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H1B Visa 2014 Lottery Prediction – Graphs, USCIS Past Data

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I have been writing about H1B Visa lottery predictions for the past few years…It is always exciting for me to review all the previous years’ H1B cap numbers, market trends, reach dates, etc. on the plate and do a prediction.  This year, there has been so much news regarding the H1B lottery for fiscal year 2014 with USCIS H1B 2014 press release indicating that H1B petitions will be accepted from April 1st , 2013 and  there could be lottery based on information from stakeholders. As we are inching towards the date, many of you might be curious regarding the H1B lottery.  Let us look at some numbers and market conditions to predict if we would have lottery for this H1B Visa fiscal year 2014 quota.

US Economy  and H1B Visas Cap reach dates from Fiscal Year 2004 – 2013

Below is a graph that indicates the H1B Visa quota cap reach dates by year from fiscal year 2004 through 2013. If you look closely the trend of H1B cap reach dates by year is in-line with the US economy situation. As the economy worsens and there is a recession, the demand for H1B visa holders declines pushing the cap reach dates.  With the recession that started in  2008 and 2009, the H1B cap reach date for FY 2010 got pushed to early December, 2009 and with US recession worsening, for FY 2011, the H1B Cap reach date got pushed to even further to late January 2010…Unlike, with US economy recovering slightly, for FY 2012, the H1B cap reached in November 2011, and US economy even doing much better, for FY 2013, cap reached on June 11th, 2012.

H1B Visa 2014 Lottery Prediction Graph

Also, if you look at the US Unemployment rate history in the below graph, it is evident that we are not really at the old levels of about 6%. It indicates that the US Economy is still in slow recovery mode. Coming to US Annual GDP growth rate, we are about 1.6% from the last quarter, but that drop in GDP is tied to natural calamities in last quarter. Overall, the US economy is still in recovery mode, despite the positive growth from recession period.

USA GDP and Unemployment rate with H1B Visas

Will there be H1B Lottery for 2014 Quota ?   Prediction ?

Besides above US economy trends from above, significant number of changes happened in the H1B visa space in the last couple of years like below

  • To discourage foreign workers, H1B visa filing fee was raised by $2000 during recession
  • More H1B checks in place with Neufeld H1B visa memo in Jan 2010
  • Additional 17 months OPT extension for STEM Master’s degree holders.
  • Increase in RFEs and Rejections for H1B Cases.

One more factor to consider is that with recession starting in 2008 -2009, employers have postponed the H1B filings of Masters students in STEM category by leveraging the 12 month OPT with 17th month OPT extension.  With 29 months coming to end, employers are forced to file H1B for those postponed petitions.  Also, USCIS has stated in the press release that, “Based on feedback from its stake holders, it could receive more petitions than H1B cap between April 1st and April 5th “.

Now, the big question, what’s the conclusion based on above factors? Would we have lottery?

Well, even though USCIS predicts that there would be lottery, I personally think, the H1B quota cap would last at least until April 10th or may be a little longer. The master’s quota cap could exhaust within first week of April 2013, but not the regular quota. The reason I do NOT speculate a lottery in the first four days is that there are many factors that are not very encouraging for employers to sponsor H1B visas like recent changes to H1B filing with new rules, fee rises, high unemployment rate, and overall US economic condition.  I could be wrong, if the people psychology kicks in…what I mean is that because USCIS issued a press note on lottery, employers could roll up their sleeves and get their petitions ahead of time than their original planned filings date. Let’s see what happens…

What is your prediction for H1B lottery for this fiscal year 2014 ?

For all updates, You can follow H1B Visa 2014 cap count updates Tracker

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  1. USCIS will use a computer-generated random selection process (commonly known as the “lottery”) for all FY 2014 cap-subject petitions received through April 5, 2013. The agency will conduct the selection process for advanced degree exemption petitions first. All advanced degree petitions not selected will be part of the random selection process for the 65,000 limit.

  2. OMG !
    There is lottery !


    • If they receive more than 20K masters quota applicants there will be a lottery. Read more on how the lottery works here: http://redbus2us.com/what-is-h1b-visa-lottery-process-what-has-uscis-done-that-in-past/

    • if USCIS receives more than 20K masters petition, then it will also go for lottery. Only renewals will not go under lottery.

      • If you don’t know about it, just stop making the bullshit.
        I am sure about that if 20000 Master caps meets, the rest master cap will go for regular ones, which doesn’t indicate the 65000 regular ones will be filled.
        The master caps do nothing to lottery.

        • please refer USCIS’s announcement. I think there’s no lottery for Master’s quota. Because USCIS says there will be randon selection for cap-subject applications.

          • Both caps are met, so they have received more than 20K applications for the masters quota. But is isn’t clear how they will select the first 20K in the masters quota. They may have a separate lottery for this or they may review each application beforehand (unlikely).

    • Dude you are not safe from lottery :). I wish if we don’t have to do lottery. What USCIS is saying is that our MS/PhD quota has reached 20k and our lottery ll be drawn first. if u r not selected, then u ll be again rolled among 65k lottery. So, we get two chances 🙂
      However, if your company is a non profit organization like redcross, hospitals, schools, etc, your H1 is cap-exempt and you don’t have to participate in lottery and they can apply in any time of the year too. Look for one of those companies now 🙂
      Good Luck dude!

  3. I do not belong to this quota at all and I belong to FY2008 (April 2007) period.I personally went thru this situation before.In 2007 there were no blogs to track down the latest updates regarding the H1B.Whatever employer says was a final call until we received an update from USCIS.There were a lot of rumors floating around and some said USCIS has recived 50,000 application for Masters quota and 120,000 application for Regular cap.However,rumors turned out to be rumors as USCIS finally annouced the counts on Day3.Maters cap:12,000 and Regular cap:100K (approx) and we ended up without lottery.

    Here is my contribution of what I have learned from different blogs,forums and news articles from past week.

