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Steps after H1B Visa Approval – Visa Stamping ?

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Many of the lucky ones, selected in H1B Visa Lottery and have approved H1B petition notice, might be wondering what are the next steps.. Our previous article covered the typical Steps After H1B Visa Lottery . Now the next questions are like what do I do with the H1B approval notice, when can I apply for visa stamping, when can I …

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Steps after H1B Registration Lottery – Flow Chart, Process

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If you are new to H1B process, one of the many questions you might have is, what are the typical steps after the H1B Lottery happens. USCIS introduced New H1B Registration Process from H1B Visa 2021 Season. In this article we will cover typical flow and steps after H1B Registration Lottery selection all the way through visa approval and put it …