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Life on H4 Visa in USA – Experience – Working to Not Working – Positive Hope !

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One of our readers, H4_Life ( anonymous name), has shared her thoughts of living on H4 Visa in USA. It is very inspiring for anyone to live with positive hope and attitude towards life. Thanks to H4_Life for sharing her experience with us. You can share your experience here  My First Thoughts When I first got the news that I would …

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Moving to America – Things to do Before and after Entering USA

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One of our readers Praveen posted this nice write up as a comment. Publishing it as article as it would help others.  Thanks to Praveen  for sharing his thoughts. You can share your experiences/thoughts  by submitting article here .   Things to do Before and After Entering America   1.  Flight Tickets : After you get your H1b, you are all set …