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USCIS Guidance for H1B, L1 Fee Increase ($4000) until 2025

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As many of you know, President Obama signed Omnibus Bill on December 18th, 2015 that increases the H1B and L1 Fee by $4000 and $4500. Though it was signed in December, USCIS did not release any official guidance immediately as it takes time for the process. Anyways, today USCIS released official press note indicating the law details and how it …

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H1B Lottery Rejection Letter Sample VSC and CSC

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One of things that many of the readers wonder, while waiting for H1B lottery results is to understand how does a H1B visa application lottery reject notice looks like. We have posted similar Sample H1B reject letter from the past, but you might be curious to see how the recent reject notices looks like.  Please find the sample H1B reject notices …