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H4 Dropbox Experience with Appointment: Process, Documents 2019

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One of our readers, Rajesh, recently got their H4 visa stamping done using Dropbox using the New Appointment Process at Hyderabad, India. He was kind enough to take time to share their experience with the community. Thanks to Rajesh for taking time to share their experience.

H4 Dropbox Experience Hyderabad– Background Info :

I applied for H4 and H4 EAD with the new Biometrics process, was waiting for approval and finally ended up going for H4 stamping as it was taking too long. I had my H4 visa stamp still valid, but expiring in November 2019. My spouse H1B recently got transferred and we got 3 years on H1B, I went to H4 Dropbox to get new H4 Stamp until end of my spouse H1B.

US Visa Dropbox Appointment Booking Process – Complete Steps

  • Complete DS-160 form : First you need to compete DS-160 form and then print confirmation page and save it.
  • Register for Account to book appointment : After that you need to register an account to book an appointment at https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/?language=English&country=India
    • If you already have an account, you can use that.
    • Duplicate Profile Details: In my case, as I was trying to register account, it was giving an error saying duplicate profile exists.  The fact was, my spouse already had an account as we did drop box in the past together. As I was traveling by myself, I needed to get a separate account for convenience.  So, I called up customer service to create an account with my profile details and they unlocked it for me. I was able to do booking using normal process after that. It took couple of days for it.

Booking Appointment for Dropbox / Interview Waiver :

It is a total 3 steps process.

  • Dropbox Eligibility Checker : Once you login, you will need to add yourself, then you will be guided step by step for drop box eligibility, where you answer questions about your age, your recent H4 stamping, etc. at the end, you will get confirmation that you are eligible for drop box, which is called as Interview Waiver. It looks like this in yellow background as you can see below. Confirmation for Dropbox Submission
  • Pay Visa Fee : After the above screen, you need to specify document delivery / pickup option, which city you plan to pick up. After that you will get option to pay the fee for the visa stamping. It was 13,680 INR. You could use NEFT using Bank of America, IMPS or pay over the counter at Citi, Axis bank or DRUX PNB Bank.  You cannot pay using your overseas accounts. You need an India Rupee account for this. We picked the offline Pay over counter option and asked our relatives to help us out.
    • Cash Payment Advice Slip : You will need to print a cash payment advice slip and that need to be used at the Axis or Citi bank as it has a CGI reference number.  It takes about a day after the fee was paid in bank for it to get activated.
  • Booking Appointment for Documents Submission: Once you pay the fee and receipt is activated, when you navigate to the visa tab on home, you will get a popup on the payment screens saying a receipt matches and would you like to use that. You can say use existing receipts, then it goes to the screen to book appointment
    • Schedule OFC Appointment / Drobpox Appointment: This is the most confusing part, when you go there, the screen does not say Schedule Dropbox appointment, it says schedule OFC Appointment. See below. They in fact mean Dropbox Appointment, but as they seem to be using the same system for normal visa stamping, it says so… but in this context, it means dropbox, so do not worry…Anyways, You need to select the interview location, where you plan to give interview, if there was a need for interview. This would also be the place for submitting your documents.  The dates are displayed like below with slots available for a day in the bottom. You can select a day and then book, if that day is open.  Once you book it, you should print the confirmation letter. You need to carry it along with you for the dropping off documents.  The appointment letter has all details on what you need to submit.
Dropbox Appointment Booking - OFC Appointment Confusion

H4 Dropbox Document Checklist :

I carried the below documents to submit dropbox.

  • Passport
  • H4 Visa Stamp Copy from passport ( expiring soon)
  • Copy of approved H1B of my spouse
  • Copy of previous H1B approval
  • Copy of my spouse’s H1B Visa stamp ( expired )
  • Previous copies of my expired H4 Approval notices.
  • Previous copies of my H4 Visa stamp
  • DS-160 confirmation page
  • Interview waiver letter printed during appointment booking.
  • Passport photo.