    Day1: VSC and CSC got 20,000 applications each.
    Day2:Dramatic drop in Applications.Employers continue to file the applications
    Day3: Employers continue to file the applications.
    Day4: Employers Continue to file the applications.However,the applications filing would have dropped considerably.
    Day5: Assuming that today is the Final receipt date to file the H1 application.There might be an increase in number of applications.

    One the whole the cap would not be like it was in 2007 and 2008.Most of you guys will get thru the lottery (in case if we have one).

    I personally feel there would be a mini lottery as the quota will be finished on April 9th.

    • http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=5051f359827dd310VgnVCM100000082ca60aRCRD&vgnextchannel=e7801c2c9be44210VgnVCM100000082ca60aRCRD

      They reached quota

  4. They should really consider per-company quotas on the number of applications. Talented and hands on engineers struggle to get into Blizzard, Google, Facebook because thousands of crap Indian code monkeys flood the market and grab the visas – ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

  5. Hi All, I have searched the whole internet to see if Fedex said that they delivered 23000 deliveries. Apart from a single person saying that he spoke to someone and he found out abou this.

    For guys who like such a news. Here is the news: The Cap has not reached yet. There were HUGE deliveries made on the first day. After that the deliveries have been 1/5th of day-1.

    Just relax.

  6. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tech/tech-news/outsourcing/H-1B-visas-US-receives-50000-applications-on-day-first-day/articleshow/19394784.cms

    • Don’t bother timesofindia. Their reports are mostly baseless. Anyway, their biggest source for this news is the computerworld only which is fully criticized in this site and no extra value addition. Just ignore it.
      My gut feeling is still that there will not be any lottery. Other than USCIS update on possible lottery there is no fact out there to believe so.
      USCIS does not count all application towards cap closure; they filter out invalid applications too — may be they have a statistical factor to do so. For lottery to happen, number of filed petitions has to be much more than 65K. I don’t see such a big economy boom for Indian IT companies to file more applications aggressively.

  7. yennoda sabam ungla summa udatha ra.. All these fucking people from TCS,WIPRO get lost u are spoling chances for genuine candidates

    • Who are you to comment like that. Most (read MOST, not ALL) of the folks that are working in Indian companies (TCS,WIPRO etc) are qualified engineers. I have lots of friends who never got a promotion or hike in 2/3 years after working in large Indian IT companies and finally quit and went to US (with avg or below avg GRE score to be precise). Now they all changed their F1 to H1B or better… reached I140/I485 approved stage. If you call them talended people or so called “genuine candidates”, then God save US from them 🙂

      • fucking ban all IT related H1-B .God save us from these people who don’t spend money in US and want to come here. You jeopardize chances of people who have finished PHd,MS here and working for non IT( shitty) jobs.It was my opinion and really don’t give a damn about what you think or your friends .I just wanted to vent out my anger . Amen!!

        • Repetitive usage of abusive and foul language won’t help you win a debate, if you at all know what I am talking about. I’ll keep saying the MS and so called PhDs in many of the US Universities (I am not talking about IITians who got into Ivy league Universites) could not manage a career in India, came out of second grade colleges, could not get a decent job, could not even crack GATE and US was their back-up option.. Also a lot of us care a damn about their chances of being in US simply because these dumbos had to spend money (mostly Baap ka) to land up in US in the first place… Amen!

          • etcha kudi ..nee angethe oc liye woombiya punda. nanga inga vanthu kasu selavichi padichi velaiki pona unnaku arikudha.. thevdya nee kaisa kaima da.Inimi inga muchi vechi padudatha gali adiva da

          • So, Let me ask you guys a question. I got my undergrad degree from an IVY League university and a Masters from another IVY League. Do you still believe that you deserve an equal chance to get the H1-B as I do?
            If yes please tell me why.
            P.S. I completed my Undergrad at 20 and Master’s at 21.

          • U dont deserve to be in the lottery unless all other applications are for the beneficiaries having better qualifications than u. If uscis grants visa based on lottery (which essentially means that ur petition is given same weight as devry university graduate’s petition or as $hitty infy employee’s petition) then doesnt suffice the basic purpose of h1b visa. H1b is supposed to be for skilled people. I mean what it takes to get into companies like infy. They interviewed me at 1pm on a day when they interviewed other 400 students! In interview, they asked me to sing a song and put my name in hired students’ list at 6pm same day along with other 200 students. I am so glad that i left that behind and decided to go for MS where i worked my ass off.
            And now these indian IT employees get visa and come to US to work for a client like Papa john’s on 2 months project. Or sometimes they just get the visa and are made sit on their fat asses all day doing nothing in india itself. While people like u have to go back to ur own country and do some menial work.

      • Hi Guys, Which world are you living in. If you are a professional then face the hazardz of this profession too. Make yourself fit for a job.

        • Well said. Instead of complaining someone else is taking my seat increase your value such that organization cant say no to you.

          if person x and y are doing the same job organization will choose a person that fits their financial model irrespective of the degree the person holds. This is competition and this prevails everywhere. even in consumer products we choose; we choose a product that provides great quality but at lower price.

          • The issue is that in the current h1b system it doesn’t really matter what value you hold to an organization or how much they want to keep you. If you’re not selected in the lottery, tough luck. You and your employer lose out

          • Even if you make urself worthy for h1b visa or employer, its not employer who will grant you visa. they can just apply for visa on ur behalf. USCIS is the one taking decisions. And we all agree that lottery is not a fair way to grant this visa. Just because none of us cant change this system doesn’t mean we should fight among us on who is more deserving. I do not intend to belittle anyone’s career goals by saying this but getting h1b and working US is one part of your career and you can not plan your entire career around one thing. So wait till you find out if there’s lottery and if yes then wait again till u find out if your application is selected or not. Thats all you can do. So do not panic or stress urself because thats not gonna help. Just remember you guys are all qualified engineers (most of us) and one visa cant stop you from being successful.

            Do i sound like Morgan Freeman?!!! Man!!!

