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Coming from a middle class family in India, I am not used to having an air conditioner at home or in the bus…also, never had a car …on a hot summer day, if I travel, I would be almost drenched in sweat…It is quite a different experience living in similar weather conditions in America…I have Air conditioner at home, in the car, in the bus and in any building I enter….quite comfortable life…I am still an average middle class man in America…but, as an individual my life is pretty cozy. Let me share some of my thoughts on personal life, enjoyment and comfort in America comparing with India… this article is part of series Life in America vs. India

Personal Life in US vs. India

In America, your life is very independent…you have full freedom to be the way you want…Privacy is of utmost importance either at home or in a social setting. You do not see people intruding into your personal life, unless you know them very well. You can dress the way you want, travel wherever you want, be passionate about anything you appreciate, etc…Though you are a social being, you are less dependent on others for living your daily life…On the other hand, in India, unless you are from a very affluent society, you are limited by your choices and you are an interdependent human being…you may be barred from doing certain things because of the social implications and taboos…Your choices may be influenced by your peers, family or society because people tend to judge others based on their personal practices and lifestyle…In US, you have the freedom to have a weird lifestyle and not be judged by others…the reality is people do not care much about others lifestyle in US, it is all about individuality…

Physical Comfort in US vs. India

As I mentioned above, you have at most physical comfort everywhere in US….buses, trains, air planes, office buildings, homes, restaurants, shopping centers, etc…You have heaters in cold places and air conditioners in hot places…unless you live in a metro and have good transportation, most people own cars…owning a car is very common…You do not have power cuts…you have so many choices everywhere…I cannot think of anything that creates physical discomfort to me in US as a middle class guy…on the other hand in India, as a middle class guy, I am subjected to physical discomfort in many places buses, trains, shops, etc…I am not talking about upper middle class or rich people…just trying to compare middle class life in US vs. India

Enjoyment in US vs. India

There are so many things to do in US…you are free to do whatever you want without being judged by others…You are free to go to a American football game or to a pub and not be judged…read this article for things to do in USA …Some might like to play board games, some might like to paint, some might like to play guitar, some might like to do archery, some might like to do play cricket, some might like to tell stories, some might like to read books, do skydiving (my experience) etc…whatever your enjoyment activity is, you have a group of people interested in doing similar things and you can find them and enjoy your stuff without being judged by your peers, family and relatives…in India, due to social situations, unless your family and friends circle is care free, open minded, or may be affluent, you may be judged or criticized…Honestly, I would have never even tried to buy guitar, take dance classes, Tae-kwon-do classes, etc …just because my parents may say no, peer pressure and others would judge me…you have much independence to enjoy your life

Decision to live in US vs. India based on Personal preferences

Some people like to live an independent and comfortable life of their own without being judged by others…. some like to live in a social setting with their own cultural beliefs and surrounded by people with similar mindset…If you are in latter category, you are better off to live or settle in India…if not America is your place to live…irrespective of what your preferences are, living in US for some time will give you an understanding or new perspective of things….In all reality, many people settle in America not because they are making more money, but just that life is more independent, comfortable and with many options for their version of enjoyment….

What do you think of Personal life in US vs. India ?

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Comments ( 423 )

  1. american

    after reading all of the comments here i think i finally figured out the root of indias problems. irrational pride, let me explain, if you go to ethiopia and ask a person whether he would like to go to america or stay, he would say he wanted to go to america. however if you asked a poor person in india if they wanted to go to america, they would give all sorts of irrational reasons for wanting to stay, this also goes back to the fact that indians are not willing to accept the problems, the goveronment keeps on lying about how india is developing faster than any other country, it really isnt, and even if it were the people wouldnt see any benifit because of the if it aint broke dont fix it nature of indian culture as a whole, any gains from development would just go in the goveronments pocket, however indian people will never see this because the goveronment has blinded them with the promise of development that will probably never come, on the off chance that it does come they still wont see a better life.

    1. Rajesh

      I dont agree with your comments about India . I’m an Indian and often visit US but at the end of the day I find it much better in India . I can list 10 bad things about America during my visit here as posted by some Indian American who happen to visit India and find problems in America.
      Be it the way of life , the freedom of expression and for that matter any thing you can talk . There are problems every where and Indians are capable to solve their problem much better and much more efficiently then americans .
      Americans have false superiority complex . Specially those Indian Americans who are a confused bunch of lot and takes so much pride in showing India down . This boosts their false sense of pride and they think they are smarter race than those who prefer to stay in India .
      These Indian Americans however they try cant be accepted in the same american society .
      They will still marry a girl of Indian origin. Please dont talk about tolerance and multi cultural nature of American society and Indian society .

        1. american

          no!! that is the stupidest thing i have heard, if indians are so effiicient why is 45 percent of the indian population living on less than five dollars a day? why is 60 percent of bombays population living in slums. india isnt great. ita a shithole just like ethiopia

        2. american

          no!! that is the stupidest thing i have heard, if indians are so effiicient why is 45 percent of the indian population living on less than five dollars a day? why is 60 percent of bombays population living in slums. india isnt great. ita a shithole just like somalia

          1. Mr.X

            You cant obviously compare Indian economy in terms of USD, because cost of living is less in India compared to US. For ex, I’m paying around $60 per month towards electricity charges (family of 4) and my cousin (again family of 4) is paying about $250 per month towards the same eventhough we use almost same no. of appliances with the exception of he’s having a larger tv than mine. another thing that I can compare is that I can buy groceries for my family of 4 for a month for less than $75. In US its only enough to buy the same stuffs for a week atmost. So if people cant live with $5 per day in US, they can live good in India with that.

      1. Nirav Parekh

        Rajesh, I totally agree with your point.
        You are right. It is fact that American Indians always think themselves as better than Indians staying at India.
        I myself am working at USA since 7 years and I know this fact.
        I always believe myself as an Indian and respect all the culture.
        And there is no point of believing that we are the best just because we are staying here. American Indians has guts to complain for India but has no guts to complain about their own life and struggles outside of India.


  2. monu-g

    Sorry, perhaps it wasn’t my place to say anything earlier, as I’m born and raised in the States. But know this; as soon as we, as children would come home from school and set foot in the house, we did not speak english and, for the most part, preferred our roti to meatloaf and casseroles. Also, instilled in my siblings and I were the respect to adults and elders and the family-oriented way of life, verses the individualistic (its all about me) attitude of my peeps, and a trending attitude among younger Indians now.
    It sounded as if I was dissing India in my earlier post, but not at all. Based on my perspective, let me just say that there IS no comparing as India and USA are like night and day. Both have their pros an cons. Americans are oblivious to how the rest of the world lives and have such a different state of mind that one can’t even try to explain something without causing more confusion in their self-centered heads.
    Oh, and Indians, when we come and visit, please please please don’t pull that “India is basically just like America now” because of Dominos, Baskin Robins, Dunkin Donuts, KFC, Subway, malls, etc. So annoying. The difference is that our Dominos delivery guys don’t have to weave around corpses and feces on the road and think nothing of it in order to get me that pizza. Last February, from the airport to my wife’s home-town, I saw four dead bodies alone and one poor wife with her two kids, holding on to bloody dad on the road as he convulsed and twitched his last breath and no one stopped to help, including my driver when I told him to. sigh..now I’m just venting, lol. sorry.

    1. Princehuman

      What the HELL are you even talking about? corpses? you can’t differentiate between sleeping people and dead people. Are you a comedian or just drunk?

  3. kcim2000

    Thank you for posting this. I am in middle school and am doing a paper about comparing life in India and the US. This is the first website I found that doesn’t tell the different stats comparing India and the US (e.g. happiness level, money made, birth rate. One I found showed the amount of roller coasters in both countries… weird right?). Thanks for helping me without knowing you would.

  4. Sam

    I live in San Francisco bay area. I earn a GOOD amount of money here because I am lucky to have a high tech job…with that said, I don’t think wealth or good food or air conditioner of all the things 😀 makes me happy any more….

    Friends, relatives, home town, train journeys, bus journeys in India intrigue me way too much.
    Indian people are MY people, I cannot possibly be happy in US forever…American society is far too complicated for me.

    1. Sam

      Ohh and one more thing. I am from Mumbai, India…but I have had all sorts of Indian friends, from east, west, south, north. I met two guys from Haryana once, one was a taxi driver with whom I rode, another one was his brother who requested to ride from Palo Alto to San Jose. These guys actually came illegally via middle east / africa and mexico…..
      Trust me, I have never been more ashamed in my whole life…for gods sake you guys should at least introduce yourselves as Paki or something 😀
      Look at south indians and learn something….Your society is bad because you screwed it up, now you should grow some balls and make it better instead of running away and saying India is bad..

      1. kcim2000

        Wait. You got a cab with an illegaly immigrated Indian for a driver and drove an illegaly immigrated Indian from Palo Alto to San Jose?!?!?! :O

  5. Monu-G

    I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else but the good ol US of A, hands down. Though I love India and love being there for months at a time, but in the end, I need to come back. Folks, no matter what the media tells you, A struggling America is still FAR better than a thriving India by a longshot (as far as a place to live).

  6. Anirban Bagchi

    I cannot comment about your experiences and neither do I know what exact Indian background you come from, but my experience is totally different. I emigrated to Canada at age 32 and after 3 years moved to the US where I have been besed for 6 years now. In my experience, the Indian society I come from is wonderfully free and non-restrictive when compared to the US. There is emormous pressure to conform to a homogenous identity here in the US (as well as in Canada) which I never felt in Calcutta, India, where I grew up. Some examples: I married my cousin. We saw each other for the first time when we were both in our late 20s, fell in love and married 6 years later.While this is taboo in my Bengali society, we stood firm against all persuasion and coersion until everyone consented. All it took for us was to prove we were capable members of society. Once our marriage happened there was complete acceptance from all quartters. In the US, we have been ostracized from several American communities where we lived after people there came to know we were cousins. We have found very little acceptance. People even go to the extent of saying: “Oh you Indians are such f###**s and SOBs” It was only after we moved to the San Francisco bay area that we met the best of American tolerance. Even our child has faced taunts in the US and Canada regarding this, whereas none in India. Second: I never had any problem buying a guitar or learning Western music in India. It was warmly encouraged along with my study of Indian classical music. In the US, I have had neighbours who blare harsh rock music at full volume object to my listening to Indian classical vocal with complaints of “don’t make so much noise or we’ll call the cops” and also barge in with similar complaints on occasions when I’m teaching my son Indian classical singing, whereas their children have jam sessions with drums and electric guitars at home that can be heard a few blocks away. In India no one objects to the way you dress whether you’re wearing Indian or Western clothes, at least not in my society. But here my wife has faced taunts when she was dressed in Indian attire while going to a community centre to attend our festivals. We have even borne the brunt of taunts and comments as a family for speaking Bengali with each other in public, even when we are, all of us, better at English than the average American. Even some neighbours have passed adverse comments about the fact that we do not speak English at home when they have come visiting. This depsite the fact that my son has never obtained less than an A grade in English in his life and is one of the brightest at literature and creative writing, according to his teachers. We have participated whole heartedly when our American neighbours and community celebrated Halloween but when we lit lamps on Diwali in a private family celebration, some neighbours always found it “unsafe and hazardous”, and on one occasion even un-Christian. This when we did not even ask for anyone’s participation. Another instance – I am an avid biker and have always owned bikes whether in India or in the US. I own a Honda Goldwing and a Suzuki GSXR750, both unmodified and quiet bikes unlike the Harleys that I do not like. These bikes do not make much noise and disturb no one. However, I’ve still had some neighbours complain to the cops behind my back and ask them to keep an eye on me because “a biker can be up to no good”! There are numerous other such instances that have made me reaise how narrow and closetted the American mentality is. This is quite unlike anything I experienced in Calcutta. I think my only fault, as well as my family’s, is that I dare to be different in a way that Americans are not used to.Whatever is outside the pale of their experience is unwelcome and cannot be tolerated.In India we would have left the unkown alone in peace. Here they need to either make the unkown conform or to stamp it out. And I’m speaking of middle class, supposedly educated and respectable Americans in places such as Philly, Chicago, Boston. It was only after I moved to the Bay Area that life in the US became tolerable, perhaps because they are more used to Indians here. Otherwise we were seriously considering moving back. I stick to my stand that the US is a more restrictive society for people of non-US cultural origins than India is for its own citizens or for foreigners. The only positive thing to be said about the US is that there is greater safety here, but when India is propserous again in the near future safety in India will increase too.

    1. TLove

      It is unfortunate that your family experienced such things here in America, I agree that for non Americans it depends on where you live here, I think we should be able to live where we want and express, and celebrate our culture. I hope your future experiences here are better.

  7. Proud Indian American

    I think author is biased with American living. With my experience of living in America I have noticed that South Indian people are crazy and fond of living in US.

    1. AMIT

      Yes, you are right.. authors opinion here is very biased just like some south indian friends I have met in USA. Maybe its because they are raised in a society where people always wanted to come to USA and praised it without ever living here.

  8. riddhi

    oh and lets not forget, they blame the new generation for ‘corrupting’ India. Those frikkin old polititians will never let you live in peace. They blame the young for every wrong. They say the young girls are wannabes and wear short ‘western’ dresses which leads to rape. They say by dressing like that she was ‘asking for it’. They don’t wanna accept the fact that a girl can dress the way she wants. The rest of the world has boys too you know, if they can control their emotions around a modern girl then so can an Indian guys. They tell you that you are an indian girl and you shouldn’t dress like that, you should preserve your culture. Guess what? its my wish, get over it. I will wear a sari if I want to and I will wear a sundress if I feel like it. You have no right to judge. Just because I am an Indian girl does not mean I have to advertise it. Grow a brain already.

    1. Princehuman

      so that was your only point huh? btw did I talk to you on some anonymous chat site? I think I did. We had a long big discussion- if at all it was you. do let me know

  9. riddhi

    You are so right. I feel the same way. At one point I was all for defending India, my ‘Mother Land’ but now i am just tired. You try to change things but they don’t let you. They won’t let you breath withou judging your every move. You forget who you are and forget what you really wanna be. You give up your dreams and hopes. People have so little to live for, they are tangled up in their own little messes. Such narrow mindedness and so much arrogance. The worst is they would never take criticism. I am only 21 and hope to move out of here some day. I can’t take any more of this place, the people here make me wanna die.

    1. AMIT

      Riddhi.. you are still talking like you are in teens! maybe your age is not 21, but less than 19. 🙂 I remember when I was your age, every small trouble I faced seemed to be a huge mountain.. Dont worry, once you see life in both places, you will be able to express better. My suggestion to you is enjoy your life in India while you can.. once you come here to USA, you will MISS that dearly!!

  10. american

    @new what oppurtunities. i work for the city of las vegas and earn 8000. rs a day the same job in india would be maximum 40-60 thousand a MONTH, also if there are so many oppurtunities in your country why is it that there is a slum below my building? why is it that garbage collectors make more in an hour in ametica than most people in india? india is the shittiest place on earth and by the way ive been to india many times for work. And i also came here once for other reasons

    1. AMIT

      My dear illusionized friend.. Pull out some reality checks. First of all, India is nowhere close to being shittiest place. Yes, I agree there are slum areas; but it does not come even close to so many worse countries in world. Plus there is lot more pure spiritual love in India than you will see in Vegas. And friend, you CANNOT buy that with any money. Dont compare direct money earned in USA v/s India. I have lived 12+ yrs in USA in different states so can easily say that cost of living here is almost 8-10 times more than in India. I hope you get proper knowledge and learn to respect the country that raised you up so you are able to come to USA and live here.

  11. Pawan

    I dont know Jasbir, in which century you are living in, Having those thoughts about india, i.e 99% cases of rapes are not reported in india , whereas 99% reported in USA…

    Wake up man… Those are old stories

    1. Jasbir

      From which statement of mine u could make that 99% cases are NOT REPORTED in India tell me r u even 10th pass or not when did i say 99% cases don’t get reported in India.. Pls use ur mind before writing anything.. I have just written that a large no. of cases get unreported in India.. which is a fact… it’s even said by UN so my argument was that before arriving on a conclusion on the basis of statistics.. we need to keep this thing in our mind.. It’s true that on the basis of statistics Western countries have high rape cases, but there are many false reported cases too and major difference is that a women’s life doesn’t end after rape in West , they recover and even get married have children and live happily.. that’s the major difference pawanji… then female foeticide, dowry deaths what about that.. so many girls are even not allowed to take birth in India… tell me isn’t it a stigma on India… do u have any answer for that…???

