April 27th, H1B visa 2012 Cap count update – 1700 filed US Economy More Jobs ?

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There has been a delay in update by USCIS this week, anyways they released H1B visa cap count updates earlier today. They counted all the petitions received until April 22nd, 2011.  Here are the numbers :

  • New 900 cap eligible petitions were filed for Regular quota
  • New 800 cap eligible petitions were filed for MS/Advanced degree quota.


April 27th H1B cap count updates by USCIS :

Regular H1B Cap H1B filings8,000 of total 65,000
Advanced degree cap filing count5,900 of total 20,000
Total H1B visa petitions received13,900 of total 85,000

H1B filings analysis – Economy Forecast good – More inflation, More jobs

Well folks, it is a little surprising to see the drop in volume of  H1B petitions filed towards regular quota this week…whereas there is an increase in petitions towards advanced degree…The variance is very little…nothing to worry ! Anyways, the regular quota filings were down by 300 from 1200 last week to 900 this week…whereas, advanced degree quota filings were up by 200 from 600 last week to 800 this week. Overall, the total number of petitions filed stayed right around last week’s total..just a 100 less…The prediction is not the best as we only have three data points…Check the below graphs for comparison..if we just use the data at hand and assume the same pace of filings, Advanced degree cap may be complete by early November 2011…on the other hand, regular cap may last even longer than last year…I do not believe this will be true…but thats what our prediction algorithm says with less data…remember, it does not consider macro economic factors…

Federal Reserve announced some big numbers today, the most important numbers that matters to us are unemployment…They forecasted the  unemployment rate to be between 8.4% and 8.7%, which is less than earlier expectations of 8.8% to 9%. They expect the inflation to range from 2.1% to 2.8%, which is much higher than their earlier forecast of 1.3% to 1.7%... Inflation in general can be very tricky, but fed can control it…Anyways, the outlook looks decent for Jobs, we may expect more hiring of H1B visa holders this year…We just have to see how it turns out…
What are your thoughts on Economy ?

Regular H1B cap Count 2012  Graph

April 27 H1B visa Regular quota cap count

Advanced Degree H1B cap count 2012 Graph

April 27-2012 MS H1B cap count update





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Comments ( 19 )

  1. Bharath

    Hi.. I work as an iOS developer ( Software Programmer ). I’am nominated for H1B visa process by my employer. Can you please tell me when is the last date to file the application for H1B visa? And how can I know the status ? Our employer says its already in the process.. I just wanted to know if they are really processing.. Whats the best way to verify this ?
    Please answer me!!

    Thank you

    1. administrator

      One needs to apply before the quota gets exhausted. At the moment around 50% of the slots are still available. Once the petition is filed, USCIS will issue a receipt number and send it to the employer/attorney. They can share that number w/ you and you can use it to track the status online on USCIS website.

  2. Peter

    I work for a product based company in India. I’ve nearly 7 years of working experience in web2.0 technologies and web security. How easy or difficult is to find a job in US? How do I get H1 visa? Do I need to get in touch with consultants in India?? Any help would be greatly appreciated..


    1. administrator

      You need to search for an employer willing to file H-1 for you, and once it has been processed and approved, you can go for H-1 stamping and later travel to US.

      You can search for employers either through your network of friends, colleagues etc or go to US job sites like dice, monster or look at past filers on a site like FlcDataCenter. However, not all employers are credible and unless you are filing through a reputable employer, chances of approval are pretty dim.

  3. deep

    my skills are asp.net/sharepoint and i hope this is in demand in US isn’t it?

    i found an employer but he doesn’t want me more then 6-8 months, after that if he continue to get the work he will employ me otherwise i have to find(transfer) my visa.

    the other option he said he will sub contract me , mean he will find a job in other companies and will appoint me on his company’s payroll (kind of consultant job)

    so my question for some reason if he can’t find me a job how easy is to to get a h1b transfer (asp.net/sharepoint skills) ?

    1. administrator

      There are two things for any skillset – shortage of demand, and excess supply. Both things adversely impact the possibility of finding a project. IMO asp.net professionals are available in abundance in US. For every open Java position in my company, there are at least 20 applicants and the interview panel looks for people who have something “extra” than others.

      Recession has made companies really picky and they now look for people w/ varying skills (technical and functional) than for people w/ one-dimensional skillset.

      If you want to gauge yourself, then go through current open positions on dice/monster and see how many required skillset you posses. However, this is just like testing waters, as you still need to factor in other candidates who may (or may not) be better than you.

      As for employer, look for companies that have direct clients. Otherwise it will be an uphill job to get the visa/petition approved and find good paying projects later on.

      Just my 2 cents.

