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H1B Visa Case Receipt Number – EAC, WAC – Meaning ? Check ?

Most of the H1B Visa Applicants, who are picked in H1B Visa registration Lottery process would file their H1B petition with USCIS. Once USCIS receives a H1B petition, they would issue a Case Receipt number that can be used to track the status of H1B petition. Usually, employer or attorney would share this number with an applicant. If you are new to the process, it can be puzzling to look at the number and guess what each of that means. In this article, we will cover what the H1B Case Number given by USCIS would mean by looking at each of the letters in the H1B Case Number.

What is the H1B Visa Case Number ?

USCIS would assign a case receipt number for every H1B petition filed with them. It is a 13 digit number and typically starts with three alphabets like WAC or EAC based on where it was filed. Each set of characters mean something in the case number.

We should break down the H1B Case Number into sets of characters grouped like below:

  • EAC—20—128—50345 ( example for FY 2021 Case)

Now, lets look at each of the groups of characters.

First 3 Letters of H1B Case Number EAC, WAC, LIN

First three digits indicate where the H1B petition was filed.

  • EAC – Vermont Service Center (old name: Eastern Adjudication Center).
  • WAC – California Service Center (old name: Western Adjudication Center).
  • LIN – Nebraska Service Center (LIN refers to Lincoln, Nebraska).
  • SRC – Texas Service Center (old name: Southern Regional Center).

Next 2 Letters of H1B Case Number – Year

Next two digits indicate the year when it was filed. NOT the fiscal year. Do not try to read something that says like WAC2017XXXX to think it is related to year 2017, you should only look a the two letters after the first 3 characters.

  • For H1B Visa 2021, it would be 20
  • For H1B Visa 2020, it would be 19

Next 3 Letters of H1B Case Number – Computer Working Day

Next three digits indicate the computer working day of the USCIS fiscal year that starts from October 1st. It indicates the computer work day, does not include weekends and holidays. USCIS computers do not work on weekends and USA National holidays :-). October 1st is when the fiscal year starts for USCIS. If your H1B was filed on October 1st, it would be 001. It is a little tricky with this number, computer work day indicates only working days and not weekends. For example, if it is like October 20th, it would be 16th working day or something like that…For April 12th, it would be 134 as the weekends and federal holidays are taken out. You can use wolframalpha website to ask the exact week day after Oct 1st, you will need to add federal holidays to that number.

  • For April 8th, it would be 128.

Next 5 Letters of H1B Case Number – Actual Case Number

Next five digits is the actual case number. Most of the times, it would start with a 5 for H1B Cases that use form I-129. It is also is the number that was assigned to on a particular day. There is no guarantee that it would start with 0001.

  • Sample number would be 51244

Check out  detail article: Understanding your  H1B Visa Case number

Check H1B Case Status on USCIS.gov

After you receive your H1B Visa Receipt case number, all you would have to do is to track the status on USCIS website. Read How to Check H1B Petition Status on USCIS website.

Premium Processing for H1B :

If you were to file H1B visa petition under premium processing, you would have received the case number and a confirmation email that your petition was received by USCIS and it is under processing. Usually your attorney or your employer would get that information. Once your case is approved, similar email with approval status would be updated via email.  A hard copy would be emailed after the emails to the address specified in petition.

Regular Processing for H1B  :

If you were to file your H1B visa petition under regular processing, you would not necessarily get an email from USCIS, rather you would get a hard copy receipt mailed to your employer or attorney.  Also, decision information would be mailed to your attorney or employer after decision.

You can read Steps after H1B Lottery – Flow Chart to know more on next steps

Did I miss anything ?  Any other thoughts to add ?


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  1. Hi All,

    Mine is EAC13138512** and still in IR from Apr 1st. It’s been 106 working days and still waiting… For all the people in the IR state, it’s time to test our Patience.

    Lets keep the hope alive.


  2. Hi Saurabh and Senior members,

    Please help me clarifying my doubts. I read your several posts with the similar situation but they were old ones and not sure whether they do apply the same with current rules if changed.

