was as lucky as u…india is a hell bro..bad weather struggle politics…n worst people who have no other business but to piss others….u r lucky man…the point is hardwork is not a bad thing but exploitation is bad

  15. Priya

    All the middle class Indians have onlythe pride of working with Indian companies TCS,INFOSYS,WIPRO,COGNIZANT and HCL. These companies are helping poor people to become millonaries and billioanries .Great companies.

    1. Partho Bijlani

      All these companies hire Indians using B-1 Visa fraud and then allow them to work at lower salaries than the US norm. Having committed visa fraud now these “rich” Indians flaunt their money in the face of others as if they have achieved the American dream. They are no better than the illegals who jump the fence and come here from Latin American countries.

      1. aditya

        enjoyment is not all about cozyness and luxuries buddy. ..INDIA is all about collective atmosphere, no matter how down we are currently people still like living in an indian society(which according to you is not a luxury) jus because we see true love in people here. ua car, a/c , ua smart phone, is not a, luxury atleast not more than a hot cup of tea from ya mom or wife when u really have a head ache(u might like going to a nearest starbucks for an artificial drink by throwing a dollar or two). So u guys anyways are not doing any favour to indian economy (coz u earn and live AMERICAN ), atleast try not to post such irresponsible comments, which MOTHER INDIA is ashamed of(now please go to bed by turning on ua AIR CONDITIONER when millions of INDIANS are asleep not even knowing when was the last time they had their meal)

        1. Harsh

          You are the problem that the author of this article highlights when he says judging peers. The author has made it very obvious that Indians like the personal independence when they decide to settle there. Still, you go on commenting using words like Mother India. Who are you to teach anyone about what Mother India means? You do not even have the decency to read the complete article. And have reacted selectively to some parts of it.

          1. Samarjyoti deka

            NO you are wrong, Take the final Feel he has put forwarded… finally if not directly then indirectly what he is saying by the last line – “In all reality, many people settle in America not because they are making more money, but just that life is more independent, comfortable and with many options for their version of enjoyment….” Its a judgement, His personal judgement because the part ” life is MORE independent….” The word “MORE” is tottaly a personal experience. So thus all the article.
            your comment on above wen u said ” You do not even have the decency to read the complete article. And have reacted selectively to some parts of it” is tottaly baseless. I doubt if you have the Decency to read and analyse the inside factors. I am logically speaking, India is not bad or good. Its different. So no Direct Comparision should be made. Thanx for reading… comment here clicking reply if I am wrong.

        2. Abhi

          Sir How can an Indian moving to US be blamed for the poor without meals? How many of us Indians are helping the poor to have an additional mean when we are in India? If i can earn 1$=50 rs and give 50 times more to charity, shouldn’t I be working in US and sending that money to poor in India? Taking care of oneself is one thing, taking care of others and empathy is another, don’t mix it and confuse. If someone is with that mindset he will do it even in US, I am doing that. I used to contribute to a orphanage from my first job in India and giving 100o rs was a huge thing. I am not rich or anythg yet, but I find it easier to give the same percentage of money in dollars now to those kids. And patriotism etc is overrated, why do you think US is bad etc , it is just another piece of land separated by sea and is in the same mother earth we all have born into.

          1. shishir

            this samarjyoti and aditya are the dirt of our society to which author is referring. They have proved that a mojority of Indians are nothing but a bunch of jealous , ideotic and extremely judgemental kind of people.
            Becaue of these people India has become a hell to live in and all good and capable people are leaving India in hordes to escape this.
            And people talk here as if there is option to choose between India and US. The fact is you have to work hard to get into US. Its a place where not just Indians but everyone across the globe is competing to get into. That is why US and some EU countries has immigration cap.Only the top talent across the world gets the opportunity to live in the US.
            Whereas living in India is not a choice ,its a majboori, everybody knows this but won’t admit becz of ego issues.And those who are complaining that they are livin lonely life in US trust me its their personal problem, else why don’t they take their parents or wife along with them.
            Trust me life in India is not rosy. Its exact opposite.Every member who has pointed out problems about India are true and its much more but I won’t make this post dirty by mentioning them.
            And to those people who say its better to change India rather than run away i wanna say them-are you nuts?. Haven’t you heard someone say – you cannot change your surrounding or people but you can change yourself. Given a choice b/w fight or flight, most intelligent people will choose latter.But its not about choice. Flow of people between US and India is overwhelmingly unidirectional , isnt it a some indication. Sure US has some of its problems like all other countries . But its being a progressive society that makes all the difference from a stubborn and lethargic country like India.In the end we all know that living in US is not a choice but a Privilege.

        3. arvind pal

          yes you are right these chopu were shamed india as the earn money in US but they dont found true love which come from INDIAN mom&dad,girlfriend,wife and others. Which is so much important than money, comforts and enjoy etc.
          And freedom occurs in pource area in india like delhi,chandigarh,bangalore etc.

          so i prefer that INDIA is best and better than us

          1. Mukul Sharma

            Nope … First thing I want to clear that the freedom
            you are talking about is just a fake freedom in our country . Females are not safe here even a bit and even in day time .Everybody wants to cheat you .. Every body wants steal your money, Not just even money THEY want to loot your SELF RESPECT , they always want to insult you. The 80% percent people of India don’t want develop themselves .They running for money, Money , and Money only. Only who can live proudly in our country who have dare to die without being noticed that you have did something good . I am not saying that I don’t love my country but how can you try to change that when nobody is going to help you . Nobody will be with you . Everyone will do his best to stop to do something for your country.