Dropbox Document Submission Process at Hyderabad, Photo :

  • Photo : As I have seen photograph issues reported by many users, I decided to take photo at the dropbox location. Inside the H4 Dropbox submission office, you can take Passport Photo for dropbox, they charge you 250 INR, expensive, but I guess easier for us rather than taking it another place and replacing it again.
  • Not allowed Items : You cannot carry any electronic devices, including phones or anything with Bluetooth. Especially, if you use Apple watch kind of stuff, you should keep them away in your car or give it with your relatives.
  • Document Submission : The process was very simple. In the beginning one person verifies the documents, before your documents are submitted at counter. I was missing my spouse’s recent visa stamp copy; I only had the previous visa stamp copy that was expired before that. I submitted it and hope it will go well. After the documents are verified, you go to the counter and submit the documents.  You can submit anytime between 10 AM and 4 PM on that day.  It took like 10 to 15 min for the process.
  • Online Status Changes – Administrative Processing  :  I submitted documents and then checked online for the status of the passport on second day. It changed to “Administrative processing”, I was really worried on this, but on further research on similar experiences, it says it is common to see that.  Anyways, on Day 3, the status changed from Administrative processing to “Issued”.  I was relieved. Totally, the processing was done in 3 days. I got email to pick up passport on Day 4.
  • Pick up Passport – My Brother : I did not go to the consulate to pick up passport. Rather, I wrote a letter indicating that my brother would be coming in to pick up passport and put in his details in it and his photo id info. It is the authorization letter. I also gave my Aadhar Card and Driving License as proof. He carried his driving license and passport that I mentioned in letter. He also carried the appointment letter.  He was able to pick up the passport on my behalf without any issues.  Total processing time from drop-off to pick up in 4 days.  
  • Also, luckily, in parallel, by the time I arrived in US, I got my H4 and H4 EAD approved and they were delivered to my address.

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Comments ( 191 )

  1. Athavur

    Thanks for the great information.
    I am on H1B and my spouse on H4. our visa got expired in Jul-2020. We are planning to travel to India.
    Can I drop my Spouse documents as well?
    If yes How should I fill the DS160 Can I link both DS160s (group applications) or shall I fill them separately?
    Appreciate your help!

    1. administrator

      Yes, you can.You can link them in the appointment booking time or separately, both works. It is a choice.
      If you want to keep them independent, you can have them separate. Even, if they are separate, still you can drop off her documents.

  2. Sunni

    My wife and kid dropped documents on Nov12 for Mumbai location. Those are still in application received after 11 days. Is the and any other way i can check how much time dropbox are taking now a days. Anyone is in same situation.

    1. Murali

      I’m on the same boat. My wife dropped her documents at Hyderabad consulate on 10/14 and the status changed to “Application Received” on 10/16. Since then the status remains same and the last updated date is showing as 11/04. Can any one help us with the options we have?

      1. sunni

        I got them stamped this week, So generally now it takes 2 to3 weeks. one thing that we observe either application stays in received for long time and processing and decision happens fast. Of application changes to processing and stays there for long time. But there is waiting for at least 2 to 3 weeks after you submit the document

  3. shravan

    My Last drop box (2018) is at Hyderabad location. I am eligible for drop box but can I choose the different location this time? As I am not finding slots at Hyderabad location. if any one has done the same earlier let me know. it would be helpful for me to plan my trip to India in Dec 2020.

  4. Ishan


    Quick question – We applied for my wife’s I-539 extension in May 2020 and got the approval today but she had left to India in mid October before we got the approval. Her first H4 visa got expired in August. She is qualified for her H4 Dropbox stamping and we got an appointment next week.

    Do we have to add the I-539 approval in list of documents? Can I send her the copy of I-539 approval or original is needed?

    Thank you

    1. administrator

      It is not needed. If they ask, you can submit it. Just send her the electronic copy and ask her to print it out and carry it. If needed she can submit it.

    2. Soniya

      Hi Ishan

      How did you manage to get an appointment. I’m in the same situation as your wife. Any information will be very helpful here.

  5. Manoj


    I have submitted my documents at Hyderabad consulate on 10/22 using drop box and the status changed to Application received with updated date of 10/23 and one more time updated date changed to 10/29 but status is still showing as Application received. Does any one in the same situation.

    1. Ttrisha

      Hi….may i know when you have booked ur appointment….actually according to office there is no appointment dates are available for delhi consulate

        1. Sri

          Hi Manoj, I am also in the same situation as yours. Below are my dates which is exactly like yours. Please keep me posted on your status.
          10/22 – Documents submitted
          10/23 – Application Received
          10/29 – Last updated date changed but the status remained same as Application Received.

          1. Minny

            Hi Sri,

            To which consulate you submitted documents? Did you submit your employment letter electronically or in person after refusal?

    2. Sunny

      Hi ,

      I am in the same boat as well. Have submitted docs at New Delhi consulate on 10/15, status changed to Application Received on 10/16, since then same status.

          1. Sri

            Thank you Manoj!
            Mine was refused on 11/4 as I was asked to provide Employment letter. After I provided 11/6 H4 visa got approved and on 11/10 my H1B got approved and yet to collect the passport. Could you please let me know if you have any stamp as NIE exception marked on your visa.