    My L1B I94 and Visa expires on Sept 18th 2013. On Aug 18th 2013, I received an notice from another employer saying my H1B approved with COS and it has I94 effective oct-01. On the same day Aug 18th 2013, my current employer applied for L1A conversion and extension

    Can i start working for H1B employer starting from Oct 1st as i have H1B approved with I94? If so can i ask my current employer to cancel L1 on Oct 1st? As i understand, between Sept 18th and Sept 31st i will be on “stay authorized by Attorney General”. If My L1 Extension is cancelled after Oct 1st then will there be any problem in future even thought H1B approved with I94 but between Sept 18th and Sept 31st i was on L1B extension petition which is eventually withdrawn or rejected after Oct 1st?
    I understand the implication of L1 extension getting approved after Oct 1st as i have to leave and get H1B approved in home country.

  3. Finally!! EAC1313952*** approved on 29th August. Thank you Allah!
    RQ/RP/ Non IT .. COS
    Notice date 18th April.
    Goodluck to all waiting. Don’t give up hope!

  4. Please Help,

    Regarding DS -160

    Guys there is 1 column in DS -160 which ask about

    — > Have you made specific travel Plan — i put NO
    Then it is asking —- INTENDED LENGTH OF STAY IN US — Please tell me what to put in there ? — Is is the time for which my petition is approved or i can write anything — means even less — Please help me out urgently …

  5. Guys,
    Good News!!
    New H1B:
    Regular processing, Regular quota, IT background, from 8th april Initial review to direct post decision and it is approved on 29th August
    receipt series

    • mine is l1 to h1B
      I have one more question, normally for change of status with in US means USCIS will send the approval document along with new I94, now I94 is automated, so how does the new I94 format along with approved copy, will it come or no
      any suggestions

  6. Hi All,

    Monday is holiday in USA. Those waiting for results may need to consider this. Me also waiting. 🙁


  7. Received H1-B approval tonight! 29th Aug.. Keep the spirits up guys.. processing seems to be lagging by a couple of weeks this year. Cheers!

  8. Thanks every one .. Its a wonderful forum ..

    Just wanted to share my good news ..

    My H1 B Approved .. EAC13142506**

    Vermont , regular processing , IT . .. L1 –> H1 conversion !

  9. Hi Saurabh,

    My H1b petition was sponsored by a consulting company and is in RFE status now. The problem is, when the petition was submitted to USCIS, it claimed I would be working for client A. However, I will be reassigned to work for client B. Is there any chance that I get the approval, given that client B can provide all necessary documents?

    Also Appreciate if anyone else can clarify.

    Thank you & waiting anxiously.

  10. Hi All-
    Finally, my prayers and all my well-wishers prayers are answered. I got my H1B approval yesterday. Completely relieved. It took almost 5 months. I would like to thank you all including the redbus2us team for giving an oppotunity to users of this site to share their real-time update on their case status. Thank God! You are really Great! Now, moving to the next step of visa stamping. Hope it goes well I get the visa before 1st Oct. ’13.
    Thanks again everyone!

    Case #: EAC13143***** series
    Quota: RQ
    Processing: RP
    Field: IT
    Exp. level: 9 years

    Regards, Sam

  11. HI,

    Is there anyone from SAB Info here? Please share your status. Did anyone get approval filing from Sab? I got RFE..

      • Hi Shirli,

        I also got RFE on 26th.. Still waiting for RFE mail to reach.. Can you please share ur number or mail id so that we can share further details and keep each other posted about our progress?

        • Hi,

          I got an Rfe through SAB. I don’t know if my H1b will get approved. We can discuss and help each other. my no is 309-445-5726

          • Hi,

            Could you be able to provide me any contact details for h1b sponsorship through sab info. I am looking for h1b visa sponsorship and have really heard very good feedback about the company.
            Any help would be highly appreciable.

    • If you are lucky then fine..but many even after approval got deported, as securities checked that there were no projects in the company. BEWARE FROM SAB INFORMATION SYSTEM OWNED BY BABU DEVALAPUR AND BY NOVELTY INFOTECH BY JAYAKAR NEELA. THESE TWO PEOPLE ARE FRAUDS!!! NEITHER THEIR ANY VISA GOT APPROVED NOR THEY RETURNED ANY MONEY. They will change the company name, so just remember their names. They ran to India and they are not refunding any money. One is located in Atlanta and other in Alpharetta.