      1. Princehuman

        clearly what’s worse than rape is false reports. You don’t want to be behind bars, being raped for actually NOT raping anyone yourself. Not to mention the butthurt you’ll receive from society.

    2. Support @ America

      No, MR. Pawan the story is still the same about USA and India. America is a great, democratic and free country and so is India, but the question rises are the people of India ready to obey the rules??

      *The message has not been posted in order to hurt or criticize any country.

  12. hateus

    all guys who are talking against india
    can be
    worker of malls or
    toilet cleaners

    they havent got success in their life in india and they are asking for a better life in india without doing hard work
    its not possible becauze there are lots and lots of brilliant ppl
    you just cant get into iit or iims without doing hardwork

    ppl who are going to usa
    just wanted to earn money by a hook or by a crook.

    I had done hard work. My starting salary is 30 k per month.and i m only 21. Its more than enough. the reason is hard work

    so dont pay attention to guys who are talking against india.
    bcz they are bunch of idiots want better life without hard working .its not possible in india.
    if you want go to US and do toilet clening.U vl get $8 per hour.convert into indian rupee it vl 400 per hour.
    its grt.

    Now stop posting here abt india hadnt given me the platform, start doing the hard work

    God bless america

    1. Jasbir

      what hateus wrote (what hateus must b thinking while writing)

      all guys who are talking against india
      can be
      worker of malls or
      toilet cleaners (I am the one but can’t help it where else I can go to take my frustration out)

      they havent got success in their life in india (I don’t know if there is any other profession in this world other than toilet cleaning as I am doing it day in and day out) and they are asking for a better life in india without doing hard work (Only I know how I clean the toilets at “Sulabh shauchalaya” OMG!! how hard it is to do it as well as to smell it)

      its not possible becauze there are lots and lots of brilliant ppl
      you just cant get into iit or iims without doing hardwork(have seen many writing iit n iim so why not try it out here god knows what they even stand for)

      ppl who are going to usa (huh!!! why not me)
      just wanted to earn money by a hook or by a crook. (At least better than cleaning toilets at Sulabh Shuchalaya)

      I had done hard work. My starting salary is 30 k per month.and i m only 21. Its more than enough. the reason is hard work (What’s there in writing nobody is going to check whether I am getting 30k or 30 Rs. , yes 30 Rs. per day is more than enough for me to get me motivated)

      so dont pay attention to guys who are talking against india. (At least pay attention to me here I am writing here to get some attention..haha)
      bcz they are bunch of idiots want better life without hard working .its not possible in india.(at least they are better than me who is cleaning toilets over here)
      if you want go to US and do toilet clening.U vl get $8 per hour.convert into indian rupee it vl 400 per hour.(and I am getting 30 rs. bloody!!)
      its grt.

      Now stop posting here abt india hadnt given me the platform, start doing the hard work
      (Enough yaar!! I also have to stop posing here have to go early in morning to work of cleaning toilets)
      God bless america (at least they get 400 per hour!!! Pls help me god)

  13. Gunit

    I’m an Indian. It’s actually easy to compare India and the USA, but the fact is each country has benefits in some or the other way. You fail to notice the positive points in a country. People who are against India, should see efforts that people are making now a days, people going on protest just to make their country better. Government, should now work hard to to stop people from crimes, and all. Women plays the most important part, but actually arent valued. Indians are now realising that is high time, it’s never too late for a good act. India can be improved, and thus Indians are really making efforts. People are now protecting India from an ugly face of the future. India is filled with crimes so on, but now improvement has just began. You’d soon see India turning into a better country. We’ll soon be proud of our country.
    Respect your country, if u criticise it, then don’t just say, change what irritates you. And Indians, prove it that India can also have a better life than other foreign country.


    1. Support @ America

      Shut up MR. Gunit AMERICA is far better than India.
      *The message has not been posted in order to hurt or criticize any country.

      1. don't u dare to comment again

        hey u support @ america. u have such a cheap thoughts u just go to hell. some 3rd class ppl like u who get other countries by trasepassing or something bloody shit. have these type of thoughts i also live in america. but never seen a freeky like u. u just an a*s hole..((The message has not been posted in order to hurt or criticize any country.)LOL U R JUST F*****S)

  14. Jim S

    One thing you have to remeber about America is that it is inhabited mostly by people who either came here or are descended from people dissatisfied with their native/ancestral country and culture. Whether you just came here or are 2nd/3rd/+ generation, by nature you tend to be independent, resourceful, driven, and accepting of letting others live as they want. If not, you don’t last long here and go back. It’s no wonder the country is so great. It lures the best, and while most “newcomers” suffer some years of being somewhat new and different to those who came before, we all wind up as the same Americans in our attitude. That’s the whole thing about America. Your kids will understand this even better than you.

  15. american

    ronak, you cant convince yourself that india, the shittiest country in the world is the best country because then you would be lying to yourself, whats good about it? the hot weather, the feotocides, the rapes, getting killed because you married the person you loved, the traffic, tell me whats so good, and dont say people because most people in india are just lazy fools who drink, in america what i can get done in an hour it takes me a day to do it in india. yet you are still living in your fantasy land where india is the best and you call people who left that hellhole stupid and ignorant, why? because they decided they wanted more from a country? because they wanted a better life? countries are just pieces of land, this whole planet is gods why do hold one piece of land up to more value? you are the ignorant fool not the people who decided to better their lives. as for culture what culture? the hindu muslim riots? is that culture husbands beating their woman? is that culture? what culture are you talking about? you shouldnt be proud of india you should be proud of yourself ask yourself what can this country do for you not what you can do for this country. stop being so sentimentel the people who left the hellhole known as india because they had no oppurtunities you have to do what you have to do. i do realize that you are entitled to your oppinnion. but dont degrade others because you love that shitty piece of land. do whats good for you not whats good for the country

    1. Jasmine

      Amen to that. The country *was* once good. Ignorant idiots such as the people who commented on this stating that this country in the best, managed to make it a hellhole indeed.

    2. Stats

      Hmm……Interesting… Rapes,Shoot Outs, Gun Culture,Talking about love the no of divorce cases,Crimes, Pchycos, Paranoids, Phidophiles are actually more in US than India. For a population of 1 billion the crime rate is way lower than in USA

      1. Jasbir

        Mr STATS,
        Yes agreed the problems are there in America , no one denies it , but isn’t India plagued with same kinda problems….
        rapes-2 days back the rape in the capital city of New Delhi
        shootouts-hmmm… I live in USA still follow the news of India…do I have to remind you about the shootout done by an MLA of Akali Dal killing the cop in Amritsar for defending his own daughter
        Gun Culture-OMG!!! as if it’s non existent in India.. open your eyes.. in states like UP, Bihar it’s followed religiously

        u talk abt psychos, paranoids, ok… the acid throwing cases on girls , dowry deaths , female feoticide , crime in political arena these are some of the unique features that u will get only to see in India.

        But I agree divorce cases are less… coz Indians have habit of compromising and adjusting while here people are exactly opposite…
        I take pride in my country but there is an urgent need to direct our sincere efforts towards improvement… That’s why I have associated myself with an organisation working for Welfare of people in India , It’s based in US and has it’s branches in various parts of India…

        1. Stats


          Delhi rape case is indeed a shame to India..But why cant you even check the statistics.. India is in the 3rd place for no of rape cases. But do you know the top 2 ?? US and South Africa ? I totally do not see any sense what you have just mentioned..And gun culture in 2 states appears big to you ? When in all the states its quite prevelant in US ?

          AGAIN the numbers might appear bigger becasue the population on india is more than 1 billion . Considering the crime ratio its much lesser than in USA. I am not even a Citizen of India.. Still i know some statistics..But its shocking to see Indians not supporting thier own country !!

          1. Stats

            And acid cases are quite prevalant everywhere,
            There was one case i remeber where a father poured acid on face of his own daughter !!
            www.cnn.com/…/us/new…acid-attack/index.ht… – United States

            I strongly believe that citing one example is a foolish thing to do..But still t just for an example… If you see things with a wrong eye everything indeed would appear bad.

          2. Jasbir

            U have got to see the sense …the case is that in india most of the rape cases get unreported.. thats a major major difference and look at the treatment what is given to the rape victim in India she is treated as if she is the criminal… in USA the reporting of cases is 99%… It’s nice to see what’s happening in Delhi that is called as wind of change that’s what I want to see here on this forum , for example if I say that India’s infrastructure is very bad now honesty would be to accept that it is bad what’s so big in that .. but here people will come and say to me”You are unpatriotic” look at the great culture of India, the respect which we give to elders..bla bla bla” I mean this is all sh*t just what is the relation in comparing India’s culture and USA’s infrastructure or something else I have also seen people writing that India is great because we have Sachin tendulkar and Bollywood (Fools forget that we have sachin but they have sachin in almost all fields , bollywood is great indeed even I love it but US too has Hollywood isn’t it)lols… This is an apt example of hiding your weakness… that makes me remember a very famous dialogue of SRK’s film SWADES “Jabhi muqable ka waqt ata hai hum ek hi cheez ki aad lete hain sanskriti aur sambhyata” And this Delhi episode is an EYE opener for all those foolish bigot Indians who say that India has the greatest Culture… actually we don’t teach our children how to behave properly in Public , how not to litter on road, how to maintain silence at public places and on the top HOW TO GIVE RESPECT TO WOMEN, if our culture had been so great , I am sorry to say my friend this whole unfortunate incident wouldn’t have happened , neither we would have had such an alarming rate of female foeticide… FYI the guys who raped that gal got provoked and wanted to teach girl a lesson.. right? so dear friend how this question of “teaching lesson” arise because unfortunately our culture teaches them that Girls are weaker than boys that is why they got agitated when girl warned them about serious consequences….So my friend we have miles to go before we declare ourselves great..

          3. Stats

            Female foeticide is something i have unheard so do not want to comment on that. But still any culprit would justify his faults so “Teaching Lesson” thing is common every where not only in India. See the whole point is that , even in my replies below is that do not try to bring these out in an International forums. Highlighting the faults alone is not suffice try to get solutions and do your best to help the nation. I would say bringing a shame to the one’s nation in an international forum is indeed unpatriotic its not helpfull in any ways !!


          4. Jasbir

            US is not good , it has it’s own weaknesses but here ppl come together and work for the betterment of society and take it as a collective responsibility for the change, that’s exactly what we are seeing in India right now.. It’s amazing to see that finally the sleeping conscience of Indians has been shaken and we see the whole nation getting together on the issue of “treatment of Women in India”

            But the difference lies in implementation had it been US the implementation of law would have been much faster , but unfortunately in India we see the political class completely apathetic to respond to urgent need to change the laws. Anyways hope this time we see some swifter reforms at least in one direction in India.

          5. Ravi

            Agreed.. It’s the responsibility of every citizen of a country to act for the progress of the country. Teach each and every person and children about patriotism..
            My friend…, It’s Ask NOT what the country gave you? Ask yourself what you gave for your country? For your motherland?
            Again agreed.., you can enjoy a lot in US or any other Western country, however, at the end of the day, I mean when you are about to die, what will come to your mind..? What you did in your life ? Enjoyed well..? Then what ..? That’s the reason why you are born..? If you are able to answer this question now, it’s fine, but do you know that you will be able to give the same answer always ..?

            Again agreed.., if you are sure that you are born to take all the pleasures or enjoy your life and not to do anything for you motherland; and the discussion ends here…

            Again the concept of showing excessive enthusiasm towards one ‘s own country is also a selfish motive. Look for “Universal Brotherhood” and Humanity.

            Conclusion is every person in this world is unique, he has to search or look for what he wants to take from this world or give to this world.I mean one has to fulfill the reason for one’s birth…That’s the accomplishment of life.

          6. american

            what i meam to say is that countries are mere pieces of land its the people that make it great. a country by wich i am reffering to a land mass seperated by stupid man-made borders. why should we be proud of that if india had american people it would be just like america. and im absolutely sick of the whole motherland thing. all land masses are equal this is gods planet. stop getting all sentimental nationalism is ridiculous in fact it can also be harmful to a country, because people like you have a tendency to only look at the fainting good side of india. you think that you can just look at the good side and the numerous negatives will go away, unfortunately if you ignore the negatives the world would be without laws because no one would bother tovfix anything

          7. Stats

            @American !! The point is that USA is the worst place on Earth. I even feel life in India to be 1000 times better than in US. India would be like America if Americans live in it ?? Its actually just the opposite !!

            For gods sake that’s not even your own country it was stolen from the Natives !!

          8. Jim

            wtf ?? ….its better you feel that way. Because we Americans do not need shit heads like you in our Country. First Africans and now the land is getting seriously polluted by Indians. We do not need any Indians liking or appreciating America for Christ sake..Request all to get the hell out of our country and let us live in peace !!

          9. Stats

            Wow..what proof do u have to say America is better than rest…All the figures for crime is higher in US than in most of the Countries… !! I think our friend Jim is an excellent example too !!

            @Jim…Thanks for proving me correct !!

          10. Rutesh

            First of all i would like to say india was a country who got freedom after 1947 before that indians were just doing things on british orders only some people used there brains in india n made a wAve for freedom and on that american was a free country very long time ago with in the years of 60 years india has bought itself into the levels of USA
            n the thing which ur indians staying in USA of a delhi girl dont forget the whole country is standing for that girl n protesting to improve the laws n rules to upgrade the old systems. to change the country it needs peoples support even america had that black n white fights n its still there in sm places so does this makes USA a good place to live
            in india no ppl r disrespected bt yeah there r ppl in every country who disgrace the countries image even its in india. n the thing of female abortion for a female child is vanishing off boz of tge laws n education given by the govt to its society

  16. Jasmine

    haha! these comments amuse me! for people who talk about India being the best..our “culture” and someone said people are kind and friendly! I laugh at your ignorance. Now let me clarify on the kind and friendly part..in which country is falling in love a crime! Other than (some) south asian countries, no where else do people actually get KILLED for falling in love! I’m not talking different religions here people..I’m talking castes! My parents. My mom was threatened by my dad’s relatives, that they will kill her. No they were not young and ignorant. They were in their 20s..25,24 to be exact when this happened. Educated, Working. Both of them. and yet they had to go through a life or death struggle to marry the person of their own choice! Don’t you think this is unfair? And they do not neglect their parents. To this day my grandma is being taken care of financially and other wise by my mom and dad. And for those people who are gonna say this was so many years back..wait up. My close friend’s friend..He was a Hindu. Fell in love with a Muslim girl. This was around 4 years back. He was beaten up bad and left to DIE while the girl was married of to another guy. Never heard of him again. It was covered up.
    Ok. So leave the marriage aspect. Let me see. Our culture. Have you read our scriptures or seen statues in shrines? Ancient, the original Indian culture was far more liberal and better than what we have now! We *were* once the most intelligent people! Everything was science..people had so much individuality. But today what do we do? We linger around like creeps in public places commenting and discussing on how women who dress in jeans and Tees are sluts (pardon the language). This was an actual..or one of the actual comments passed at me. And no, I’m not talking Middle class here. I’m of the upper-middle class. My parents are professors in a reputed university. We have real estate and agriculture going on too. And me, I was 16 (17 now) at that time. I’m balancing between my 12th grade, university entrance exams and modeling. Yes I’m 17 and I earn. And the guys commenting on me? They were sitting, smoking, idling away their time while I was rushing for an audition. I couldn’t help but laugh at the ignorance of these people!
    Oh! Are you saying they are uneducated and that’s why they do this? I got more! I was 14-15 when my mom was diagonised with cancer. I was terrified. Eventually I lapsed into depression. I was in a boarding school at that time and the school decided to send me to this “reputed” counseller. He started with nice comments such as “You’re pretty” and before I knew it, I was molested, brutally, by this “reputed” counseller. He proceeded to threaten me that if this ever got out it would be great shame for my family and they would disown me and my mom would probably die. I was already depressed and this was enough to turn me into a lunatic. For 3 years I never told anyone. I used to cut myself which led to 2 suicide attempts. Finally earlier this year I opened up to my mom and I got help from a psychologist and I’m doing good now. But that 3 years, I went through hell. Somehow almost all my relatives came to know about this. I did not expect sympathy from my relatives. I just wanted them to stop judging and leave me alone. For Christ’s sake I’m the victim! Not the criminal! Instead they proceeded o spin stories as how i drunk-slept with guys. I wanted justice. But it was already too late and with people who thought were educated, mature and close to me behaving like this..I gave up. Cause i realized justice is not gonna change anything.
    And now come the people who say I can’t judge the country based on a personal experience. Sadly this happens everyday, every where and to everyone. Probably less intense but it does happen. Right from the public transports to “reputed” work places.
    A country, which is not safe for women, which does not respect women, which refuses to give women their basic rights..I’m not talking equal rights here people! Basic rights..though it should be equal rights. I just want my basic rights. Such a country can definitely not be deemed as the best or a best country. I know this happens everywhere. But “everywhere” you get justice. “Everywhere” people don’t judge a rape victim! “Everywhere” you are not called a slut for dressing the way you like (Jeans and T!!).
    And because of all this do I hate my country? No. I love my country. I love the *ancient* and *original* Indian culture and India. I do not like what the people have turned my country into today! Once a beautiful place..Now a mess. When this country starts respecting women, the tables will turn. So the next time, before judging a woman or just any person..remember that you have no idea what they went through in their life. Everyone fights their own battles in life. Do Not Judge. Peace.
    From an anonymous 17 year old.