      1. Ttrisha

        Hi kumar, i have heard that there is a lots of denial for H4 EA, is this may be same for H4 dropbox…or there may be not major issues related to extension. Actually i am not getting appointment dates for extension. According to office no appointment dates are available and i am eligible for dropbox ……i am really very worried about appointment dates

        1. administrator

          There is no denial or anything as such for Dropbox, it is all about the availability of the dates. You need to keep and eye on the same and then book.

      1. Gouse

        Do we need to go in-person to submit the documents for dropbox or anyone can go and submit on my behalf? Also some say we need to give for biometrics for H4 dropbox. How much it is true?

        1. administrator

          You do not have to go for Dropbox, you can submit it using others. Check the appointment letter it should have instructions.

    3. Jayshree

      Yes, I am also in same situation my status got updated on 5th Oct and then on 8th Oct and it is still showing Application Receiv It’s almost 6 weeks I m waiting for my visa, on other hand my son who is 5 years old got in 10 days, I have submitted our documents together.

  6. Ram

    Hi Kumar,

    Thanks for the details you have provided. My wife need to submit documents to dropbox. I have few questions, can you please advice

    1. Does Bangalore dropbox center accepts visa renewal requests? or it is only in Hyderabad and Chennai (in South)
    2. Can my brother submit the documents instead of my wife? Is that allowed?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Utkarsh

      I had the same questions as you just couple of weeks back for H4 dropbox.

      I took an appointment for Chennai IW and submitted documents at Bangalore drop-off location. In my case also my brother went to submit documents. Over all processing took 3 weeks. Hope this info helps.

      1. nuthan

        Hi Utkarsh,

        Congrats on your visa.
        Even I had submitted my password at blore Dropbox office on 19th Oct and the status is showing as application for h4 visa is in administrative processing since 2 weeks. Was your application was also in same status?

        1. nuthan

          Hi Utkarsh,

          Congrats on your visa.
          Even I had submitted my passport at blore Dropbox office on 19th Oct and the status is showing as application for h4 visa is in administrative processing since 2 weeks. Was your application was also in same status?

          1. Utkarsh

            Hey Nuthan

            Here are the status change dates which I had noted down for my wife’s h4 application, one observation was every week(exact on 7th day) status got changed/updated. good luck for your visa!!.

            —Visa Status
            10/6 and 10/7 – No Status
            10/8 – Application received
            10/15 – Administrative Processing
            10/22 – Issued

          2. Nuthan

            Hi Utkarsh,

            Thank u so much for wishes and guess what..your wishes worked out for me..The status just changed to issued 🙂

            all the best wishes for everyone who ever have applied for visa processing

            Many Thanks

          3. Ttrisha

            Hi Nuthan, when u have booked for appointment as there is no appointment dates are available since last one week…according to office.

        2. Vinod

          Thanks in advance!

          Can anyone update your visa dropbox timelines? like when you started your appointment booking and when you received the drop-box slot in Bangalore? I’m traveling to India and planning to use the dropbox option in Bangalore. If I see on the internet the latest appointment (Chennai) is Mar18th. I’m confused it is VAC date or dropbox appointment date.

          1. Nuthan

            Hi Tthrisha, Hi Vinod,

            My recent visa processing dates

            10/19 – appointment at blore visa dropbox office
            10/23 – Application received
            10/27– Administrative Processing
            11/2– Issued

            Total duration of visa processing is 2 weeks from the time of dropbox appointment.

            Many Thanks,

  7. Govind

    Hi Kumar,
    Thank you so much for all your hard work and keeping us up to date on all the changes that are happening. Really appreciate what you and your team are doing for the community!
    My wife has her dropbox appointment scheduled for H4 visa extension. I am on H1B and in the US. What document can she submit to prove that I am in the US and she is eligible for extension under NIE?


    1. administrator

      Thanks for nice words.
      You need to submit your current I-94, your I-797 approval notice, Your visa copy on passport and current payslip. Optionally, you can also submit a letter from employer indicating that you are working and currently in US.

      1. Ttrisha

        Hi..if dropbox is open for new delhi or not….actually after my husband’s visa extension i am also trying to apply for the same but office persons are sying that u can apply after appointments will open….plz help..
        And plz if possible plz let me know the appointment date availability for delhi

      2. Ttrisha

        Hi kumar,
        Hi..if dropbox is open for new delhi or not….actually after my husband’s visa extension i am also trying to apply for the same but office persons are sying that u can apply after appointments will open….plz help..
        And plz if possible plz let me know the appointment date availability for delhi

  8. Sushma Ajay

    This information was insightful.
    Our H4 visa was expired very recently and my spouse is about to receive new I797.
    I wanted to know whether spouse and child of H1B applicant both are eligible for H4 drop-box? I wanted to know whether spouse and child of H1B both are eligible for H4 drop-box?