  12. Hi All,

    I have been waiting in Initial Review status for my H1B since april and its frustrating.

    The content in USCIS is “On April 16, 2013, your Alien Registration Number was changed relating to your I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please check our website at www.uscis.gov for further updates on your case” etc

    But for few other petitions with IR status i see the content as “On April 8, 2013, we received this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. Please follow any instructions on this notice.” etc

    Can anyone let me know what is the difference between those two ?

    My series is WAC1313550***. RP/RQ IT sector.


  13. Dear All,
    I am writing first time on this forum and need suggestions from your end to evaluate the correctness of information.

    I have applied for H1B in the month of april, but till date have not received any accpetance or denial on my petition. Yesterday i spoke to my employer and they said there is nothing like waiting list and chances are less.
    I am bit worried where my petition has gone? Is there anyone facing same issue? Also what are the possibilities?

    Kindly advise.

    • Hey, Alok,

      I am in the same situation as you.
      No Receipt nor the return package.
      I spoke with my employer as well, but the only sentence i used to hear is “wait”, but i used to here another sentence as well, which is “chances are less & it will be a rejection”, but my point is “if it is rejection, then, where are the return packages”.
      When we spoke with the USCIS, they said ” it might be misplaced with the mail” i mean that is ridiculous.
      please respond, if anyone in the same situation as us or if you have any information about this kind of situation.

      • Hey GB,
        Thanks for sharing your experience.

        Yes i do heard the same sentence “Chances are less”, however i am wondering is there any way we can check with USCIS on the not responded petitions or if there can be any sort of waiting list concept?

        With every passing day i am lossing hope, not sure what to do now because everything is open ended now……..


    • Hey Alok,

      I am in the same boat….

      Did not receive any update, My employer is asking me to wait.

      USCIS is saying package might have been lost. They saying ask your employer to call USCIS and file an enquiry / if they have the I797 reciept # then the employer can call with the details to get the status.

      It is completely ridiculously, currently everyone is going for stamping and we are waiting just to find out whether we are selected in Lottery or Not!!!

      Keep posting guys…

    • Alok,

      You can ask your Employer that if the Check which was attached to the Petition was debitted…

      If the Check has been debitted that means you have been selected in Lottery and you can Approach USCIS mentioning the check details.

      Best of Luck!!!

      • Hey Siva,
        My check is not yet debited.

        Yeah its very surprising that USCIS is saying package might have been lost. I dont know except for waiting for next month we dont have choice.

        Will ask my employer to check with USCIS.

  14. Anyone in WAC13135510** series in “RFE response review” state? This particular series is seeing very less activity when it comes to moving status from “RFE response review” to next stage. Other series in WAC131355**** is getting approved within 10-20 days after moving to “RFE response review”. God knows what is going on.

    Also observed number of denial notices being sent in that series have spiked since middle of last week. The sudden jump of high number of denial notice worries me. Can you do anything after getting denial notice?

  15. Hi,
    I’m new to this forum. I’m naive to this H1B, receipt #, series…
    I’m trying to understand how this processing at USCIS is being done and based on what series?
    Mine is EAC1314453xxx. When I checked the status in USCIS site, it shows receipt date as Apr 8th and still in initial review. Looking at this forum I get to know that there is no sequence in the way how the receipt #’s are processed. I could see that EAC13146 series are processed; and there are still EAC13139 series not processed yet. So how is the relation b/w the processing day (the 3 digits after EAC13) and the last 5 digit series? Can anyone explain for my better understanding?


  16. Most of the “still in IR” comments start from eac13136 series… I guess earlier generated numbers were either approved or are in RFE. I guess in another month or so we would move to eac13146 series…

    • Its random pick. Mine got changed from IR to approve on saturday. Eac13144.many above and below were already in decision months ago…
      So keep hope on and all the best.

        • Hours after I posted that msg to this forum my H1 got approved. Approved on Monday Aug 26th…eac 1314453*** series. RP/RQ COS.
          Keep the hope. Things would change positive sooner!
          Thanks everyone for posting to this forum and hope you all give to others.

