May 18th, 2010 H1B visa 2011 Cap Update – Prediction of Cap filing for FY2011

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USCIS released their latest update on H1B cap count today that were received as of May 14th, 2010.  Here is an update since previous cap numbers :

  • New 1000 Cap eligible H1B visa petitions were filed for Regular Quota
  • New 500  cap eligible H1B petitions for Advanced degree cap

Updated : Check  H1B FY 2011 count update page for  updates, Analysis and Prediction

May 11th , 2010 , USCIS official Total H1B cap count update :

Regular H1B Cap H1B filings19,000    of total 65,000
Advanced degree cap filing count8,100    of total 20,000
Total H1B visa petitions received27,100 of total 85,000

H1B cap count  update Analysis and Prediction of petition filings for FY2011

Well, I do not know if you have noticed, seems like the we are right on track with our trend as predicted last week. There has not been many fluctuations in the filings. Seems smooth. If the H1Bs are filed as this week, we will still be left with 46,000 visas and it will last 46 weeks. That is 322 days or 10 months. It is unlikely, but just trying to tell you the stats. On the other hand, for advanced cap we had 500 this week, if this rate goes we may have advanced cap last for another 23 weeks or over 5 months. I expect this number to be up  in next few weeks because of Spring graduates officially graduating with degree in May.  From an Unemployment rate perspective, the national unemployment rate was up by 0.2% in April reaching 9.9%. It was steady at 9.7% in Jan, Feb and March 2010. I do not know if it means a lot for H1B visa petition filings for FY 2011 cap, but we can expect the same trend with bumpy ride of ups and downs.

What do you all think of the prediction? Any thoughts to add ?

Regular H1B 2011 cap count Trend Graph

H1B Cap count update Analysis May 18th  2010

Advanced Degree H1B Cap Prediction Graphs

Advanced Degree H1B Cap Count and Predictions May  18th 2010

Reference: Official USCIS H1-B Cap count update


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Comments ( 4 )

  1. Anagha

    Hi, I submitted my application to WAC( cali center) on the 7th of April, and received a receipt dated 9th April. case status says INITIAL REVIEW even now!?!?!?!. What is the processing time? When are we likely to receive it any idea?

    1. administrator

      Typically, you can expect decision in 2 months or so. There are no set rules though…I have seen people wait for 6 months too before they got any reply. So, do not panic…just wait…check the USCIS website for processing times.

    1. administrator

      Raj, We cannot really say with 100% confidence. You can see the graph above that predicts based on data up to now. It is very likely for the FY 2011 quota to last 6 months, if the petitions are filed at the current rate.

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