          • Guys don’t fight here. There will be still quota left. USCIS may update today afternoon or early next week. Just relax and hope for the best.

  8. Hi,
    I read this news from reuters.

    My question is if the cap is 65000, how come the article says last year they gave out 129,000 H-1B visas. Someone can calrify? Thanks.

  9. Cheap IT labourers from India, working for ridiculously low wages are the problem here. Companies should not get away with sponsoring thousands of these visas.

    • Amen!! This is so shady, I can’t believe the U.S. government would allow it.

      A friend of mine who graduated with me is getting his petition filed by his employer. He makes $1,000 a month, working full time as a Financial Analyst. Nobody here would ever work for that kind of money but he has no choice if he wants to stay. And all it takes is the employer saying that he works part time, which they did, to get the LCA approved.

      Where are the checks and balances?

      • But why does he want to stay ? I don’t understand why all these Indians try to make to to US, working for such crap wages – you could earn more in Europe ffs.

        • He isn’t from India, he is actually Chinese. He wants to stay because he spent the last two years here and likes it here.

          Don’t get me wrong. I completely understand why he wants to stay but I in no way support what his company is doing. All I’m saying is that there need to be checks and balances in place to avoid this type of fraud. This is why the H1-b program has a bad reputation in the first place. Because companies like that along with thousands of petitions from single consulting companies are still able to exploit foreigner for their own shady business practices through this program.

  10. Hi All,

    I have been a silent reader over the last few days in most of these forums. I would like to share my thoughts on predictions on H1 B.

    1. Guys please dont Panic.
    2. Please wait till Monday to get an official update from USCIS.
    3. Please dont spread any rumors.
    4. The I2 bill is also expected to be passed sometime next week. We might have a chance that USCIS might increase the quota by another 20K.
    5. I do have friends in most of the top Indian IT companies. Most of them from the Immigration team feels that the cap would be available till the end of second week of April.


    A. The H1B cost has increased over the last few years.
    B. Even though big IT giants like TCS , CTS etc…might file more number of petitions – they again have a bucket system – they bucket based on the criticality of resources. they file the petitions one after the other bucket.
    C. In 2007 & 2008 – the immigration laws were not so very strict. The consultancies used to take money and file.That is the main reason why USCIS received high number of petitions during the 1st week of April. This year it cant be done very easily just like that.
    D. Those who got through H1B Last year are still in India. I have more than 10 of friends in this Bucket.
    E. The Laws are also very strict this year like LCA, Client Letter etc…

    Friends – I might be wrong as well. Things might change at any time. Just like our 20-20 cricket match. Lets all stay tuned & keep our fingers crossed till 8th April. We might get some unofficial news as well by Saturday. But lets pray and wait till Monday. That is all we can do as of now.

    • Seems very realistic analysis!!!! Thank You.

      And, there are 2-3 guys from my project itself from last year H1B, who are yet to get any assignment in US.
      And, one more thing is, unlike 2007-2008, this time, number of duplicate petitions will be very less, due stringent verification in place and not many small consultancies willing to take risk.
      USCIS published a press release on 15th March, Friday, and any big company(CTS, TCS, Wipro etc.) planning to apply additional H1B, would take at least 7 – 10 business days to get a LCA approved. Even in best case scenarios, they would have taken at least 1-2 business days on the following week to shortlist the candidates. March 29, being Good Friday, was a holiday all across the world including DOL. So, those companies might be receiving the LCAs this week. So, either there would be overflow of applications on Thursday & Friday which may push for a lottery else good news. i.e. “NO LOTTERY”.


      • Dude .. All top companies have filed LCAs in January itself based on their number of petitions and LCAs are not candidate specific .

    • Chris Musillo


      by Chris Musillo

      The H-1B cap opened on April 1. Any H-1B cap-subject petition that is received on or before April 5 is considered a first day filing. It is unknown at this time whether the H-1B cap will be reached on the first day or not. In a March 15, 2013 press release the USCIS predicted that,

      Based on feedback from a number of stakeholders, USCIS anticipates that it may receive more petitions than the H-1B cap between April 1, 2013 and April 5, 2013.
      If the USCIS receives more petitions than it is statutorily allowed to approve it will commence an H-1B lottery. Any H-1B petition that does not “win” the lottery will be returned to the employer.
      This begs the question of whether the H-1B cap will in fact be reached by April 5. MU Law had its busiest week, filing more H-1B cap-subject petitions than it ever has. This leads us to believe that the H-1B cap will be reached by April 5.

      ILW.com’s Roger Algase had an interesting report yesterday. He says that a FedEx representative told him that their delivery service sent 23,000 to the Vermont Service Center on Monday April 1. If this report is true then the H-1B cap surely will be reached by April 5.

      FedEx is one of three major US courier services. The Vermont Service Center is one of two receiving facilities for H-1B cap-subject petitions. April 1 is just one of the five days that H-1B cap-subject petitions will be received.

      Traditionally the USCIS announces when the H-1B cap is reached within 72 hours of the 65,000th H-1B cap-subject petition filing. Based on all of the data, MU Law’s expectation is that the USCIS will make an announcement sometime next week that the H-1B cap was indeed reached on April 5.

      • So thats like a final nail on the coffin. This article and the source which talks about the 23000 deliveries (Read more here http://discuss.ilw.com/content.php?1599-Blogging-Some-Unoffical-and-Preliminary-Information-from-FedEx-About-H-1B-Cap-Petitions-Received-So-Far-and-a-Reflection-About-This-Years-April-1-Madness-by-Roger-Algase) seems authentic! Good luck guys!

        • So thats like a final nail on the coffin. This article and the source article which talks about the 23000 deliveries seems authentic! Good luck guys!

      • I really don’t understand how expert attorneys be so naive. Last thing that we want at the moment is more panic.

        First of all – the fact that MU Law had its busiest week does not mean there is a strong indication of a lottery. Infact, my attorney told me their firm did see an increase in the number of applications relative to last year but not like double or triple or overwhelming enough to indicate a lottery. So, it really varies a lot based on one law firm to another. Predicting “so strongly” in an open media about a lottery based on this fact is bound to create unnecessary panic on top of what has already been created.