        4. aarna

          so very true Aditya,
          If you born in india ,grown up with your family definitely india is heaven ,true luxury is your mom or your wife give you oil massage without any expectation back,not like in usa ” i will do this and u have to do this”…..i have seen couple of families where husband and wife dont have access to each other back account,,,,what the shit it is ,,,,,usse achha to jo india me without bank account wale families hai atlist they are happy.

      2. Abhi

        @Partho Just because some bogus consultancies run by fraudsters use B-1 visas illegally, don’t act like you know the whole indian outsourced IT scenario. I am a proud employee of one of these corporations, I have seen all of the processes multiple times in my case and others. At least the leading co.s are very transparent in all the visa stuff. They follow the minimum wage assurance and h1-B rules. USCIS has very strict rules too, it would be hard to fool them and many of them who had done that were caught also to serve as good examples. Just for argument sake don’t say about rivers and fences, you just are trying to make noise. Guys who read this are normally smart enough to know 🙂

  16. Mayur

    Sorry but I do not agree with you. I have roam around the globe. Definitely, there are things different across the globe and better than India in the perspective of infrastructure.

    But really the way you have underestimated life in India. Below are best things in India not present in any other country

    1. Gifted weather across India for all 12 month.

    – No Ozone leak problem like in AU, UK and some part of US where direct Sun
    ray burns your screen 🙂
    – No snow fall problem like in other countries which affects the life officially and socially as well in US, JP, AU during winters 🙂

    2. PUBS ? Are you mad or what ? I dont think you have visited India from last 20 yrs. I go to disc and pubs on every week in Mumbai Pune. Do not say that I do not know disc and pub in New York or Melbourne 🙂

    3. Malls for rich people — are you fool ? People will laugh at you man come on. Many malls in every lane ha ha.. you will get all brands clothes

    4. You can live in your own life in US and not in India. There are dance classes, I am good enough in Salsa, Guitar, I am expert in Cricket, TT and many more. I am visiting many places in India. Still counting. Now do not say only good place are in US not in India…ha.. ha. This thing I am saying because I have seen complete eastern coach of US, Naigara fall, Washington, Boston, atlantic city. It’s your perception that you can visit good places in US only. I felt in love of many place in India Taj Mahal, Ajanta erola, Himalaya, Rajstan and many more. Come on change your statement.

    5. The education system or competition is not good enough across the globe except few places. But in India, people are competitive. I have seen many indians born in India are leading corporate across the globe. Your child would more clever in india than any other country.

    6. I think you born in some village and directly took flight for US before 20 yrs without understanding complete India. So keep your perception yourself.


    Guys I do not like such people who shows wrong picture. Definitely you should go to US / AU / Japan / UK live sometime understand it. But I bet you that you will finding India is the best place to live your complete life if you are able to make good enough money.

    1. Sneha

      very well said Mayur, I am definitely with you in this, I have been living in the US for last 9 years and still do not like it here. I have no choice, as I am living with the family, but once am finish with my career I am definitely out to settle in india.

    2. Sunny

      1) There is an Ozone Leak problem in India for sure. Yes!! Tell me do u see green grasslands or gardens on roadsides? do u see Parks etc in localities?No. No greenery at all. (Just in posh areas or costly localities in few cities)

      2) Pubs?? r u serious? Out of 1600 cities here how many have Pubs? i guess just 20-30. And Can a Common man’s income afford a Pub at a weekend? Indian youngsters r just busy affording Petrol(so costly) in their Hero Honda and doing over time!

      3) Infrastructure is wholly shit here, even in big Cities roads are congested and unplanned as hell! Just few cities like Delhi or Chennai r good..that also at few points, and rest is same Crap infrastructure!

      4) Income scale is so low here. In USA Even a waiter can afford a car with his 3 months salary and branded clothes etc and can have fun with his family. Here in India even an engineer cannot earn that much to earn even a Car or an A.C for whole LIfe….forget abt other small jobs!those employees live in hell hole.

      5) And Yes Malls r just for Rich! In USA even a man with basic salary can go to a mall and buy branded quality stuff for him! In India basic salary in cities for common people is 8000-10000. Can u afford things in this income when u have a family?? India’s income is super low and inflation is on sky always.

      6) And electricity here is shit!! Low voltage in villages and small cities (more than 1000 small cities) and in Big cities also we face long Power cuts in hottest summers.

      Yes if u have money u can a good life here…. But how many earn good here? More than 75 % educated people are living on an average income of Rs. 8000 in Indian cities. Common man’s life here is Hell and Decaying.