    1. Jasbir

      Very sad to know about the the hardships which you were forced to go through… My heart goes out for you.. and this is what I am writing here for a long time, we are a biased society gotta accept it.But many here just want to ignore it and move ahead and dare some one say bad about their country(as if they only have a copyright on this country).. ghoshh.. seriously one must be humble enough to understand the shortcomings of our nation… I know what trauma u must have gone through as I have written in one of my earlier comments about a Rape victim from India… sorry “culturally rich” India..had come to our neighborhood here in USA just because she was a “victim” of that brutal crime, most interesting thing she got justice in India but virtually had to flee the mahaan Bharat because no one was able to give her love and support she deserved including her own family.. now , I really wonder is this what our culture teaches us? The people who hide themselves behind the mask of culture must answer this too… why the daughters in India are not even allowed to take birth? *Female foetecide* another feather in the hat of great Indian culture.. also, some unfortunate girls who are not able to give birth are taunted as “Baanj”, so, talking about treatment to womenfolks..India is way behind… It’s a harsh reality and people will have to accept it.

      Now someone like me who just opines on some (but major) pitfalls of country because he has some experience of living abroad gets attacked from the patriots (actually pseudo- patriots) saying that I left this nation for my selfish means , well I like to ask them what are they doing actually to change India.. why the womenfolks of their own country(for example jasmine) still feel unsafe if India has progressed sooooooo much and will soon becoming superpower , sorry super duper power…. it’s probably their jealousy or may be their frustration I feel… A real patriotic Indian will never say that India is the best.. he will suggest how to make it best…. but before suggesting one must know where we lag… here Indians who are living abroad may be of great help.. but no…. dare anyone point something *not so good* about India… he gets attacked from all corners… so tell me how will we come to know our slackness when compared with developed nations? In this case only an Indian can tell and make apt comparison , tell me why the hell any American be interested in pointing out India’s problems , it’s only indians who live abroad can point out.. but unfortunately like our unborn daughters of our country.. Indians (living abroad) too get step motherly treatment..

      1. Jasmine

        thank you 🙂 and i completely agree!! why is changing for betterment a bad thing?! unless you people accept that the country has something seriously wrong, nothing can be done. and I actually had someone tell me that people who go abroad “betray” the country? let me ask the people in here..what have you done for your country? no it need not be big. have you visited orphanages? old age homes? physically disabled people? oh leave all that! in the west, people help random people! like if they see an old person struggling I’m pretty sure at least one of them would have the heart to go and help her and not stand around and talk..we have no respect for anyone. grow up people. open your eyes. and people who dare to say that Pakistan is being ruled by terrorists..look at your country. In which democracy..(as you claim a “developed” country, a country with a “great culture”, a country with “kind, smart and helpful” people) do gangsters rule the country? no this is not in movies. “rowdis” rule small parts everywhere.
        and this poll says India is the fourth most dangerous country in the WORLD for women.
        There is so much wrong with this place..and a guy below dares to state that our country is the best cause we have good Bollywood songs and Sachin Tendulkar?!! It makes my heart ache. I really hope that comment was from a 12 year old who got on the internet by mistake.
        Hah! Bollywood movies?! There is a darn horror movie going on in every girl’s life. There is much more. I could keep stating what’s wrong with this place. And no, that does not mean I am complaining and not doing anything. I am active socially. Not in a big scale but yes, I am contributing. I pity you all. Such ignorance. No offence meant to anybody but I really want this scenario to get better. Peace.

    2. j

      It was a moving story. i used to see what was happening to women in india and would feel disgusted. unfortunately, there is an evil flip side. what happens in us is that due to the extreme freedom and individualism, people who do not get along for frivolous reasons divorce. even at work, the advice they get from colleagues is to depart a marriage. my wife left me for a frivolous reason that i was working too much (i was working and trying to finish my studies) So all that spirit of adjustment and patience gives way for instant gratification and the children end up being the losers.

      1. american

        well thats what freedom is about doing what you want. and you have to stay with the same person for the rest of your life why not obsess over small things? the difference is in india a marriage is a business proposition, selling a bride to a groom in america its a human proposition. the only reason you dont see divorces in india is beacause a lot of woman are forced into marriages. and forced to cater to their husbands every whim whether its working like a slave or sexual abuse

        1. ammu

          i accept what you said is right.in india women are forced into marriages.they do not understand marriages concern two peoples heart.they see it as a status issue. some couples even if they are tired of confrontations and seek legal separation they are still managing to live together.this may seem nice.but the actual fact is it is horrible than anyother thing.i am a 20 year old aouth indian girl.my mom and dad no longer like each other.whenever they quarrel me and my brother would suffer alot we ahave spent many sleepless nights.whenever i ask my mom “why dont you give dad divorce rather torture us”.my mom would say its not our culture.others may speak something.in india this is the actuall problem.people are more concerned about what others would think of them and forget to think about them.if some think the later way they say those people are against culture and spoiling india.and about the delhi incident.when this situation happened in delhi the capital city it spread like a forest fire and govermt took attention towards it.but in south india every day young girls suffer the same situation but it has not come to the lime light and people dont even cared about this.they are ready to ever hear about that.
          and the funny part of the delhi incident was people giving advices for the victim.and a political leader suggesting to wear coat for girls as a security measure.some people complaining about the dress code of the girl.if this is because of the dress code ,a 8th std school girl was raped on her way to her school.
          eventhough the man was arrested, he will be spending his life in prison peacefully with egg briyani every weak.
          india cannot be always feel proud of the history and cultural richness when the country is at the stake of horror and laws are just written pieces of shit…….

    3. Princehuman

      Some hallucinated teen kid on drugs has made up an interesting fake story. Might be used in films in Hollywood. Such depressing films don’t really work in bollywood much.
      This kind of immaturity can only be expected from someone who hasn’t even reached the legal age – a minor. Lets not take this seriously people.

  17. axe

    I am not an Indian nor do i live in USA but there is one thing which i like to say if u have inner peace inside u every place is going to be just perfect………….no matter India USA or any other place in the wold…………………………..

  18. Gunit

    I loved your article! I totally agree with you, even though I am just 16 years old, I am living in India but I find life a lot better in USA. More independent, choices, comfortable life, opportunities, enjoyment, so on. Living in States means less stress as compared to India. I am plannin’ to go abroad next year for education, for a better life. It’ll be just a beginning of a new life there. Too excited but still nervous. Thanks a lot, this article and the reviews by people were a great help.


        1. Princehuman

          Please start selling your skin too then(if you’ve not done it already), coz you clearly have sold your soul to the devil. Even at an age where you are not even legal. Virgin right? or not?

      1. Raj Shekhar Reddy

        Still that cost is with money not like in India born in lower cast hence getting all benefits no matter your father is govt officer earning triple time than your friend father who is from higher cast still getting peanuts those higher rank than you . India is only country in the world where majority people get treated like ignorant and minority getting all benefits. You may get admission to Medical Univ being born in lower caste and you can’t get admission to engineering also coz you born in higher caste. India is country of reservation

        1. Mohd

          I have experienced this situation. I belong to the general category. I got a rank of 8000 in the EAMCET and there was this ST guy whose rank was 2,00,000 and yet he made it to a much better college than me. It was disheartening to face this truth and for a while I couldn’t accept it. Now, I have vowed that, as soon as graduation is over, I will flee India and go to Zimbabwe.(sarcasm)

    1. new

      You have no idea what US is….. im not disappointing you, but India is the land of opportunities and INDIA is the other name for market if you have the caliber… you can be the best, i do agree…. lot need to be changed in INDIA and viceversa to US, one thing i would say that you will be here only for money.

      its purely individual thinking on how to live life.

  19. dmonique dominguez

    Everyone yapping about intelligent friendly people can kiss my arse.
    Guess what that does not build the face of a great country! It’s fighting , protesting ,standing up for your liberties and contributing to your military and political contribution involvement(voting) and national pride that does!! Obvious when Indians or whoever leave their country to goto yours to exploit immigration loop holes and horde money to form crap communities ,to and rip their own people off as well as other poor people, is not what a great country needs! obviously their own country don’t want them,and they were just as worthless to their own country to have left in the first place.. That’s why they’re every where they are rejects, parasites. If they were great people they would stay in their country and stand up make a change sacrifice, have pride Vote stand up! Not run like cowards, jump boat, this to me is not educated ! but cowardly and cowards do not make countries great like USA, All this it makes is garbage out of countries like India! Same with Mexico. Wake up learn from history stop being so liberal that you starve and kill your self in the process! Have pride ! Last checked India was not at war and needed immigrant immunity ? So why are they Here?

      1. Jasmine

        national pride 🙂

        1. Stats

          Again citing one example doesnot change the fact the no of rape cases are higher in US than in India…(Not considering the ratio,The actual number is higher,considering the poplation and ratio it should be very less) Infact i have somehere commented that Indians are just fit for complaining and do not take any action. I feel like taking back those words. These are kind of protests that would improve the quality of any Country not just complaining in an International Forum….

        2. Princehuman

          stop “whining” about one off case. Clearly, you can’t survive 2 days in USA.

          been there survived that

          PS: get some help, seek professional help.

    1. Princehuman

      You forgot, white people in USA, who “claim” they are americans i.e. you guys, were rejects and criminals and parasites from Europe, who came along with dumbass christopher columbus(who actually wanted to find the Great nation of India). Everyone in USA is a criminal and IS an immigrant – Its just at what time you landed. EVERYONE is equal in USA.

  20. Ravish

    Is America great…………………..I doubt. No country is great, it is the people of that country who make the country great. Material resources are secondary, it is the human resources that matters. After seeing the american life very closely I felt Americans toiled hard and were smart to build a nations that is today. So the credit should go to Americans. I know you might be wondering that how can America and Americans be different. Indeed that are different, but one cant exist with out another. America is just like any other country, a piece of land. Americans are the Human resources that live there and made the land rich and better. This doesn’t mean that the country is perfect, there are several social, economical and administrative problems. Americans take it head on. They come up with solutions to solve the problems. Not all solutions work, there were several instants were the solutions failed very badly, but they didnt stop finding new solutions. They never left the country saying some other country is better than ours. They wanted to build a better place. It is also true that not all Americans are like leaders. It is a handful of smart people who have shaped the country. They lead the masses. In India, we have people like you. Who dont want to contribute to the growth, but simply stand and complain about the your own country. How can India become great if Indians dont make it great. India can never be great unless Indians make it great. I dont want to see India become America or vice versa. Every nation is unique and great in its own sense. Only the day when the people of that nation realize the fact that it is they who can make their nation great, no nation can become great. I am not going ask you complaining individuals to shut up, because I dont want to bark at dogs. I simply request the Indians to contribute to the growth of the nation in what ever way possible. “Winners never quit, quitters never win.”

    1. Jasbir

      Hats off ravish… very well written
      But u see when opportunities are ample in US itself when the Americans themselves see people from other countries flocking to get work in US why will they want to leave, I also agree that in India we have people who just complain and say bad about India and do nothing… But there are many who say that it’s the best without any sensible argument.. they hide behind SANSKRITI & SABHYATA , they hide behind citing India’s Army strength , they hide behind spiritual practices without coming up with some logical arguments and solutions of actual problems about basic living in India.

      1. Stats

        Every country has flaws.But we dont just say it outside detoriating our nations pride. Stop complaining first do something for the betterment of the nation. Spread. positive thoughts that would help build positive ideas. I am in Hyderabad India for the past 6 months and i do not see or experience any problems expect for the dirt, stink and Beggars ofcourse. First have pride in your country…

        1. american

          what do you mean by that? you think those shitheads in the goveronment give a crap. for example- in mumbai they upgraded the taxis to santros but they took out all the acs!!!! thats the stupidest thing ever its like the goveronment wants everynody who doesnt have a car to rot incthe heat!!!! india needs a revolution the people need to stop being content with their shit and take some guns to those idiots running this country thats more like a spit on earths face

          1. Stats

            Well !! You definitely sound like someone from a shit eating country who created dictators like Osama and Saddam hussain !! And then killed them when they were no more useful … lol…..

          2. american

            you are ignoring the point and becoming all defensive, besides youre not even indian so stop trying to defend the shithole

    2. Princehuman

      1) People didn’t leave america? You IDIOT, they migrated TO america – they are all from europe. They don’t originally belong to america
      2)India was, is and always will remain a great nation, in spite of shit going on nowadays.

      Nothing needs to be proved in 2013. Read history. It has ALL been proved. IF you and asshole punjabis who since birth in their “pind” want to migrate to canada(pronounced wrongly by towelheads/punjabis ), US and UK, stop wearing that turban, stop being a punjabi.. get a life. IF you people were were not so ignorant, you would know facts about India.. not the current shit going on – which still is much much better than the crimes happening in america since its inception.

  21. Vivek

    A single point to hate India for life time is reservations in Academic as well employment opportunities.

    At central level we have minimum 50% reservations. At state level , reservations vary from minimum50% to 85% or 90%
    In a state like Andhra Pradesh its close to 85% to 90%
    50% reservations for SC/ST/BC/Muslims
    33% for women
    X seats or jobs for Disabled
    X seats or jobs for sports quota
    X seats or jobs for NCC
    X seats or jobs In open category goes to people from reserved categories if they score well.
    hmmm….so where exactly is the merit???

    chk this
    State first ranker refused specialization of his choice
    Gudipati Anantaram, who secured the first rank in the Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination but was refused specialization of his choice


    shame India.Indian being superpower is joke of the century.when is the last time india won the war ??? hmmmmmmmm may be 1000s of years back. The place is already reserved for China & its allies. Once try to read the history of Romans, China etc . we r not even a match for them in anything.

    in USA many people might be poor but they dont die of hunger. chk this
    The Wall Street Journal has published a six-part series of essays on deaths because starvation in India.
    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Part 4:

    Part 5:

    Part 6:

    1. Pani

      This guy vivek brought out so many important points..hats off to u dude..i think India is number one in only one field—in thinking that its the number one nation!! Nobodycan change this country..
      And somebody mentioned all doctors and people are going to other countries for jobs and he said that they should remain in the country to improve indias economy..
      Well let me give u the actual scenario..i am a doctor in india..everyyear 47,000 students graduate from india..from 2009-2012 3000 doctors have gone to usa..so in those3 yrs india produced more than 1.4 lakh doctors and only 3000 left the country..what great feat did this country acheive with the rest of 1.4 lakh doctors??? Why target only those 3000 students who left??? If u still tell me that the “talented” students are going abroad then are u saying that the remaining students here are not talented??
      U shud be ashamed–india begging its students to stay in the country..people shud love to stay in a country..right now they are forced to stay in this hell hole

    2. Raj Shekhar Reddy

      Gr8 simply gr8 buddy I m too tired of reservation I did Bsc coz no admission to Engg being open my younger brother can’t go for medical coz my father don’t have money 1.5 lacs per year being again Open. I am really tired of reservation. Reservations in admission,jobs and promotions. Shame on those who being rich still getting benefits of reservations shame !! shame ! shame !!

