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The Mini Hiatus

In Personal Thoughts by Saurabh13 Comments

First of all, I want to sincerely apologize for being absent from the blog for such a long time. Looking at the comments and questions, I notice that several people were expecting replies from me, but I wasn’t available. I had been pretty engaged in the blog until Fall last year and had been wanting to take a break for …

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RedBus2US – 2016 Year in Review !

In Personal Thoughts by Kumar8 Comments

Happy New Year everyone !  I look at every year beginning as a time to reflect on the past and how far we have come…It has been over 7 years since we started the blog and today our blog is a destination for over 11,000 students and professionals everyday… Highlights of Year 2016 221g Tracker : We launched 221g Tracker …

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RedBus2US in Review 2015 – Happy New Year 2016 !

In Personal Thoughts by Kumar10 Comments

It just amazes me, how fast things go by…RedBus2US was started on September 30, 2009 as a small personal blog with no audience on blogger…it has been over 6 years….today, it is the destination every day for at least 10,000 students and professionals aspiring to study, live and work in US….It seems like yesterday that we started, but it has …

Happy New Year 2015 – Blog Review

In Personal Thoughts by Kumar2 Comments

Hello Blog Readers ! Happy New Year 2015 ! It has been an amazing year for us at the blog. Quick summary : We had about 30% increase in our readers. We have about 9800 questions and 8000 answers asked in our Q & A Platform. Many great contributions from the community. We also enhanced the H1B Sponsors search a …

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Good Bye 2011 ! What to expect in 2012 ?

In Personal Thoughts by Kumar11 Comments

It has been quite some time, since I have written an article. Well, I don’t have any excuses…Life and Luck has not smiled much at me in Year 2011…Hope it changes in 2012… Status of our Blog in 2011 Unfortunately, I have not been able to contribute much to the blog in year 2011 due to many personal reasons. Saurabh …

RedBus2US Celebrating One year ! Thank you !

In Personal Thoughts by Kumar17 Comments

How it all started? Exactly one year ago, I was talking to my best friend and he asked me “ Why don’t you start a blog and write about your experiences in US…”…In fact, I was supposed to write on his blog Ayaskantam couple years ago back in 2007 and 2008, I was partying too much and never had time…Finally, …