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H1B Visa 2015 Lottery Predictions – USCIS Data, Trends

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Big question, “Will there be H1B Visa 2015 Lottery?” H1B 2015 Season is over. Check out H1B Visa 2016 Lottery Predictions Every year, since 2010, around the H1B season start time, I review all the past USCIS data, look at current trends, macro-economic factors and provide lottery predictions for H1B Visa filings for that fiscal year. It is hard to believe …

Why US Education ? Do you need Agents ? How About Visa?

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If you have not read the previous article for this, please read Lost Hope ? Apply to US Schools How to proceed with your higher education journey ? You have completed Class 12th and you are quite sure that IIT is a dream, a bad one where you end up not getting admission and nearly 1 Million are ahead of you …