    3. Stats

      Again my friend….. Nice points..Only after reading this i came to know the flaws in Indian reservation systems. So my question to you is what have you done from your end to oppose this internally except making sure your Country’s flaws are known to rest of the world by posting this in a forum like this ? Well you know what i am tiered supporting you srupid backbone less Indians. I have indian origins and i think i have done justice. Let india rot in hell i do not care i am going home in 2 months…

    4. new

      What do you mean in state like Andhra Pradesh…..

      its the people who made them as reservation candidates… treating them as reservation candidates…. then get a revolution that INDIA has one caste ‘INDIAN’.

      treat everyone same…

      have you seen one SC/ST CM in Andhra Pradesh or PM in INDIA don’t think that they are not talented… the constitution in INDIA is written by the same caste person.. which we are following now..

  22. Pawan

    Dear Jasbir

    This message is specialy for you, After going through all of your views regarding USA is better than India.

    1. Economy.. I agree that USA has good economy compared to India, Because there are curroption in india at large Scale. Just think about it, if all the money get back to india, then compared the Economy, I am sure that there will be no big difference.

    2. Studies : If USA is really good in studies, Than y they hired so many scuintist, IT, and many others from India.

    3. Culture : Dont you even compare on this aspect. USA culture is worst and worst i have ever experience in my whole life. They take the divorce like a fun, And most recent news on Paper , can you imagine , A daughter giving birth to her Own dad’s Son, and she had mentioned in the paper that they are in love with each other. Do you think is there any other limit to break in relationship, HOLY SHIT. American culture sleeping with stranger is just like shaking hand.(Disgusting ). According to survey in America 70% of children are not of there parents.

    4. Army Deffence Power : India is on 4th Number in Armed force, Even-though Indian economy is not so good.

    5. Life Style : Why you compare with a middle class person when you compare the lifestyle. You can afford a car here at cheap rates and can live luxory life by just having a average good job.


    All of you wilkl be seeing the difference in just couple of years , once india lead by Honest Prime Minister.

    1. bolo bharat mata ki jai

      Hey Pawan,

      Believe in “To Each to its OWN”. Now you will always have attachment/emotion to the land u were born. Even when we are in India we fight about our religious identity such as North is better than South or Delhi is better than Chandigarh…it just never stops.

      Now comparing apple with apple: India and US as country on very unbiased way

      A Human being needs Liberty and Freedom to live a dignified life which is easily accessible in US than in India. In India till we are on our own without goverment intervention things looks bit good but as soon you have to deal with goverment agency there then its a big trouble specially with Police. Man Indian Police can literally screw you for life if you don’t have connection or you rub them in wrong way.

      Now coming to culture: Indian Culture is a mixed bag of Hinduism/Islamism/Catholic. If you talk about Ancient India than things doesn’t look good today. Ancient India was far liberal in most of cases as it is today. Talking about Divorce…its a individual choice to stay in bad marriage or not…in past women were economically dependent and had to face social stigma in case of divorce. Now things are chaning…wait for 25 yrs and you will see ppl excercising their choices rather than staying in bad marriage.

      Studies: The kind of eduction we get after clearing world toughest entrance exam is seriously pathetic. I am a NIT graduate and can tell you. Even my IIT frens start preparing for GRE if they want to continue in their technology. No IIT’an does Master in IIT. We are hard worker as things are not easy for us but in US things are very cool during school but even American face tough competition when they want to get into Harvard, Yale, MIT etc. We are way behing all these insitution. Don’t mix indiviudal brilliance with eduction provided. The top 5% indian brain who get quailfied for IIT or AIIMS are brilliant and could hv been same anywhere in the world.

      So take a chill pill…India is evolving and hope it will be a better place in future but as of now it doesn’t provide Freedom & Liberty as available in Developed Economy and ppl r free to make their choices. you should learn from scientific communites who are border less and work together 24/7 to make a better place…CERN is the best example…ppl don’t browbeat nationalism…dey respect individual for their talent

    2. Jasbir

      The basic difference I feel is the way we Indians talk and get emotional on any issue… now take this forum as an example , many of us Indians get emotional when we compare our country to another and specially a better one without humbly accepting the weak points of our nation.Now lets take into a/c your points..

      1.) BLACK MONEY…. tell me will it ever come back, I agree whatever you are saying is 100% true but who will take this responsibility of bringing back the illegal sums of money.. so dear friend it’s worthless to talk about it. All of us know that Indian politicians and powerful people have their money in foreign banks but when will we see that day when the money will come back to India. temme?

      2.) They are good in studies but they don’t have good students.. you see Indians have the habit of getting themselves over-worked and that too at a low cost that’s why they prefer Indians or for that sake other immigrants. But the standards of studies can’t be compared with India. US has some world renowned and reputed Universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Columbia etc to name a few which features in top. And pls don’t come up with your counter comments quoting IITs & IIMs do check their World Rankings before putting up any argument.

      3.) Culture I have already written a lot about it in my previous comments so not int in any further deeper conversations , but u see in India one culture is very dominant that is “HIDING” it’s because of this culture you don’t see cases in India (father-daughter sex relationship) , it’s beacuse of this culture you have so called BLACK MONEY of many b*st*rd’s in foreign banks…if you think that this culture is not prevalent in India fine, then u should be aware about another culture a very famous one “KILLING DAUGHTER IN FOETUS” yes the very famous FEMALE FOETICIDE…. at least it’s not in America at all….

      4.) Army: why the hell we have to discuss about it here didn’t you read that the topic is “Personal Life, Comfort, Enjoyment in America Vs. India” does the Indian Army provides you personal security??? we are not here to compare Military might I guess.. yes it’s true India is the 4th largest military in World better than many countries , I agree.

      5.)You can afford a car in America even if you are a middle class over here also, a middle class can afford BMW, AUDI , MERK over here the lower versions which will cost like 30 lacs in India. In India how many middle Class people have these kinda cars?

      yes India is far better than Uganda , bangladesh , Pakistan , Sudan , Afghanistan…..hahaha

      1. Vikas

        Hi there,

        I really liked this post . I must agree no nation is perfect so do India. Its personal choice where to live. I prefer to stay in New Zealand not because India is bad its just its different compare to life style what i wanted. I always wanted to live in Place where you dont have to worry about too much corruption(Some small things can add up to lot of frustration in life). I never been to able to afford car in India to be honest but in 3 months i manage to buy decent car in NZ having said that my main intention is not to blame India but to highlight the real facts of living in India.

        I dont agree with people statement america has worst culture. Every culture has its own importance. India has culture of child marriage even in certain village cousin marry among each other And still having a girl child is considered sin. I would have easily said India culture sucks based on that but i am not India has rich and diverse culture. So do many places in world.

        Ok i agree Indian engineers scientists are great no doubt but have we compared our work force with German or Japanese. We are not talking about cheap labors or quantity. How many Noble prize winner India has produced and how many country like Germany has produced. Ok i agree India is a big country we have huge population crisis but have you seen our neighbour China they are far better than India in terms of growth and development whys that. Because Chinese don’t have excuse of not doing things like we Indians do. We dont have good infrastructure go to Beijing or Shanghai you will see none of Indian cities compare to them whys thats. Dont blame on govt always. Its people attitude needs to change to. People in India dont follow simple things starting from traffic throwing garbage on street now what govt will do in this. We cant point figures at our neighbour if our own home is not clean

    3. Mohd

      Dear pawan,
      This reply is especially for you:
      1.All the money get back to India? Who is going to get it back? Your father? Please put some sense into your comments and compare the real with real.
      2.Studies: All of the Indians they hire are cheap labour to them. They do the same work but at much lower salary. And tell me this, if we are so smart and intelligent, why don’t we hire them instead of them hiring us?
      3.Culture: Watch Crime Patrol.
      4.Army:India might even be 3rd( according to wiki) but u deliberately didn’t mention that USA is 1st.
      5.Lifestyle: Please don’t give us that shit. In US, a garbage cleaner can get an ac car for himself, while here a middle class man after years of labour can only get a secondhand santro for himself….if he is lucky… Hahaha!

  23. rina


    This is a wonderful article….v honest. I ma one of thse who could never g abroad but have gotten a taste of living abroad as I studied there (UK) and have visited a few times for work reasons. I have a comfortable life in India financially but I know that I will never have the kind of independence/freedom that I can have abroad. I am also a single mother and that makes it even more pertinent. Having said that, not all people feel like that I guess but not a day goes by that I feel bad I am not living in countries like US/UK (I have not seen other countries so cannot comment). Regards. Rina

  24. Ahmed

    Hi ,
    I can walk around at 2 or 3am in my city Bangalore,without any fear of being mugged or murdered,I can have a peaceful smoke anywhere without someone asking me hey bro u have another cigarette. Guys India is really safe see for ur selves on the net and surveys have mentioned u.s as the most criminalised country in the world read this Sunday times of India too if u can and I have been in the u.s for sixteen years but could never walk freely when it became dark and on lonely places,it’s filled with psychos that country u never know who shoots u with a fun it can be a kid or a old geezer !..I love my country man with whatever it’s shortcomings I’m happy here,am saving much more than people in u.s,will be richer than my compatriots in u.s during retirement, god the real estate here is amazing I can get a Hollywood apartment for the price of a small 1200 square feet plot here, I could make more money here..and have air conditioners too in my house if the author is thinking infrastructure is primary to live!dude u have to be alive to enjoy things and in the u.s u never know which psychopath is lurking with his gun out to shoot totally unknown people..life is very very beautiful here. I think the start author is a person who is stuck coz he can’t come back to India as all his friends are better off than him and he probably won’t get a job here on coming back.dude it’s easier to get into ivy league than Delhi univ st.stephens economics k,wake up..India is much more

  25. Sameer

    Its a kind of weird feeling from an Indian point of view to loose the amount of talent that we have already lost and still further counting.Any nations prime asset are the intellectual who crave for improvement in system and it is often the educated that make a difference.

  26. Nagini

    Living with people who care for you is very important. Living closer to one’s family is important as life is short, parent has the responsibility to let her / his kids know their cousins, uncles and others. My brother went abroad after his education , may be he is happy, but I miss him sometimes, but could not afford to visit him. So in my opinion, though individaully one may like living a hassle free life abroad, in India we believe in institution, the institution of family, marraige, and finally responsibility. I live in a different state in India though I am from AP., I miss my place. Atleast I meet all in regular get togethers, stay for a short time with all. But once u go abroad, u miss all and all miss u.

    1. PS

      Rightly said Nagini. Life with people around (let them appreciate or criticize) us is more enjoyable than you be on own. One may get lot of physical comfort being in developed countries but thats just not enough to human being. Mental comfort is what makes them happy living. If some body hate and hate the country you belongs to.. then run away to some where. If money making is important, i agree live some where as you have to reach the goal. But in India just the name enough to live where we are. I agree lot of bad around but thats where you born. Why run away. Live to deal.

  27. Indian

    I spent my 22 years of life in India. I lived in US for 12 years and now I have come back to India.
    Most Indians who live in US are greedy for dollar. They do not fit there. They just pretend. Americans do not care about Desi’s. The little respect which they get is at work place because they work live slaves and they have no life. Most of them start hating India for no reason. They do not like and India and Americans do not like them. Most of them spend a miserable life.

    1. Lorann

      I work with many Indians ( at a hospital) and they all fit in very well and are part of our team. I would consider a number of them my friends and we all get along .

  28. he real indian

    Hello dear friends,

    I want to ask my indian friends what have they done for our motherland India till now??..Discussing over the internet is too easy and that is just pseudopatriotism ..Yeah,I do agree that today US has a far better lifestyle than India but we Indians can make our nation the best,you want to ask how?..Just by doing our daily duties sincerely and small things like keeping our city clean,I mean not throwing wrappers etc on public places.Just saying that govt. should put dustbins isnt an excuse nor answer..WHY SHOULD WE WAIT FOR THE GOVT. OR ANY THIRD PARTIES,WHEN WE CAN DO IT OURSELVES?..WAKE MY DEAR FRIENDS,ACCEPT THE FACT AND TAKE THE OATH THAT INDIA SHOULD BE FIRST BOTH IN OUR MINDS AND DEEDS…lets show the world what we young indians are capable of,lets make india a better place..

    1. Samarth

      chillax man. give the guy a break.
      luks lik yur gtn 2 sentimental about it.

      if it wer 4u, you’d electrocute any Indian even planng to settl abroad.

  29. Prem


    Well speaking on my own experience of past 13 years in India. India is a good place but there are many things that need to be looked at such as the government for example, in India politicians – if a person from other party says something bad, they start beating them up like with sticks and all sort of thing (Watched from News). Its almost like they don’t care about their country but only care about their own state. Not to mention that India is the highest in susides of young people studying in colleges and uni’s (Fact from a Amir Khans film 3 idiots)
    Another is police – So when you are on the road driving fast and a officer call you, what you simply do is give him a Rs.500 or more and he will 100% let you go. In other countries if you even try to do that they will straight away arrest you and you will have a criminal record. In India officers need to be stricter on rules/laws.

    Another thing is that the people in India are gross, do you know how, this is what they do, In a clothes shopping mall where there is places to change clothes, they put a hidden camera in a fake mirror to watch girls change, not only in the mall, they put it everywhere they can find a spot. They spy on every girl they think they are attracted to, they just want to see them naked. There is only about 30 to 40 % of Indians that are very loyal and respectful to girls and women’s or wife’s, others just want to have FUN and they even beat their own wife with stick and all sort of things. They look at women not as someone’s wife or girlfriend. Outside they are very friendly and respectful on girls but their mind is always focused in abnormal activities like thinking about illegal content or watching illegal content.
    In India girls are not that safe as you think (watch episodes of a show called satyamev jayate) you will get the answer.

    Its also not like there are not loyal and respectful people in India, There are many respectful people in India.

    Another thing is the Environment; this is something India need to be looked at. Everywhere I go I see cows and dogs poo and also see cows and other animals running wild on the streets. There are not many bins as well as if you go to village or small towns you will be struggling to find any bins. They just throw their stuff on the ground like no one cares. Here in the UK I can see at least 3 or even more bins on each single street. Government really need to put their money on this sort of things like putting bins all over the country, helping and funding disable people who are not able to get their education, etc… This is why foreign tourists and celebs don’t visit India. Indian Government hides their money and don’t do anything about it, they need to put their money on and help their own country grow, make India a better place then I know, because at the end of the day your own son or daughter will be having a brighter future living in India.

    India needs to improve not only technology wise but also on other things.

    These are only few topics, but the list continues…

  30. ronak

    Do yourself a favor and checkout this link and see which country is #1 and then #2 in the world!


    Theres reasons why have received #1, if you think deep down and hard, you’ll realize why! People have posted comments explaining and to summarize what I’ve seen as the main points are as follows:

    1: Land of many cultures and cuisines and religions, like having different countries without having to cross country borders
    2: Forth largest GDP in the world, having grown so fast in the past 20 years, mind you try comparing that to the growth rate in the US.
    3: Some of the world’s richest billionaires are in or from India, such as Ambani, Tata, Mittal, and Birla
    4: The culture that is ingrained in respecting our elders, and taking care of as they age.
    5: Places to visit that cant anywhere else in the world.
    6: The most beautiful, peaceful, and stress free life imaginable!
    7: The concept of zero was invented in India only.
    8: Great bollywood movies and songs and dance
    9: Cricket and the best player, Sachin!
    10: One can now get everything they want in India, BMW, Jaguar, Aston Martin, etc
    11: The most friendly and kind people

    Bottom line, east or west, India is the best! Whoever may disagree needs to stop thinking about anything negative about and concentrate on the best things. The best and only way to do this is by living there and the longer that do so, the more will realize why its the most greatest and absolutely best country in the world!

    Bharat mata ki jai, Jai hind!

    1. ronak

      Anyone from the US who does not agree to these are only either ignorant or are jealous of our greatness & progress.

      To fully appreciate India one must live there for at least months or years, and a short visit isnt enough. It takes a lifetime in fact to see all of the greatness as theres such so much of it.

      1. jasbir

        Dear Ronak,
        I have lived in India for 20 years.. I was raised here… You have a hardcore jingoist point of view regarding India, I don’t say that I hate India or I love USA it’s just comparing the pros & cons of both the nations.. every coin has two sides.. Like I mentioned in one of my posts , the only thing is how do you see the things and which atmosphere or surroundings suits you the most… Example, If there is racism in USA then its casteism in India… so in this situation a person thinks that whats hurting him the most.. now a person who has not faced any kind of discrimination for him India will be the best nation.. but say if a person has suffered because of castism and he goes abroad find no discrimination against him then he will like the other nation , so it’s like that.