    3. Sujit

      The author has a strong point comparing the quality of life of a middle class person in the two countries.
      In India travelling in comfort on the local trains or buses is far from comfortable. Driving your 10 lakh car on a pot hole infested road is no fun. Having no transperency and excess corruption in the government, education etc is not a problem the middle class face in the west.
      Indian towns and cities have poor law and order. Just look around at the number of hoodlums from political parties driving like morons on the road and throwing tbeir weight around. You dont see that in the west.
      A couple of years back in MangLore, girls were assaulted by some political party for being in a pub.
      Just earning money at any cost is the mantra in India. However, a good income equals good purchasing power, not a higher quality of life. Understand the difference.

    4. Harsh

      Did you see the video of ram sena activist beating the shit out of women in a pub in mangalore. Taking up guitar and dance and the likes, was welcome in few metros and now a spreading phenomenon. (Saying with a smirk) not so much in cities other than metros, which are 4 in number. Even if you include immigrant cities like Bangalore or Pune. The number comes to 6. Go on add 4 more to it. It still makes a grand total of 10 cities in a big country like India.
      The point the author is trying to make is that you can live an independent life anywhere in USA. What is wrong with some criticism? In the name of looking at few positives, you can’t accept a larger reality? What’s the shame in doing that? No sentence in the article berates Indians or life in India.. But you go on to use words like fool and what not. Hahahaha what an irony? That you are giving a lecture on how people like the author should not be encouraged while you loose all decency while making your point.

    5. Savvy

      Very well said Mayur..I am totally agree with you…I visited US many time still I always want to live in India…
      I think only factor that most of the people are in US to earn more money..
      Personally I feel I was always very comfortable in India then US..Soon I will move back to my loving country…

    6. santosh

      I completely agree with you. Life in India is LIFE. in US it is just business. No social life. No friends for life. No love and trust in family. I just love LIFE in india. Its colourful. I have lived in europe and US and never liked it. Its like they say other side of the hill is always green.

  17. gaurav

    first of all I appreciate the the way you written but would you think difference in the salary of indan and American working people

  18. Shubham Prajapat

    Hello! Can anyone tell me ? How much money will i need if i do company secretary in America! Tell me sum of expenses of living + food.

  19. harshil

    hey guys …..i m still in +2 …m a huminism student …..after completing +2 i wish to study further in U.S …plese sugget me in which field i have to take focus …as i want to make money in my life….n i really like ur above discussion as it also helps me to make my mind to go U.S.A

    1. Shruti

      Hi Harshil, if you want to major in fields that offer a good amount of money, you can definitely try out for Electrical & Communication Engineering OR Computer science & Engineering OR Mechanical engineering, etc.
      It basically depends on the field which YOU are interested in (:

      Hope it helped C:

    2. Mukul Sharma

      Well buddy if your only aim of life is earn more money . then I am sorry for U .
      You don’t even know what you like to do . you don’t know what field
      suits you..
      Friend your thinking is completely crap !!

  20. Anon

    Why don’t we just stop comparing our culture!!! You people are bloody fools to do that!! Why can’t we live happily ‘TOGETHER’ than to create rifts between us!! People are changing. Indians are adopting the American culture and Americans are adopting the Indian culture! Just stop this!!

    1. troy

      well that explains that you are an indian too, if not, maybe a person so emotionally attached to indians……chill buddy, its just opinions, no one can be controlled from making opinions

  21. tarun

    Hey guys can any one tell me how much does it cost to do masters in USA and how many years would it take to pay back the loan(INR_3000000).

    And thanks for that

    1. Anna

      I enjoyed reading this article. I have always been interested in how other cultural lifestyles differ from me living as a mid thirty, middle class, Caucasian woman, living in the US all my life. I have never had extra money to travel far but hopeful one day I will have money to go outside US to learn from other cultures. In the southern community I reside, I have never seen an Indian person except on TV. I am sure they are around but I have personally never seen one. I am curious to how east Indians live combining Indian culture with US culture. Are there specific rituals you perform daily that differ from non-Indian Americans? I see that most Indians come here feeling free and independent to do, say, and live as they wish. I have lived in the US all my life and I have never felt or lived life that way. I was very overprotected and sheltered by my parents and now by my husband. How do Indians raise their children different from US parents? As a majority, are Indians more well mannered and quiet people or are they mostly outgoing and always celebrating something?

      1. Jyoti

        Hello Anna, It was nice to know that you are curious about Indians. I am an Indian living in LA. Majority of the Indians you find in USA are well educated & mannered people. However, the same is not true back in India. Ours is a conservative culture though these days things started changing. As far as the content of this article goes, it is the experience of an Indian in USA but actual opinion of a USA middle class person can only be compared to make the comparison even.

