April 26th, 2010 H1B visa 2011 Cap Update: 2,425 + 939 filed in a Week.

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USCIS have made an update to the H1B cap count today with the H1B petitions filed with USCIS  as of April 22nd , 2010.  The update since previous cap count numbers :

Updated : Check May 11th , 2010 H1B cap count update for latest count

  • New 2,425 Cap eligible H1B visa petitions were filed for Regular Quota
  • New 939 cap eligible H1B petitions for Advanced degree cap

April 26th , USCIS official Total H1B cap count update :

Regular H1B Cap H1B filings16,025    of total 65,000
Advanced degree cap filing count6,739    of total 20,000
Total H1B visa petitions received22,764 of total 85,000

H1B Cap count  2010 Update, Filings up by 1012 Percent

Analysis of H1B cap count as of April 22nd , 2010

If you look at the numbers, there has been a significant jump in the number of filings. If you look at the April 19th, 2010 update of H1B visa cap count, there were only  100 visas filed for regular cap, but this week there has been 2,425 visas filed for Regular cap. Also, for the advanced degree to there were only 200 cap eligible visas filed last week but now the count is up to 939. If you do simple math, the number of H1B petitions filings have almost increased by 1,213 % which is incredible.

What does this rapid increase in H1B filings mean ? H4 Visa holders Advantage ?

Well, it is really amazing to see the jump in numbers by so much, but the reality is we are still behind a lot by last year’s i.e. FY2010 cap numbers. We cannot really say the job market increased in a week because there is sudden demand for H1B workers in a week, jobs are not a commodity to increase in a week like Gas. My take on this sudden jump is simple, these new petitions have been prepared over time and filed carefully taking caution. Because of the increase in requirements with new H1B visa rules of 2011, attorneys are taking time to file LCA and do it right. Just imagine even if the same trend continues and USCIS receives this same amount of petitions(2,400) every week, the total remaining cap will last for 19 weeks or around 4.5 months. This is a lot of time and this is going to work out very well for H4 Visa holders and gives much options for conversion from H4 to H1B visas, who can start looking for a full time job and get the sponsorship instead of going to a consultancy and filing H1B.  Anyways, these are my thoughts…

What do you all think  ?

Graph of Cap Count Compared with Last Year FY 2010 Cap Count Trend

H1B Cap count update Analysis April 26th 2010

Reference: Official USCIS H1-B Cap count update


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Comments ( 11 )


    Dear sirs,

    I am D.V.Madhusudan Rao from INDIA. I am applying for a job,any like sales,marketing,office or domestic help or any in countries like U.K,USA,Australia.I have experience in marketing pharma products and surgicals. But interested in any job,position, Entry-level & Hourly jobs or Professional & Salaried jobs,i will work with dedication and honest and can work overtime and travel.
    I sincerly request to call me for any job if vacant in ur organisation,i will send my Passport details.
    I am sending my resume,please do the best.
    How can i go and settle in that country, visit visa or work visa or any other visa.

    thanking u sirs
    yours faithfully

    1. administrator

      Madhusudan, I do not really recommend any consulting companies. Talk to your friends and get some contacts. Unfortunately, there is no short cut. I wish I could help.

  2. D D


    I have been granted H1B visa for 2011 i.e. my I129 petition has been approved! (I, of course, need to go for stamping later). My company immigration HR contacted me to provide my receipt number and status update (approved). When I checked my case status on USCIS website, it says: On April 23, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow any instructions on the notice…

    I am unaware if my employer has received the letter from USCIS by postal mail; but that shouldn’t be an issue. I trust USPS 🙂

    I work at a reputed US-based financial firm in New York, NY (not desi consultancy). My petition was filed by the company attorneys under advanced degree category for regular processing on April 1 at Vermont Service Center. The receipt date must have been April 9, I guess – doesn’t matter though, according to me.

    I believe USCIS is processing applications quickly since not many petitions have been filed.

    Good luck to everyone!

      1. D D

        Thank you for your wishes, Kumar! I stumbled upon your website almost a month back when I was speculating the chances of a lottery for H1B 2011 visa, like many others. I would like to congratulate you for your hard work. Although I am through with student life (at least for now), I still find your posts good to read! I agree with most of the views you have about student life and wish others take note of them.

        Thanks again for providing all this information and for your wishes too!

    1. Arjun

      Hello. This is great news :). Congratulations!! 🙂 I would like to know if the Visa got approved without Visa Interview. Also can you please explain ‘need to go for stamping later’. Thanks in advance

      1. D D

        Thanks Arjun! It sure is great news…although I would admit that I was least worried about getting H1-B visa. I knew that if there is no lotery this year, I will surely get it. My only concern was that if they have a lottery and my application is not selected, then…

        I am in the US already on F-1 student visa (working on OPT). Hence, for me, when my company filed for H1-B visa, the attorneys did all the work. From October 1, 2010, my status will automatically change from F-1 (OPT) student to H1-B (provided I do not leave the US). I do not have to do anything to get H1B status now! To work in the US, I need to maintain H1-B ‘status’. However, when I visit India and plan to come back to the US, I will need to have a ‘visa’, since I cannot enter on my old ‘student visa’. (Remember, visa is needed for entry and once in the country, you need to maintain your status). That’s what I meant by stamping. So whenever I go to India, I will just get it stamped so that I get permission to re-enter the US. I hope it is clear. Sorry if it caused any confusion.

        Probably Kumar can point you to an article/post he had written (he can find stuff faster on his website than me) about the difference between visa and maintaining status?

        Good luck!

        1. administrator

          What DD said is correct. Check this article for some additional info : http://redbus2us.com/f1-visa-given-for-only-two-years-can-i-apply-for-opt-options-for-employment-after-ms-f1-visa-expired/

          Use the search box on the top, you should be able to find any article easily 🙂

  3. Arjun

    Hello. Will USCIS start processing of the petitions already recieved or will they wait till the count of 65,000 is met. In case the processing of the first lot of 13,300 starts, what is the expected time by which visas will be issued for the earlier lot? Will it depend on when the rest of the petitions are filled upto 65,000

    1. administrator

      USCIS Processes petitions as they are received. The processing time depends on USCIS work load based on how many petitions were received by a processing center. We cannot really guess when they will issue approval notices. The typical processing time can vary from 2 months to 6 months or more…it all depends.

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