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H1B Sponsoring Comapnies list in US with FULL details


Many of you would be looking to find companies and also find out  about their H1b filing info like :

  • How many  H1B visas did a particular company apply in an year ? Overall till now ?
  • How many Green cards did they apply ?
  • How many got rejected ? Why did they get rejected ?
  • What kind of job titles did a company sponsor ?
  • What was the average salary they offered when they applied ?
  • Contact information about the company too !
  • What are the companies in your area that apply for H1b Visas ?

As per standard disclosure for public, all the H1B related LCA Applications details are available for public by Department of Labor , but it is in a unformatted way.  We have built a simple interface to explore the entire details.

You can check out   H1B Visa Sponsors Search 

Also, if you are looking for H1B Visa Sponsors ?  Check out the article :   Various Options to find H1B Visa 2014 Sponsors – Avoid Fraud 

Before you choose a company, you should read these articles that are very relevant for your journey and choosing a company.

 Disclaimer : Beware of the fraud companies that take money for H1B Sponsorship. Also, RedBus2US does NOT sponsor or provide any recommendations for H1B sponsors. All we provide is publicly available data and let you search and get information on companies.  Do NOT get cheated, if anyone claims they are from RedBus2US and are giving guidance for H1B Sponsors and taking Money, report to us, it is FRAUD!  


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