        1. bharath

          dear jyothi im bharath im a indian i born and bought only in india but i really isitaion to live onwords in india here no respect education no respect to education based work and im agraduate i have done mba im from poor family and i have 350000 interest to vijiya bank and every monthly i have to paid more than 4000to vijaya bank as a interest so im really struggle in life lide to india here no respect to educate people only for blady politics in my first salay is only 12000 thats it if im in us i got more than 50000…so plz if u are care about my education and just contact me and seacr fb “bharath sany” thank youn guys i tell u one thing india is a worst to stay and lead life us is best…

      2. Abhi

        Hi Anna, IMO you cannot generalize Indians easily. Like all communities, people differ and you can find hard partying guys and quiet intellectual kinds. I would say most of them in the US immigrated in recent years would lean towards the second category, since many of them are engineers/scientists and visa provisions filter them. Indian/asian population in the us is mostly quoted as the model minority with very high academic qualifications and consequently very high household income. Yes, children’s education is the most important thing for Indian/asian families. We are a billion+ bunch at home country and so competition is in our blood, only the best makes it to here through merit/high profile employment and we generally pass it on. Also a disclaimer, I am in the US for the last one and a half years only, my views are only as mature. I came as an ardent patriot never-settle-in-US kind of attitude, now I can feel my attitude changing with more information coming my way. My prejudice was basically caused by information, observing from outside . Now after living here I know more. But one thing I still believe US culture is missing due to individualism is the family bonds. In general Indians have a solid safety net of loving parents/siblings/aunts/uncles/cousins. They visit them often and are happy sharing laughter/food/gossips, frequencies are much higher than the US-twice-an-year Christmas or thanksgiving visits. (there are always,always exceptions, not all families are gifted) Marriages last longer because people go an extra mile sacrificing their personal/individualistic preferences, mostly for the well being of children. One thing I have in favor of US is if I have a daughter, I would surely immigrate to US. Girls never get to express themselves equally as guys back in India and grow confidently. Some full-of-energy-and-grit girls do make it and enjoy life to the fullest feeling equal, but not the story of all. I know it is not 100% equal in US but it is surely different.

        1. aarna

          or i will say if i have have daughter i will let her grown in india ,,with all the family ,just because here small kids having drug addiction and many other problems,,,,they are easily available to such things..

  22. Ritwik

    A study by the University of California-Berkeley determined that fully one-third of the engineers in the tech hub of Silicon Valley are of Indian descent, while 7 percent of high-tech companies are led by Indian chief executives.

    More than 300,000 Indian-Americans work in the field of information Technology, while another 200,000 are millionaires, according to data from Merrill Lynch.

    On the whole, Indian-Americans have an aggregate purchasing power of at least $25 billion (a figure larger than scores of whole countries’ GDPs).

    Perhaps most astounding, almost 10 percent of the physicians in the U.S. are of Indian origin. Consider that for a moment — Indians, who represent barely 1 percent of the total American population, account for one-in-ten of its doctors, perhaps the most prestigious and difficult career to obtain.

  23. Raj

    Haha its so hilarious to read these comments. If you are the typical south indian wanting to come to America don’t listen to this trype. Typical south indian man living in America’ s life: work dead end it job, never get any girls because they are disgusted by you, import homely girl from south india. Rinse, repeat. If i was the typical south indian guy i would stay in india! The physical comforts will be less but you will lead a rich life surrounded by loving family!

    1. Aneesh

      I am to travel for the first time in another week.
      I have an average or say decent pay here in India, I have a beautiful wife whom I proposed and got married to, I have a huge house in a heritage society, I have a car, I live in one of the finest localities in Mumbai, have all the necessities (mostly bought myself), I enjoy great respect in my current team, have been an ace performer, I never step out of air conditioning, go to the best of the restaurants and clubs in Mumbai, I do whatever I want to here, and, I really don’t get disgusted by the smell and sight of certain things in India. Instead, feel a duty towards setting these things right. And, yes .. I play the guitar, drive like a professional. Now, I have got been asked to go on role in one of the finest locations in the US … Florida. I never asked my manager to send me onsite .. instead he wants me to go and learn. And, that is how I see it. Learn, the business better, grow as a professional.
      I am from a middle class working family .. have sweated out for a greater part of my life, struggled in school, engineering, mba, initially in my job as well. Struggled a lot in my personal life .. still do at times. But I am content. Even if all the luxuries I have are taken away from me .. I’d still be content. I am from north, have lived in Chennai, worked with people from Chennai .. and I was very much happy there .. never complained. At times when I visit my saints in Rajasthan .. I live without electricity and sleep on floor just like everybody else these. But I never feel discomfort there.
      I have a very open mind. When I am going to the US. Want to be the best there as well. Want to meet new people, learn about the culture, add on to my personality and way of thinking.
      Do I intend to stay in US forever .. I don’t think so .. I go without any intent as such. On the other hand, planning far never works for me.
      Do not agree to most comments here. Don’t know what enjoyment and comfort US has to offer me .. definitely looking forward to it.

      1. troy

        its good to be in your own boat boy if you feel US is good for you, be there, if not than i believe your country fits you best,

    2. td_hyd

      All non-south indians are selfish robots without any meaning in their life – all they care for is money. They dont have guts to face a south indian in the technology field – the only thing they are capable of doing is to give the above stupid comments. They dont have any guts to face any situation in life. They can only comment about south indians. All south indians are brave and fight like a Tiger when confronted by any type of issue in life and will never show their back to any problem or friend in need – sometimes they dont even leave a stranger in distress and will always extend a helping hand – unlike a stupid and selfish non-south indian.

