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H1B Visa 2015 Lottery Predictions – USCIS Data, Trends

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Big question, “Will there be H1B Visa 2015 Lottery?” H1B 2015 Season is over. Check out H1B Visa 2016 Lottery Predictions Every year, since 2010, around the H1B season start time, I review all the past USCIS data, look at current trends, macro-economic factors and provide lottery predictions for H1B Visa filings for that fiscal year. It is hard to believe …

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What is H1B Visa ? Job Requirements, LCA, Quota Cap

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Thanks to  Amelia Hunter from Galstyan Law Group for taking time to share details on H1B Visa. Background : There are many visa classifications which are used by foreign nationals to enter the United States that don’t carry specific requirements or obligations with them, and are used simply to come and live in the US. Of course some individuals do adhere to certain …

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5 Myths about H1B Visas Filing and Approvals – Premium Processing, MS in US

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Lately, I have been looking at some interesting questions posted by H1B visa 2018 seekers, interesting enough there are some misconceptions around the understanding…Let me take some time to clarify some myths around H1B visa filing. 1. Will premium processing of my H1B Visa petition increase chances of Approval ? Simple answer is “NO”.  There is definitely additional H1B visa fee …