        Secondly – count of 23k from Fedex is the count of all packages delivered on a day to one of the service centers. Author of this blog is being naive in assuming all of these are H1-B cap petitions. Infact, an average of 10000 applications delivered to VSC every month is I-539 applications (not even H1B) – courtesy: USCIS (http://dashboard.uscis.gov/index.cfm?formtype=20&office=6&charttype=1). Although count of H1b packages delivered to VSC would have been more on April-1 or April-2, there is a definite possibility that several of these 23k packages are not even H1B applications. Using that alone and predicting a “sure” lottery is again extremely naive & equates to pressing a panic button unnecessarily during this kind of a situation.

        Through this message, I ‘am not saying whether a lottery will be there or not. That is still up for anyone’s “meaningful” prediction. However, what I do mean to say is – we should avoid predicting a lottery based on naive assumptions. It will just add onto the stress that is already being experienced.

        • I am sorry if the source I have cited caused any kind of trouble here and I sincerely apologize for that. Yana, my 2 cents to your argument. I was actually naive as I did NOT know the stats behind the number quoted in my argument. Thanks for your explanation.

        • Yana,
          We may not know how FedEx operates!They might have setup a separate counter to handle H1b packages.Not sure. In that case the numbers could be well related to H1b petitions only.

          Next thing, Law offices should be having the past data and then can very well relate to current situation. Not one, but many law offices have mentioned there was a spike in the number of filings.

          On any case, i too do not want lottery to happen.


          • I work in logistics. There is no way FedEx would know the difference between an H1b package and a regular package going to USICS.
            Its confidential information and all they see is a white envelop with an address on it.

  11. I believe USCIS has been counting the number of applications received everyday.If this is true they will know if the cap has been reached or not.

    Incase the cap is reached the USCIS might announce that the cap has been reached and will continue to accept petetions until 5th of april.

    However, Until now there has been no announcement from USCIS or attorneys about the avalanche filing except that FedEx has received 23k applications.

    Any thoughts friends?

    • Don’t worry!
      The cap wont be reached until 2nd week of April.
      And I still don’t think there would be lottery. Even if there is a lottery, USCIS will not conduct it unless they know it is not the same situation as in 08 where numerous fake consultants filed multiple applications for just a single person. So, file your applications on time and relax. We all hope for the best!

  12. Hi Guys — Do not waste your time & others too by commenting each other -But Give best solution tips to others who are facing some problems in life or in the office

  13. Did anyone predict that H1b cap for last year exhausted in early June? Surprised, huh? How many people missed last year’s application after Jun, 11th? Those people (including me)have waited for nearly a year for this year’s application, I believe this is a huge amount,plus there are also new petitions join in this year, that means petitions of 2 years share one year’s cap. In 2006, the H1b cap reached in the end of May, then the next year, 2007, USCIS could received more than 12,000 applications within 2 days! It will be terrible, I want to find a way to peace my mind, but no way.

        • It clearly states that in case of a lottery, the petitions will be accepted till the 5th. That means it does not matter if your application got received on the first or the fifth. Both have an equal chance in the lottery.

  14. Guys don’t make panic , Submit your applications , its useless to discuss about lottery or no lottery , while wasting time its good to submit application. From my Experience cap will reach after 10th or 12th of April Atleast.

    • The lottery will only be triggered if the quota is filled up during the first week. 9th of April is on next week… I’m not sure, though, if there is a lottery among those applications which arrive on the day USCIS declares the last one on which it accepts visa applications.

    • On the day Cap is reached limit after first 5 day filing window, USCIS declares that day as ‘final-receipt-date’ and they will conduct lottery on the files received on final-receipt-day. Hope this clarifies

  15. If no lottery necessary, what’s the purpose for USCIS to make a lottery anticipation? No one ask USCIS to predict a lottery or not a lottery, why on earth do USCIS do that? I hate lottery, too, but I prefer to accept the fact.

    • This Part is very good part from USCIS as they announce before in advance so people can file applications intime. I think so USCIS is doing good job and we cant blame them for any thing.

    • People predict because they love to. There was no need for USCIS to predict; but since data was available, they did the prediction. [May be they are also tensed if there will be a lottery!!] Thats actually nice way of wasting time. Like I have posted many predictions here while looking for more information on predictions! That only says that I am feeling uneasy.

  16. There is an important point in the following article published in Indian express today.

    Here is the article:

    Here is the text from the above article:
    “Officials said the Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) would not issue daily update on number of applications received, but will make an announcement when the cap is reached. “

  17. Dont be panic guys , there wont be any lottery . this is just a USICS gimmick .

    1) in 2008 and 2009 many individual and fake Consultancies have filed h1bs for free , this year no chance for that .
    2) The cost of visa filing is almost 5K Dollars ( Includes attorney fee … etc) ppl are not ready to pay this huge amount to file through consultancies.
    3) only 10% ppl of L1 rejections will file H1b

    These are my damn sure assumptions . Agree ?

    4) I work in an MNC last time they have filed many H1Bs where as this year they are filing less .

  18. Hi Saurabh,

    When I confirmed from my employer (Visa team), they told they have filed my h1b visa with USCIS on 1st April, 2013.

    When we can get the receipt No??
    How lottery will work in this case???

    When we can expect approval of Visa in Non premium.


  19. For undergrads graduating in May, is there any way to submit h1b application in April? My university is not willing to write a letter proving I will get my diploma in May. I’m worried that the cap will be filled in mid May and I won’t be able to get h1b for 2014. Thank you so much for your help!!

    • You have plenty of options. m assuming you already found a company, right? Avail your CPT and within next 8 months apply for OPT. Keep going dude, till you could file your H1. Many of us here are on our last OPT stem and we don’t have a choice if we don’t get H1.
      (y this ko la veri ko la veri dey 🙂 )

  20. Relax guys.. It was just an April 1st Joke 😀
    Even I am an aspirant and looking forward for H1b this year. My L1b was rejected on March 25th and now looking forward for H1b.

