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5 H1B, H4 Visa Interview Experiences February 2017 – India, KSA

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It is interesting to hear from one of our readers, who shares his experience here, how he copied all the visa experiences on our blog and read them few times to prepare himself for interview…Thanks a lot to our readers Pradeep, Sanjana, H Man, WantedH1B and Flint for taking time to write and sharing their experiences with us. You can …

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5 Ways to Get Yourself Hurt in H1B Race – What NOT to do !

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Thanks to our guest author Pattam Onnu for taking time to write this article and share his experiences. You can share yours here 1) Missing the deadline for the H1B Lottery : Usually, USCIS starts accepting new H1b visa petitions starting in April, and USCIS in theory continues the accept petitions until the cap is reached. However, in the last …

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US Port of Entry Experiences – Tracker

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With the new Trump administration in US in 2017, there are so many rumors floating around internationals circles and media on what is happening at US Port of Entry. I see many people sharing info on article H1Bs Deported at POE from 2010 …Some claim X % of their employees are denied entry, some say there are more secondary inspections, some say …

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H1B Bill 130K Wage – Confusion – What’s Reality ? New H1B Visa Bill Summary ?

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Recent speculations by media and news websites, solely based on “ Leaked Executive Order on H1B, L1 Visas by Trump’s Administration” and the recent H1B Bill “High-Skilled Integrity and Fairness Act of 2017“  introduced in house by Rep. Zoe Lofgren, have been blown out of proportion and creating confusion and anxiety in many current and prospective H1B visa holders. Due …

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H1B,H4 Visa Bills – Latest News Updates, Reforms, Passed Status – 2018 Tracker

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This page will track all the H1B Visa Bills that are introduced in 2017 & 2018 under President Trump Administration and earlier, including their status, summary. H4 Bill Title :“H.R.7150 – H-4 Employment Protection Act of 2018″. Introduced Date : Nov 16th, 2018. Sponsor :  Rep Eshoo, Anna + 6 co-sponsors Status :  Introduced in House Summary :   This H4 bill …