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H1B Visa Case Receipt Number – EAC, WAC – Meaning ? Check ?

Most of the H1B Visa Applicants, who are picked in H1B Visa registration Lottery process would file their H1B petition with USCIS. Once USCIS receives a H1B petition, they would issue a Case Receipt number that can be used to track the status of H1B petition. Usually, employer or attorney would share this number with an applicant. If you are new to the process, it can be puzzling to look at the number and guess what each of that means. In this article, we will cover what the H1B Case Number given by USCIS would mean by looking at each of the letters in the H1B Case Number.

What is the H1B Visa Case Number ?

USCIS would assign a case receipt number for every H1B petition filed with them. It is a 13 digit number and typically starts with three alphabets like WAC or EAC based on where it was filed. Each set of characters mean something in the case number.

We should break down the H1B Case Number into sets of characters grouped like below:

  • EAC—20—128—50345 ( example for FY 2021 Case)

Now, lets look at each of the groups of characters.

First 3 Letters of H1B Case Number EAC, WAC, LIN

First three digits indicate where the H1B petition was filed.

  • EAC – Vermont Service Center (old name: Eastern Adjudication Center).
  • WAC – California Service Center (old name: Western Adjudication Center).
  • LIN – Nebraska Service Center (LIN refers to Lincoln, Nebraska).
  • SRC – Texas Service Center (old name: Southern Regional Center).

Next 2 Letters of H1B Case Number – Year

Next two digits indicate the year when it was filed. NOT the fiscal year. Do not try to read something that says like WAC2017XXXX to think it is related to year 2017, you should only look a the two letters after the first 3 characters.

  • For H1B Visa 2021, it would be 20
  • For H1B Visa 2020, it would be 19

Next 3 Letters of H1B Case Number – Computer Working Day

Next three digits indicate the computer working day of the USCIS fiscal year that starts from October 1st. It indicates the computer work day, does not include weekends and holidays. USCIS computers do not work on weekends and USA National holidays :-). October 1st is when the fiscal year starts for USCIS. If your H1B was filed on October 1st, it would be 001. It is a little tricky with this number, computer work day indicates only working days and not weekends. For example, if it is like October 20th, it would be 16th working day or something like that…For April 12th, it would be 134 as the weekends and federal holidays are taken out. You can use wolframalpha website to ask the exact week day after Oct 1st, you will need to add federal holidays to that number.

  • For April 8th, it would be 128.

Next 5 Letters of H1B Case Number – Actual Case Number

Next five digits is the actual case number. Most of the times, it would start with a 5 for H1B Cases that use form I-129. It is also is the number that was assigned to on a particular day. There is no guarantee that it would start with 0001.

  • Sample number would be 51244

Check out  detail article: Understanding your  H1B Visa Case number

Check H1B Case Status on USCIS.gov

After you receive your H1B Visa Receipt case number, all you would have to do is to track the status on USCIS website. Read How to Check H1B Petition Status on USCIS website.

Premium Processing for H1B :

If you were to file H1B visa petition under premium processing, you would have received the case number and a confirmation email that your petition was received by USCIS and it is under processing. Usually your attorney or your employer would get that information. Once your case is approved, similar email with approval status would be updated via email.  A hard copy would be emailed after the emails to the address specified in petition.

Regular Processing for H1B  :

If you were to file your H1B visa petition under regular processing, you would not necessarily get an email from USCIS, rather you would get a hard copy receipt mailed to your employer or attorney.  Also, decision information would be mailed to your attorney or employer after decision.

You can read Steps after H1B Lottery – Flow Chart to know more on next steps

Did I miss anything ?  Any other thoughts to add ?


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  1. Hey Guys,

    Congrats who got approved. I would request you to provide your RFE information as well if you get RFE. If you can provide below information with your status and case number, it will be helpful for others to understand their chance

    1) What has been asked in RFE?
    2)Any information about documents provided in response
    3)Dates of getting RFE and RFE response
    4)anything you think which is helpful

    Mine is WAC13136519** and having RFE. RFE is about education/experience evaluation as I am having B.E. in Elec and communication and working in IT since 6 years.

    Attorney ordered expert opinion report for this and will submit it for response.

    I think I will need to wait for next 2 months

    Thanks all.

    • In what case do u get an RFE for educational evaluation??

      is it because ur B.E degree doesnt match ur IT Exp?

      or is it because u dint submit all certificates??

