April 6th 2010 – H1B visa 2011 Cap count Vermont Center update

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Latest Update April 9th, 2010 Official USCIS latest H1B visa Cap Count FY 2011 filing update & Analysis

Well there has been lot of buzz in the blogosphere about this year H1B visa petitions filed update and as of today there was no official release from USCIS about the H1B cap update. I have posted GDP and H1B visa cap count 2011 analysis for you to predict the H1B lottery count. Anyways, The only information that is available is H1B visa filings updated by H1B cap count updates 2011 Vermont Service CenterVermont Center released after the end of day April 5, 2010 which was blogged by few lawyers and also was part of AILA recent postings as a part of their stake holder meeting.  Here are the numbers :

H1B visa petitions towards total FY 2011 cap count from Vermont Center :

Regular H1B Cap H1B filings6,791
Advanced degree cap filing count2,734
Total H1B visa petitions received9,525

They also say that, all the cases received before April 7,2010 will have the receipt date of April 7th. But, the ones received after the 7th will have the actual receipt date. Also, as I mentioned in H1B visa extension process, the premium processing 15 day time count will begin after April 7th. What it means is, you will hear back from USCIS within 15 days from April 7th if you have paid $1000 and did premium processing for your H1B visa petition filing.  It is expected that the California center numbers will be released soon and I will update it here for you all.

Just to clarify again, there has NOT been an  official release by USCIS about the total cap count for FY 2011 as of today, i.e. April 7, 2010. The numbers above are only from one of the service centers. It seems thereStay tuned.


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