F1 Visa Defer admission in US schools. I20, Visa issues, Fees? Process – How to Defer?

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After going through the complete process from studying for GRE all the way through visa stamping, occasionally due to family situations, financial situations or medical conditions you may not be able to attend the US school for the term you applied though you have visa. This post explains the process of deferring admission in US Universities and other commonly asked …

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Transfer to another US University before First semester? Transfer in first week? Issues ?

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A good amount of students arriving in US for higher education tend to transfer to other schools for variety of reasons like funding issues, on campus jobs, go to better university, study with friends, etc. Let me explain you clearly if you can really transfer and what the conditions are. I will caution you what not to do. I was …

US Travel Tips & Experience

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This is my experience 5 years ago…I wrote this(the text not in blue) to my cousin as soon as I got to US to guide him. Now,I am posting it as it might be helpful to everyone….my language sucks in the old post below…damn ! I would like to keep my student experience original… I have visited India twice after …