  2. I am from EAC13143528** series and it is still in IR. Did anybody from this series get approved in regular?

    And how does USCIS pick applications, Is it random or it go series by series?


    • Hi Singh

      Mine is 1314351*** and is in IR stage since April. Its been a long wait and am losing my patience. Clearly it seems that there is no algorithm in place to process regular applications, they are not a priority at all. Really frustrating..

    • Hi ,

      It seems they are doing to force us to apply premium. and what are the chances that most of application will be cleared by August as by 1st oct people need to start working on h1 visas


  3. WAC 13 143 510 ** got approved today . Directly from IR to Post decision
    I am a RQ/RP case . IT guy

    Thanks GOD !!

    Best of luck to all .

  4. Guys…

    My case Status says like the one below since Aug 5th… Is there anything we should do to push the staus to next ……

    At this time USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case. Please contact the NCSC 1 (800) 375-5283 for additional information.

    If someone face this kind of problem pls advice.

  5. USCIS charges thousands of dollars per person for an application. how is it possible that they make us wait for months? if they have staff shortage then they should hire more staff. but if u say we can give visa to 15-20 thousand PP applicants in 15 days and cant process 60-65 thousand regular processing visas in 4 months then how does it make any sense? are they deliberately waiting for us to convert to PP?

  6. Is there anyone who has not got any update (either on getting selected in Lottery or Rejected ).

    My employer says they have no confirmation. They have neither got Case number nor my packet returned?

    Anyone having similar case that of mine?

  7. Saurabh,
    Mine RP / EAC131385**** Where i am waiting from Apr 8th. In my company out of 7 people 6 got PDA . Mine still in IR 🙁 , people are saying which ever moves after Aug it seems to be going into RFE . Is it True ?

    Can Suggest me on this …. Is it still going to take time ….


  8. Hi Gaurav,

    I’m working in India with XYZ comp. My company had applied for H1B. I got a query indicating they need H1B offer letter from my company. But my company stated there is no such offer letter like H1b and Just getting relocated. They asked me to provide the same reason and attach my Indian offer letter (provided during the initial joining of the company).

    • They have to provide that offer letter. If you give a reply saying it is an inter-company relocation then they will ask why you haven’t applied for L1 visa. Your company has to give you a new offer letter which shows the USD salary they’ll pay once you are appointed.

    • Hi Gaurav,

      Yes, they will have to give you an offer letter. I used to work in an indian IT company earlier and the HR had given a SAP application screen shot which provided details like designation, location, salary, COLA etc..
      I had to take that document, my old offer letter and ID card when i went for stamping, but they had submitted the screen shot and some other documents.

      • but first of all, why are you replying to RFE?? your employer should be doing that and lawyer should be guiding them… you have no control on the RFE reply.

  9. Hi Saurabh/All,
    RP/AD/EAC1313452XXX – IT/ In CAPGAP now..
    Got RFE aroud 1st week of May reg Employe2Employer/Right2controle, Specialty occupation – Initially didn’t submit client letter because of delays in approvals/formalities..
    My employer answered the query @July-1st week n case status got updated in 2nd week of July and its under “Request for Evidence Response Review” for 4 Weeks.
    Planning to upgrade H1B to PP – will it be a wise thing to do or wait for till Sept 2nd week and upgrade to PP..
    If H1b got rejected then CAPGAP will be cancelled immediately and will have 60 days of buffer period to leave US/Join a college which will give CPT etc..?
    Appreciate your time/help/inputs..

  10. Hi Saurabh,All,
    I got a I797B approval softcopy from my lawyer & it does not have any consulate name mentioned on it.. My lawyer asked me to check with chennai consulate if I can attend the H1B stamping interview.. He told he would also call up USCIS & try to get it amended .

    Please let me know having no consulate name in I797B is common ? & can I attend at my preferred consulate ?
    Do I need to call chennai consulate & check with them on this.?

    Thanks in Advance…

    • @Friend,

      Another H1B aspirant checked with US visa service desk and here is the official feedback:

      “With regards to your query, we would like to inform you that, applicant’s applying for H1B visa can attend the interview at any of the Embassy/Consulate’s in India. However, please note that, blanket L-1 interviews are only conducted at the U.S. Consulate General Chennai.”