        Now, I give u my another example.. In my neighborhood almost a year back a young girl from India aging 26 came to start her new life , she was a rape victim in India and the most shocking thing was that she got justice (her convict was imprisoned) but her own parents disowned her and she was forced to leave her native city Pune (city name changed) , she tried her luck in various jobs in Delhi , Bangalore & Mumbai but her name was flashed across newspapers and she was not getting any place even for rent because in India these news spread like a fire. So, surprisingly in caring country having FRIENDLY & KIND people like India nobody was there to take care or extend her friendship or kindness to her.

        But here nobody has cared about her past, she has been provided with a house. Now , I know you will say that US is so far off how anyone will come to know, if you are thinking in that sense sorry you are wrong, here you have to declare to your local police area about your past records specially the immigrants and she being a rape victim has to tell everything to local police and wherever she went there was a call made by the police to the landlords confirming her status of her being a rape victim.. but she got her house at first shot.. and of her own choice.. she has got a job and doing well…
        Same manner there are so many mothers who can’t conceive they go for adoption or surrogacy , but what happens in India these unfortunate girls are addressed as “BAANJ” right. Well there are many more examples like that, now people in India would say that girl must have done some bad KARMA that’s why she suffered.. but in US people don’t see it like that.. So its just the way you see the things..
        Regarding Cricket & bollywood I can’t say anything coz I myself like it.. but got bored of cricket.. but one can’t say that India is best because of Cricket & Bollywood. I have left the infrastructure point aside which is way better than India. But even after leaving the infra point aside we have so many things to compare.

        Lastly , whatever you are advising people that live here for few months or years then give your opinion same is my advice to you. You cannot give one-sided opinion and say India is best and ignore the rest, sorry that’s totally unacceptable.

        For further guidance please follow the link below for Human Development report and try to Locate India in it, it will be more accurate source than the ranking based on clicks & likings


        1. ronak

          as said earlier,
          being the patriotic Indians we’re supposed to be, we need to get such negative ideas out of our head and only then can we convince ourselves about having the best country in the world, consisting of OUR PEOPLE and OUR CULTURE

          the article above btw suggests as though “being judged” by others for our personal decisions is a bad thing. thats a very wrong a a conception to have shame about, of course we should and need to respect the judgement bestowed upon us by those who we are interdependent with. whats the point of the idea of family and a society in harmony if we don’t allow that.

          Even if your parents may be a bit ill, do you abandon them for the sake of your individualism? Thats exactly what I consider for those who leave the country and is like abandoning their own motherland. How can they still be OUR PEOPLE. We deserve better, we freed ourselves from British rule 60+ years ago. And yet, here we are still becoming slaves in other nations with OUTSIDERS and not OUR PEOPLE.

          Just think and search your own soul, and decide hard who you are with.


          1. jasbir

            If you have so much offences by being judged by others, then why you are putting so much emphasis on OUR PEOPLE, OUR CULTURE … it means you also get affected by others opinion , right.. dear I tell you it’s impossible to lead a life in India without being judged by others… As I have lived there for many many years it’s not possible simply to ignore others’ people are in the habit of poking their nose in someone else’s day to day life…
            Regarding your point of leaving motherland…. welll then Pls tell the Government of India to stop receiving forgein currencies as REMITTANCES from NRIs I know lot of people in India think like that pls urge them to make that money illegal as it’s the money from those who left their motherland for their selfish reasons , then why the Govt is accepting money from NRIs….

          2. Princehuman

            when did Indian government accept remittances in dollars? what are you talking about idiot punjabi? 12 baj gaye kya? balle balle balle balle!!!

            are you calling the monkey sent by NRI to their family as remittances? you idiot

        2. piyush

          if u r born in india u should be proud american people dont have a perfect and religous lifestyle and going to pub and sleeping wid anyone is not considered to be a good man . im 15 yrs old i hav seen many american movies but in my opinion you should stay wid ur parents in india . india is progressing buddy in all sectors. do u kno lakshmi mittal is the richest man of europe.in india people might be interfaring but like i enjoy a lot in my school and i can say that with full belief thatr i cant be enjoying like that in us bcoz people are differnet. americans r not such religios as indians and people who dont respect god their maker are nothing . i agree that americas life is more enjoyable but have u thoght y just bcoz of technology . india is not develoed than america now but i asssure you thaat in nexr 10-15 years people from us would come to india. and 1 more thing u know that iskcon temples are also open in america and people in amereica who believe in lord krishna die to come in india because they understand the imp of god . most gods are born in inndia. sheeshas or call them hookahs are very famous noeadys were invented in india. i can give an endless speech but it wont create a patronitism feeling in u unless u r a true indian i luv my india

          1. jasbir

            I guess the it was reply for me… Well piyush no offences because when I was 15 i use to talk exactly like You… dear tell me which job r u into, what work r u doing or r u studying in school? I am firm believer of god.. but I can assure you that people here believe in God as well , I am living here… It’s just that they don’t pray much and many among them say that “we are atheist” but you find churches everywhere , they are well maintained just like ISKON u see… Regarding your opinion of people going to pub & sleeping with others etc… I tell you these things are on a rise in India as well, all Indian metros are full of filth… Regarding Laxmi Mittal tell me, why is he still in UK if India is that great he can easily choose to come to India , right? he was in Calcutta and then later on moved to UK, has India been so great wouldn’t he have settled in India itself? ur point regarding sheeshas * hookas are nothing less than a laughter.. what about the cars, computers , internet, Pizzas & burgers(which is on rise in india) , the telephone , mobile phone , electricity producing technology , the guns (we still use russian ones) , F-16 , airplanes ( Boeing & Airbus both are American companies) , T.V. , DVD players , Blackberry etc… oh forgot to mention jeans.. which is worn by you , girls & guys all over India and they take pride in wearing that.. why dont indians wear ethnic wear dhoti kurta or gals ghagra choli.. The technology in use in Railways is an outdated versions of British & japanese.. Oh sorry to mention facebook also to which Indians are addicted too. It is an American company… tell me if we go as per this logic then i wonder where will India stand? Still I don’t say that India is worst.. like many other people. I am an Indian and I will be Indian it is just like realizing the shortcomings , loopholes and knowing the truth about our country don’t be fooled by political gimmicks & rhetoric.. and Pls pls dont judge America or other nations by seeing English movies for god’s sake….

          2. bharat

            India is the only country to live free. They are traditional. While compare to the other country (people) they are genuine. If any one wants to see the heaven come to India. Here you can live peaceful like stress free life. Because its the main problem in many countries. Many of them are thinking, why I say such? If you wants to know come here…

          3. jasbir

            Mr Bharat,
            You Don’t need to advise me as I am from India , lived there for 20 years I am still an Indian citizen.. but tell me what is the harm in knowing the shortcomings of our nation, won’t it help us to improve our country? I can’t understand that why some people on this site are simply averse to listen to even the genuine problems of India.. I never say that US is better, of course it has it’s own problems, problems are sometimes very dangerous like drug abuse , teenage pregnancy , obesity. US is not the best, people of US too accept this fact.. India has the ability to move and surpass all countries but tell me how we do it? the first and foremost step to improve it would be to know our problems first , from there we will start improving… If we just say that India is the best keep on overlooking our problems , it’s we who will suffer.. I as a person who is living abroad is trying to point out some of the good things of America , so that we can improve , but by giving such bigoted replies and opinions just show that Indians are not ready to move.. We will think and keep on thinking that India is the best without knowing what all it takes to make our nation best….

      2. ak

        Hi Ronak,
        i have doubts you even live in india, and might even believe in the opposite of the views and just posted such just to see what kind of comments people post to react. the reasons given in support even for someone who would be one sided mostly aren’t making sense.

        anyhow, have you ever dealt with the so called “nice, friendly people” when trying to get any kind of work done such as getting a passport renewed or filing a complaint with the local police station? Have you not ever been asked to pay some “extra amount” to let them be what you perceive “nice, and friendly”?

        I noticed someone below reasoning out wanting to return to India after living in the US out of some reasons also for convenience of not having to drive, and “take autos everywhere”. Let me say something on this, I’m a American second gen with Indian parents so can call me a outsider but on my recent visit, took such “convenience” and within 15 minutes was coughing after not being used to the holy air quality (in delhi, maybe better elsewhere) and by the time was off it felt so dirty and unwell from having inhaled all in the open auto rickshaw. So no thanks, I’d much rather drive my own car in peace on (don’t think need say anymore!)

        one other scenario, I was checking in at the airport for my flight returning to the US in Delhi, my baggage was overweight by just 2 kg and the checkin staff at Delhi airport for the national airline(don’t want to name it) informed me about some official fine to pay, upon presenting my credit card in some shady way the guy then proceeded to ask if I have cash, can give a “discount” on the fine. I didn’t understand right away and for sometime there were about 4-5 officers standing around having a discussion and I told them I only have what is about one forth the amount in cash. They said thats fine and that a “guy” will wait in the bathroom and I should give the amount quietly there. Then I figured out what was going on, and said I’d rather pay the real fine, and it seems since they figured out that I won’t pay their “pocket”, they finally said I don’t need to pay anything at all, they didn’t even care about the fine supposed to be paid to the airline!

        sorry for my ramblings, but just was communing on some of my experiences. wish best of luck whoever/wherever you are Ronak!

    2. Prem

      I totally disagree on the 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Also 7 because it doesn’t make any sense on how that can be the best thing.

      1. ronak

        Another example of why we are the world’s best country. Please see the news about the current power outage going on, and how promptly its being dealt with. When the American firangis had this back in 2003 in the northeast region, it took nearly 2 days to restore the blackout whereas we and our brothers and sisters have it almost up and running in a matter of hours. Also appreciate how people bond and unite together in times of crisis like this. Its not about the crisis, its about how it gets handled that sets us apart from everywhere else in the world.

        India has the power
        India is modest
        India has the culture
        India also has the brains
        India has the cities
        India has the villages
        India has it all
        Why go anywhere else?

        JAI HIND!

          1. Princehuman

            There are many people who will “dare” to reply to your comment kiddo, but they have a life. They(I) know that they(I) don’t need to give you factual statistics, empirical evidence to prove India’s and/or Indian’s superiority. 7 billion people living and over 100 billion that ever lived know facts, its just you who is ignorant. Relax, there are few more like you. 🙁 You are an ignorant child. Not just a child, worse – a teenager. and no sane person would want to waste time arguing with a teenager, especially a girl – especially if she PMSing- its like replying to a barking dog on the road. We don’t do that.

    3. zach

      There may be some reasons why India is a great country, but because they have billionaires or invented the zero? That’s just plain silly.

    4. Pani

      1.land of many cultures..as if any two states get along in this country..karnataka and tamil nadu keep fighting about water.Andhra keeps fighting abt telangana..NE states feel they are not safe in south..U DNT HEAR ANY US STATES FIGHTING AMONG THEMSELVES..
      2.fourth largest economy in world..hahaha.. 2012 Indian economy GDP nominal is 1.87 trillion dollars..2012 US GDP nominal is 15.8 trillion dollars..will leave the restforothers to compare..
      3.”some” billionaires are from india..many are fromUS
      4.culture is ingraind to have an independent all round development.
      5.places to visit DEFINITELY outnumber india..jus to giv uthe facts usa is 3.14 times the size of india with more than 30 principal major cities..and just the GDP of las vegas is more than indias GDP.
      6.india beautiful?? Great this guy din even visit US fr sure..US is far more peaceful
      7.india invented zero and remained zero
      8.great hollywood movies,songs and dance..i mean look how stupid and immature ur 7th and 8th pointers look..u want to stay in india coz india invented zero..hahaha rofl..
      9.football,baseball,NBA..Michael Jordan
      10.as if one cant get any of these cars inUS..again a stupid point..
      11.indian dnt even know wat friendliness mean..

      I rest my case..

  31. monal

    India is a far and much better country than the USA. There are far fewer child crimes over there. India is a very safe country for raising young children.

    And I say this being a US born citizen of parents from India.

    1. jasbir

      I disagree. Raising your children in India getting them in a good college with 50% qouta isn’t easy.. my nephews are facing problems.. another thing, you are highly mistaken that there are few crimes in India.. all sorts of crimes are occurring there.. didn’t you watch the latest guwahati case ..where a girl was molested in open public her clothes were torn apart in full public view , what more worse you can expect from INDIA.. I came to know through youtube.. pls check it out.

      1. Princehuman

        Either you are ignorant or in denial. Please google it – will help you to educate that the most criminal nation in the history of the world as well the the country with the maximum number of criminals as well as the country which “proudly” says that “we have maximum number of prisons in the world” is USA. You are a disgrace to India, a disgrace to USA – pretty sure your IQ is very very low and reduced a LOT after moving to the states(which 196 countries know). Clearly, I can’t even go out of my house in USA, some gun nut might shoot me. And God !! If I happen to be wearing a hoodie, especially during night, people might mistake me fro a crook and fucking SHOOT ME.




    2. Swapnoneel

      Let me leave the crime thing aside (Jasdip has already replied on it). Do you have any idea about the kind of academic/job competition we undergo in India? I had to face rigorous admission tests right from class (grade) 1 till my M.S, to get in decent schools (leaving aside the job interviews). And yes, I don’t belong to any reserved category. You don’t have any flexibility in studies at all. And on top of it, if you screw any of your board exams, or any admission test at any point of time, you are almost out. And its extremely difficult to make a comeback. I did my M.S in CS&E at an IIT (regarded as one of the best in India). And at a point of time after my class 10th board exams, I wasn’t even sure I’d get a chance to pursue science stream in my higher secondary in a decent high school! Not sure in what regards did u say India is a better place to raise children than the US.

      1. ReaderUSA

        I totally agree with you. Regarding education in USA, you have plenty of recources , oppurtunities and and sky is the limit provided needs focus on the goal.

      2. Princehuman

        I think he meant with regards to “culture, morals, being down to earth, caring for your parents and family, respecting elders and not being a premature child whore” just like everyone is in a country like USA


    have you ever thought why infosys,tcs, have never come up with regular technical college……
    it is because no creative technical work has ever been done by this it professional ………what ever little skill is required it is easily achievable from the poor graded mushroomed engg. colleges…….. so it is better for all you mediocre engg graduates not to compare USA and INDIAN systems..You are not good enough for that…….. now most of the psu are making profit because young bloods are being pumped in this psu working force….an exception is BSNL it is running in loss because the old day employees are leaving us life inside the organization and the pvt companies with Indian working culture giving the whole country 50 paisa STD mobile call(cheapest in the world) it is the large population will drive this nation and give sleepless night to the American…in todays scenario it makes no seance whether u work in USA or INDIA. because any body can work any where because the world has became global village…. anybody can show his talent anywhere the important thing is improving your technical superiority which already CHINA has shown they don’t go USA for coding they also work no limited time shift working environment….or they don’t higer package than Indian counterpart but they are still the biggest threat to usa because leaving coding they are developing their own super computer….those days are not far away when American will come to china for on site project on hardware coding ..

    1. jasbir


      First of all why are you being so rude to mediocre engg grads.. You mean to say that only top colleges grads or say IITians have the right to make comparisons between USA & INDIA? well may b ur not meaning that or am I assuming?

      Regarding your point
      “in todays scenario it makes no seance whether u work in USA or INDIA. because any body can work any where because the world has became global village…. anybody can show his talent anywhere the important thing is improving your technical superiority”

      I strongly disagree because I have seen people struggling badly in India even after putting extra. If that’s the case as you are putting above. Then why the great bureaucrats of India not getting their due , in Indian bureaucracy hard working people are mocked while the lazy & corrupt ones lead a comfortable life. That’s just a tip of the iceberg. The work culture , business culture in India & US are poles apart. In US systems are far far far more organized than Indian ones.

  33. Sunita

    This is my personal view. I think most of the Indians who decide to move to US (or west) belong to IT sector. Also the hard core fact is most of us stay in US for the sake of making more money (in terms of savings).

    The only major two banes or liabilites in cities in India is (1) Lack of proper infrastructure and (2) incompetent and indisciplined govt institutions. If you observe, we find inconvenience (bribe, rude officials etc) only in public sectors. Where it is private, be it banks, hospitals, or transportation (like cab services), customer comes first. The private sectors in India perform at the same level as in US. If only our govt. was more responsible and people oriented, things might have been almost the same as in US. Even though America gained independence 3 or more centuries ago and India is still “growing”, we can never deny that govt. (be it any political party) had enough time and finances to take into consideration the comforts of its citizens. The only thing lacking in India is DISCIPLINE. I have seen drivers crossing the red lights, taking a wrong turn, people littering places, roads, or using cell phones in hospitals, places of worship, or not maintaining queues and just not being punished and this just continues for ages. This never happens in US. People are more sensitive towards each other and maintain discipline, because the rules are strict here and people have fear of violating any rules or going off board in their civic behavior and the govt. authorities are conscious of their duties.