    1. Nandita

      Thanks so much for the information, its really very helpful. I really appreciate the way you put all the steps in detail.
      I have a question regarding the documents needed – how many years of W2 and pay stubs of primary applicant should we attach for H4 stamping via dropbox facility?

    1. Jayshree

      I have submitted my H4 documents along with my son on 28th September for Mumbai consulate via dropbox . My son got his passport stamped on 8th Oct and his status was updated accordingly to Issued. But my status on ceac site still shows Application Received it was updated twice on 5th and 8th Oct and it is still Application Received. Has anyone faced same issue, and what are the next steps I should take.


      1. Sunny Gupta

        Jayshree , Looks like you can help. Please advice if my Wife and Kid are eligible for Drop box or not?
        My H1b Visa, Wife and kids’s h4 expired in sep 2020 (Just 2 months back).
        I got h1b extension approval recently. My wife and kid are in India, and want to come back in USA as soon as possible.
        Are they both eligible for drop box?
        Major confusion is with kids eligibility as it says that “Both the parents should have valid visa”
        Please help.

        1. Ben

          Yes, your kid also is eligible for dropbox along with your spouse. My spouse and kid also submitted their H4 application at Bangalore dropbox on 29th Oct. You have to submit your expired visa copy, you passport copy, Approved 797 copy and letter from your company confirming your position and employment.

  9. Jai

    My VISA is expired and received I-797 in recent. My wife is planning to travel in Dec 2020 to India. Is it okay to send my passport with her for stamping?

    1. A

      Yeh agar Trump ne pad liye to H1b poora ban kar dega bhai….please don’t ask such stupid things on forums……you in US and you send your passport for stamping to India with your wife.

  10. Anonymous Genuine

    This was helpful and I would like to confirm the same was happened and followed the tips as mentioned to wait and status changed as issued .
    H4 Dropbox using the New Appointment Process at US Consulate Chennai, India.

      1. Niharika

        Hi ,
        Can anyone say when will dropbox availability for october 2020 please i cant see any dates for renwal of h4 visa for huderabad location

      2. Nandita

        Thanks so much for the information, its really very helpful. I really appreciate the way you put all the steps in detail.
        I have a question regarding the documents needed – how many years of W2 and pay stubs of primary applicant should we attach for H4 stamping via dropbox facility?

        1. administrator

          Usually, they may not even take it as it is additional information. Just take the last two to three years, it should be fine.

    1. Sruthy R Nair

      May I know how long the status stayed as administrative processing, I am also in the same situation. I just had the H4 drop box done on September 17th, the status changed to administrative processing on 22nd till now there is no update from that, is this normal, im really worried.

    2. Ttrisha

      Hi..if dropbox is open for new delhi or not….actually after my husband’s visa extension i am also trying to apply for the same but office persons are sying that u can apply after appointments will open….plz help..
      And plz if possible plz let me know the appointment date availability for delhi

      1. Praveen


        This is new delhi telegram group, ppl are updating open slots and helping each other…

  11. Pavithra


    Have submitted my documents on Dropbox for H4 Visa Stamping by Sep 8 -2020.
    its almost pending more than 6 working days in US Embassy. Now, i am currently working in India and have checked with the website that says ” Still pending with the US Embassy”

    Please suggest me why the passport is holding more than a week. Probably, most of them getting status within 3 days. Due to working,Is there any reason for holding.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

      1. Niharika

        Hi ,
        Can anyone say when will dropbox availability for october 2020 please i cant see any dates for renwal of h4 visa for hyderabad location

  12. dav

    Hi Kumar,

    As per the recent exceptions on Presidential Proclamation, I am eligible for NIE. For h1b visa stamping, do I need to go though Emergency approval or can I go with dropbox? I am seeing that I am eligible for Dropbox and will be able to schedule Dropbox appointment. Please let me know.

  13. Ben

    My H1B is approved till Aug 2022. My spouse and kid will be traveling to India in November and their current H4 visa got expired On 29th May, 2020. I understand that my spouse is eligible for drop box facility but what about my child who is 6 years old. I think for kids less than 14 years, both parents valid Visa is required which won’t be there as I’m not traveling and my spouse is applying for stamping. So in that case will both have to go to consulate for stamping?

    1. administrator

      Currently dropbox is not available due to the consulate restricted operation. Your kid will also be eligible for dropbox, just need to attach your expired visa, approval and all documentation like I-94. Email the US travel Docs to get confirmation, if something has changed and do update us.