      So you can apply at any consulate. The option to select the consulate is available at the end of the visa interview appointment process in traveldocs website.

      I read some where that you should give enough time for some online system to be updated before you attend the interview.

  11. Hi,

    This is first time I am applying for H1b Visa and waiting for approval, my case is still in IR status… 🙁
    I want to know following few things about H1B Visa :

    A) How difficult is to change your employer/Job, while you are working in US?
    B) What if someone lose his/her job on H1b, can he/she stay in US and search another Job?
    C) When will your duration of stay get decided, either when its approved or when you go for stamping?

    I’ll surely disturb this forum whenever some concerns arise in my mind… 🙂


    • New_H1B,
      1. If you are qualified, then it should not be difficult
      2. There is no grace period. You always need to be working for an employer and need to time the transfers so that you don’t run into this issue.
      3. USCIS approves it for a duration based on what employer is requesting and what USCIS seems appropriate based on submitted documents and information. It can be extended in future.

  12. Hello Guys,

    Good Luck to people who got approved !

    My case number is EAC13139*****. It is still in Initial Review :(.

    Anyone in the same series ?

  13. Does anyone has any updates on EAC13148 series….I applied for l1 to h1 in consular processing and my case is still in initial review till now….anyone still waiting results on this series or has any updates ?

  14. My wife’s case has been in “Request For Evidence Response Review” state for almost 60 days now…Any idea how long will it take to get approved?? the receipt number is WAC1313454***.
    RP/RQ, Just wished the wait was over soon.

  15. Hi All,

    After so long my status moved from IR and now its in RFE. RFE sounds to be bad for most of the people and yes it might be in some case.

    The only thing which you can do in RFE is to provide proper information to USCIC and then rest is your luck. I am seeing many people are getting penic and stressed but believe me if you are selected in lottery then your luck is in your favour and you dont have to worry so much for such things.

    Everyone will get good news and pray to god that if you get H1 then it will be utilized.

    My Case Number is WAC1314050***

  16. Hi guys,

    i checked few randomly in WAC1314450*** series, and few got approved/RFE…

    seems like this series started…me too in same status…

    good luck for guys who are is WAC1314450*** series…

    • Hi All,

      After so long my status moved from IR and now its in RFE. RFE sounds to be bad for most of the people and yes it might be in some case.

      The only thing which you can do in RFE is to provide proper information to USCIC and then rest is your luck. I am seeing many people are getting penic and stressed but believe me if you are selected in lottery then your luck is in your favour and you dont have to worry so much for such things.

      Everyone will get good news and pray to god that if you get H1 then it will be utilized.

      My Case Number is WAC1314050***

  17. finally my case got approved 🙂
    RQ RP
    good luck to others

    many thanks to Saurabh and others who have been helping !

  18. @ Rajeev,

    Do you work for USCIS ? or do you have any experience or source from USCIS… how do you want us to believe what you are saying is true… everyone is just sharing things that they are reading and so did I !!! And yes, the linked shared by me did mention about RFEs, I cant help if you are blind enough to not read it.. anyway, peace and mind your business rather than misguiding people here!

    “Bhalai ka to zamana hi nahi raha”

    As am less rough than you, I would still go ahead and wish you luck for your pending status, if any! ALL THE BEST, I HOPE YOU GET AN APPORVAL SOON ENOUGH SO THAT YOU STOP POSTING YOUR GYAN HERE!

    • just look at yur comments “And it also mentions that this is the major reason for most of the cases receiving RFSs..”

      come on crook, pls tel me from where did u get this info. in yur dreams ??????

      u r telling blatant lies and asking me to stop.
      shameless you are.

    • just look at yur comments “And it also mentions that this is the major reason for most of the cases receiving RFSs..”
      come on crook, pls tel me from where did u get this info. in yur dreams ??????
      u r telling blatant lies and asking me to stop.
      shameless you are.
      i am not like you to stop posting after getting approval. proves that u r so selfish.
      FYI i got my petition approved 2 weeks back and i am currently filling my DS1 160 form. i dont need advices from any of the crooks like you in this forum.