  24. Bizarre Guy

    Hey guys, I would like to say that America is better than India for those who want to live independent lifestyle. No one is going to laugh at you even if you choose to get jobs like babysitting while in college to earn some extra cash. There are more college dropout selfmade billionaires and high school dropout selfmade millionaires in America than any other countries in the world because America has the freedom to think and brainstorming ideas that make an income.

    1. rajan nateshan

      yes, i liked comments very much , thats the difference over here in india one who is uneducated is treated like a dog over here, difference between religious people ,

  25. Krishna

    Well, Why did I come here to US? The only answer from anyone is a universal truth and it is “Let me make some money”. Ohh yeah. But why can’t you make money India? After all, look at the figure of number of billionaires that India has produced! They are still in India and set examples of how to make money in India. So is our answer still valid?? No. If not money, is it comfort!?? Feeling it as comfort while you shiver in the snowfall and storms! Being harassed with racist comments! Being frightened to wander around the streets in the evening!
    Lifestyle is pretty awesome here, wakeup man!? waiting for your girl child to find a boyfriend as early as possible!? Telling your mother to go to hospital when she is sick and you enjoying the late night clubs at the same time!?
    God damn! I was emotional, I’m emotional and I’ll be emotional… If I can’t bring changes in India for better life on the whole, let me be a part of it to initiate the change.. “Nenu saitham prapanchagniki samdihanokkatti ahutichanu”

    1. Pranav

      I lived in the US all my life but was born in india, and life here is not all about making money. It’s about living in a better place. A place to be independent. To drive yourself around from place to place. To have your children get things by themselves instead of a servant getting them stuff. Not be in a place where people treat you based on caste, clothing, or your salary. Letting your children find there own spouse instead of you getting someone random your child never met before from a “respectable” family. Snow is something that people really like and can be pretty fun family time. Girls wanting boyfriends is actually just as or even more worse in India. I’ve lived in the south, north, and west and have never experienced a single racist comment. The comment about going to a nightclub when your mother is sick is just down right stupid. When i was little and me and my parents took a vacation to India I held the door in a hotel for some people. In the US, if someone held a door, we would say thank you and even hold the door instead of letting a child do it. At the hotel, about 10 people passed. No one cared to say ty and no one held the door. At least for me, the United States is more of a home than India will ever be.

      1. Sandeep

        Ya, you could go to india where people’s minds are influenced by the shitty nonsense caste system. also you could have comfort in the overcrowded and smelly streets and the scorching heat. wanna get a dream job? well you’re options in india is a doctor or IT because if you get another job people will think wrongly about because your profession isn’t respectable.In terms of society, welcome to the 19th century! Have fun living amongst gossiping idiots! Now what about the youth? they try to “copy” the US which is just a more liberal place. But of course the indian youth has to go ove board! Most people in the US drink alcohol at 21 and over, then i should drink at 14 in india! No respect or rights for women. Hope you like being under the constant threat of rape and harassment! If your a female, you cant do 90% of the things that men can do because what will society think. And also you should come to India for the pleasant sights such as beggars with missing limbs. Bureacracy also runs free! dont upset the guy that knows a politician or you’ll get beat up and you cant take legal action because of the corrupt government. If you’re scared of walking thought the clean scenic neighborhood of the US, then i dont know how youll feel of the trashy smelly streets populated with shady people. and you can go to india if your too lazy to do anything! there are probably hundreds of things left to talk about but you get the idea.

        1. reena

          there r certain pros n cons to live in every country but mr. sandeep i will tell u something just have some respect for ur motherland becoz now u r talking foul about ur country but these same americans will spit same things on ur face. dont forget that u belong to same stingy land

          1. Suraj

            He may have used the wrong tone, but he does have a point. India is not a paradise, there are some aspects of India that are good, but unfortunately most arent.

          2. Sunny

            What does Motherland means? Country is not God or sumthing sacred okey..
            Countries r just boundaries. God didn’t make boundaries, God made all Land same, all over the Earth and gave it humans to live on it. But we made countries and boundaries to divide it for better governance!

            Basically its all same Earth we live on. If land is ur Mother, Whole Earth is ur mother, not India alone..u can live where ever u want to.

        2. Dr Heera

          Hi everyone!Happiness is inner state of mind<one can live anywhere happy even in africa,its nt like usa is better or india is better to live.Everyone has prioriy in life and one must decide what he or she want from life and decide accordingly to live,no country is perfect to live,its you to decide where to live.And I just wanna say that if you say anything about statstics than plz fist have look than comment.You must know that rape rate is higher in usa than India.Plz check it out.

      2. Geetha

        Hi America loving guys, Do u know in India we are having much much more tension free owners, but in America u have more tensed employees who r working for corporate. People who r selfish love America, people loves others and their family loves to live in India. In america they r having big and good parks to play but no friends, but in India no parks, but lots of friends to play. Those who wants to play single player game u go to America, those who wants to play in group stays in India.

    2. Abhi

      girl child – boyfriend argument: better than finding a match in shaadi.com after filtering on caste, job, language and choosing one among the 200 dumb guys with faces like a mangoes and ending up with a complete jerk and realize it only after two months into the marriage. Dude, ask people who had done it, indian sysytem isn’t ANY better. Girl child if raised sensibly will know when to ditch an a* and to find someone responsible who would love her genuinely. Also not all boyfriends are bad, come on, are you one of those jerks looking to cheat some girl and get an easy * ? if not you shouldn’t be saying all that. Belive in good things sir it helps.

