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USCIS Opens Premium Processing for H1B, I-140 from 1-Jun-20

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As most of you know USCIS provides Premium Processing for many types of petitions like H1B, L1, etc., including I-140 petitions that guarantees a decision from USCIS in 15 days. Earlier this year, USCIS suspended Premium Processing for FY 2021 H1B, including cap exempt petitions and I-140 petitions. Today, USCIS announced that they plan to resume Premium processing for both …

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USCIS Settlement on H1B Rule for Employer-Employee, Itinerary

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USCIS lost a case on March 10th, 2020 that is tied to few H1B Visa related policy memos that were created by them in the last few years. It reached an agreement this week with the business group ITServe Alliance, who filed lawsuit against them. We will look at key details on the court judgment, USCIS settlement and what changes …

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I-94 Extension with Passport Renewal in USA – Experience during COVID-19

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Many of the US non-immigrant visa holders would get shorter duration on the I-94 than the visa expiration or I-797 approval notice due to expiring passport, when they enter US and go through Port of entry Process. In general, it would have been a straightforward process to Extend I-94 after Passport Renewal in US. But, now with travel restrictions in …

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H1B Visa 2021 Cap Updates – Latest News, Info

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This page will track all the latest news, both official news from USCIS and unofficial updates from community for H1B Visa FY 2021 Season Latest News Updates – Official and Unofficial (Most recent on the top) June 22nd, 2020 ( Official ) : Trump signed an Executive Order that bans entry of H1B holders into US. If you are someone …

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H4 EAD Lawsuit – Feb to May 2020 Case Updates, DHS Cross Motion

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As you all know USCIS has closed their offices for in-person activities with COVID-19 and many are waiting for pending approvals, interviews, biometrics, etc. …at the same time USCIS is also dealing with H4 EAD lawsuit that is going on for few years now with Save Jobs USA. With COVID situation, we have not been able to post detail updates …