Top 5 States for IT jobs in USA – Projection until 2016

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Below is an interesting projection of estimated of top five states for  IT Jobs by 2016 as published by Insidetech. The exact data from Insidetech is put up as a table for easy view and comprehension. Title CA CO MA NC WA Application Software Eng. 123,600 26,800 31,220 12,870 28,610 Computer Programmers 44,200 7,870 11,370 10,640 16,620 IT Managers 44,700 …

Why am I not getting interviews though I am getting calls from recruiters ?

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I have got a request recently about job search.  It is very important for all                Surendra asksed “I have posted my resume 5 months ago,the consultancy people are calling and asking for the details, but nobody scheduled interview yet. I don’t know this is because of my resume or the market situation is like this.”                   There are  few …

My First Airport Pick experience…Speeding warning by cop!

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It has been more than five years since I landed for the first time in US. The travel in airplane was pretty hectic. I traveled in Lufthansa and it was pretty boring… I hardly talked to anyone. People who travel in airplanes do not talk. People just dose off, they do not even care to know the name of the …

Fun Theory : Stairs as Piano…& Beeping Trash Bin

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A very interesting fun theory concept sponsored by Volkswagen . Piano Staris. check how the behavior of people changes when the stairs function as piano. Very interesting ! Similarly, Worlds Deepest Bin. The bin beeps every time you throw trash in it. It is amazing how people play with it and the trash is collected better.Visit Fun Theory Website for more information

Best Job search sites in USA

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 Every country has some specific job sites that are very popular. If you are a student or someone on H1B visa who came to America  for starting a career you might be wondering what are the popular sites in USA ?  Here are some of the best sites with a little bit of background about them. If you are looking for …

Lowest H1B Visa filings in the last 6 years

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  I was reading an article on USCIS website and other websites, unfortunately, this year has the lowest number of H1B visa filings since 2003. It clearly shows how deep trouble internationals are stuck with job situation. Lot of students on F1 visas are not able to find potential employers to sponsor visas. They are pursuing another Masters to keep the …