  17. Hi,

    My status has been changed to RFE today. I guess it will take another week for my attorney to get back to me with the list of required documents.. Could someone please tell me what is the common list of documents requested. Also, whats MSA…


    • MSA stands for Master Service Agreement. (it can be btw Employer and Vendor or EVC or EC (client))

      Typical RFE Questions:

      • the skill required to perform the specialty occupation;
      • the source of the instrumentalities and tools required to perform the specialty occupation;
      • the location of the work;
      • the duration of the relationship between you and the beneficiary;
      • whether you have the right to assign additional work to the beneficiary;
      • the extent of the beneficiary’s discretion over when and how long to work;
      • the method of payment of the beneficiary’s salary;
      • the beneficiary’s role in hiring and paying assistants;
      • whether the specialty occupation work is part of your regular business;
      • whether you are in business;
      • whether you can hire or fire the beneficiary or set rules and regulations on the beneficiary’s work;
      • whether, and if so, to what extent you supervise the beneficiary’s work; and/or
      • whether the beneficiary reports to someone higher in your organization.

      1.) Copy of relevant portions of valid contracts between you and a client (with whom you have entered into a business agreement for which your employees will be utilized) that establishes that while your employees are placed at the third-party work site, you will continue to have the right to control your employees;

      2.) Copies of signed contractual agreements, statements of work, work orders, service agreements, and letters between you and the authorized officials of the ultimate end-client companies where the work will actually be performed by the beneficiary, which provide Information such as a detailed description of the duties the beneficiary will perform, the qualifications that are required to perform the job duties, salary or wages paid, hours worked, benefits, a brief description of who will supervise the beneficiary and their duties, and any other related evidence;

      3.) Copy of any other documentation that describes the skills required to perform the job offered, the source of the instrumentalities and tools needed to perform the job, the product to be developed or the service to be provided, the location where the beneficiary will perform the duties, the duration of the relationship between you and beneficiary, whether you have the right to assign additional duties, the extent of your discretion over when and how long the beneficiary will work, the method of payment, your role in paying and hiring assistants to be utilized by the beneficiary, whether the work to be performed is part of your regular business, and the tax treatment of the beneficiary In relation to you;


      9.) Etc…

  18. OPT Expires: Nov 14th, 2013
    H1B filed (non-quota): Aug 19th, 2013 at California Service Center
    Current Status: Initial Review
    Processing: Regular

    Question: Looking at the current processing time it says April 16th for H1B. Does that mean the waiting time is almost 4 months? Do you think this time is sufficient to get H1b approved before my OPT expires?

    • Hi,
      The current processing date on USCIS site is completely wrong for H1B at least as my case, my H1B submitted on April 8th (as per USCIS receipt) and till now status did not change and it is showing as IR, so i believe dates for H1B is not applicable because of volume they handle. However, your case is H1B non quota and probably it may considered priority from USCIS :), all the best!

  19. Hi PPL

    Anybody got approved from TCS…..
    iam getting still mail got selected in Lottery and pending with USCIS like that..
    please let me know if you ppl have any information…for approval….

  20. Hi Friends,

    My Application status is in Initial Review for I129 since April 8.

    I am so worried about it and loosing hope on my H1B. Its CoS from my L1. Should I try to do the premium processing ? Please Advice.

    Also I have been reading many of them are getting RFE nowadays. If I do premium processing, what are the chances of getting RFE.

    The fact of my application still in Initial Review is making me feel very unlucky with this. Lets say for an instance I am getting RFE once I do premium processing. And will it take another few months from there though I have premium processing.

    I am in need to start working from Oct 1, 2013. Please share your comments. It would be really helpful.



    • Yes it is very sad that USCIS taking lot of time for few applications, at least 3 application are in IR status in 10 applications , looks like status of change applications getting delayed, my case status # EAC-13-142-52*** and mine also L1 to H1B status change, i am also confused when should i resign from my company to take H1B , incase of delays no idea where my status would be ? My lawyer saying I should get status before Oct 1st but i am not sure what happens if i get REF ? in that case what would be my visa status ?some one please suggest and it is very appreciated… any how wait for two more weeks, cross fingers!!!

      • I wish you the best !

        Friends, Please share your comments. I will believe there are many out there with same problem.



