Injured or Sick ? Care, Attention, Affection – India vs America – Experience

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Almost a year ago, when I was in America, I got sick and was bedridden for a week…right now, I am bedridden in India with an injury. Both are quite different experiences, let me share my thoughts. My perspective for writing this article is that I am assuming, you are an International Student or professional and do not have lot of family members residing in United States.

Being Sick and Bedridden in United States

I got sick few times during my seven years of stay in United States…let me share few instances…Firstly, when I was a student doing MS …I had about 4 roommates, they helped me get food / medicines as needed…but I was very nostalgic missing care and affection from family….Secondly, when I was a working professional…I was staying by myself…no roommates…I pushed myself, got food and went to work by taking medication…It was very tough doing everything on my own…Thirdly, when I was a student doing MBA…My friend was my roommate…it was very helpful to have a friend, he got medicines, food, etc…I was bedridden for almost a week, it was emotionally draining, I missed family and felt very lonely…As I did not had my parents or any of my family members around me, when I got sick, it was emotionally very tough for me…there was no one to take care of me or talk to me affectionately in person during day…everyone are busy with their own life in America…As international students or professionals they are either going to school or working…no one has time….

Injured and Bedridden in India

Well, recently I got injured in India and am bedridden for few weeks now…I have to tell you…the attention, affection, care and love my family, friends and people around our family have expressed is overwhelming…Not that they never expressed this before, it is just that  can sense the difference after my experience in America…Anyways, here in India there is someone visiting me all the time expressing their emotions and praying for me to get better…It is not that I am expecting any of these, but being around family and friends, having someone to talk to you and take care of you is comforting…I cannot even imagine myself bedridden like now staying in America, it would have been horrible…

Conclusion  :

Not trying to be philosophical here…As young individuals, we tend to realize the importance of being around our loved ones, when we are in distress and we need them for us…

If things go well for you, when you are in US, it is fine…but, if things get complicated for you like severe injury or any medical complication, it can be very stressful…if you do not have any family in US as you are an international  student or professional, make sure you have few backup plans in place…You may apply for visa for your parents and make sure they are ready to come to US, if needed…You may stay around your family friends or any good friends, who can help you when needed…


What are your experiences being sick ? Any suggestions ?

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Comments ( 13 )

  1. suraj

    Health insurance is also a very new thing to handle for us here…. how to handle doctor appointments,insurance coverage,how to get immediate help,apply for claim…… We didn’t need these terms in India for handling doctors…..complete guide on handling health insurance in USA for indians is given at

  2. dreamchaser

    for this experience you don’t have to go to america.
    Just go to farthest city from your hometown you feel exactly same thing …

  3. Toby

    Hey Kumar,
    Get well soon. We are your friends here. I have been reading your articles for the past 1.5 years and like your inputs on almost all aspects of an Indian immigrant. I am in NJ, so if you are close, maybe we can meet up.

    take care,

  4. Rahul


    Get well soon, dear! I will keep you in my prayers,,, As I mentioned earlier, I have my L2 interview on July 7th and I will share my experience with you on this site.

    Again, take care and get well soon,


    1. administrator

      Thanks Rahul !
      Good Luck with the visa interview !
      You can send the experience to redbus2us(at), I will post it on our blog.

    1. Mouli

      when we r in despair we need family else we need senore taquilla….salsa….foam party…..capming….softball….etc…etc….so called njoyment.
      u guys r sick…. 🙂

  5. Mouli

    what should be the back up plans?

    Lemon chicken & flaoured milk with proteins in fridge ?

    reply dedo….i am waiting for your reply…..

  6. Sagar

    Hello Kumar,

    Yes, that is indeed very true. As international students, we understand the importance of family when we are away.

    Get well soon 🙂


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