    Paperwork is still pending and good thing is that LCA was already filed so I hope by April 5th or next week my petition will be filed.
    Fingers Crossed.

    And Please don’t mind. I just wanted to make people stronger to accept the fact. And one lesson also learnt that don’t believe on rumors.

      • Ha ha.. I am not that much desperate for US. I just wanted to go there as sometime I need to work till 11-12am for production application issue which is quite frustrating. I have other countries visa too and if I cant make it here.. will see other opportunity. Don’t rely on such pathetic rules.

        • I don’t think ppl are desperate here to get US visa…they are more concerned about their career paths and the hard work they have done to reach this place…which i think you might nt understand because god has been kind to you for giving soo many choices in ur life…..be it career options or no. of visas ……

          • Dude.. do you think all the people who are in US or going are hard working? Its all about business requirements, whenever requirement will come they will send their offshore counterparts to onshore to earn money. I saw bunch of 50 people going for long term just because client has requirement. Many of them even don’t have much experience.

            And Excuse me but going US, there is only one reason earning money. No one wants to leave away from their home country. Some people have enough money like me who wants to maintain their work life balance as in India they need to be available from morning 8 to evening 12 for any production issues and there people can be at home with their family.

            If this culture will come in India, we will surely get less H1b filling. but Indians mentality is only money. If you are hard working enough, you can get into a good product company and earn good. I started my career with service based company with 2.5L per annum , then in a year I cleared A****n interview and got 11L and be there till 2011 and now again in service based company with 15+L and have only 5 years of experience. I have travelled to UK, Aus, Singapore, Middle east and only US is pending. But as I told, I am not desperate. If you want something, try for that but dont greed, like if your H1b wont be submitted or not accepted, getting disappointed and thinking like one year is waste.. Always keep backup plan ready 😉

            All the best to all the folks. I may not be able to be active here but will check the comments on daily basis till cap lasts 🙂

          • We will know only on April 5 or 8.
            Till then all we can do is discuss
            Market is good or bad, but no IT company wants to loose the chance of keeping H1B resources if market becomes good as they know later if cap fills, they cannot do anything other than waiting for one more year….This school of thought is what will make the H1B cap get full very fast…

          • Not everyone works in an IT industry, not everyone comes here for money. Even the living standards here are good enough to ditch home country. Just saying.

          • What kind of a crazy person are you! First you crack stupid jokes and to cover your stupidity all you have to say is that you have lot of money in India? Jeez. I’m sure you don’t have a LIFE there – true which is what you are complaining about – terming it “WORK-LIFE Balance”. I pity you!

            You say 50 ppl who don’t have “much” experience have made it to US – yeah so what? By that standards your work of fixing “production issues” is no good either.

            Sure you are not desperate. (suppressing my laughter) But you are a big “Show-off ka Dhukan”. Who cares how much you earn or where you have travelled! Seriously noone except your teeny-tiny ego.

            Yeah, and you don’t need to bother replying here and grace your presence again

          • calm down Rise & Navin. We ll come here to strengthen our professional and perhaps to help our nearest one with our little earnings. But all this H1 volume this year is frying us and making us tense. But keep one backup plan and relax. For instance, I would be very upset if I dont get H1 as this is the end of road for me as m on OPT stem. But you know I ll apply to non profit organizations or go back for PhD or look to apply GC directly as there are hardly 50 people from my country here in US. But what about if there were only around 40K applications at the end of this week? 🙂 All our tensions ll be gone and we ll be laughing at ourselves. Anyway, cool down guys and I wish you all the best!

          • Just increase the territory of your thinking dude.

            Production issues is not good? When company’s business is in your hand, this profile is not good for you?

            What are you by the way? A developer, test engineer or network engineer?
            Also where I mentioned I have lot of money? I only told that I am not desperate about money, if you have capabilities you can earn here too and you don’t understand work life balance as you don’t have any life.

          • Mr. Rise,
            why are you targeting an individual?
            Mr. Navin was expressing his views and I didnt see any show off in that.

            I believe you are quite jealous of someone’s success and feeling that why you didn’t get these much opportunities 😛

            Calm down and let other express.

            Hats off to you Mr. Navin. and I didn’t mind of your joke 😀

          • Navin , u r a Moron. I see lot of people concerned and worried here. Either contribute here or get out of here. People here need support not show off. And Just to make it clear for you Dictionary meaning of Moron is “disused term for a person with a mental age between 8 and 12, and a common insult for a person considered stupid (or just a generic insult)”

          • Haha.. Poor Naveen got all riled up when the joke is on him, eh? And happy that you got yourself some side-kicks too?

            I’m no developer, tester or network engineer – that said I’m confident that I’m 200% better than you – qualification wise, salary wise or best of all – in attitude. You note this point too Mr. Sidekeek Jain

            You can continue your rant and pretend to tell us more about yourself, but one can only feel sorry for your silly-self.

            “And Excuse me but going US, there is only one reason earning money. No one wants to leave away from their home country. Some people have enough money like me who wants to maintain their work life balance as in India they need to be available from morning 8 to evening 12 for any production issues and there people can be at home with their family.”

            That’s where you mentioned that you have lot of money and everyone else sweating on this thread are here just for the money. Got that?

            Pls agree if you are desperate and dont be a sore loser if you cant get to the US, I’m sure your skills will be highly appreciated in Timbuktu.

          • haha.. good one… I am pretty sure Navin and Prateek are same person.. Only Navin could take Navin’s side 😛

    • Nice joke 🙂
      I was actually thinking that could be joke, but at the same time, it went through my spine too. I was expecting applications might have piled up like 30K today, but its only my thought. For some reason, I believe that it will last atleast for the next two weeks. Hope this happens. Best of luck to all!

      • It is joke only Rishi.
        H1b cap is not gonna fill by April 30th.

