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F1 Visa Students Stock Trading – Allowed? Invest – Buy, Sell and Taxes ?

In Living as Student in US by Kumar12 Comments

Many students are passionate about financial markets…some of them might have been investing in stocks in their home country, before moving to US for education…they want to continue to invest in stocks to have an understanding of the US financial markets…the question is around “Is it legal for F1 students to invest in stocks ?” . We will cover various …

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Campus Placements in US Universities – Jobs, Internships Recruitment

In Graduation | Jobs by Kumar3 Comments

Many of the international students are used to the concept of Campus placements or on-campus recruitment for getting Jobs, especially in counties like India.  It does not exactly work the same way in America. This article will focus on some facts about campus placements in USA universities. Are there Campus Placements in American Universities? Do they Offer Job offers directly …

Why NOT to return to India from US – Reservations in Education System, Govt Jobs

In Living as Student in US by Guest Author37 Comments

One of our readers, Vivek, has written a guest article series “Why NOT to return to India “. It is very interesting … Vivek has presented some real data with lot of research and reference links….I believe that this is very controversial discussion….Lets not fight over this, but look at the facts and his perspective.  In this first article, the …

What are Mentoring Programs in US Universities for Students ? Help Internationals ?

In Campus Life in US by Kumar1 Comment

Moving to a different country for higher education and getting accustomed to the new education system in America can be a challenge for many students. Most of the Universities offer various mentoring programs  to help new students.  I have been part of many of these programs in all the universities that I studied and got a lot out of mentorship.  Let me share some thoughts on this.   What are these …