      1. deep

        thanks for the info.
        for your kind information I have a multiple skill sets like asp.net, project mgmt, database design etc and one of an employer already shown interest in sponsoring me but the concerning part is currently he has a project for 6-8 months and after completing this one, he said i need to transfer my h1b & that this project is for his own company. So
        how easy/hard is it find a new employer & transfer my h1b in current US conditions ?
        what is the time frame for me to find a new job after completing the first one i.e. does h1b has an expire date ?
        do i need to leave the US if i didn’t find a job within 1-2 months ?
        Also one of my friend who is in US said that even if i get h1b approve its really tough to get job visa stamped on my passport in India ?
        where can i find info about which skills are in more demand and shortage of supply in US, so that i can learn/improve in those skills and increase my h1b approval chances ?

        1. administrator

          There is no one size fit all answer. Some people are able to find new jobs/projects within days, while others take weeks. A lot depends upon your professional network in US as at times companies give more weightage to internal referrals.

          You need to always be working when in US on H-1. So once your initial job ends, you need to find another employer ASAP or anytime spent in US w/o job/salary will be considered “out of status”.

          To get visa stamped in passport, one needs to have it filed through a reputable company that has project/resources to pay you. From your post it looks like the sponsoring employer has a project ready for you. So I would say it would comparatively easy.

          Like I said in my earlier post, go through job sites like dice and monster to find out required skill sets in US. Open job positions and required skill set is a good indicator of what’s hot and what’s not.

  4. Sriram P S


    H1B Premium : RFE last date to respond : 05/07/2011. (7th May).
    We sent the response on Apr 29 and it reached USCIS on May 2nd. Confirmed this from the UPS tracking number. Still the status shows “RFE”. It did not get changed to RFE Response Review. Just read in a blog that 15 days will be considered only from the change of status to “RFE Response Review”. Is that a true one? If so, there is no timeframe to update the status to “RFE Response Review” ? Can I assume that My case has not presumed as the status is not updated to “RFE Response Review”?

    1. allan

      Assuming your response got there on May 2nd, today is only the 4th, so you have almost 2 weeks to wait. The 15-day time frame is for USCIS to make a decision on the case, including acceptance, review, final decision. So by the end of 15th day if not earlier, you should receive the final decision, or USCIS will refund your premium fee. Since 15 day is relatively short period of time, you may or may not see anymore changes on your status on the web until final denial/approval.

  5. S


    My name in Indian passport is having all three names of mine A, B C in given name. Surname is blank. How should I give my name for H1B. Will providing first name as FNU, middle name as A &B and last name as C be correct? Thanks for your help.

    1. xyz

      Your dad’s name or ‘Patel’ or ‘Singh’ is surname. You cant just give anything for your surname which is what they verify through your passport. Say ‘your’ name is abc kumar, where kumar does not qualify as any of the above listed. Kumar is not your surname. Use your dad’s name.
      You might get an RFE for confusing USCIS and delay the whole process. Its always bettter to get ur passport fixed coz thats your only unique identifier.

      1. S

        Thank you. But in my passport my dad’s name is not part of surname. All three parts of my name are in given name only. So should I still go and provide my dad’s name as last name in H1B form. Also can I get my name rectified in passport when my h1 is filed. I think I will be given new passport & won’t this create confusion as I would have provided old passport number for h1?

  6. deep

    One of my friend in US told me that current economic condition is not really good & asked me to hold off my H1B petition for a while, he said even if my h1b approves its hard to get a job visa these days! my questions are
    how correct is he ?
    is getting a h1b doesn’t guarantee getting a job visa ? are both of these different things i.e. h1b approval & job visa ?
    should i wait till US economic start to pick? or should i ask my employer to submit my petition now ?

    1. xyz

      how correct is he ?
      the market is better than it was earlier. You can sit in India forever waiting for the economy to boom up

      is getting a h1b doesn’t guarantee getting a job visa ? are both of these different things i.e. h1b approval & job visa ?
      both are the same

      should i wait till US economic start to pick? or should i ask my employer to submit my petition now ?
      if you are in IT through Wipro, TCS, CTS etc., US economy should not be a concern. If you planning to look as a consultant, it depends on how much you can talk and how much you can deliver.
      what does your employer feel about the whole thing?

      1. allan

        >>is getting a h1b doesn’t guarantee getting a job visa ? are both of these different things i.e. h1b approval & job visa ?

        You need to get a job offered first to start your h1b application not the other way around.

    2. administrator

      When a person has an H-1 visa they already have a job – it’s w/ the employer who filed H-1 for them. After the person lands in US, the H-1 employer needs to pay them the salary entire time. That’s the rule. If the employer is not able to pay the salary (for example because the person is not working on any active project), then the employer needs to fire the employee.

      Finding H-1 sponsoring employer from India is always difficult and w/ the loads of documents that USCIS demands these days, not many companies are willing to file one. You should first evaluate your skills and see if there is a demand for your skill set/experience/expertise in US. If yes, then find an employer who is credible, who has direct clients and who can pay you all the while.

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