        1. administrator

          Yes, dropbox processing for renewals has resumed. it is applicable only for eligible candidates under exceptions for Executive order.

          1. Pranav

            I think Dropbox is now opened for all H & L visa from the text quoted on embassy website https://in.usembassy.gov/visas/ below,

            “Consular sections across India are now accepting drop box applications for renewals of all nonimmigrant visa categories at Visa Application Centers across India. Please visit our website to determine whether you are eligible for drop box processing. For H, L, and J categories subject to Presidential Proclamation 10052, applicants must also qualify for an exception to the proclamation. A list of drop-off locations is available on our website.”

            Previously it was for H, L, and J subject to proclamation but if you are not then you should come under regular renewals and seems renewals are open for all nonimmigrant visa categories. Can someone confirm?

          2. Mahesh

            Thank you Kumar. I have a question on the dropbox appointment date. After I login to the ustraveldocs site, I see that the first available appointment as Feb 17, 2021. So does that mean I cannot submit the documents through dropbox until then or am I reading it incorrectly?

            Please help.

        2. Shravan

          Hi Mahesh, have you able to schedule your dropbox appointment? Even for me, it is showing the appointments are not available till March 2021.

          1. Rohit

            I am in the same boat. Not able to book dropbox appointment yet. No availability until Fed ’21. Hopefully, they are more slots soon.

      1. Ben

        I was able to book the dropbox appointment for my dependents for Oct 29th (Bangalore). There were very few slots available when I was trying to book. Only 27, 28 and 29th Oct was available, nothing in November and December. May be the slots are not open for coming months.

        1. Ben

          Hi Pravkum, for Delhi I see that now only Oct 23rd is available and that too just 5 slots. You can see the OFC appointment dates once the payment is done and the receipt is generated. Receipt is valid for 1 year.

          1. Pravkum

            Ben/Rohit – Much appreciated! I was able to finally book the slot (through my Company) for 22nd OCT for H4 visa stamping. Thanks for all your support in this trying times!

  14. Sree08

    Can some one help me as i’m unable to view any Dropbox Eligibility Checker pages/steps to validate my Dropbox eligibility like described in the article , i have navigated till the VISA fee payment page and still , I meet all the requirement of drop box and have done my prior visa by Dropbox , so not sure if i ‘m doing anything different

      1. Sree08

        Yes Kumar I’m eligible for the Dropbox , as my visa just expired in Mar 2020 and my prior visa was done in India also by Dropbox

        I’m not sure why I’m unable to see the yellow box just wana know if any one else facing the similar issues very recently
        Unable to reach the help desk as well due to COVID-19 crises

        1. administrator

          Then it is probably something to do with the system. In any case, there is no point now without having slots now. Wait for few days and once they open, then you can do it or call them to check on the issue.

  15. Skumar

    Hi All,

    Me and my spouse went for H1 and H4 visa interview together last year in October and we got visa only for 5 months based on the client letter. Since it is for small duration my spouse didn’t traveled with me. Currently existing H4 visa got expired in march. Now my extension is approved, with my current extension will my spouse be eligible for drop box or she again need to attend the interview. Any idea?

    1. administrator

      She should be able to get the dropbox, if she meets all the general requirements. Of course, now everything is stopped, but once opens up, she can use that…you don’t have to worry much, the system will automatically prompt you for dropbox, if eligible.

  16. SANDIP

    Hi I am trying to book the dropbox appointment, I already booked the date under(Schedule OFC Appointment). When I click continue it is asking for “Schedule Consular Appointment”.
    Since mine is dropbox why its asking for consular appointment also to book. Without selecting it there is no submit button.
    Could you help me understand what I need to do here.

    1. administrator

      It should not ask for consular appointment. You should have got a confirmation, if you were eligible for dropbox. Try calling customer service once.

    2. Sai Kiran

      Hi Sandip,

      I am facing the same issue while trying to book an H4 dropbox slot for my wife. While navigating in the portal she got the yellow box saying that she is eligible for dropbox, however, it is asking for consular appointment after selecting the OFC. Were you able to get a resolution on this? If yes, what is the process for it?


  17. Sou

    Hi sir,

    Please let me know if they require Biometric for H4 renewal. I am eligible for H4 drop box and during booking for appointment I selected Chennai consulate. Can I drop the document in Bangalore or do I need to give Biometric in Chennai

  18. Mustafa


    Myself (H4) and my spouse (H1-b extension approved) are planning to go to India for visa stamping. We filled our DS-160 applications and while looking to schedule appointment it said for each class visa , applicants need to be eligible for Dropbox individually .

