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H1B Dropbox Visa Stamping Experiences in Bengaluru, Chennai – 2016

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Thanks to Prashanth and Sunny for sharing their H1B Visa Stamping visa Dropbox option. You can share your experience as well here ———————–  H1B Dropbox experience in Chennai by Prashanth ———————–  Background : I want to share my experience using the dropbox option at Chennai fro my H1 visa renewal. This is my second H1 and I had changed employers in the …

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Chennai, Kolkata – H1B Visa Stamping Experiences – 2016 – India

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Thanks to Karthick, Venkat and Anupam for taking time to share their H1B Visa stamping experiences with our readers. You can share yours here ———————–  H1B interview experience at Chennai Consulate by Karthick ———————– Background : Firstly, I thank redbus2us and fellow members who were helping other members. I’ll make it short and crisp, my dates were 27th (OFC), 28th (PAI) October …

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3 H1B Stamping Experiences October 2016 – India – Kolkata, Hyderabad

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Congrats to Suresh, Roy and Braj on their H1B Visa Stamping. Thanks to them for taking time to share their experiences with the community. You can share your experiences as well here ————————————– Background : Thank you redbus2us for the updates and information. After following this website closely for a year now, its my turn now to contribute to this community. I’m …