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Sample H1B Visa Receipt Notices – Shared by Users

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Many of you applying H1B visa for the first time might wonder, how the H1B Visa 2020 Receipt notice might look like. Below are some samples shared by users from previous seasons. If you already have received a receipt notice, then check out Understand USCIS receipt Number for H1B Also, you may check out H1B Visa Lottery Reject notice for not selected …

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H1B Visa Changes by Trump, USCIS in Last 1 year that Impact FY 2019 Season

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Since Trump administration has taken office, there have been many changes introduced to tighten the loopholes of the H1B program and increase oversight. These changes introduced by Trump Administration and USCIS will have a significant impact for the H1B FY 2019 season’s approvals, we could see that impact in FY 2018 petitions approvals trends with more RFEs. Below is quick …

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H1B 2019 Season Starts Today – What to Expect ? Lottery Date, Results – FAQs

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Today is one of the most awaited days, when USCIS accepts H1B 2019 Petitions, for many internationals students and professionals aspiring to work in US…In the past, when there was less demand for H1Bs, there was less significance to first 5 working days in April…but, since 2013, for H1B applicants, the first 5 days are literally kind of buying lottery …