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Find H1B Visa Sponsors Fraud – Trap to Pay at

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Below is an experience shared by one of our anonymous readers suggesting to beware of the websites like, where the user was cheated. Thanks to the user for sharing the experience. You can share yours here . We always recommend not to use any online services that do false promises like beating  H1B lottery, you can file multiple from employers without issues, etc. You may read the article How to Find H1B Sponsors on some general advice.


I was just looking online on to find H1B Sponsors and just went to this website called via Google. It says things like how to beat the H1B lottery…if you accept the free webinar by giving email, it lets you in. The website is really made to entice you and buy it…very promising for anyone new and who does not know the reality…The guy who speaks on the webinar that is recorded has a very thick voice( some European descent I would say ) and claims by some pseudo Indian name called Jaspreet Singh with an an image of a Sing picked up from freedigialphotos website ( I later checked, it is ) .

H1B Sponsors Fraud H1Bullet

I thought for a minute and said to myself, how the hell is this possible to beat lottery and get to know all this. I knew that it was going to be some kind of a trap, but to my curiosity I said, fine let me spend $20 USD and see, what will happen.  The guy says that he will give you the entire list of companies that sponsor you H1B, etc and how you file multiple petitions, etc. You do not get any email or anything, it is just a big trap. You just get an on screen code that authenticates and shows you a big document with list of few employers and their phone numbers. Nothing ! Big scam.

H1B Sponsors Scam multipel filings

Anyways, when I went to payment, I picked PayPal, hoping that I would get a refund, if it is scam.  As it turned out that, it was a scam and I wrote to PayPal that I did not get what I wanted and couple of days later, I got my money back.  I am happy to get it back. But, I took a chance, I am sure some of you are curious like me, but you never know, if you would get a refund…be careful !

My whole idea of sharing this experience with the blog readers is that there are many people like me, who are searching online for sponsors and can get into a trap.  Were you in any other traps ? Please share it, if you were in some kind of trap like mine.


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Comments ( 18 )

  1. Omkar

    Hi Sir,
    Appreciate your review on I would like to share my experience on r3
    I took the services for H1B assistance from the consultancy -located in Hyderabad. They assured me that they will help me in getting H1B visa and membership will be valid for 1 year. They charged 30k Rupees for the same.
    There were lot of email communications from US consultancies,job boards
    However, not a single employer or constancy came forward to schedule one skype interview. There would be some hope and you reply to that email but the respective person will never back to you.
    Later the HR team of r3overseas shared me excel with the list of companies who can sponsor the visa. Thanks. but again, there is a same situation.
    The link they shared comes with a paid service.You can not view their contacts with the basic plan.
    I had posted So if you receive any communication from them, please stay away.
    I had posted the complaint on consumer forum, but later they kept calling me to remove the same and I removed it. That was a mistake.
    My point here is, there are lakhs of people like me who dream to fly to USA and work there and there are bunch of people who want to loot your money in the name of getting job abroad. So be cautious.

  2. Veteran

    I can say that not all companies who ask you to pay is fraud though they almost are.
    I was once offered an IT consultant job with wage level 1. They would apply for my H1B only if I gave them a deposit of $900. They said that the deposit would be returned to me if my petition is not selected in the lottery or if it is selected, they will return the deposit when I receive my first paycheck in the US .
    So I gave them the deposit without any receipt from them. Later they told me that my petition is selected in the lottery but I have never received any LCA or a notice copy or anything with my name on it, just the i129 case number alone. Fews months later, they told me that my petition got an RFE. Fews months more, my petition is denied. Then they told me that they would apply for an appeal and then gave me the case number for the i290b form. Two years passed, my i290b form was approved, my i129 was reopened then then eventually rejected.
    A few months after that, I contacted them and they REALLY returned my full deposit within a few days.

  3. Sujatha

    it will be nice if commentators use descent language. I can understand your feeling of getting cheated but it was your decision to try them.

    You still can advise others about the scam in a descent way. There should be some meaning behind the education you have attained.

    Redbus admin , please moderate the comment before it is posted and censor violent, obscene, vulgar comments. Your website reputation is also getting spoiled.

    1. administrator

      We cannot control everything, we try to remove anything that is violating internet etiquette, but some slip as we cannot keep up.

  4. Aswin

    Can anyone share the list of H1B consultants as provided by H1bullet. As the consultants are already there on sulekha or despoit, I think it shouldnt be a problem

  5. Victim of H1Bullet

    This is a big scam. I have bought it and they said that all they get is a list of few companies, who are IT bodyshop consultants. They will take money and say that they will file H1B. I cam to know, this is all illegal. If you go to any of the sites like desiopt, sulekha many of these websites say free training and placements, it is the same list of consultants. Do not get trapped.

    I have bought it and I can say that there is no Jaspreet. When you buy, the payment is sent to [email protected] , who was a ex student from xxxxx with called xxxx xxxx ( name and email masked by admin as it is violation of privacy and community comment rules). Just be careful guys.

  6. Kris

    I actually had a good experience with the H1Bullet service. Jaspreet even gave me a free resume review so i could adapt my UK resume and better chances applying for the consultants jobs.
    The bad experience described must be outdated because I purchased the H1Bullet consultant list a month ago, and what i saw was not a document with a few employers, but an actual database of 50 or so consultants.
    Anyway, I will keep posting my experience as I go through the H1B process. Wish me luck!

  7. Alok


    Nothing comes free. However this does not mean follow wrong ethic.

    Why you said it’s frauds, other sites F does same thing e.g. My

    In internet world, difficult to get certified and legal consultant. If a person get data in cost of 20 bugs , what’s the big deal. At least there is some hope.

    You can see scam every where.

    If you have list than share with us.

    Hopefully you understand something is better than losing everything.


  8. Parijat

    Hello sir, could you kindly advise? I bought the h1Bullet database and a consultant agreed to do my h1b next yr. Do u think they are not trustful

    1. administrator

      As the experience suggests, it is fraud scheme to entice people. If you have used PayPal Request for money refund, at least you will get that back.

      1. Parijat

        Thank u Kumar for ur response but what I’m saying is that the consultant list was valuable for me since i got a consultant to file h1b for me. so why do y say it’s fraud?

        1. administrator

          You can get many such consultants list by looking at H1B Sponsors Database and directly going to their website to get contact info. Without knowing anyone in the company, it is hard to trust. Also, many of these companies ask you to pay money, which is illegal… If you find a genuine sponsor, they will NOT take any money and will file your H1B based on your profile and experience, then you can trust. Make an informed decision.

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