    1. Abhi

      Sadly it is in india, maam. I think bank employees were considered middle class 25 years ago, easily we have more IT guys today. class stays the same. earn barely enough to pay up home,auto loans by mid of your career if you are starting from 0.

  26. Umesh

    Hello Amit
    I think you have opened up a very good discussion. For people like us, who have seen both the worlds, it is very difficult to imagine to give up one for the other. Our family ties are with India and our brain ties are with USA. We always with the best of both the world for our kids. That’s why we try to stand with one leg on Indian boat and other on the USA boat. I am sure that until challenged by real life situation, like if our parents fall sick or if they need our help, we will have to give up and choose a boat. Until then, we all want to delay the real decision. We do not realize now but, this is like changing the track of train for to distant locations. Although, at the time of change it looks very simple and minor change, over the years ..it would be totally two different destinations from which reversal would be impossible. So.. we need to decide sooner than later.

    1. Amit

      Umesh, I completely agree with you. Change by itself is simply packing your stuff and moving back home. But to actually do that takes lots of guts. More you think about, less likely you will decide now! I am just back from my 8 weeks vacation back home and am fresh on it. Just to open a simple bank account took 3 visits with different set of docs. To obtain power of attorney for my dad, it took us a week, extra money and lot of time. Traffic is a hell with 2+ hrs for less than 30 kms of travel. We did enjoy attending 2 weddings, some functions, family time, awesome tasty food… mmm.. lovely! But if I think of working there and commuting through that traffic daily, it will cut down my time for family. Truly speaking, I am not yet decided on taking one track over other.. and as you said, it will get only more difficult with time.

  27. Real Indian

    I love my Country. There is no strange in that words by any citizen of their own country. When You Say I Love other Country , thats the greatness of that country where that country provides the best for you. Live in US( 15 to 20 Yrs) and then Settle in India. Its my plan….

    1. Amit

      That is very easily said than done! Living in US for 15-20 yrs means your kids will be in teens by then and will have their own say to it. Then its not your decision, but decision of family. All the best with that, dear friend.. 🙂

  28. Gourab Banerjee

    Hi, I completed my graduation in mass comm from Sikkim Manipal University… Now I want to study in USA! What should i do?? I need serious help.

  29. Amit

    Let me tell something about life in India (specially Mumbai, being a Mumbaikar by heart) and life in USA. I grew up in a middle class family with no AC in home, no car and living in apartment in a suburb of Mumbai. The sweaty, crowded and fast paced life was something I truly enjoyed. Even though I am Gujju, I never thought of coming to USA. Joined a big IT firm in mid 90s without even a passport. 🙂 Being ‘forced’ to come to USA due to career path opened up new aspect in life. Here, life is very peaceful, comfortable. I was determined to go back to India and after living here for 3 yrs went back. Due to work matter, had to make few short trips to USA, but finally gave up extending my visa and stayed in India for more than a year. Thats when I realized I was now ‘addicted’ to free-work culture in USA. I started to hate micro-managed work culture in Indian company where I was told to make my team slog hrs. I gave up on it and again returned to work in USA. After years of not accepting to apply, I finally applied and now received green card. I enjoy my life in USA, but there is this emptiness that gets filled only for those 6-7 weeks every two yrs when I visit my parents/relatives back in India. gosh!! I so much miss them and Mumbai city. When I was there, I missed USA for its comfy life and talent driven work.

    After living in USA for almost 15 yrs, my heart still longs to be in India and brain keeps pulling it back to USA. I have my wife/kid and live a satisfied life here, then why there is still this void in my heart? Maybe I am still a Mumbaikar at heart, maybe I am being emotional, maybe its nature saying grass is always green on the other side. Problem is that I love both the countries for its own reason and miss other while I am in one. Sometimes I feel am I really lucky to be in USA or would I be luckier had I not ‘tasted’ the life in USA?

        1. Good one

          really emotional one…touched my heart!!

          i actually belong to X state and now living in Y state in india for job purpose…

          i feel almost same, when i think of my own state within same country.. 🙁 🙁

          now applied for H1.. donno how i will live in USA…

          jus tears in eyes at this moment…as i have to leave my mom and travel so long 🙁

          1. Amit

            Well.. in that case, think very well before coming to USA. Just extrapolate the feeling that you have living in a different state in India and then add the complexity of paper works, tickets, distance, etc. Wish you the very best for future, buddy. Take care.