    Today the IT employees in India are paid a comfortable salary which can enable them to live in a decent accomodation, own a car, give good education to the kids, and also save money. On top of it, health care is also sufficiently afforadable and ours doctors are competent. Living in India can be a pleasure if you are lucky not to indulge in any beaurocratic dealings, and also can engulf the polluted air and toxic vegetables (without getting sick) and can tolerate the “not so developed” infrastructure.

    1. Swapnoneel

      Well not all are :). Lemme give you figures for myself. I am a PhD student since August 2008. As a PhD student, I get a monthly stipend of about $1400. This is fixed for all the 5 years of my PhD. No hike in the stipend, I still get the same monthly amount (and will continue to get this till I graduate in about another year’s time). Whereas had I continued with IBM, even with the current conversion rate of $1 = Rs 57, I’d have got much more than $1400 a month in India. I like the US for their value and respect for education. Let me give you another example from my experiences. A plumber once came to fix something in our house here in the US. He asked me what I did. When I said I was doing PhD, he was like “wow! that’s a cool thing to get”. On the other hand, my mother was trying to look for a prospective bride for myself in India. She was talking to a girl’s mother who was from a very respected family (you know how arranged marriages work in India, the family compatibility, etc). When my mother told her I was doing a PhD, she was like “oh PhD, so will he get a job after PhD? how much money will he earn after PhD?”. See the difference? This is why I like this country. I can cite numerous more experiences like these. I like to teach. Both my parents are PhDs and professors. Teaching and education runs in my family. But as I find teachers are the most neglected lot in India in all respects. They are very underpaid there. India will be better if that changes.

      1. Sunita

        That’s true. In US, there is dignity of labor. Everyone respects each other’s profession And appreciates the fact that each job requires a skill set. The best thing is that a plumber or a driver would be dressed nicely and having the same amenities in his house as a manager. Here peple do not earn respect by the amount of salary they draw or the position of the job. All are equal and deserve respect as they are contributing towards the growth.

        I think that educators are paid less compared to people in IT all over the world. Even in US teachers do not get so much as they deserve. Same also in India. It’s sad that such a noble and important profession is not recognized well in terms of monetary benefits.

        1. jasbir


          You have indeed mentioned most important points or rather banes… Seriously these two are the crux of problems that needs to be sorted out if India needs to grow and come in the Ivy-League countries. Regarding your point of discipline I want to add something more, i.e. the discipline of employers….. it’s really difficult to work in India as a private sector employee there are no particular working hours defined and in MNC or corporate sector where it is defined they are hardly followed. An 8 hour job getting converted to a 10-12 hrs is a common thing in India. Doing personal work for your boss like taking their children to a doctor or booking movie tickets for his family is considered normal here.Thankfully i’ve not seen this case in US till date.. I agree that even in US you have to do some favors to your boss but you never have to do such kind of things that too frequently.
          I’d disagree on your point for private companies in India at par with US , of course they are way better than Govt. institutions but certainly more greedy, more pushy , more mean and uncaring when work gets completed and that attitude creates problems for an ordinary consumer.In West companies are always in their limits. Thanks for sharing your views.
          Keep Writing…

      2. jasbir

        Don’t know but plumbers are the most exciting examples to give in order to let the people of India know that everyone has equal opportunity & respect over there even I quote this example (of plumbers)many times whenever i am here. But I must tell u swapnoneel, that your posts are always very informative & exciting to read, you throw a lot of light on various issues which should be known to the people especially those who plan to move overseas. Well regarding marriage I am surprised to hear from you that girl’s mother was asking about your income because in our culture (punjabi) the girls and their side gets hyper-excited the moment they come to know that boy is living in developed West.

        1. Swapnoneel

          Jasbir: Nice to know you liked my posts. Yes its been a lot of experiences for me especially over the last 4 years. I got answers to many of my questions. Especially questions oriented to the big question “Why are we lagging so behind the developed world?” But saying all what I have said, not all is negative about our country. Things are slowly changing for the better, though a lot needs to be fixed. And about marriage, yes I’ve had multiple such experiences where I’ve been asked about my salary: Something which is outrightly insulting (as insulting as asking a girl her age!). Maybe this is more prevalent among the Bengali.

          1. jasbir


            I love my nation but saying “All is not negative.” actually doesn’t solve any purpose the fact is & will remain that all is not negative about India but then how many positives then?
            The biggest positive I find today till date is despite liberalization there is a family bonding among us. Another being our saving habit which helped us wither the global slowdown also it puts us in advantageous position than other nations. But looking at the negatives the list goes on & on , seems never ending, just look how that India story which had just started to take off has already been halted , the sentiments are really negative about India here in US neither there is much to applaud when I go to India. Situation remains the same.
            Some of the things that still haunts me & I never see it changing are:
            2.)Load Shedding
            3.)Dynasty Politics
            4.)Dynasty entrepreneurs/tycoons

            Forget about corruption & pollution , will our nation ever be able to address these problems.

          2. Swapnoneel

            Neither you, nor myself can solve the problems our country has. The bare minimum I feel we might want to do is to sponsor at least one underprivileged child’s education. I feel lack of education is our country’s biggest problem. And as I said earlier, if every affluent Indian sponsors an underprivileged child’s education, our literacy rate will bump up to 80% (from 55 odd) within a decade.

          3. Swapnoneel

            I know the “official” Indian literacy rate is about 75%, but I also know how true those numbers are! Even if it is really 75%, its still well below the world’s average of 80%. That I think is the root of every problems.

          4. Sunita


            I completely agree to your point on our saving attitude. I have noticed that we Indians do lay stress on savings contarary to the US citizens here. Americans hardly think about savings and just live lavishly beyond their limits and just take loans and go into bad credits. This does not bother them as they have lot of support from the state. In other words, the state pampers them a lot. But I have hardly seen any Indians (who have even become US ciizens) having any bad credit…thanks to their saving mentality. We Indianss do not go beyond our financial limit and even sacrifice some of the pleasures.

          5. Sunita

            Swapnoneel and Jasbir,

            I think that it’s little unfair to blame the girl (or her parents) to weigh the salary in arranged marriages. In such situations, where we do not know the true nature of the boy, we just see the “technical” things like caste, age difference, horocope, job prospects, etc and go ahead (or reject). I think the same way boys also judge the girl by her cooking knowledge and her nature to adjust with his family. Some also by her qualifications and sociability.

            I too had an arranged marriage and at that time my husband (fiancee) was in US. I did give importance to his salary, and I am a south Indian 🙂 but that was not the sole criteria; neither was the fact that he was staying in USA. Besides this, I also judged other things like his communication skills, manners, my comfort level with him and his parents, his NO to dowry, and his parents’ behavior with me and my parents, and his sensitivity about my needs. In arranged marriages, love comes after marriage and becomes a love marriage. Ofcourse, being money minded and greedy from either sides is a negative trait.

          6. jasbir

            I think u missed my point completely evenI believe that boy’s salary or earning must be given importance. I wasn’t blaming girls’ or their parents. In punjabi community (what I know)people don’t put weight on salary if the guy is from say US, Englaand or Caneeda u see.. The cases of guy/girl living abroad duping their spouse for money is very common in Punjab and many parts of North India that was what I was trying to say.. Well I see… got so much perturbed by this point of marriage that u didn’t notice what I wrote exactly… what abt some other points of me & swapnoneel…

          7. Sunita

            Swapnoneel and Jasbir,

            I think that it’s little unfair to blame the girl (or her parents) to weigh the salary in arranged marriages. In such situations, where we do not know the true nature of the boy, we just see the “technical” things like caste, age difference, horocope, job prospects, etc and go ahead (or reject). I think the same way boys also judge the girl by her cooking knowledge and her nature to adjust with his family. Some also by her qualifications and sociability.

            I too had an arranged marriage and at that time my husband (fiancee) was in US. I did give importance to his salary, and I am a south Indian 🙂 but that was not the sole criteria; neither was the fact that he was staying in USA. Besides this, I also judged other things like his communication skills, manners, my comfort level with him and his parents, his NO to dowry, and his parents’ behavior with me and my parents, and his sensitivity about my needs. In arranged marriages, love comes after marriage and becomes a love marriage. Ofcourse, being money minded and greedy from either sides is a negative trait.

          8. Princehuman

            till date i have no idea why asking a girl her age is insulting.. we indeed live in a very sexist femi neo nazi world :(. I hope people stop sucking up to females and we live a life that we were supposed to live

        2. Princehuman

          you proved how shallow punjabis are.. canada vich rahange assi. balle balle balle balle
          this blind craze that you losers have for “west” is appaling..

      3. Princehuman

        Man, everyone except actors and businessmen are underpaid in India. Indians are the most talented and hard-working people on the planet. You know it, I know it, americans know it. But in India, people work for peanuts. its only and only the shitty Indian government to blame. Government makes rules, government has to enforce them. People are mere slaves. 🙁

    2. jasbir


      You have indeed mentioned most important points or rather banes… Seriously these two are the crux of problems that needs to be sorted out if India needs to grow and come in the Ivy-League countries. Regarding your point of discipline I want to add something more, i.e. the discipline of employers.. it’s really difficult to work in India as a private sector employee there are no particular working hours defined and in MNC or corporate sector where it is defined they are hardly followed. An 8 hour job getting converted to a 10-12 hrs is a common thing in India. Doing personal work for your boss like taking their children to a doctor or booking movie tickets his family is considered normal here.Thankfully i’ve not seen this case in US till date.. I agree that even in US you have to do some favors to your boss but you never have to do such kind of things that too frequently.
      I’d disagree on your point for private companies in India at par with US , of course they are way better than Govt. institutions but certainly more greedy, more pushy , more mean , uncaring when work gets completed and that attitude creates problems for an ordinary consumer.

  34. Bijoy


    My post might appear very silly but apparently is very important for me.. After coming to US, i am losing a lot of hair. I never had dandruf in india. However after being here in US, i started having that.. Checked with so many indians here and they say its coz of warm water use and less humidity issues and i need to live with it. Anyone felt the same and was able to overcome it successfully?..

  35. suraj

    i think comfort wise surely America is ahead India coz of weather ,roads ,population density etc..even if you earn decent money in india if you have go from Mumbai to Goa by bus road will give you same bumps as anyone else….money can give you comfort in india but still somethings will be missing 🙂

  36. Naman Patel

    In short, I would say ” To gain something, we have to be ready to loose something”. What matters is, are you happy for what you are getting or unhappy for what you are loosing? You are the only one who can decide this.

  37. Nirav

    This is very good article and tells what most of the Indians feel at USA.
    USA is definately a good country to live but being Indian, honestly speaking life in India is much more better than USA.
    I have grown up as lower middle class in India, worked in India for 6 years as IT professional and at present, I am working at USA on H1B since last 6 years.
    I am living with my family but we could never get comfert that we were having at India. All the time, you feel alone as even though you get sick, you got to do your household work, laundry, grossary, taking care of children etc.
    Specially if you have children, its total different environment here.
    Its not like India where children can easily play with each other.
    You have to schedule some play dates with other kids parents.
    For all the time, children are all alone at home which kills their productivity.
    Belive me, seeing this situation is not easy. Everyone feels the same.
    There are always pros and cons for each country.
    Here at USA, you will never get a mental peace as you will always be running after insurance problems, car issues, credit cards, doctors, house issues and lot many other issues that I cannot even count.
    About living, most of us live in rented apartment which are always way too old and we have to adjust with old AC, old Heaters and poor maintainance.
    Only if you can afford money, you can get little better apartments to live.
    In my openion, If we live in India, we can better enjoy day to day life without any interfear and without any mental stress.
    I remember even though I was earning 30000 rs. month before 6 years at India, I was enjoying like a king than here.
    Most of the weekends pass on just in house work, grocessary and laundry.
    It seems easy from India but 95% desis are living always with dual mind situation.
    I am plannning to return back to India next year for my children where they can enjoy day to day company and can play with kids without any fear.
    Its hard to find friends here as you are living robotic life.
    Just my thoughts and experience, willl share more experience in detail again.

    1. Am

      Hi Nirav

      I don’t intend to offend anyone. I would like to share my thoughts and experience.

      I am a young man running his fathers business and we are financially doing well in Mumbai. But I still sit and wonder what is happening to this country. This country is currently a mess and it’s going to be even worse. The development you see here is just a flamboyant show from outside. But if you actually find out what’s happening here in the system, India is getting worse day by day.

      This is a country run by goons, illiterate politicians, ineffective laws, cops who wake up in the morning to collect bribes. Every time I park my car after a long drive, I have anger bursting in me because of the stress while driving. You cannot get any government work done until you run pillar to pillar and finally end up paying the guy money under the table. I had to pay the cop 1o0 bucks at the police station to get my passport cleared after renewal. That’s what they mean by verification. You cannot run a shop here without paying the cop his monthly installment a.k.a hafta. You speak against an affluent person, a politician or even the prime minister, that’s it your life is ruined. My uncle shut his business and ran away to Canada because he was harassed by a political party. You need to show your income To get your kid into a good school. LMAO!! Poor kid!!

      Surprisingly the 2G scam being busted, was of advantage to only news channels. TRP is their basic necessity. It hasn’t made any difference yet. I will probably die by the time the final case judgement is out. So who cares right?

      In Bombay, sorry it’s Mumbai now (how important was it to change the name? Made no difference, only confusion and controversies) we breathe carbon dioxide, grey faster, age faster and look uglier at an early age. It’s the pollution & stress. I’d rather do the laundry & cook. Will keep me much healthier. Judging someone is our nature. Manners donot exist for majority Indians. Chivalry is never heard of. And last but not the least, hygiene. I donot need to elaborate on that.

      If you have the money here, you can live it up in India. If you wish to live a ethical and good life, anyplace is better than India.

      1. harath

        Who said India is getting worse day by day? Who??? Its in your mind mate. Change your thought. Infact India is getting better and better. There are now metros to commute in 7 metros. Infrastructure projects are on full swing. BRICS are the fastest growing economies in the world. Mind you, India is the second among them. Politics in India is unlike any other country, that i agree. Any change doesnt happen because you wish it wa like that. Ask yourself what have you done to bring that change which you desire. You shall know the answer. India is the best any day.

        1. IndiGuy

          @Am is talking about the current situation and not what it would be. I also agree to @Am with whatever he has said. India is definitely a good place for those who are dishonest, diobedient, goondas and crook. I don’t see anyone follow any rule. It is in our blood to break the law. Shortcut is the way of life here. Honestly speaking, I don’t see India going anywhere in next 50 yrs. Whatever you hear about becoming super power will remain in dreams, I bet. If you live till 2062, then you might have to revisit whatever I’ve said so far. Whole system is involved in so much of corruption that deep cleansing will take forever.
          Mind you, one 3 cities has metro trains. Delhi and Kolkata are good but in Bangalare, it is good for nothing, runs only for 5 kms after 5 yrs since inception. Your words sounds a lot like that of our Congress Govt.

        1. ajeetkumar

          infrastructure is of no use, transport system is worst, i prefer to walk within the distance of 3 km. there is always of risk of theft even physical damage even in cities like mumbai.
          indians do not have manners and only look after themselves.
          we can do much better than what we have done. majority of indians do not have peace of mind.

    2. AB

      Mr. Nirav, I appreciate your feelings. Article is well written but it seems to be diverted at . My two cents:

      I think you might not have encountered government machinery in India such as police, government hospitals, government offices(barring LIC). I had to paid 1k to get FIR form police constable to claim my medical insurance of 12k. I could not even walk properly & limping ,coz i had met with an serious accident, even then these guys kept on giving excuses until i paid money to them. Same story repeated when I had to go for my passport renewal.

      All auto waals charge high here. Meters are set up just to showoff. When you try to confront them, they are ready to fight because they also know people are aliens & helpless too (migrants to Metros from smaller cities). This is the story of all Metros, be it Delhi, Bombay or Bangalore etc.

      I think you living in same perception about India that you had 6 years back. But now hell lot of things have changed. Six years back price of an Idli was 2-3 Rs but now it is 6-8 Rs. What do you infer from this? This is just one example. There are thousand of other scenarios waiting for you.
      Same story goes with property. Average salaried person (I assume 4-5L per annum) can’t think of buying a flat in Metros.