        • Mine also L1 to H1
          RQ / IT / RP
          I am also in Initial Review since 8th April
          My receipt number matched with your number, seems assigned same type of numbers for COS people, but we can’t guess USCIS maths
          However, Harini you donot need to panic, if you wont get any status till october 1st,
          last year my friends didnt get anything till 1st OCt, they upgraded premium they got approval that time by 12 th october. Some people directly got approval in nov or decmber in RP
          so we can not predict USCIS matters, at last it is luck
          Iam hoping every one will get H1B because that is the only VIsa uscis giving now a days

    • I was in same state. It got approved this saturday. So u may pls wait as the process is running. All the best. My eac is eac1314450***

  21. After a very long n frustrating wait. Finally good news.


    Your Case Status: Post Decision Activity

    PLEASE SUGGEST NEXT STEPS.. And also that what is in embassy interview?
    @ALL WAITING: Yours will get cleared soon.

      • Next steps.
        1. Approval notice along with form I797 will be sent to your company.
        2. Uscis will send the approval package to your onshore immigration team. They will again send it back to local immigration team.
        3. Start and submit DS160 form.
        4. Local immigration team will setup the ofc and interview with consulate.
        5. Attend ofc and interview after 10 – 15 days.

        Apart from the last step, all the other steps happen within a gap of 1 week.

          • by “local team” i mean the local immigration team of yur comapnay in a particular city.

            they will take care of scheduling the interview the consulate, before which u must start and submit the DS 160 online form.

  22. Hi,

    My status has been changed to RFE today. I guess it will take another week for my attorney to get back at me with the list of required documents.. Could someone please tell me what is the common list of documents requested. Also, whats MSA…


  23. Hi Saurabh,

    I am working top IT company in India. I received RFE on jul 30th for employer employee relationship. They asked for client letter, sow, msa , jd, payslips etc.

    I could not get individual client letter. I was able to get sow and msa. But Sow is expiring next month sep 30th. So I submitted a manager letter stating the sow is extendable along with msa , sow, etc with a initial blanket client letter(its not an individual , its a common letter from client, which I submitted during initial filing)

    Is there any possibility of my case being approved. Do you see any problems here since I could not get a individual client and the sow is expiring next month?

    Please let me know.

    • Hi Ravi,

      Honestly speaking its hard to judge about approval or denial. Honestly speaking i also got same RFE and this one is not good to have RFE. You try to submit all documents which you have that is what you can do instead of thinking what will happen. They require SOW and if you dont have then ask your DM to give you written notice on companny letter pad that will do.

      Regarding SOW expiering next month will be bit diesy and it may affect the end result so try to send DM letter stating that SOW is about to renewal and you require for that position that is what i got to know from my company GI team so i am just telling you not sure if it will going to work or not.

      Regarding client letter yes it is tuf to get individual client letter so we have to stick with bulk client letter where they have mentioned about so and so many people are require to work onsite.

      Regarding MSA which depends on your SOW so again you need to check with immegration team.

      It seems you are from infosys. I am also in same RFE so wish you all the best and hope we will get approval and if in any case it will be otherwise then something more good will be waiting for us.

      Wish you all the best.

      • Hi,

        Thanks for your encouraging words. I almost lost hopes. I’ve been waiting so many years to have H1b initiated. Now this RFE is really making me sick. Yes I am from Infy..

        All the best to you friend. Keep us posted.

        • Hi Ravi,

          I am also from infy and i also got RFE on same page. I think if you have all above documents means SOW , MSA and Client letter then you should be fine. I hope you also have joined infy recently. I have also joined infy recently and got same RFE. i hope it would get clear. Just try to get SOW till April 2014 if possible. my employee id is 627018. Add me in communicator we will discuss more in detail.

          Dont loose hope buddy i was not selected in lottery for 2 yrs then infy applied my H1 without asking me 🙂 and get selected in lottery and now RFE. Just keep faith on God. Whatever will happen it will happen for good. 🙂

          Hope to see you on communicator.

  24. Hi All,
    I checked USICS site, my case is approved on July 11th lawyer she said she got the approved hard copy after a week gap she send to My Employer. I called my employer they said will give the update once if receive.
    At this time they are not willing to give the any kind of documents to me, I called them/sent mails
    They are not even responding.
    Q:Did they applied my H1B visa? (I got the receipt number with the official form), Can they edit the number on the receipt create a fake number and send to me will this happen? How can I find weather the sent receipt number is mine or not?
    Seniors please suggest me ….