          2. Nilesh S.

            I am also in US since 3 years.. I am the only child of my parents. We are a lower middle class family and my parent spend a lot of efforts in motivating me and money in educating me in India. My father has a heart blockage and mother also has some minor but several health problems. I know they can see doctor in India. But you imagine if something happens to your parents and then by the time you are there in a rush they are not able to see you… then was US worth it? The time you had spent with your parents in India rather than enjoying here in US… wouldnt that have got counted?… You live life only once and your parents also once only in your lifetime.. once gone they will never come back again.. I saw a movie.. Bombay Boyz.. but bit different type movie.. but funny one.. it had one senti dialgoue told to Rahul Bose by a Mumbaikar when he comes from USA after a long time and realized what he missed.. “The grass was not greener on the other side … was it?” with a smirk…

      1. Bharat

        Very nicely expressed. Most of the people who have decent lifestyle in India and who wants to experience life in USA for a change, I believe will get into such confusion. When we are here, our friends and cousins leave the country and we tend to have that lifestyle experience, hoping therez something exsiting there, but when we actually go there, we realise life is comfortable in india and we only realise this when we are back, I wanted to understand if this feeling fades away if you live in india again for a year or so rather than just visiting for couple of weeks. You want to come back because you think therez lots happening in India and you are missing all the fun, but when u are here ,everythign looks same again, not so exciting as you expected when you were there and you start missing the life you lived in USA. So if you ponder over this for sometime, Its all about expectations, But i feel, if u have ur own house, car and 12-15LPA life is great here.

    1. Mohit

      I agree with you Amit, I’m on the same boat, but have you ever thought about parents, will they come and live with you, will they like US?

      1. Amit

        Mohit, as of now, my parents visit us for 6 months every 2-3 yrs. But I know they may not be ready to live in USA for good. That is my biggest dilemma. There are some decisions in life that are best left on God to decide with time.

  30. Sharath

    I am an Indian, and proud to be an Indian.
    No country in the world can be like another country. ie, India can never be US, also US cannot become India. Each country has its own cultural, social, financial back ground. Its true that in India privacy is less. But I dont think that it is bad. What do we mean by privacy? Dont caring for any others? being a social being we need to care others also.

  31. VINIT

    i am a Indian person…………but truly i really wanna live in america………..america is my dream……it Dosen’t mean i hate India………..it just mean i like their rules and regulation……………

  32. Amelia @ chai a cup of life

    Its really nice to read someone writing from the ‘other side’. I am Australian and living in India..so I can certainly relate to you!! I don’t think either way of living is better, it’s just different. If you can experience both ways of living, then you’re a lucky person 🙂
    (you can check out my experiences in india!!! Amelia www.chaiacupoflife.com )

  33. Gunit

    Thanks alot, Keith. I’m still thinking about the merits, and demerits. And as far as I think, USA is the right place for me. I’ve got relatives out there in Arizona and I guess that’ll be good enough if I face problems in States. I’ll speak to the attorney, and try to get the details.


    1. anitha

      Honestly gunit, go to USA out of ur own merit and even if u face problems do not think relatives will be always there to help u.u will be shocked to know people’s true colors.despite all the comfort and lifestyle there is a high chance u might feel lonely or u relatives might not even care about u.this is not coming from my own experience but i know so many people who faced the same!

      just be prepared for anything,keep an open mind and DO NOT HAVE EXPECTATIONS from others..

      1. Gunit

        Hey Anitha, just read the comment, wasn’t active since months. Sorry for the late reply. And I totally agree with you. Universities offer accommodations and I think that’ll be a better option. I am now preparing for SAT and TOEFL. But I have this horrible fear about the admissions in the top universities. I didn’t score well in class 11, which actually scares the hell out of me. Can ya pls help me out with this one? Are these marks taken into consideration by all universities?


  34. Gunit

    Everyone’s preferring USA over India. To live an independent life, obviously USA suits the best but life is States is very hectic as well as busy. I’ve got 2 years to think over it, as in after 12th I want to study in USA. I’m too confused and baffled, looking forward for some good suggestions.

    1. Keith


      If you are financially sound, it is a good option. You can go to school and have fun. If you plan on working while doing so, it is a very difficult proposition.

      The culture shock will take a year or two to go away. People in states like Texas and southern parts are friendly and willing to help. But in major cities like New York City and Los Angeles, hospitality might be lower.

      If your English is sub-par, it will be a struggle.

      Depending on the type of your visa, you might have to go back. It will be hard to go back after you are accustomed to everything this nation offers.

      Good luck with your decision. Peace.

    2. Shruthi

      Listen here.
      India is your homeland!!! How can you say that you prefer the States over your country? I’m not discouraging the USA. I mean I practically lived there since I was a little girl.
      The best universities in the USA are usually the ones that have a great (not good) SAT score like Yale, Duke, Harvard, Princeton, MIT, etc.
      You need a REALLY good score to study in US. If you want a high-quality education that is.
      Otherwise, every university is usually an average university.
      I lived and studied in the US, so I know.


  35. Hemanta

    Obiously man ! Life in usa is pretty grt, do whatever u like . While in india u cant do much coz our parents thing study is the way to get settle . absolutely its true we should hav education , but tht doesnt mean we hav to be a doctor / engineer for tht .some hav there own interest and want to go other ways other than studies . So parents come in the middle and force us to go in opposite way thts the huge difference between india and us if we talk in terms of student life

  36. Saurav vyas

    Hi..i am an indian & i want to be make a english singer & i think my singing voice is great As my all friends & teachers said that..
    I am 20 years old & want to go U.S.A….
    Please tell me what should i do….?