    Is that means we need to create separate profiles to book appointment in order to be eligible for Dropbox?

    Thanks for helping!

    1. administrator

      There is an option to add family members in the ustraveldocs website on home page, where you can book appointment, check there. It is right on the home page says “Family Details”

      1. Mustafa

        Thank you for your response. So to be clear if we add my details as family member in my spouse profile then we can have separate questions for both h1-b and h4 Dropbox in same profile. Am I right?

        Cos we initially tried to schedule for both in the same profile with add ‘existing applicants who need to apply visa with you ‘ option but at end for Dropbox eligibility it asked questions only for my spouse (h1-b). That’s why thought should we need separate profile

        Please clarify!
        Thank you

        1. administrator

          Usually, the system tries to check, dropbox eligibility for both separately. If both eligible, then you can do it as family. If not, then you will need separate profile. Try it out and speak to customer service, if questions.

  19. Shobha

    Hello All,

    I have a valid stamped L2 VISA till 2023. My extension is still under process as my extension expired in Dec 2019. We had filed for extension(s) in Sep 2019 . My spouse L1 visa got approved and he has received the latest i-797 valid till 2021. Due to an emergency i had to travel to India in Jan 2019.

    Do i need to use drop box facility or i can directly fly back to USA with my spouse’s i-797 extension


    1. administrator

      In general, if you have valid Visa stamp on passport, no need. Usually, all you need to do is carry the latest approval notice of your spouse and use that to enter US. Now, for your case, I am assuming it is blanket L1, so I am not fully sure on the visa stamp part for L2…Please check with your spouse’s company attorney and then proceed…or check with another attorney.

      1. Shobha

        Thanks Kumar.

        I am having an individual L2 visa stamp, and not blanket visa.

        So hopefully i do not use drop box facility


  20. Anonymous

    Hello all,

    Could some please help me out with my situation. I’ve dropped my H1B docs for stamping at Hyd H1B Drop box location on Dec 4th. Today I’ve received an email from US travel docs as below:
    Your document(s) have been collected from the US Embassy/Consulate

    When I track my visa status, it still says “Admin processing”. Could some one please comment here on my situation. What might be the visa status if anyone has similar previous experiences.

    Thank you.

    1. Srinivasa Chaitanya

      My Current H1B Visa got expired on August 28th 2019.I have got my extension approved and planning to travel to India on Jan 13th and planning to return by Feb13th.On filling the DS-160 and Travel docs application,I see that I am eligible for dropbox visa stamping.

      Can you please confirm ,if this is correct and I can go ahead and book the appointment for drop box?

      Also ,can someone please confirm the earliest available appointment for drop box in hyderabad?

      Thanks in advance.

      1. Shravan

        As they made 24 months instead of 12 months (within last 24 months, your visa should have expired) for dropbox, it seems you are eligible. But this rule is applicable until December 31st i guess.

  21. Nagesh

    I asked my organization to book appointment for drop box chennai location on Jan 13.but they said appointments slots not opened for Jan month.any idea on when does the slot open..I need to book my flight ticket if it’s available. Also is there more chance that slots would be available for Jan 13? Am confused whether to book flights as prices are increasing daily or wait for appointment confirmation.

  22. Anonymous

    Hello guys,

    Could someone please confirm if below is the correct link to track the visa approval status for H1B dropbox? If not, please guide me on how to track the status and what are the avg processing times now for H1B dropbox?


    Thank you.

  23. Swang

    At the time of submitting my ds160 application i was eligible for Dropbox and i had to proceed with it and submitted the application. However, the date i visited the consulate to drop off my documents was past my H1b expiration. They said i was not eligible for dropbox. So now I have to wait 24 hours and change my appointment to get biometric and visa dates. This was so confusing. I am here only for 3 weeks in India and I’m hoping to get some open dates, otherwise I have to reschedule my flight to later which I hope does not happen.

    Please make sure that you are still within the eligible expiration criteria on the day you submit the documents. Not just the date on which you submit DS-160.

    1. Abhi

      Hello Swang,

      I’m sorry for your case. I have my dropbox aptmnt today and my previous H1B visa stamp expired 3 months ago. Should I be good? Also, could someone please help me with the Dropbox confirmation letter (Is it the CEAC Confirmation letter or something else?).

      Thank you.

  24. Abhi

    Hello guys,

    I have my first H1B Dropbox experience on December 4th. I had an H1B transfer recently, Could someone kindly guide me what documents should I be carrying along with me and should we enclose them in an envelope and drop them or how is it going to be?
    Also, I don’t have a Client letter or MSA, but I’ve gathered alternate documents like Email conversations and Org chart to prove that I’m working at the client location, Should I include them with the documents that I drop?