      I also don’t want to leave my country but at the same time I can’t afford to live in Metros until I have money to pay (higher food price, big rents, hefty school fees etc.). India is absolutely wonderful place to live if you have money otherwise you have to compromise on almost every aspect.

    3. Venki

      Nirav, You have high hopes with Indian living. Good for you to come back to India. Then you will know how crapy everything here, yes almost anything!!! I agree being in US seems lonely, that doesn’t preclude fun, enjoyment, friends, and social gathering as well as professionally more rewarding. I’m writing even with an understanding that my current Indian salary is equal to that of US $. BUT, as always one should take decisions based on their own individual/family circumstances… good luck

    4. Vidhyut

      Hi Nirav,
      I agree with your views arose from your experience for domestic life. My concern is only financial life. How is there? Can I make enough savings to afford car and home in India from US earnings if I stay there for 3-4 years? Am working in IT industry. As in India it takes 5 years to afford a car and 20 years to afford only 2bhk home…life is waste here. What are your views on this?

      1. Nirav

        Hi Vidhyut,
        Actually I wrote everything as per my experience.
        Somehow I think now a days its not true that it takes 5 years to afford a car.
        We are talking only in terms of IT jobs where salary in India is close to what you get in USA. Remember if you get Rs. 100000 in India and get average $4000 in USA, ultimately it will be not too much difference in saving as expenses are also huge here.
        About Living is waste there, somehow personally I donot agree because lots of my friends have returned back to India after working abroad for some years and everyone is living happily.
        Again, no country is perfect. We always have to take positive out of it and live happily.
        I will still say both the countries are better in one or other way.
        Mr. AB, I understand pain of not getting urgent services in India but just believe me, its same pain here until you are about to die. There are lot many things to discuss but will write down some more points later.
        Mr. Ajeetkumar, I never said India is getting worst day by day. Its improving actually.
        Again, this is my personal view based on my experience. Everyone has different experience and different views.


  38. Sneha

    well I am kind of disagree with this article.. I m living in US now and its been 4 & half yers and i DONT SEE ANY COMFORT???? what comfort you are talking about?? dude…you have to work here everyday. then u have your house chores to do!!! ..for us indians we dont have any social life that much!!!! all we do is savings thats it….man my life in india was much better than here!! sure I learned alot when I got here.. but yes I’m definitly going back to my country…..I’m living with my family now… but I have had those days when i dont get to see my brthr or my mom for 4/5 days ….I miss India alott!!! and yes i would say it is the pay checks that hold these people in here!!! Once they come here they don’t want to go back to their country!! then they started to think the bad side of India… well good for them..if they want to stick up with this materialize life !!!! NO OFFENSE it just my opinion!! India has improved alottt!!!!! and willl change more!!

    1. Sunita

      Sneha, I completely agree with you. I have been in US for almost an year and find myself more and more disappointed each day. I find the same comforts in India as I am finding it now. Perhaps Indian metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, etc have developed for the past 10 years and now the upper middle class has the same level of comforts at an affordable cost, i.e., within their budget as in US. Life is no doubt more comfortable in India with hiring workmaids, taking autos and going without the trouble of driving etc. and most imp you are close to your family. I was wondering if I am the only odd man out missing India. 🙂

      1. Swapnoneel

        Sunita, it’s of course a personal opinion, but I don’t like the concept of hiring maids, etc as we have in India. It cripples you. The 4 yrs of my PhD program has not only made me intellectually matured, but the very concept of everybody doing their own work fascinates me. I have done a lot of stuff here which I couldn’t think of doing in India. A few examples include fixing my bicycle wheels, tires, seat, cooking lots of new recipes, apart from maintaining my own house. I simply love this country, its culture, and I have received more respect here than anywhere else. Again its a matter of personal opinion, but to me this country is a far better place to be in.

        1. harath

          Intellectually matured? What is it got to do with hiring maids, working on his own bicycle? Who stops you from doing the same activities in India. This shows that you are ashamed of doing those acts in India, while in us you feel a sense of freedom and enjoyment because you dont get judged by peers and family members. Shame on you! You claim you are intellectually dumb (sorry matured) and receive a lot of respect in us than in India. Thats because you wanted to be that since the day you went to us for your phd program. In reality, when you were in India, you never desired such things for yourself. Mind you, Narayan murty doesnt have a house maid. Let me check if you are really intelectually matured. Tel me which country does narayan murty belong to? A Wannab Indian american always misunderstand freedom. ” FREEDOM IS IN THE MIND” Y dont you be fraank and say the dollar is too attractive and the blonde out there has no sense of culture?

          1. Swapnoneel

            Well let me tell you, I was employed with IBM Research in India which pays the maximum. With that money, you live like a king in India. You hire people to do stuff for you; but in the US, even President Obama stands in a queue to get into a public bus. So no question of hiring people to get your stuff done. Hence the question is definitely not money for myself. Though I’d like to point out, that the teachers are paid very low in India. I’ll get paid even lesser than what I used to get paid at IBM 4 years ago, if I join an IIT as an assistant professor now (after PhD). Now tell me why should I join an IIT? And there are several others here who think like myself. Teachers are the most valuable assets for a country who take it forward. A country is not taken forward by a bunch of software engineers (I was one)! Teachers are the most neglected lot in India. You see only one Narayanamurthy out of almost one and half billion. So picking him as an example does not make sense. Nothing really makes me ashamed in doing things in India. But the system prevents me from doing so. Let me give an example. Yesterday, one of my juniors from IIT had an update on fb about his experiences at the passport office. The office was filled with grudging people whose passports were unnecessarily delayed by the officers because they didn’t bribe them. The whole system is corrupted. And yes, I’ve no shame in saying that I’m much better off away from the so called “family” in India. Most of the people don’t contribute to my betterment but only take pleasure to see me fail! Here your peers help you, and don’t take happiness from your failures. From your response it seems that you haven’t yet visited the US. I’d suggest please visit here, especially the academics if possible. You’d then know the difference.

          2. jasbir

            Dear Swapnoneel & harath,

            It hardly makes any difference whether it’s India or US or any other nation one must love his work & get acclimatized to the surroundings as all countries have different set of norms of society so it depends which one suits you the most. But still if we focus on core issues and stick to the debate of India vs Abroad(particularly the developed West) I feel that it is more of a concern to the middle class of India because Higher class/elite ones will never get affected by the change because they have lots of bucks needed to enjoy the life be it India or America.

            It also doesn’t bother lower class much because they are in habit of working themselves and also due to poor economic conditions only few of them go abroad (especially for education or starting their own venture), so the debate is then restricted mostly to Middle Class India.

            It’s the Middle class that gets affected the most. So the issues which really bothers them before moving abroad are 1.)Domestic help 2.)Insurance cost 3.) Family 4.)Children’s education 5.)Overall cost of living , they may not not be all but guess it’s mainly these issue as I am from the same league.

            Now there are two perspective to view these issues. One, the self centered and the other is more of a sociological view. From first one it is India all the way no hassles in it. Save cost as much as you want , get cheap maids, live your life without insurance, always be with your family enjoy family functions & gatherings, children will be brought up in Indian education system which is all about scoring more & more to get into top Univ and of course less cost of living in almost all the things. Some of the work may get delayed due to poor system but it’s my own experience that we Indians despite all obstacles still move on all we want is that our work must be done at any cost.

            Taking other perspective surely its US (or western world) all the way because all have equal fundamental right to earn equally (Domestic help) so pay more to have this comfort say $30 per hour , high laundry bills. Insurance is always helpful exerts less burden on your finances when you are actually in need so that’s an indirect comfort when you meet with an accident , fall ill. Support the family financially making them proud towards your work rather than craving for mamma’s food(hmm yummy but…) or dancing in your saali’s marriage. Bring your child up in an environment which encourages overall growth and gives freedom to choose his/her life with his own choice and above all there is scope for all professions e.g. even plumber is respected as an engineer so they get all the room to choose their path.Finally , pay more to get pure by pure I mean everything say Clean environment, pesticide free food, continuous power supply, clean water, excellent roads, supersonic internet etc.

            But if some one says i don’t want all that stuff neither do I wish to give priority to my sociological perspective (like me) then it is simply just one verdict East or West India is the best.

          3. Shivaji


            You have got very nice narration skills. Thanks for the post.
            Life is all about experiences. We need to go to different countries, explore different cultures and most importantly, we need to develop a habit of not comparing different cultures based on our own cultures.
            To gain something, we have to be ready to loose something”. What matters is, are you happy for what you are getting or unhappy for what you are loosing?


          4. Princehuman

            “I have equal fundamental right to earn equally” ? That’s one of the worst ignorant stupid lines I’ve ever heard. So, you mean a servant/maid should get the same amount as a CEO? or as an actor? or as an engineer? or as a doctor? or as a president? as a governor?

          5. Princehuman

            Obama in public bus? clearly, you are as ignorant and full of hot air as jasbir and all other Indians in usa and well, 99.99% americans themselves.

        2. jeet

          Dear friend ‘
          It is very easy to blame the indian government and notice the poo. On the street of india but let me remind you india is a magical and highly efficient country better than any developed country because in india the population is more than all the european countries put together.for example every year nearly 1 crore students sit for high school exams and they get their results in less than 3 months. The european countries would fail yt o do so I m sure and. Mind you the po piirulation in india is not becoz of indians but the migration of 1000 s of people to india. Bess it is a very young country still it has achieved what other countries have taken centuries to get.today indians eat wear watch and use the same things as most developed countries do. Be proud of india those who are stuck in usa its just one line explanation – angur khate he bhai.was not able to do anything in india mediocre students unable to face the competition and talent in india -ran to usa now repenting kash me pad liya hota to yahan angrezo ke juthe glass to na dhone padte .apne saare kam khud to na karne padte … the truth is this

          1. Jasbir

            Dear idiot Jeet,
            Have a hug(hindiwali) , wash your face , recite almighty’s name and have some shame. People like you feel proud of Indians and quote their exampl gosh!!!!!!….. wait Hindi mein likhta hn shayad tu samajh na paye jaise tera jo level hai…. Tum jaise log India ke naam pe dhaabe hote ho.. kynki jin NRIs ko tum gaaliyaan dete ho wohi log billions.. (1 billion equals 100 crore) dollars bhejhte hain aur Bharat Sarkar aur Finance Minsitry usko garv se batati hai… ki hamare paas itne crores ki Remittances hain… doosri baat jab shekhiyaan maarni hoti hain Indians ki tab tere jaise kai log kehte hai.. “dekhoooo America , Canada , Australia , UK har jagah Indians hain aur hamara naam kar rahe hain” par is forum pe ake bakwaas likhte ho.. aur sun mind ur language while using keyboard.. har koi tujh jaise joote saaf nahi karta hai.. idhar bahut kaam hote hain , Indians scientist , doctors , engineers aur entrepreneurs bhi hain.. tu to hai hi gawar tu tujhe har koi apne jaisa lagta hai right? .. neend se jag puttar aur is topic se related dhang se research kar net pe , books pad kuch constructive kar.. phir ake idhar bakwaas kar… And one more thing I have no shame in doing my work for myself it teaches a lot of things and it gets managed easily because I have my dedication towards work.. doosro se kaam karwana aur unke dam pe zinda rehne ki adat mujhe pehle hi nahi thi.. ye shayad teri adat hogi tabhi tujhe lagta hai ki saare forgein mein reh rahe logo ko aisa lagta hoga… anyways as I said above have a hug,wash ur face n take a break….

          2. Princehuman

            You re so missing India and are guilty conscious and trying to cover your rear end with whatever shit you just said in Hindi. Accept it, you typical shallow punjabi.

            You said “doosro se kaam karwana aur unke dam pe zinda rehne ki adat mujhe pehle hi nahi thi.”
            achcha? to machine tere baao ne banaya hai? USA terea pyeu(baap in punjabi) ka desh hai?
            Doosron ke desh me, doosron ke dwara banaye gaye machines ko hi toh use karne ki aadal hai tujhe.

            Agar koi help nahi karega toh khud hi tatti saaf karna padega nai pappaji? toh uske liye bahaane kyun maar rahe ho?

        3. ghayur

          I live in pakistan which i guess is not different, Anyways i dont agree with what you said about maids, i live in pakistan and we have hired a maid and pay her 12000 pkr everymonth which is about 125 usd which is more than average maid salary here which is around 50usd per month.So the maid’s job is to wash clothes,dishes clean the house etc she comes at 10am and usually goes home working 4-5 hours.What you dont understand is we are actually doing a favour to her you know why? because we are providing employment to poor people secondly she has a social life because my family treats her as human e.g we gossip her about stuff ,my wife takes her to shopping sometimes, on the other hand if we hadnt hire her where would she get money to eat since maids are not educated should they stay home? isnt it better she has a fairly satisfying social life which is also feeding her children 🙂

          1. Princehuman

            good point. This stupid jasbir should get educated.. really.. having a degree or 2 does NOT make you a better human being or even more educated or enlightened. These people are still ignorant. Angrezi hawa lag gayi hai bas, and have a fake sense of superiority over others now.. typical, especially for punjabis

        4. Princehuman

          I don’t think having maid cripples you. What cripples you is : having a car as opposed to using public transport, having washing machine as opposed to manual clothe washing, having dish-washer instead of doing the dishes yourself, having all kinds of technologies for which other countries – countries like India use human beings. Sure knowing cooking and fixing bicycle wheels(even kids in India can do it) etc is good. But, its always better to have someone to do it. It saves time. India uses human resource where USA uses gadgets. Clearly, you can’t afford maid in USA. You CAN, in India. So, don’t be butthurt, jealous of someone who has a maid/domestic help

      2. Venki

        Sneha and Sunita,
        I was fooled by one of such blogs in that people say, India is improved a lot. Then I returned to India and see that it is still the same, and I opine that it will take more than 5 decades/never to qualify that status. The differences I find in India from last to this decade is: (1) people dress up nice (perhaps expensive), life highly become fashionable; (2) Cost of living is sky-rocketing: 20,000 rupees monthly rent for 1 BHK in metros (buying don’t think about it, 1 crore and up..); (3) people are finding ways to loot money from others like, cheating in all forms of life-requirements; (4) highly polluted air, soil, and water in/from every corner of metro; (5) children education is close to 100% commercial, kid’s talent will be jeopardized with parent’s decision of returning to home country. There are multiple reasons, and I am a live example…

        1. Dingo

          Well you an go back to america and come back to shop in India because you see you want to save money by shopping in rupees and not dollars, well then the air pollution, roads etc all seem negligible. Let me ask you this? You been in india for a while. What have you done to change it? NONE! ZERO. Your only wish list was “God let India be like America” How can that be? You must know India will never become america not only in 5 decades but 5 centuries. Because, India has its own culture and its own way of sorting out things. You can go back!

          1. Swapnoneel

            What have YOU done for India which makes you talk like a politician? And who gave you the idea that you can’t do anything for India without staying there? I hate to blow my own trumpet; but I have pledged $70/month from my PhD stipend towards the education of a child in India since 2009. How many of your friends in India do that? If every affluent family in India sponsores a needy child’s education, the literacy rate would be 80%. We Indians are mostly busy to deliver lecture than actually work.

          2. T

            This post is outright offensive. Comparing life in two different countries? That too when one Country happens to be the Author’s/Commenter’s home country. All countries have problems, those who think USA does not have problems are living in ignorance. I live in one of the GREATEST cities of the world, NYC, millions flock here everyday. Definitely a great city,has its own set of nice and not-so-nice things. Having said that, does this mean I compare Mumbai and NYC?

            Who said US does not have problems? See the Health CAre System here? We need to pay thousands of dollars if there is a need for highly specialized treatments like surgeries. What about the Education System? If you are born in a zip code which does not have good schools, then can you imagine what happens? If kids that I see at malls and other schools are going to be the future of this country then God Bless America(pun intended).

            I love living in this country and I’m Proud of my roots too. That’s what gives us our identity. If you can manage to tell others not to call you Indian then I agree that you have a right to post immature stuff like posts here on the Internet. Don’t we all get called “Indian” in an informal way – be it in university, job or even in our resididential areas? Change that, and then you are truly an American.

            I’m Proud of our country , atleast it is not a communist country like China or a mafia haven like Russia or a Scndinavian country with plenty of money but no jobs.

            Good Luck to all who live in US and think they can forget their skin color and live caucasian, try it!
            Oh and I just graduated with my PhD from Columbia University.

