June 21, H1B visa 2012 Cap count update- 1,700 petitions filed – Bad US Economy ?

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USCIS updated H1B cap count numbers earlier today, considering all the petitions received until June 17th, 2011.
Here are the numbers since last update by USCIS:

  • New 1,100 cap eligible petitions were filed for Regular quota
  • New 600 cap eligible petitions were filed for MS/Advanced degree quota.


June 17th,  H1B cap count updates by USCIS :

Regular H1B Cap H1B filings16,300 of total 65,000
Advanced degree cap filing count10,800 of total 20,000
Total H1B visa petitions received27,100 of total 85,000

History of the Cap count Updates are tracked on our H1B Visa 2012 Cap Count Tracking page as well.

H1B Filings Analysis – No changes – Bad US economy ?

The volume of H1B petitions filed under regular and advanced quota is back to exact volume filed about a month ago, which is in the week of May 23rd, 2011…We cannot really compare the numbers this week with last week’s numbers as the cap count released last week were for two weeks. In any case, the H1B petitions filing trend is very linear….If the same pace continues, we can expect the FY 2012 cap count to last beyond February 2012, unlike the advanced degree cap is most likely to exhaust by end of September 2011. Check out the trend graphs below for both quotas.
As we look at the job scenario in America, only only 36,000 jobs were created in May compared to the analysts speculation of 175,000.  Added to this, according to a US Conference Mayors report, seventy five metro areas will suffer with double digit unemployment rate until end of this year…In a recent statement, Fed chairman Bernake states about US economy that he expects a slow recovery…The International Monetary Fund have cut US growth forecast and is warning US on its budget deficit levels…On employers front, they are expecting newer graduates to have good communication skills, both oral and written as they feel it is difficult to teach them in new job and as have larger pool to select from…The only good news for new graduates is that National Association for College employers states that companies plan to hire 19% more new college grads this year than in 2011. Lets us hope it will help all the new college grads.  All this news may not be very encouraging to prospective H1B visa holders as skilled labor hiring is directly tied to Jobs creation…Lets hope for the best…

Are you a recent graduate ? Did you find H1B sponsor ?

Regular H1B cap Count 2012  Graph

H1B visa 2012 June 21 Cap Count update

Advanced Degree H1B cap count 2012 Graph

H1B visa 2012 Advanced Degree Cap count June 21



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Comments ( 19 )

  1. Karishma

    currently i am working at company A on L1A visa which is expiring in July 2013.

    There is company B who is willing to sponsor my H1B in April 2012 on premium processing for me to start in October. The questions i have are:

    I am thinking of moving back to India in May or June & join company B in October 2012. If i do so, i will not have salary for few months & does not impacts me joining company B? Or any other complication since I will not be drawiing salary for few months & not in the US?

    Also since i was holding L1A in the past & if i move on H1 still can company B file GC on EB1 category?

    1. administrator

      Salary slips are required only for the period you are in US. As you will be out of US b/w May/June and Oct, those payslips are not required.

      If B files for GC, it will be on the basis of the job being offered by B and not A. So the GC category will depend upon B’s position which may not qualify for L-1A.

  2. Chandran

    Hi Saurabh, i got my I129 approved as stated earlier, but have not received the documents from USCIS. when my attorney called, they had asked to wait for 2 weeks…since we did not receive even after 2 weeks, they have filed for a duplicate copy. Any idea, why this happens, what are the risks, …

  3. Chandran

    hi, my employer has submitted my I 129 petition during may 0x, 2011. Its in Initial review now. During the petition process, the employer only gives details of the job offered, the salary(LCA document) and my personal particulars. But in the USCIS site – in initial review, it says, that background verification will be done on the applicant,…. identifies any issues that may arise during interview….criminal history. My question is: what and how will USCIS do the background investigation…they do not have any of our past experience or names of the companies where we worked??

    1. administrator

      It’s a standard text that they put in. Usually they don’t go into depths of doing the background check. In certain cases, they have asked the applicant to get a verification letter from local police station. As for experience, if they feel susceptible about your experience, they may follow-up w/ the companies to ensure you have worked there (or ask you to submit references of old employer). If you have nothing to hide, then it should be more like a formality.

      1. Chandran

        Thanks Saurabh, My status still the same. Hope things will move in +ve direction…
        well, I do have one more question.
        My employer has hired me for the position of Sales Manager to sell SAP software in US & Canada. I’m currently working in their Indian office..
        My employer is a mid size company n has executed many federal projects (US). it is recognized as a MBE/ WBE.. in 30+ states. It’s a SAP Channel partner, certified Microsoft partner….