    Thank you very much in advance !

    1. administrator

      You would get a letter with the required documents, when you book appointment on what is needed. Don’t worry, just follow the guide. You just carry them, they will collect them from you. Well, check with your attorney on the letters and emails and then only include based on how your petition was filed…

  25. Amit

    Can anyone who is trying to book please suggest if the Drop Box Appointments are showing available for 16th December 2019 or the same week for New Delhi location ?

    Appreciate the response.

      1. Amit


        My organization is booking appointment for me and i have been informed that appointments are available for 16th Dec week at New Delhi location for Drop Box as of 22nd Nov 2019. I don’t have a screenshot to share

  26. Kartikeya Mohan Sahai


    So I booked my h1b drop box appointment and was able to schedule on my needed date with no issues. But, my “Appointment COnfirmation Letter” does not have anything under the “MRV Fee Receipt” Section other than my name, the barcode+code for DS160, and my UID (8 characters).

    In my previous experience (with actual Consular Visa interviews), that section also had the fee amount paid with a receipt number added with a dash (-). Does anyone if this is an error, or can confirm that they too have the same info in their MRV Fee Receipt section?


    1. administrator

      Yes, there should be the fee under it in INR and receipt number. Try to re-print again, it should come up.
      If not, speak to customer service once. Also, do update your experience after that here for everyone benefit.

  27. Venkatesh Ramamoorthy

    Very useful information, indeed! Especially on the part regarding booking appointment for Dropbox facility, which shows the same page as OFC appointment that would otherwise be confusing. That too, with screenshots indicating exactly what that page looked like. I followed those directions and have booked my slot, and it was quite effortless.

    Thank you so much, once again!


  28. Kav

    Hi All,

    I am planning a trip to India by Feb 2020. My last Stamping with US Embassy was for H4 Visa and done by October 15 2018 and the Eligibility was until April 2019. We got H1 and H4 Extensions until April 2021 and in my trip to India by Feb 2020 – It will be only me visiting India and not my spouse.

    Please let me know If I will be eligible for Drop box also if I can go for Dropbox despite my Husband not appearing for a Visa Extension and presenting his extended i797 alone will suffice

    1. administrator

      I doubt it. Check the requirements here and check for yourself, if you qualify for it : https://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-visarenew.asp

  29. Arun

    Thanks Rajesh for the very useful inputs on procedures for ‘Dropbox’ facility. I have learnt that I am eligible for dropbox facility. Can I schedule an appointment and let the passport be dropped off by someone else? If so, do I have to give an authorization to that person to submit documents on my behalf?

    1. administrator

      Yes, you can do that. Yes, you will need to give authorisation letter similar to pick-up of documents. I will share the details in couple of days as article for everyone benefit.

  30. Soumya Patil

    How to get the Interview-Waiver Confirmation printed? I am dropbox eligible (got the yellow background screen), but no-where it had instructions to Print. Now that I have paid the fees and scheduled the appointment, is the “Appointment Confirmation” good enough or is there a separate “Dropbox Confirmation” letter, that I should print. If so from where can I get it, as I am not seeing any option for that in the ustraveldocs account.
    Thanks in Advance.

    1. administrator

      After you get receipt, you will need to enter it and then you will be able to select the date and time for booking…that’s when at the end you will get dropbox confirmation…that yellow screen is just an indication…you need the other letter after you book appointment.

      1. Soumya Patil

        Just wanted to update. I got my H4 stamped thru DropBox, got the passport back on 4thday after submission. The only documents that were looked into
        1. Appointment confirmation
        2. DS160 confirmation
        3. Passport
        4. Photo
        5. Spouse’s H1 (I-797) approval copy.
        Thanks again Kumar.

  31. Lakshmi

    HI all

    Need your help. I my mistake choose drop box. Like my passport expired in within 12 months and I choose Yes. Which then said i was eligible for drop box.

    I already booked for drop box, now i have to change to regular appointment. There is no option to edit. Did anyone experience this?

    1. administrator

      I am not sure, what you mean by passport expiry. In any case, you can try to cancel the appointment and then start over. If you are having issues, you can call customer service, they can help you too. Do post your update here after you tried options.

  32. Praveen

    I renewed my Indian passport a month back and my old passport has valid visa stamping till Jan 2020. Is this impact H1B drop-box availability?

    If not is there any complication for delay approval? Please let me know if someone has a similar case in the past.

