Parents or Visitor Visa – Sample Bank Verification Letter

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One of our readers,  Dmitri, has shared his Bank Verification  letter from US Bank that he sent to his parents for Visitor visa stamping for reference. Thanks to Dmitri for sharing the document and write up. You can share your experiences here

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Parents Visa – Sample Bank Verification letter for B2 Visa stamping

I was searching online everywhere to find a sample of the Bank Verification Letter(Reference) Letter issued by Bank of America(BOA) for the Parents Visa Sponsorship and was not able to get one. The bank employees were also not able to help me with the information that is going be to be in the letter as it was dispatched from their Registered Office.

However, I applied for the letter and finally got it. I thought I will share with you guys so that you can post it on your website so as to help others who are looking for a sample. I have masked all the sensitive information.

FAQs of Bank Verification Letter for Parents or Visitor Visa USA  :

  1. BOA charges $10 for this letter, debited from your bank account
  2. The letter can be collected the next business day from the bank associate if you order the letter at the bank. (It will be emailed to them, they will give a printout)
  3. The letter can also be ordered online via chat
  4. The letter is just a printout and can be faxed, emailed to the folks
  5. The period for calculating the average balance can be chosen (3, 6 or 12 months)
  6. The application for the letter requires the names of the applicant’s(full name as per passport) and the Consulate to which the letter needs to be addressed

Sample Bank Verification Letter for Parents/ Visitor  Visa  USA

Parents Visa USA Bank Sponsorship Letter

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Comments ( 16 )

  1. Atul

    I have received verification letter in similar format from BOA but does not have bank manager signature or stamp on it. Is it mandatory to have bank manager signature on letter?

    1. administrator

      Well, I guess, if has digital signature from higher authority, should be fine. If not, how can someone validate that those are real…right ?

    1. administrator

      Yes, it indicates that they are sponsoring their trip, that’s the difference. You are only sending invite letter, but not funding their trip.

  2. PM

    Do I need to make sure that I have at least 10K current balance available on my account when applying for the bank verification letter? What if its low at the time I apply for the letter ?

  3. Sitaram Sukumar

    This question is directed to the person who obtained the BOA verification letter. I am facing the same trouble with BOA. On their call-center , I requested for a letter of this format – All I received was a letter just stating my account balances.
    I’m at a place in the US and the nearest BOA branch is about 250 miles away, So I’m not in a position to travel all the way to talk to someone physically.
    They claim that they have a few templates and are un-willing to give something close to the format mentioned above.

    Assume that I’m unable to get such a letter – Can a letter that simply states my account balance suffice. Please address this concern of mine

    Best Regards,
    Sitaram. S

    1. ddaS

      You summary of deposit accounts should suffice. I got a similar one from Chase – which contains:

      1. Date
      2. Account holder’s address
      3. Summary of Deposit Accounts: A/C Number, A/C Type, Open date, Current Balance, Avg. Balance (12 months)

  4. david12

    I want to bring my parents(2) for visit to US from Africa, how much money I have to show and what would happen if I put my cousins money to show?

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