      • hi rajeev just wanted to ask
        how does an DS1 160 form will be i have to attend interview for my h4 visa so what documents do i need to take with me is it k if i submit bachelors degree or do i need to submit all from scooling coll let me plz know abt it

        • i am also in the process of filling my DS 160 form. i wil help u with my limited knowledge gathered so far.

          for the OFC session, u wil have to carry 3 original docs – Passport, DS 160 confirmation page and OFC appointment page.

          for the consulate interview, it is advisable to carry all the original docs – Education, Employment, Passport, Marriage certificate, Original I129F, DS 160 confirmation page and Interview Confirmation Page.

          fellow forumers, pls update if i have missed any of the important documents.

  19. Hey guys,
    Could any one let me know if the h1 petitions that are filed with a cos are taking more time for moving in to the next stage RFE/Approval?

    • hi, theoretically i believe that the uscis processing times are irrespective of the company for which we work for.

      however, the company profile may play a crucial role in your petition being moved to the next stages.
      large companies may find it easy to get the approval as they can easily establish their brand value. so their petitions may move faster.

      • hi saurav/all
        i need to attend for h4 visa interview so i need to know
        that what documents do i need to carry with me
        is it k if i carry mybachelors degree documents or do i need to carry all my schooling and coll certificates

        • Minnu,
          For H-4, you can carry your degree documents. School documents are not required. You will also need H-1 documents (petition copy, offer letter, client/project copy etc) and proof of marriage (marriage certificate, wedding card/album etc).

  20. Hi,

    I got update from my employer by saying ” your case is still pending for the final decision on Approval/Denial from the USCIS”.
    Does this mean, I will get RFE? or Approval/Denial decision soon?
    What are all the cases that a H1B can be Denied?


  21. HI Saurabh,

    I read in the forum that if a petition moves into RFE, even though it gets approved, the approval is for 1 year instead of the requested term. Is it true or some correction here is required. Please reply

  22. My receipt is EAC13140* — Yesterday it was still in Initial Review (received on April 8th) and today I saw this message when I rechecked:

    “At this time USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case. Please contact the NCSC 1 (800) 375-5283 for additional information.”

    I called the 800 number, provided my receipt no., but they said there is no status found (answering machine)

    Please advice. Thank you!

    • most probably it will move to RFE within the next 2-3 days. dont worry. the only disadvantage of geting RFE is that the yur petition will be approved only for 1 year starting from 1st Oct. ATB.

          • its again a combination of factors. if yur client letter has more than 2 years validity or if yur LCA is mpore that 2 years valid, u wil get 3 years approval. its again not for all.

      • Hi Rajeesv,

        Im also in the same situation .My case status is moved from IR to ‘no status circle ‘ on july 11th.But still getting this same message.

        I tried to get the status through my employer,toll free number and email support.Nothing worked.Still waiting to know the status.

        my reciept number series WAC1313851***

        Any updates?


        • i feel tht yur case may move to RFE.
          dont worry abt RFE. just check the reason for RFE and submit the required docs.

          just wanted to tel u that if u r in US, H1B renewal is very easy compared to if u were in India. so don worry. yur focus shud be on the interview and not on the approval dates. it will easily be extended after u travel to US.

  23. Received RFE on 5th Aug. Is it advisable to upgrade the case from RP to PP when we respond RFE? Saurabh/Users please provide your inputs.

    • upgrading to PP wil not help as RFE is raised due to some missing documents. the adv with PP is that yur processing time is only 15 days within which uscis has to reply back.

      • @rajeev,
        I mean after knowing the reason for RFE and providing the right documents to USCIS is it advisable to upgrade to PP or will it be a red Flag since it was an RFE application.

        I urgently this info because my current H4 visa will expire in 2 months. Want to know if USCIS doesn’t care and treat (regular and RFE applications) similarly when we upgrade to PP.

        • RFE 🙁 need inputs,
          They are treated similarly (regular and RFE applications). What may happen is that when it is upgraded to PP, it gets assigned to PP queue and hence a different officer. That officer can issue RFE asking for clarifications/documents based on his/her analysis. Doesn’t happen all the time, but can happen.

      • Is this true..?
        My employer ans’d the query in July-1st week, case status got updated in 2nd week of July and its under “Request for Evidence Response Review” for 4 Weeks.
        As I’m in CAPGAP now, Planning to upgrade my H1B to PP – any suggestions will be appreciated..

    • Hey Guys…!

      Finally my wait is over too…. Unbelievable…!

      EAC131385**** Approved on Aug 11th

      Dont Loose hope…! U’ll too get it when u dont expect…!