  33. Nikita Sharma

    I have a simple question.. is it possible that I can go for drop box option for my H4 visa extension stamping prior to H1B (my husband’s) visa stamping, if I have copy of approved i797 for my husband?


  34. Abhi

    Hello all,

    Quick question: I heard that if we switch employers and require stamping, then we are not applicable for H1B DropBox stamping. Is this a valid scenario?
    I know, this question wasn’t listed in the H1B DropBox eligibility questions, but I just want to confirm.

    Thank you.

    1. administrator

      No, it does not matter, that is not a qualification criteria. You can be eligible for dropbox, even with transfer…

  35. Abhi


    Are the Appointment dates same for both Interview and DropBox or does the dates differ for both? Meaning, I see the current availability for Interview is December 26th, Is that the same date for DropBox too or will it differ?
    If so, could someone please share the available H1B dropbox appointments at Hyderabad consulate for the month of December?

    Thank you,

    1. administrator

      No, they are different. The interview dates are much more backlogged than just visa dropbox appointments. The dropbox appointment dates are not public, you cannot see the dates, unless you put in receipt…In general, they are mostly open…

  36. Mayank

    What does the earliest availability look like for Dropbox?
    Planning to go for visa stamping during December, and UI am wondering if it is already too late

    1. administrator

      I saw it available immediately even for next week. Should be fine to get it for December…You need to start the process to be safe.

      1. Abhi

        Hello Kumar,

        I really appreciate your help on this blog !

        Have you seen the available H1B DropBox appointment dates next week for Hyderabad Consulate? Also, I have paid CGI fee via Axis bank 48 hours ago. I haven’t received any email reg Receipt number activation and I couldn’t use the receipt num yet to book an appointment. Could you please suggest me on this? I have my account frozen for 72 hours due to suspicious activity and now I don’t know if the receipt number is activated yet.
        I’m trying to book an DropBox appointment for December first week, and now I’m worried if I might lose the dates.

        Thank you.

        1. Sudhakar

          Hello Abhi,

          Did you see the latest (Nearest)dates available for Drop box appointments. As I am planning in January 2020 and my H1B extension is in progress now.. Based on the drop box dates availability I have to decide whether I need to go with premium processing or not.

          Kindly update once your appointment is booked.


          1. SS

            I guess you get date next day also, My husband filled the form on 10 /17, he took date of 10/21 in Chennai,
            On 10/19 he was able to change it to Delhi for 10/21 as some cancellations might have happened. As of now they easily available.

        2. administrator

          I do not have access to the online system…based on what user said, they are available from recent update…try calling them to get it unlocked, you should have got it activated by now…Also, do share your inputs on dates availability here for everyone benefit. You can add a screenshot or share details on the threads listed in Community Forum for Dropbox Appointments

          1. Abhi

            Hello Sudhakar,

            The drop box slots are wide open. You can even find a slot for tomorrow. I don’t have a screenshot but they are available.

            Thank you.

  37. Sandeep

    Your screenshot for schedule OFC (Dropbox) appointment has the earliest date of Sept 13th.. Are the date availability immediately available? When i go to ustraveldocs.com the interview wait times says 34 days. I hope that is not applicable to dropbox scenarios..Can you confirm? Thank you

    1. administrator

      The one you see on the top is for actual visa interview that is not applicable for Dropbox. You should have immediate availability in most cases. For you to see the dropbox availability, you need to put in the application receipt by paying fee, then only you can see the availability.

      1. Sandeep

        That was my understanding too initially but thanks very much for confirming it…good to know that dropbox availability is different from interview availability..

  38. Vishal Verma

    As far as i know, if you leave country (US) while you H4 or H4-EAD are in process, the applications will be rejected/denied automatically and you would need to file for it again. Is that not true?
    I see in above it didn’t happen. M confused.

    1. Raj

      No, it was applied in US. I applied for H4 Extension and H4 EAD in US and then was waiting…as nothing was moving, I decided to go for stamping in India…Luckily after I came back, I got my H4 EAD approved as well.

    1. Pallavi Koratkar

      Don’t you need a 797 approved for H4 dependents? In my case, I have my H1B extension approved, but we’re waiting for H4 extension 797 notice. We are not sure if we can travel to India and get Visa stamped for all. Any idea?

      1. Raj

        No, you do not need that, if you are going for stamping. All you need is your Spouse’s H1B Approval. You can travel and get it stamped. It is exactly my case, we did not had H4 approval, when I submitted for dropbox. I only used my spouse’s h1B approval during submission.

          1. administrator

            If you have the original, it is preferred…if you do not have it and is with employer and only have the copy, it also works…

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