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Sample H4 Biometrics Rescheduled Notice during COVID-19, AIW Form

In H4 Visa by Guest AuthorUpdated : 28 Comments

Since USCIS closed their offices and Application Support Centers (ASCs) with COVID-19 many are not able to give Biometrics for H4, L2, B2 or other types of applications that are submitted using Biometrics required I-539 form.  Recently, USICIS announced that they will open ASCs in July 2020 in phased approach and send out rescheduled Biometrics notices. Many have been waiting …

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USCIS Discretion Policy Update : Impact for EADs, H1B, H4, F1

In US Immigration - Visas by KumarUpdated : 11 Comments

USCIS issued a policy update consolidating their guidance to apply “Discretion” for adjudication of various petitions/ applications that are filed with USCIS, including the ones related to Employment Authorization (EAD). This consolidation is a result of Trump Executive Order that banned H1B, H4 Visas entry to US and gave other directions to DOL, DHS to scrutinize the US Work Authorization …

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H1B, H4 Visa Entry Ban Lawsuit Filed by 174 Indian Nationals

In H1B Visa by KumarUpdated : 9 Comments

As most of you know President Trump banned entry of H1B, L1, H4, other visas until end of Dec 2020. This is a difficult situation as many families are separated, who came for H1B or H4 Visa stamping or visiting family and got stuck in their home country due to COVID-19. There are few lawsuits expected to be filed against …

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Trump’s Merit Based Immigration in US [2020] – H1B, F1, L1?

In US Immigration - Visas by KumarUpdated : 12 Comments

Trump made an announcement indicating merit based immigration bill in an interview with Telemundo on Jul 11, 2020. Today, at Whitehouse press briefing, Trump again talked about the Merit based immigration bill. This article will cover the details on the same and all the latest news updates on Trump’s plan for merit-based immigration. As unemployment numbers in US are at …

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Update : DHS cancels July 6th Guidance for F1, M Students. No need to leave US

In F1 Visa by KumarUpdated : 2 Comments

Recently The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP), which is part of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) gave guidance to schools that says In-person classes are must for F1, M students and they cannot be fully enrolled  in online only classes. If the schools do not offer in-person or mixed mode classes, then such students have to leave US. Also, no …

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I-94 Extension in US for L1A – Experience at Otay Mesa, July 2020

In US Immigration - Visas by KumarUpdated : 13 Comments

As many of you know, you get a shorter I-94 validity at US Port of entry, if your passport is expiring before US Visa stamp. As there are travel restrictions with Trump Order that bans entry of H1B, H4, others until end of 2020, many try to extend their I-94 after passport renewal at US Border checkpoints. One of our readers, Zeeshan Ashraf, got his I-94 …