  37. Rekha

    All Problems of India will be solved and it will be indeed the best country to live, ONLY IF it finds solutions to the following problems:-

    1.)Reservation on the basis of cast
    2.)A basic sense of civic sense
    3.)Respect & fear of Law and order
    4.)Speedy trials in courts
    5.)Political interference in almost everything

    Yes it’s only these if someone points more problems one will find that those problems are offshoots of these core five problems which I have mentioned

  38. american

    after reading all of the comments here i think i finally figured out the root of indias problems. irrational pride, let me explain, if you go to ethiopia and ask a person whether he would like to go to america or stay, he would say he wanted to go to america. however if you asked a poor person in india if they wanted to go to america, they would give all sorts of irrational reasons for wanting to stay, this also goes back to the fact that indians are not willing to accept the problems, the goveronment keeps on lying about how india is developing faster than any other country, it really isnt, and even if it were the people wouldnt see any benifit because of the if it aint broke dont fix it nature of indian culture as a whole, any gains from development would just go in the goveronments pocket, however indian people will never see this because the goveronment has blinded them with the promise of development that will probably never come, on the off chance that it does come they still wont see a better life.

    1. Rajesh

      I dont agree with your comments about India . I’m an Indian and often visit US but at the end of the day I find it much better in India . I can list 10 bad things about America during my visit here as posted by some Indian American who happen to visit India and find problems in America.
      Be it the way of life , the freedom of expression and for that matter any thing you can talk . There are problems every where and Indians are capable to solve their problem much better and much more efficiently then americans .
      Americans have false superiority complex . Specially those Indian Americans who are a confused bunch of lot and takes so much pride in showing India down . This boosts their false sense of pride and they think they are smarter race than those who prefer to stay in India .
      These Indian Americans however they try cant be accepted in the same american society .
      They will still marry a girl of Indian origin. Please dont talk about tolerance and multi cultural nature of American society and Indian society .

        1. american

          no!! that is the stupidest thing i have heard, if indians are so effiicient why is 45 percent of the indian population living on less than five dollars a day? why is 60 percent of bombays population living in slums. india isnt great. ita a shithole just like ethiopia

        2. american

          no!! that is the stupidest thing i have heard, if indians are so effiicient why is 45 percent of the indian population living on less than five dollars a day? why is 60 percent of bombays population living in slums. india isnt great. ita a shithole just like somalia

          1. Mr.X

            You cant obviously compare Indian economy in terms of USD, because cost of living is less in India compared to US. For ex, I’m paying around $60 per month towards electricity charges (family of 4) and my cousin (again family of 4) is paying about $250 per month towards the same eventhough we use almost same no. of appliances with the exception of he’s having a larger tv than mine. another thing that I can compare is that I can buy groceries for my family of 4 for a month for less than $75. In US its only enough to buy the same stuffs for a week atmost. So if people cant live with $5 per day in US, they can live good in India with that.

      1. Nirav Parekh

        Rajesh, I totally agree with your point.
        You are right. It is fact that American Indians always think themselves as better than Indians staying at India.
        I myself am working at USA since 7 years and I know this fact.
        I always believe myself as an Indian and respect all the culture.
        And there is no point of believing that we are the best just because we are staying here. American Indians has guts to complain for India but has no guts to complain about their own life and struggles outside of India.


  39. monu-g

    Sorry, perhaps it wasn’t my place to say anything earlier, as I’m born and raised in the States. But know this; as soon as we, as children would come home from school and set foot in the house, we did not speak english and, for the most part, preferred our roti to meatloaf and casseroles. Also, instilled in my siblings and I were the respect to adults and elders and the family-oriented way of life, verses the individualistic (its all about me) attitude of my peeps, and a trending attitude among younger Indians now.
    It sounded as if I was dissing India in my earlier post, but not at all. Based on my perspective, let me just say that there IS no comparing as India and USA are like night and day. Both have their pros an cons. Americans are oblivious to how the rest of the world lives and have such a different state of mind that one can’t even try to explain something without causing more confusion in their self-centered heads.
    Oh, and Indians, when we come and visit, please please please don’t pull that “India is basically just like America now” because of Dominos, Baskin Robins, Dunkin Donuts, KFC, Subway, malls, etc. So annoying. The difference is that our Dominos delivery guys don’t have to weave around corpses and feces on the road and think nothing of it in order to get me that pizza. Last February, from the airport to my wife’s home-town, I saw four dead bodies alone and one poor wife with her two kids, holding on to bloody dad on the road as he convulsed and twitched his last breath and no one stopped to help, including my driver when I told him to. sigh..now I’m just venting, lol. sorry.

    1. Princehuman

      What the HELL are you even talking about? corpses? you can’t differentiate between sleeping people and dead people. Are you a comedian or just drunk?

  40. kcim2000

    Thank you for posting this. I am in middle school and am doing a paper about comparing life in India and the US. This is the first website I found that doesn’t tell the different stats comparing India and the US (e.g. happiness level, money made, birth rate. One I found showed the amount of roller coasters in both countries… weird right?). Thanks for helping me without knowing you would.

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