How to look get deals when buying !

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Well, everyone wants to buy items when they are on Sale….won’t you ? We always want stuff for cheap, and that too we want stuff of top quality brands for cheap…thats a bit tough, but you can totally do it ! Just have to look for deals…. First places to look for deals, You should just quickly …

Experience Traveling to US for First Time on F1 Visa

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Below was my first experience traveling to US for the very first time from “RedBus to US”  in July 2004…I wrote the below experience to my cousin as soon as I landed in US to guide him…If I read the experience again, I feel terrible in terms of how I wrote the article..damn ! I would like to keep my …

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Difference between F1 OPT vs CPT ? Day 1 CPT ? [2020]

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When international students arrive in America on F1 visa, they usually start to work in on campus jobs. Usually after couple of semesters, you would be eligible to work on practical training…sometimes, you can work even before that, depending on program and school. These work options are broadly classified under practical training. The goal is to provide training opportunities in …