      • Hi h1buscis,

        EAC131385**** Approved on Aug 11th??? Aug 11th is Sunday 🙂

        Anyways Congrats. Can you please share other 2 digits as well? Mine is EAC13138512** and still in IR from Apr 8th…


        • Just to give u confidence… i too know 11th is sunday, FYI

          Post Decision Activity

          On August 11, 2013, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

          For approved applications/petitions, post-decision activity may include USCIS sending notification of the approved application/petition to the National Visa Center or the Department of State. For denied applications/petitions, post-decision activity may include the processing of an appeal and/or motions to reopen or reconsider and revocations.

  24. Hi All,

    Just sharing a piece of news… the Vermont i129F cases are all trasnfered to Texas Service center due to over work load.. check this link :


    And it also mentions that this is the major reason for most of the cases receiving RFSs..

    I am also in the same league, EAC13143xxxxx and IR 🙂

    • in the site its mentioned that due to workload, receipt of few form types are being moved from vermont to texas.

      nowhere its mentioned that this was a reason for RFEs.
      RFEs are solely based on the documents submission which is more or less the same across all service entres.
      pls dont misguide fellow forumers.

  25. Hi all,
    I am still waiting my h1b-2014 application (master degree cap) results. I applied in april.but i havent heard either i selected or not . What are you guys think? Should i assume that i am not selected ?

  26. Hi All,

    Finally my wait is over my petition wac13141511** was approved last night.
    Thanks to this forum which gave lot of confidence to me during the tough times of waiting.

  27. This long wait is a torture.
    EAC13142 changed to PP in 1th August.
    Acceptance: 2th August.
    So far no news…..waiting waiting waiting

    How long does USCIS take to review the documents? Does it always take 15 days?

  28. Wanted to understand how much time it will take from Decision to Post Decision Activity. Is I797 receivable is part of decision or PD Activity

    • if yur decision is approved, yur PDA status shud change within a week or so.
      I797B NOA is a part of PDA. once yur status changes to PDA, u shud get yur I797B within the next 6-7 days. for me and my friends, we received it exactly within 6 days of status changing to PDA.

  29. Got my approval today!
    EAC1314050XXX series, RP,RQ

    I was the one with that strange update at Initial Review since April 8th – “..your alien registration Number was changed relating to your I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER..”

  30. WAC1314350900 —-WAC1314350999
    Initial Review>>>>46
    Post Decision Activity>>>>25
    Request for Evidence>>>>11
    Request for Evidence Response Review>>>0
    Rest >>>> Either non h1 or USCIS can not provide status message

  31. Dear saurabh/all,
    Are there people who has not received EAC no.?
    My employer has told me that they have file the case but has not received any receipt.
    I’m hearing from May13 that H1B approval will come in a week. Now it is more that four month.

    Kindly reply

    • At this point. If your employer didnt received any number I will consider that you were not selected on the lottery. Sorry about this.

    • Hi Kumar,

      Same is the case with me. The employer says they have no update. Neither they got the case number nor the packet back so I am assuming we are in waiting list.

      The same is the situation with one of my frnd as well. Let me know if you get any update. Thanks!

  32. Hi All ,
    Most of the people by now might have received I797 . Any body went for Visa Interview?
    Please share your experience and the procedure. Thanks in advance !

  33. Hi All/Saurab,
    I have the following doubts wrt the form I797B NOA.
    1) The I797B form says that my H1B petition is valid for 32 months starting from 1st Oct 2013. Does it mean that I will surely get stamping for 32 months or will USCIS reduce the duration based on any predefined conditions ?
    2) Will I797B decide the H1B petition validity dates ?
    Is there any other form which will decide the H1B petition validity dates ?

    Please provide your valuable comments and suggestions.

  34. my Case # is EAC13138519** and its in IR.