    Thanks in advance

  25. I got my case approved and received I797 last month, now case status has moved back to Acceptance from Post decision . it has been in acceptance state since last 2 days.
    If anyone here has got a situation/idea, please respond

  26. Guest writers needed!

    I am looking for one or more people to help me write a detailed article on the new stamping process and experience (especially in India). I was planning to do it myself but work and an upcoming baby is keeping me occupied w/ other things.

    If anyone is interested in writing that article, it will be very much appreciated. Please respond to this thread if you are interested.


  27. Hi, Can someone please help me with below questions.

    Currently i am on L1B Visa and my H1 B got approved. If i give 2 weeks notice period(on Sep 15th) to my L1 company and if they submit to cancel my L1 visa immediately, how long USCIS will take to process cancel request ? if my L1 Visa cancelled before Oct 1, will it effect my COS on OCT1?

    Please suggest me with your experience. Thanks for your help.

  28. My receipt number is EAC-13-142-529** , still in IR status, not sure when i am going to get status update, it’s been long waiting,waiting and waiting, USCIS come on , do it fast …..

  29. Hi,

    My receipt number is EAC131385**** series. Submitted on April 8th but till date it shows the status as IR. Its been 4 months and really painful to wait. Will all the applications selected in the draw will be given a closure by USCIS?

  30. Hi, My receipt number is EAC-13-139-520XX and still in IR, it has been 4 months already. Anyone else in the same series waiting like me?

  31. Hi,
    My H1b application got selected in lottery on April 8th, and I got receipt no , It starts with EAC1314353***, almost 4 months over , still showing Initial Review, Any one having same problem..
    Mine is Regular process and Regular Quota (COS L-1 To H1B).
    Till what month we can expect case status update


  32. Hi Garauv,

    My company works for XYZ clients . I received H1B RFE indicating they need current SOW and MSA. But I have been told by management that SOW is yet to signed and the business is running in amicable conditions. They asked me to attach the invoice for last 3 months. Will that work.

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Can anyone respond back if monthly client invoice would work in place of “Statement of work(SOW)/MSA”? sorry about the rush as RFE response is due by 23rd Aug.

  33. Hi all

    Glad to say that my petition has been approved finally!
    Receipt # Eac 131455xxxx
    Receipt notice date: 28th April 2013
    Approval date: 20th August 2013
    Profile: IT analyst

  34. Dear All,

    I am soooooooo thrilled to announce that I have got a decision finally and my petition is approved today!!! Yes… the wait has been horrible, horrible@!#$!! but I guess my patience paid off!!


    Thanks for all the info and opinions shared here on this forum, it really really helped keep my patience for the wait!

    Thank you Again! And ALL THE VERY BEST to all my fellow forumers.

    If this helps,
    my receipt no – EAC1314354***
    received by USCIS – April 8th
    notice date – April 23rd
    Approval – August 20th
    Processing – Regular process/Regular quota
    Field – Visual Merchandising Specialist / Retail / Non IT

    • Hi, this query isn’t entirely related to this forum but I’d like to take this chance to ask you about the steps you undertook to acquire your visa. I’m in the field of visual merchandising too, currently looking for jobs and a prospective sponsor and your answer will aid me greatly.
      Thanks in advance.

  35. Hi Saurabh / All,

    Unfortunately my L1B extension was denied on March 2013. But my organizaton applied for L1 to H1 COS and i got my receipt# EAC 13138512** on Apr 8th and still in Initial Reviews. Currently I am in India for the past 6 months. I have my I140 approved in last year. Will this I140 approval help my H1B application? Is anyone in the same situation? Seems like CoS applications are processing very slow. I have requested my organization to upgrade to PP if there is no reponse by this week.


    • L1CosH1,
      Approved I-140 doesn’t help much w/ H-1 processing as it was approved for a different position than H-1. Also, yours is not COS as you are currently outside US.

  36. Hello any Infy guys,

    I have got my status update from IR to PDA(Approved) on August 15th 2013.
    When exactly the same will be updated in AIMS.