        I am optimistic about it, I agree that situation is improved in US but not that much that will attract hiring.. and if you are saying Indian companies will file most of the petition, its acceptable but the kind of model they are working, they are asking people for night shifts also.

        Most of the companies are service based and client doesn’t wait that much, I know as my client prefer to hire contractors rather than waiting for offshore resource to come. Even if my H1b will be stamped, I dont know from which project and location I will travel.

        I saw many people didnt travel for a year though they have H1b and L1b stamped. So its all about business requirements. Suddenly this much requirements wont come and if Market will become like this that if anyone wants to change there are plenty of offers available then surely H1b cap will fill in a week.

        The situtation was there in 2003-4 and 2007-8 when people were getting 50-60% hike but now getting 30% hike is a standard and no one wants to loose money and wants to show profit.

        I know my points won’t be strong enough to change everyone’s mind but I feel in first week 32k applications will be receieved and cap will last till April 30th or later.

  21. Hi All,
    I have an urgent question. my lawyer send my application on March 29. and it was delivered by march 30. it is going to be considered ??

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dude,
      No body knows that, even if USCIS received your application in the first week of March. I don’t think it is really going to matter this year. It is really crazy. If you really want to know, ask your lawyer if they have received the unique case number from USCIS. But I don’t think USCIS will issue the case number to anyone atleast for the first two weeks until they make decision of what to do with such bulk applications. Good Luck to all friends here.

      • Tinag D,

        Thanks for your response. I mean USCIS will not consider it because they receive it before April 1st. or it still does not matter ??


        • You cannot apply for H1B visa more then 6 months in advance. Meaning, the H1B start date for fiscal 2014 is October 1st, 2013 puts the earliest you can apply for it is April 1st, 2013. Any applications received before April 1st, 2013 will be automatically disqualified. Sorry to inform you this.

          PS: Also to those who are expecting to get Receipt numbers, you do not get receipt number until your application is accepted by USCIS. If in case of lottery this year, only those people who get selected in lottery will get the receipt number. And if any, receipts number will be allocated only after April 5th this year.

          • Hi TT,

            It was delivered on Saturday which is officially weekend. so it means they receive it today.
            should i tell my lawyer to submit the papers again ?? or what are my option i dont want to miss the CAP because of one day !!!! And i cant extend my OPT.


          • I believe they timestamp all the applications they receive. Honestly speaking, you should immediately contact your lawyer to see if you can resend the application again without it being considered a duplicate entry. If it is possible to resend your application without it being considered duplicate entry then you have until Friday to resubmit your application.

          • Hi ihab,
            why the hell u were in so hurry, buddy :). just kidding. That is good actually, if USCIS accepts. But before sending your second application in panic. I would recommend the following:
            Confirm with your carrier (USPS, UPS or FedEx). They should have a date and time when they deliver. Mine says today morning at 9:10AM with FedEx. You should be able to get one like this. If not, discuss with your your lawyer whether to send another application. My only concern is, they should not suspect you deliberately sending two applications from the same company for the same person. They won’t like that.
            Take care and Good Luck!

          • Tinag D,

            My lawyer send it on Friday with Guarantee to be delivered on Monday. I contact my lawyer but did not get any response yet.

            My lawyer just told me the application will be consider as delivered on Monday as it was delivered on weekend. is that correct ??


  22. Genuine Sources informed that almost 73k applications have been received so far and counting on first day itself.
    I believe this year all the records will be broken and there will be 1 out of every 4 application get through in lottery.

    Start praying god and wish you all the best.
    Source of information and link of my blog will be posted shortly.

    • I know it will break many hearts but this is true. Please don’t loose hope..try to submit your application before April 5. you will have 25% of chance of accepting the petition.

      I will post the details shortly on my blog.


          • March 1612,
            Dont panic….I am very much sure that there will be no lottery this year…There are many factors to be considered before confirming that there will be lottery. Based on the unemployment rates I am very much sure that the quota will be open till April 20th at least. Hang in there guys and don’t panic…

          • yeah… there shouldn’t be lottery this year considering all the factors… and even if lottery does happen, what can you do about it.. relax 🙂

          • Lets see on Friday or next Monday. you will see 200k+ applications.
            Optimism is good thing but blind faith is always bad.

            I am also worried as my wife petition is also there. Lets see but the information is correct. The same guy was there who told about the lottery in 2009 and I was through in lottery only 🙂

          • Navin, u have posted such stats which could cause panic…..so please post all the details you know..

  23. Hello,

    I am on OPT and eligible for STEM extension. My OPT expires on May 4, 2013 and my employer (This is a full time job) has applied for H1B visa – Attorney said that they sent the packet to reach by April 1st. My employer is not E-verified. I will be automatically counted into CAP-GAP. I still have a time to apply for STEM extension. I do not want to take chance and fall into ‘Out of Status’ condition when for any reason H1b petition gets rejected. I asked employer to get E-verified and they are saying that they ll do that only if there is lottery in the visa process.
    Another consultant is offering a job and can give E-verification details.
    1. Can I work for 2 companies in OPT and STEM extension?
    2. Can I submit H1B petition from current employer and STEM extension from consultant?
    3. Will there be any issue by submitting two different applications from different employers?
    4. Is April 1sy late for applying for STEM extension considering my OPT ends on May 6th?
    5. Does USCIS rejects STEM extension, if I already have H1B in process?

    Please help me – Its been a long time I am in a difficult situation.

    Thanks in advance!

  24. Guys excuse me for my knowledge in H1 B Process.

    When I checked on icert website, my LCA application is certified and now my question is

    1. Do I need to wait for 10 days from the day of certified ?

    2. Does LCA certified means 10 days of posting is already complete ?

    Can anyone explain the process more in detail ?

    Pankaj Rudrawar

    • you do not have to wait for 10 days of posting. If LCA is approved and all other docs are ready then u r ready to send application. Can you tell me when did you file LCA or how many days it took to get approval from DOL? Mine was filed on 21 march and i am still waiting.