    I tried analyzing statuses around my case #.
    1313851700 – TO – 1313852100 : below are findings :

    1313851700-99 : 69/100 are for I129, IR – 29, RFE – 11, Post Decision – 27, RFE Response Review – 1, Decision – 1

    1313851800-99 : 69/100 are for I129, IR – 23, RFE – 09, Post Decision – 34, RFE Response Review – 2, Decision – 1,

    1313851900-99 : 61/100 are for I129, IR – 27, RFE – 10, Post Decision – 21, RFE Response Review – 1, Decision – 2,

    1313852000-2100 : 70/101 are for I129, IR – 37, RFE – 07, Post Decision – 20, RFE Response Review – 3, Decision – 2, USCIS Cannot provide…. – 1

    Total 401 – IR – 116, RFE- 44, Post Decision – 108, Unknown status – 1

    • dude basically 50% H1b applications only have been acted upon so far. this is true if you take any 10 no. series like EAC131385113* here only 5 out of 10 are in processed stage. now i think uscis is doing it real slow because its already 1 week in august. how are they going to finish everything by next month end!! even after increasing visa fees to too much they are still doing it so slow. where is all the fees money going!!

      • inceasing the visa fees has nothing to do with decreasing processing times.
        to be frank only very less of the visa fees (1 to 5%) is spent on uscis directly.
        u might have heard abt US govt budget cuts for FY 13 and FY 14. this has reduced the no of ppl involved in immigration. so processing times wil more or les be the same.

        its only aug now. anyway u cannot travel before oct 1st. dont worry. all is for good.

        • Rajeev,

          Oct is not so far..just a month more..dunno why its dead slow. very very sluggish. I could see 6 ppl in my work place out of 8 got either rfe or approval. mine is still in IR 🙁 🙁

          • hi, once yur case moves to PDA, u wil get yur visa stamped within 1 month.
            DS 160 and interview processes are easy and they normally get completed very quickly.
            i feel that 6 out of 8 is actually a good ratio.
            time is the best healer. u have waited so long. u have no other option but to wait for few more weeks.

          • Hi Rajeev,

            Yesterday my case went to RFE 🙁 After such a long wait this is really bothering. Any idea how much more time it would take for approval?

  35. Do any of the h4 holders who applied for new h1 this year got thier approaval? Iam on H4..my receipt number is in WAC13138 series..my application status is still shown as ‘intial review’..i checked the status of couple of receipt numbers before and after my number..all of them are in ‘post decision’ stage..

      • M in WAC 1314351### series.h4 to h1 still in IR. can you share ur email I’d so that we can contact each other. Mine is chinmay.h1b at gmail dot com

        • M in WAC 1314351### series.h4 to h1 still in IR. can you share ur email I’d so that we can contact each other. Mine is chinmay(dot)h1b at gmail dot com.

      • Hi Deepthi,

        Me too in the same situation. 3/4 before and after me are approved and mine is sandwiched in between without any decision for more than 3.5 months now. Mine is 1314251*** series.

    • deepthi only 50% applications have been processed so far, you can take any consecutive 10 nos. to verify. in fact speed of uscis has reduced significantly since 2-3 weeks.

  36. What is the most recently updated case in EAC1314650xxx series?
    I see that EAC1314650103 was updated on August 5.
    Anybody has seen a more recent update in this series?

  37. Guys,

    Finally I got my petition approval today, it went to post decision activity directly from IR.
    Receipt no: WAC13143512**
    Submitted Date:8 April
    I think USCIS has started processing WAC13143* series. All others please dont loose hope.
    I am sure all of you will get approval pretty soon. 🙂

  38. HI Saurab
    My Case (WAC13139508**) Approved on JULY 11th.
    Till now I didn’t get any information from my employer about I-797 (Approved copy).I made a call to my Employer, they said that they are following up with USCIS.
    Please let me know ….when we can expect the approval Document.
    Thanks in advance …

    • my petition got approved on 31st July and got the soft copy of I797B (NOA) today morning (8th Aug). uscis will take 5 working days to send the physical form to onsite immigration team. the onsite team will take another day to scan and send it to us.
      exactly on the 6th working day, u can expect to see yur form I797B (NOA).
      good luck.

    • received my form i797B (NOA) today morning.
      in our company, ppl wil get their i797B form on the 6th working day after their petition approval date.

      petition approval date : 31st July
      form I797B NOA date : 8th Aug (exactly 6 days later)

      i have checked with few of my friends in my floor and all of them got the form exactly on the 6th working day.

  39. WAC1314350***
    Notice date: April 25th
    Received Date: April 8th
    IT RP/RQ
    Status says : At this time USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case. Please contact the NCSC 1 (800) 375-5283 for additional information.

    its been like this for past 3 days..

    What are the chances of an approval/RFE ?


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