    • It usually takes around a week for the status to be updated in AIMS once the notice document reaches the GI team. You can also raise an AHD 😉

      • mine petition was approved on 8th August, yet it has not reached to the Infosys office.
        any clue how much time it took in your case ?
        Also let me know how long GI team took to update it in AIMS post receiving the approval notice?
        Also let me know did they mail you the copy of approval notice i.e. form i797 ?

  37. Hi,

    My petition is still in Initial Review since 8th April. I will be travelling to US on B1 for 6 weeks now and my expected return would be around 2nd week of October. I am hoping to get H1 approval sometime soon. Will there be any problem if I go for H1 stamping in mid October or early November?

    • MMH,
      Actually I will be careful when going for COS. USCIS can question the intent of entering US on B-1 (non-immigrant visa) and then moving to H-1 (dual intent visa). So check w/ your H-1 attorney before going this route.

  38. Finally got my Approval on August 15th, but checked it rite now..
    my case no is EAC13146508**. RQ/RP

    Thanks for this fantastic site, which keeps us always engaged with it.

    Best Wishes for all.


  39. Hi All,
    I got a RFE evidence pertaining to the proffered position

    Position requirements: submit the following aditional evidence to establish that the proffered position qualifies as a speciality occupation:
    Job description. Provide a more detailed description of the work to be performed by the beneficiary for the entire requested period of validity. Include specific job duties, the percentatage of time to be spent on each duty, level of responsibility, hours per week of work, and the minimum education training, and experience necessary to do the job. Also explain why te work to be performed requres the services of a person who has a collage degree or its equivalent inthe ocupational field.

    Can anybody let me know what is this about and did anyone here got the RFE for the same reason and how they replied it??

    • I got the exactly same RFE on July 21. We prepared the repose with the lawyer and the company. My position is Market Research Analyst, under what position did you file your petition?

      • yy,

        I have also applied as a Market Research Analyst , EAC13139***** still waiting in IR since april 8th. A bit worried that i might also get a RFE as i have read on so many blogs that this position gets a lot of RFE’s. Can you please eloborate how you responded to this RFE? we can keep in touch through samshabbir22 at gmail . com. thank you


        • Yeah the position is broad, and the lawyer told me that is very likely to get RFE, I am surprise you have not got a RFE, I hope you don’t get it. Basically you have to proof that your position requires a minimum of 4 years of college degree (even tho the position is listed in job zone 4 = 4 years degree minimun). I have legitimate position line up in this company but the lawyer and base on my research I have 50% chance to get it approved and 50% get it denied.

          • yy

            My position is kinda broad so i am a bit worried. its an inhouse project. Do you mind sharing your research with me? (regarding the 50-50 chances). I have a little experience in the same industry I am applying to and my H1b type is COS.. does that help? Do you know of other people in the same boat ( Market reasearch analyst applying for h1b)?


          • Actually so far you are the firs person that I know is applying for the same position. Well when i refer to 50/50 is because is up to the person who is reviewing my paperwork in USCIS, we provided a detail list of my duties, the company needs, the fact that a bachelor degree is required to fill this position. I have a bachelors degree in international business and economics also 1 year of experience on the field. It is a difficult position to apply for H1B, the status of my application is Review of RFE, I submitted under RQ/RP

          • yy

            Thank you for your reply. Do me a favour, be in touch and let me know what was the response from USCIS regarding your case. I hope you get your visa and I hope I get it too. Be in touch through email.


          • Hello,

            Did you submit response to RFE ? My wife also received the same RFE. Can you please share your email address so that we can share information.

            Thank you


          • Hi yy,

            I also got the same RFE for market research analyst. How did you answer it? And like you I graduated international business. Have you submitted your RFE reply already?

    • hello guys,

      my wife got the RFE for same in regards to Job Description. She filed her application for Research OPerations Analyst. We have no idea on how to deal with it. Our lawyer is not even helping us. Do you mind sharing all the information you guys have and what you planning to prepare as response to it.

      Please provide input.