          3. Swapnoneel

            Congrats for your PhD. And I respect your love for homeland. I’ve been to NYC and liked it very much. Maybe your experiences have been different than mine. As for myself, I haven’t seen a single instance of racism here for 4 years (by racism I mean differentiation based on skin color). You might have different experiences. So while I respect your opinion, I do stand by what I said. And btw, NYC is one of my favorite places, would love to work there after I graduate in December.

          4. T

            Thanks for your wishes. Yes, NYC is truly spectacular. But, that does not mean that I will be ready to live here all my life. It is nice to live in a foreign country for a while, but the comfort of living in a home country is truly a blessing.
            I also did not mean racism in the “hard” sense, I was also talking about skin color. It is there here among people from all nations. People would refer to us as ” Indian or Desi or south Asian” which is not really a racist comment but it is an identity that we might want to accept instead of saying USA is the best country to live which it is if you close your eyes to all other problems that this country has.

            It is nice to hear that you have dreams after yor graduation, Good Luck. Feel free to contact me if you need any help about/in NYC. If I am still in this country then I would want to help you. Just leave a message here.

          5. akb

            dude, i will give one good piece of advice. Since you are in academics, please ignore the good lectures given by patriots and focus on science. I am in academics working in india after pursuing higher education in the usa and europe, and am now waiting for next fall to fly back. I fall sick to see people completing a phd here in a few months. I guess u can understand what i mean!

          6. ajeetkumar

            even if you want you can not do anything for india.
            let me tell you an instance. My college prof. came to india to contribute to indian system, his experience was horrible and he went back to US. here you can’t even charity. scientist in BARC don’t own a car, and travel in blasting crowded local trains.
            lot more to tell, there are few things to appreciate in india.

      3. Princehuman

        odd man out? which “man’s” name is sunita? what kind of person are you ? lol also how is driving a pain? .. I love driving.. If you love driving India is the worst place there is. Then again everyone knows this.

    2. Chet


      US allows you to make choices. Saving the paycheck is your choice. You may chose to fly on a two week vacation. US enables you to exercise the power of money — for comforts, maid service, goals or achievements etc.

      In India our choices may be dependent more on society and friends and our exposure if i may is more limited. Its changing and becoming closer to the western world.


    3. Dingo

      Completely agree with sneha. If you want a life of an average middle class life, with comfort and freedom, bitching abt india – america is for you. If you want to make a name for yourself and understand why you were born in your family and not others ( law of karma – god made you born in ya family because, he wanted you to be in proximity to those who have some form of give and take account associated with in previous births, by being in proximity you shall get rid of them in your future births, so that the transitition to liberation becomes smooth). India is the mother of spiritual wisdom. Good luck!

  39. Marissa Peters

    Hey Kumar, I read your Post and I liked it very much. It gives me an idea about life and how in pretty much every country it’s different and by what i mean different is by different culture and laws and all sorts of things. I would love to go to India someday when I am older. I would love to volunteer to go there and help people and kids. Some people say India is bad and others disagree with that but for me, I think it’s both I mean there can be some bad stuff that is in India but, there can also be good things about it. I’ve always been fascinated with India and it’s culture. I hope one day I’ll go someday soon. Well, other than that I loved your post. Thanks & Bye

  40. sanjeev

    Your site is amazing and very informative. Your writing style is unbiased and simply tries to cover the facts instead of judging them.
    I am a new student in US. This site is proving very helpful to me. Thanks

  41. Nitin

    I totally agree with above said paras.
    INDIA is not a bad country but INDIANS can never be change
    becoz they always think they r superior but why they dont see the graphs on google i dont know.



    1. Princehuman

      Please go back to school, learn English, Sanskrit and all other subjects. You sound like someone who failed 2nd grade. You are soooooooooooo fucking ignorant

  42. Jennifer Kumar

    Kumar I like your writing style and I am really tempted to share my thoughts on ‘American individuality.’ I am going to couple this with being an expat and living as a foreigner in US (or any country).

    Yes in US we can be more individualistic than India. I say this as An American who grew up in US and studied my Masters’ degree in India. I have experienced both cultures. I am also married to an Indian.

    But, does being an individual mean we aren’t judged?

    I tend to say a resounding NO. People do gossip, judge, stare, criticize. Sit on a mall bench watch people go by with blue hair or tattoos or any other marker that makes them look different than most others going by, notice other passersby, I am sure you will notice the others giving these ‘different’ people stares and looks. People do judge. America is supposed to be the land of individuals, but at the same time just see the style and the culture; it is meant to conform. What happens to someone who doesn’t like football and doesn’t know who plays in the Superbowl? (I have been such an unfortunate soul….)

    That being said, it takes me to another related topic, being a foreigner in such a place and noticing this. I feel as an expat/foreigner in another country we are on the outskirts of mainstream society already in some form. (I am back in India now, learning about the culture in a new city, etc.). When we don’t really understand the lay of the land, we don’t know how people compare each other, we don’t really understand how people move up the social ladder, we don’t really understand a lot of things that ‘the in crowd’ or ‘locals’ do. In US we call this ‘keeping up with the Jones'” Being on the outskirts of this is kind of liberating because we don’t need to get caught up in the hub-bub of what to wear, what party to go to, what this or that we need. But in our own expat or friend’s circle there’s a different kind of standard that takes shape.

    This is even true in the desi circles in US. A particular car is good (Honda Accord? Toyota Camry?) A particular set of jobs desired? Living in particular neighborhoods? The list goes on. So though people (desis) come to US, are they able to exercise individuality (especially after marriage and kids come along)? Sometimes this pressure is enough to drive anyone mad be it Indian or American or whatever. Keeping up with the Jones’ in any social circle forces us to stomp down our individuality as we continue to compare ourselves to others.

    Just a few thoughts. Thanks for reading.

    1. administrator

      Thanks Jennifer. Very insightful comments. I agree with you, people do judge, but it does not hinder you from practicing what you want to do or what you currently do….You can be be an individual with choices you prefer…but, it may not work like that in a country like India… society and others judging you can impact your choices and behavior a lot…

      1. Jennifer Kumar

        It is true that in India society and family can and does influence people in a more direct way. However, it’s not to say in US that we are not influenced. I think especially as we ‘grow up’ into our late 20s, 30s, 40s etc if we do not follow a pattern society expects of us (marriage, growing career, kids, etc) we are gossiped about and constantly asked in indirect or even direct ways why we are not conforming to the norm. Unmarried or childless women into their late 30s and 40s are still not completely accepted by society, for instance. Men can get away with being brazen, single, and childless for a lot longer. Men don’t usually gossip about other men like women gossip about other women or even men gossip about women! So there are things that keep society in check and make us ‘squash’ or individualism or need to do whatever we want whenever we want. It’s a constant struggle for an American. Recently I had a facebook status on this. Maybe there are some interesting reflections there 🙂 http://www.facebook.com/authenticjourneys#!/jenkumar/posts/1807252855847

        1. T

          I totally agree with Jennifer. The society here too has a lot of problems. It feels like more freedom to us foreign nationals because this not our home country and we know none or few people here. I am sure that if Americans go and live in I ndia for a while, they will experience the same freedom that we do here in the US(minus the infrastructure ofcourse!). Only the ignorant think that US is heaven. US is definitely a great country to live in but certainly not worth bashing your home country for. This is my opinion.

      2. Sachin

        Dear Kumar,
        I, like you, am a boy brought up in a typical middle class family in India. I totally understand what you mean by ‘drenched in sweat’ in buses, or ‘barred from doing certain thing’ . Though I’ve been brought up in Delhi, I am currenty working in Chennai. Let me tell you a few things which I have found out here. Back in Delhi, I used to have actual freedom to do everything, as much as you can have while you are living with your parents. The culture was way open than what I have witneessed in Chennai. In fact, it may sound a bit rude to you, but I’ll go as far as saying that Chennai has remained culturally and socially 10, maybe 20 years backward than the other metropoitan cities of India.The situation in Chennai is completely different from what I observe when I go back to Delhi, on my quarterly family visits. It is as though I have stepped into a completely different country. But being in Chennai for the last 5 years, I have witnessed the growth of this city in this direction, much like I witnessed with Delhi when I was a kid, and I believe in a decade the situation would be more or less the same all over the place. 5-10 years ago, you may have felt these problems you have written about. But the fact is, that the India you talk about, passed on five years ago. I go to pubs, come back late to home, do whatever the hell I want to, and I can, because I am a self-reliant man. So are all the friends I have. If in 2011 I read an article such as above I believe that you have been an one-off unlucky case, not the whole population. Yes, we do have infrastructure problems. But in the last 10 years or so the situation has improved significantly. Believe me, being the child of two teachers in India, when I talk about this, I am talking with the viewpoint of a true middle class child. And talking about classes, I am pretty sure even in the US there are a lot of social classes, you just haven’t witnessed them, being an outsider and someone from the working class. Maybe the thing is that you have to adjust your mindset to a certain frame over here. Maybe living in the US has clicked for you, but the fact is, that you wouldn’t be as conveniant as you can be in the India of today anwhere in the world. Just for the sake of an example, here, my maid washes my clothes, cleans my room, my cook prepares my food, and pretty much all of of my daily work is done by someone else, other then my actual office work. Who does all this for you in the US ? Also, if you think here people ‘influence’ you way more then in US, then try taking your family over to the US, and then try to live the same life you do, with them living with you. The fact is, you’ve felt the above differences only when living in the US because you actually became independent only when you left for the US.
        Most of my cousins are software engineers who have settled abroad or come back after living a couple of years in the US. So I’ve heard a lot about the differences you’ve written in up here. Sometimes I believe these are excuses people make in justifying to themselves why they have left their country. Please forgive me if I sound a bit offensive, but I am stating what I feel is true. Kumar has said in his comment that maybe it’ll take a decade or so for our society to adjust and become a totally free, open minded one. I believe he is right, but I also believe the change is happening before my own eyes, and it’ll be there in metropolitans like Chennai or Kolkatta in the next five years. In Delhi and Mumbai, I do not feel there are any issues other then the infrastructure. Also, as far as ‘taboos’ of the society go, I believe that staying here and working towards uplifing these are the way forward, not searching for an alternative such as settling abroad.

        1. administrator

          Sachin, Thanks for sharing your perspective. You did bring up lot of good points. I agree with you that living independent definitely changes your perspective of many things. Also, as you you have mentioned Southern Cities are little behind embracing the changes…I wish I lived in Mumbai or Delhi by myself…

        2. Snu

          I am sorry but this joke just came into my mind after reading your comments, No offense:

          God (to Pig): “Do you want to come to heaven?”
          Pig: Do you have Sludge/dirt there?
          God: Are you kidding me, No !!!!
          Pig: Then No, I don’t want to go.

          1. Sachin Gururani

            And of course, the gods being ever decieving, fail to mention that their heavens might have a homicide rate higher than countries like Cuba, Sri Lanka, Iran, Bangladesh etc, one of the highest rates of alcoholism, and is historically one of the most racist places on earth.

          2. Princehuman

            really? which god is calling a schmuck like you to heaven? you’re definitely going to burn in hell pal, I can bet monkey on that

      3. ayush

        why are you criticizing India. all the time. Let me tell you americans are not a god,
        even they 200 yrs to reach a mentality of exceptence. It’s a sham that Indian slike you ditch their motherland

        1. tt

          Yes, agree with this person. americans took 200 years to reach where they are now. Ofcourse, US does give us material comfort but the issues on personal front do exist in US too: gossip, hypocricy etc. Its all there in US too 🙂 , just that it is on a lower scale.

          1. Dingo

            I completey agree. I have seen westerners embrace spirtuality in India. Indian desis act as traitors. Who cares. God make them die in america so that they can RIP!!!

      4. Princehuman

        You know Jennifer is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, still you are in denial. SHAME ON YOU. You are a pathetic excuse for an Indian AND a human. What a liar!!

  43. kishore

    This is Kishore.currently working in level-5 MNC company. Iam having total 5+
    years of IT experience in Mainframe flavours. I am looking to apply for H1B visa
    in 2012. But i have one more option to apply for USA employement.My company will
    processes my L1 visa in this year.But with out USA project requirement they won’t send me to USA.Now they are processing my L1 visa for future need.But i want to start my carier in USA from 2013 at any cost.
    Can any one suggest me in this is Case?
    Shell I resign to my current comany( by the way i can enter in USA through my H1B)if i am not able to get the chance to go USA through my L1 visa befor 2012 december?
    Shell i continue in this current company untill getting the chance to work in USA?
    Finally my Question is Which way (L1/H1)is better to work in USA ?
    Reply please…………………..

    1. administrator

      1. If your H-1 is applied, you can still resign from current employer and enter US on H-1 (provided H-1 employer is willing to call you here on H-1). Your L-1 visa won’t matter in this scenario
      2. That’s your call. There are lot of factors why one works for a company and why one shouldn’t work for a company. It’s an individual’s call what they need to do.
      3. Kumar has written an article on this. You can search this blog and go through it.

  44. kishore

    This site is having more explanation stuff
    and giving more clarity come accross with general question asked by the new
    admited person in usa….really its good.

  45. Roop

    Hello,I’m going to USA on h2a visa(farm worker).plz tell me that how and can I. take admission there in BE(mac. Engg.) in a university (change status to f1).plz. Reply me I’m very confused. Thanks.

  46. fabio

    Hello, Kumar…your post is very interesting and clarify us very well about how life is in the USA and the differences between living in India and in the USA. I live in Brazil and here, as in the USA, we are very independent and people usually do not interfere in the way of life of other people. however, it is very common heard that in the USA there a lot of prejudice about black people as well as about latin people. Do you guess that is it really happens? Or the worst, the american people seem to be a free prejudice people but they really do not accept anything that looks like different that they think

    1. administrator

      Fabio, We cannot really generalize everything….It totally depends on the location, etc…In general, it is very open and we dont notice discrimination in public as it is against law…. occasionally some may feel some of it, but it is not blatant…At least, so far my experience has been very good with just couple of incidents, when I was traveling…

      1. Princehuman

        Again, you are clearly in denial. The most racist country in the world is USA. You know it. Maybe(hypothetically) you were the odd one out who wasn’t harassed or shown disgust towards and weren’t called “smelly indian” and “curry nigger” or “towelhead” or mocked with “thank you come again” in a funny voice. Don’t tell me you don’t know that. I knew all this 10 years back lol

  47. Shashi

    Hi Kumar,

    Its me again, Shashi. I have to say this is a great article. I often argue with people that it is not just paycheck that people settle in US. Obviously it is more than that. Even urban settings in India are getting there slowly but I feel there are still taboos that exists in our Indian societies.

    1. administrator

      Hi Shashi ! Thanks 🙂 Yup, it is not just pay check that keeps people in America, it is comfort and independence ! I guess it will take some time a decade, two or more for our Indian society…

      1. Jangal Jayaraman

        Dear poster of the article,

        Your article on Personal Life, Comfort, Enjoyment in America Vs. India, I liked it very much stating your personal experiences. I would like to give my response based on my very limited experiences our stay here and we are very new to the US. I reached along with my wife to New Jersey – Hoboken on the 5th July 2012 to be with my son/daughter for about 2 months. We have settled in Bangalore and getting more and more exposed to the life of a fast growing metro in India/world.

        My son did his MS Computer science in the State University of New York. He has been in the eastern provinces since 2008 and at present he is living with his wife in Hoboken – NJ.
        Your article gives me whatever the existing situation of some of the developed countries in terms of personal comforts of the citizens. America has been attracting the best talents from all over the world. I think it is a planned strategy of the US. Also, their respective countries did not offer the best that the talented wants to fulfill their personal/family ambitions. I think the individual freedom, hassle free service delivery for meeting personal needs, people friendliness of the state machinery, strong enforcement of laws and citizen’s conforming ( either being responsible citizen/ fear of punishment) to state rules are some of the things I heard from people living here.
        In India there are states that focus higher level of industrial growth creates more of corporate private jobs like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Noida, and Delhi and there are other places too. I heard the corporate companies where my friends’ son and daughters are working used to say that the corporate bodies are also faced with discrimination or favoritism which will not be easily be noticed.

        The Government in India both Central and the states trying a lot of improvements in infrastructure, transports, public facilities, but it lacks many things – quality, quantity, transparency, accountability, corruption, too much of party politics etc.,
        The choice of selecting places to live is a personal choice whether in India and US. A sit is said changes are inevitable and we need to cope up with it.

        Jangal Jayaram

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