      • LCA posting was done on 22nd Mar 2013.

        As I checked case status on icert website, I can see LCA was submitted on 22nd Mar 2013 and currently its “Certified”.

        Pankaj Rudrawar

    • Hi Pankaj, congratulations on getting your LCA just in time:). I am actually waiting for my LCA to be approved. Is it possible for you to share the date on which your LCA was submitted, so that I can get a clue as to how many days it took? Appreciate your help.


  25. Hi all,

    Iam going to get graduating in july 30th 2013,I dont want take opt,Directly i want to work with an H1b bcz I have to travel india this year ending ,I dont have stamping and i came on different status now iam in f1.Please help me in this case.Is there any chance to apply h1b this year?some consultancy people are saying yeah we can ,somebody saying no?please help me out in this .


  26. I heard from one of my colleagues who is applying through one of the Desi Consultants that, big Indian companies like TCS, Wipro, HCL etc who grab a bulk of the H1B visas will be only allowed a limited number say 5K. For example if there were 135K applications for 65K H1B visas and TCS puts in 30K applications. Instead of giving TCS – 15K H1B visas, they would get only 5K. Just wanted to confirm if this is what is going on OR just another rumour. Thanks

    • It’s a rumor and this type of rules can’t be applied practically.
      Go to USCIS official website and read everything there, except that everything is a big lie.


  27. I strongly believe there won’t be any lottery this year. In fact cap will last till April 30th for sure.
    Don’t worry guys. prepare your applications and submit it.
    All the best.

    • Yeah, this is just a stupid strategy by USCIS. I agree with you that the quota is going to last till April last week. I think they did all this to move premium processing priority date. Besides, if USCIS knew so much then where the hell were they back in 2008 and 2009? I agree they could easily predict the cap because all they have to do is run a small query on DOL database but this isn’t so simple the way it looks like.

  28. A large number f L1 rejections last year would eventually apply H1 this year. Also, the L1 needing an extension would prefer filing a COS to H1 in the wake of L1 extension rejection rates/RFEs. This statistics is not available with anyone as to how many L1 rejection as well as upcoming L1 extensions would do a H1. I personally believe that number is the game changer this year compared to all previous years. Hence in most likelihood the H1 will go into a lottery this year.

  29. If people apply only one application through proper company, then I think USCIS will not be flooded. It is so bad that we have many deserving candidates here in good companies and their chances for H1 are diluted owing to multiple applications from foreign countries. But I heard that priorities will be given to students having BE/MS from US universities. Anyway, good luck to all!

    • Saurabh,

      Can you please update us on the latest trends on Chances of Having Cap or not.

      This will be really help us to prepare applications in a better way than missing something which is really important.

      • Hi Saurabh,
        I missed the cap last year by a day when my LCA got approved. Then I immediately applied to e-verified company and got my OPT stem. My HR prepared everything since mid of February and the lawyer sent my application this time trying to be on schedule. But m not sure because the lawyer informed that applications may even exceed 90K on April 1st. If that is the case, then I may or may not make it as they ll count only the first 85K and keep some to cover rejected applications and rest they send us back. I do not want to panic anyone here. But from our experience, rumors on H1 are pretty close to truth. So, please don’t waste your time, follow up if you have LCA pending and apply immediately. I still hope that it will last atleast for the first two weeks. I wish all the best for friends here.

        • Tinag,
          Even if the cap gets over by April 1st, USCIS will accept petitions till final receipt date and according to my knowledge they will accept petition till April 5 and then do random selection (Lottery) for the petitions that are received till April 5. So it does not matter if your petition has reached on April 1st or April 5th. As per the trend I still believe that the quota will be open till 2nd week of April.

          • I don’t see any chance for lottery. For example last year in the second week of June, as the quota was exhausting very fast, we expected the lottery. However, USCIS just counted upto 85K, kept some applications to replace the rejected applications, and rest they sent back. All this flood is caused by people applying multiple applications through consultants and from foreign countries. I wish USCIS investigate those cases thoroughly. Some of the candidates resume’s are fake. True candidates will never apply two H1, because besides financial disadvantage, it is almost impossible as your parent company may freak out with your weird decision. Moreover, I don’t see any better chances of getting H1 with multiple companies, after all H1 depends upon how your skills matches the job description and your education background. I wish all the best for deserving candidates.

  30. Hi Guys,

    I for sure know that this year will go into a lottery. I have many friends working for the top 10 IT companies in the world(not just India). These days with so many L1-B rejections, L1-B processing is being stopped and only H1-B are being processed. I have heard similar from other big companies too. So these big guns will itself will eat up the H1-B 2014 cap. I have no doubt in my mind. Lottery this time.


  31. Hi ,

    I have question I work for one MNC as full time.They are sponsoring my H1B .Right now I am on OPT and it would end in july 2013. They haave have posted my LCA data today. So what I heard for LCA to get approved it takes 10 days. So will I fall in H1B qouta. I am tensed and confused what to do. When I contacted them they ar saying you will not miss the quota. Please advice

    • Hi Nitya,
      This is a very tense moment for many of us. I missed last year quota just by a day when my LCA got approved. But this year is even more worrying. what I would suggest you is assume there is quota till 2nd week of April and get ready to send all our other documents right away. LCA takes around 11 days and keep your eye on it everyday (use case no). Sometimes, it can get approved in 8-9 days as well. File it right away, as soon as you get your LCA. If quotas are exhausted, then apply for OPT stem (that is what I did last year). If not, then start applying to nonprofit companies like colleges, redcross, hospitals, etc. Else go back to school till next year. But stay calm and I wish you all the best. I had been in this situation last year and I can fully understand your tension.