  40. Dear Saurabh & Friends of this Group,

    Need urgent help on my current situation….
    1) L1b Visa expired date : 03-May-2012
    2) I-94 Expired date : 13 Jun 2013
    3) L1 – H1 COS(Regular processing) : Applied Apri 8 2013 and got selected in lottery.
    4) L1b Extn:
    a) Filed date : 13-Jun-2013
    b) RFE received Jul 31, 2013
    c) Oct 23 , 2013 (RFE replied expected by USCIS)
    5) L1 to H1 COS(Regular Processing) : Waiting for USCIS status update… (Current status – •At this time USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case. Please contact the NCSC 1 (800) 375-5283 for additional information.)

    Company is stating that once L1-H1 COS is approved , they will withdraw the L1-B extension.
    Iam little concerned on my current status.

    1) Will my H1 case be depended on L1-B extension status given that I have filed L1-H1 COS before L1-B i-94 expiry date?
    2) Is it safe to PP now on my H1?
    3) If H1 turns out to RFE and L1 extn already in RFE, Iam worried what can happen…. Finally if my H1 is denied, how many days my illegal stay wud have accrued.
    4) Is there any deadline date for H1 status to be known?
    4) My GC is getting processed and have my I-140 approved already… Will this improve my chance of my H1 case?

    • Looks like you were out of status since 13 June. Knowing original L1 expires 13 June, why was extension not filed earlier? You should take this up with your lawyers ASAP..

      The message you see for L1 to H1 CoS means you got an RFE. So, yes, you have two RFEs in hand now.

      Again, pls contact an attorney soon

      • Dear H4COS,

        I have filed my L1-B extension properly on/before my I-94 expiry date…. So, I don’t think Iam out of status at any point of time…. I have checked this with my Company and their lawyers….

        FYI – My I-140 was also filed on 13th Jun 2013…. Got approved on July 31, 2013 without any issues….

    • I am confused, how can you H1B is filled as changed of COS, as your H1 is effective only from 1st oct 2013, what about GAP between 13 june 2013 and 1st oct 2013. i understand you L1 ext is in process, but it was not until your H1 was filled. I am into same situation my H1 was filled as consular processing, only was H1 will be changed to COS if i get L1 ext approval. For COS to filled your previous visa should be active, before your new one gets effective.

      • Dear Vish,
        I believe Company thought if USCIS comes back with a question (RFE) as to what will happen to 14-Jun-2013 – 30-Sep-2013 for status , they can reply stating they will file a L1-B extension I guess.

    • kps1981,
      1. Yes, they can issue RFE for proof of L-1 status from June 13 to Oct 1. I have seen some cases where they approve the COS even w/o asking for proof. So it may depend on the adjudicating officer.
      2. You can, but there is still a strong possibility of RFE for L-1 extension proof.
      3. If L-1 extension has lower possibility of approval, then you can change H-1 to consular processing and go out of US for H-1 stamping.
      4. No deadline
      5. Doesn’t matter

  41. Hi,

    I am in WAC1313551*** series. Got RFE on 5th June, status moved to RFE Review on 5th July. Since then it is showing no progress. I am also tracking around 100 petitions which are in RFE Review and which are in the same series. Out of these 100, 25 got approved. Surprising part is that, almost all of them got approved withing 20-30 days after moving to RFE Review. Mine is 40 days into the RFE Review state. There are some cases which moved to RFE Response by early August and still got approved. These are not PP applications.

    I am not sure how their computer selects the receipt number which needs to be processed next. Quite weird logic they seem to use. If someone out here has got a situation like me, please respond.

    • Hi. In my floor there are 2 ppl who got their rfe response moved to pda exactly on the 10 th day from filling their response. There is another guy whose 10 th day falls next week. We will see if his status moves to pda. If yes, then i feel that uscis is processing company wise. May be the response is varying from one company to another.

  42. L-H COS ; I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER has been approved and is showing in decision stage since last 4 weeks. What could be the reason not moving to final stage of PDA (post decision activity) and how much time usually it takes from decision to PDA stage and receiving I797 notice.

    • Not sure of the gap between decision and pda, but once the status moves to pda, you must receive i797 within a week. In my floor all those whose status moved to pda got their i797 exactly on the 6 th day after the status moving to pda.

    • Decision,
      If it has been more than 30 days since that stage and employer/attorney have not received the approval notice, then your employer should follow-up w/ USCIS.


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