        I have overall of 12+ years of Exp n about 2+ as a SAP Technical Consultant. Other 10+ yrs i have been working as Technical Sales Manager…in Electronics, Industrial Automation domain .

        I am SAP Qualified Pre Sales Consultant & SAP Qualified Solution Consultant (Technical).

        ..so in this case, what r the prospects n risk involved in my visa stamping.
        Because I see most of the guys in this form belong exclusively to IT industry …

        1. administrator

          H-1 is primarily for job that requires at least Bachelors degree and are specialized in nature. With IT, it is easy to show the education requirement and specialization of work. With non-IT, it isn’t that obvious.

          However, you have a high number of years of experience and are also certified. If your employer is able to show that the proposed job requires the 2 H-1 requirements, you should be eligible. Unfortunately, it’s tough to give a Yes or No kind of answer to this question.

          1. Chandran

            well, thanks for your comments, i do have a Bachelors Degree in Engineering (ECE) but most of my experience (10+) are in other domain ie. Embedded Electronics Business Development / Sales. They have nothing common in IT…

            only for the last 2+ yrs I made a career change into SAP as a functional consultant but then this employer has seen the potential that I can be a good Sales Manager as I got exposure to both sides – Technical , Functional & Sales…

            in this site, I see path2usa.com/h1b-visa-qualification that Sales Managers also are included but so far, only few in most forum say that they belong to Non IT domain.

            In this USCIS site –> http://www.uscis.gov/USCIS/About%20Us/Electronic%20Reading%20Room/Customer%20Service%20Reference%20Guide/Nonimmigrant_Empl.pdf

            No specifics are mentioned wrt the Sales Position. Anyway the petition is already filed, hence let me wait n watch.


          2. Chandran

            My status has gone into RFE. USCIS has sent a doc asking few docs to be sent to them like Company brochure, copy of relevant portions of the contract, SOW, Service agreements…most recently filed Federal tax returns,blah blah…..from me (beneficiary) they want to see from my college transcripts, the subjects taken during my BE (ECE), which my employer feels qualify me for the position offered.
            My employer will take about 2 to 3 weeks to submit the docs now…

          3. administrator

            Sorry to hear that Chandran. I hope your attorney is able to frame a good answer, and your petition gets approved.

          4. Chandran

            Hi Saurabh,
            While responding to the RFE, can we add additional document relating to the beneficiary.
            For example, can we send a document or a certificate stating that i (beneficiary) have taken “aaa” training or that i am “bbbb” certified which adds value to the position offered.

          5. administrator

            Yes, that should be good. You have to show what makes you qualified enough for the position being offered.

          6. Chandran

            Hi Saurabh,
            My I 129 Petition is approved, after 4 weeks of my attorney’s response to the RFE. Will have to get appointment in Chennai Consulate i believe….hope things will move on smoothly.
            any suggestions reg. preparation for visa Interview are welcome.

  4. chethan

    Is there any issue currently in getting LCA approval for New Jersey region?.. Also can you please let me know if the LCA that was taken last year (unfortunately could not file the petition as the cap got closed) holds good for this year also provided with the same project and location.
    Help is much appreciated!!

  5. venkatesh

    my H1B in this year cap approved and im waiting for visa interview,but i can only travel only after this October.
    in between ,i am in need to travel to USA on july 1st week.

    1. Is it possible to apply B1 visa while H1B is in progress ???
    2. how many days to get the B1Visa stamped ?
    3. If i get the H1B Visa(valid only after October2011) in JULY2011 and B1 Visa, Can i travel with B1 on july2011 and continue(while in US) H1B in October ?

    Please Advice

    1. administrator

      1. Yes
      2. Depends upon your reason for travel.
      3. Possible only if you file COS in US (from B-1 to H-1) and USCIS approves it. If USCIS denies it or you don’t file it, then you will have to leave US at the end of your B-1 based I-94, get H-1 visa stamped (if not already done) and enter on that visa stamp to work on H-1.

    2. Shelly

      Hi Venkatesh,
      Can you please let me know when was your petition for H1 was filled.
      I have also filled H1 and my petition was received by US Consolate on 12th April , But i am still waiting for the response its in the initial review phase 🙁 , i have filled my petition for WAC (California Centre).

      1. venkatesh

        hi Shelly
        you can read all my stories in the below link

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