      • Hi Tinag,

        I am in OPT stem extension only.So this do or die chance for me. Right now I am so helpless. I am just praying Masters quota dosn’t fill so fast. Except waiting I cann’t do anything.. Now it is too late in the game. Just can’t understand somebodies mistake I have to suffer

        • Hi Nitya,
          Don’t worry too much my friend. I had been in that shoes and I can totally understand your situation. Please follow up your LCA (enter case no) daily. http://icert.doleta.gov/
          At the same time, as I mentioned keep everything ready to mail right away. H1 cap exhaustion rumor has never been this hyper. But, the people from India are applying to multiple companies through IT consultants and that is sucking high percentage of quotas and many brilliant candidates here are suffering at their cost. But I hope it will atleast last for two weeks.

          • Hi Tinag,

            When I enter my LCA in the above link which you mentioned I am not getting any information.
            It is expecting around 30 characters but my LCA is around 8 characters only.
            Do I need to register and do any thing. Please guide me.

      • Hi Tinag, what you mean by apply to nonprofit companies like colleges, redcross, hospitals, etc? Even my LCA is pending. I heard sometimes it get approved in 3 days as well. It all depends on the availability of staffs, I guess. I hope your words come true and the quota remain open at least until the end of second week of April. God bless all of us.

        • When you apply to non profit organizations, there is no cap limits, there is no deadline to apply for H1. They can apply H1 any time of the year. But only non profit companies can do that. Hope that helps.

  32. Hi ,

    I have question I work for one MNC as full time.They are sponsoring my H1B .Right now I am on OPT and it would end in july 2013. They haave have posted my LCA data today. So what I heard for LCA to get approved it takes 10 days. So will I fall in H1B qouta. I am tensed and confused what to do

    • Hi,

      Yes for filing petition LCA need to be completed and by completed i mean ( 10 days ) from the date of posting of notice.If quota don’t get breached till Aipril 8-10 than only yoour company can file for it.Sorry don’t want to dishearten you but it’s chances are bleak.Max. 5-6th Aipril quota will be over as told by USCIS on there official website.

  33. How to increase the chance of getting selected in the lotttery? Submit multiple petitions through different employers?

    I was confident that my petition would go through. Now it is scaring me. literally keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Are you applying under Regular or Masters Cap ?

      Just a word of caution – dont fall into the trap of spending money from your side & going with risky/multiple consultants just because you need to a have a H1B. Your career will be jeopardized in the longer run for sure. Rather, take up a job that you know for sure you would like to do and also, go with one reliable consultant who can offer you that kind of a job and sponsor for your H1B.

      Chances of lottery itself happening cannot be known for sure. Even if it happens, I think it all depends on how many applications USCIS receives under each category – regular and masters cap.

      • Regular.

        My first application is through a proper tier1 with good job. I had no intention of applying through a second consultant till I saw the panicky comments from USCIS.
        Now I don’t seem to have a choice than spend money and go with a second one.

        Do you see any risk in this ? but per regulation I can apply two petitions with two employers correct?

        My thought was if the second one is selected, stay with him for three months and transfer H1 back to tier1.

        What do you mean by ‘Your career will be jeopardized in the longer run for sure. ‘?

        thanks for sharing your candid opinion.

  34. also all big MNCs whose L1 are getting denied are going to H1 rout. Last year TCS, Infosys and other applied for thousands of H1 whereas before that there was almost none. So atleast 20-30 K visas are going to be from these big companies.

    • L1 rejections have increased last year.However, H1 rejections were no less.
      Applying for H1 does not guarantee that one would get the visa for sure.Many on site people who were sponsored Hs in 2012 are stuck due to 221g’s.

      Unless you have proper documentation for filing H1 and going for a Visa the chances of using that H1 are bleak.

  35. Saurabh, I would have agreed with you , before the USCIS released that statement. As you and others have indicated, this press release would push people to go for H1 application on day 1.

  36. Hi Saurabh.
    How are you doing..
    I have few doubts on validity… can you please answer below questions?
    My H1B approved in sept-2010 but I came to US in Aug-2012…
    1.What is my Cap Limit? how they are caluclated my CAP Limt?
    2. Can I extend my H1b till Aug-2018( as Cap limit is 6yrs) or they calculated from Sept-2010 to Sept 2016 )
    3. My current Visa status till Sept -2013 ( my first Petition), when Can I apply for extension?
    4. If I want to move another employer before Sept-2013 then is there any time frame before Petition expiry date( as my first petition is going to expire on Sept 2013)

    Thanks in advance for your valuable feedback

  37. But the same time employers do not want to loose valid business to lottery i guess. For example a company sponsors for employee A (Who is having a valid requirement now to travel to US) and employee B (“Will/May” get a requirement to travel to US), so in this case the company would be more interested to push employee A than both. Because if lottery is going to happen, there could be chances, that B is selected and A is dropped, in which case company will loose a valid business. This is my personal opinion only.

    • In today’s IT world there is nothing like a critical resource. Projects have gone south and companies have shutdown but the managers would stick with mediocrity. As to why this is happening is a different story and open to debate. What is clear is that we are living in an increasingly mediocre world. Putting up with things that do not work, have poor quality, unreliable service is what defines our generation.

      For a business it makes sense to file H1B for resource A and B even if one makes it they can be sent as replacement, project outcome be damned.

      USCIS blowing horns load and clear that there might be a lottery is enough to make every outsourcing company file three times more H1Bs to get maximum people into the country. Look at the job listings there is huge demand for IT folks in USA now. And future would only add more pressure with limited supply of EXPERIENCED folks available in the market.

    • If you would like to be in the Masters quota, your should be graduated as of March 31st 2013. If not masters quota, you can apply for H1 B in the regular quota.

    • Since graduation is only in May and December, get a letter from the Graduate school with University seal and a letter from your thesis/project chair/committee ensuring you are definitely going to graduate in May. If you this letters, you ll be counted in masters quota. Otherwise, go with regular quota. The only disadvantage with regular quota is if your BE is from foreign country, you may not get your H1. But if your BE is form US, don’t even worry. Good Luck!

  38. There would be lottery only because USCIS has stated in the press release and employers would panic and go ahead with H1B filings


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