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5 Myths about H1B Visas Filing and Approvals – Premium Processing, MS in US

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Lately, I have been looking at some interesting questions posted by H1B seekers, interesting enough there are some misconceptions around the understanding…Let me take some time to clarify some myths around H1B visa filing. 1. Will premium processing of my H1B Visa petition increase chances of Approval ? Simple answer is “NO”.  There is definitely additional H1B visa fee USCIS charges …

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H1B Visa 2014 Lottery Prediction – Graphs, USCIS Past Data

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Are you looking for H1B FY 2015 Lottery Predictions ? Check out H1B Visa 2015 Lottery Predictions, USCIS Data Trends I have been writing about H1B Visa lottery predictions for the past few years…It is always exciting for me to review all the previous years’ H1B cap numbers, market trends, reach dates, etc. on the plate and do a prediction.  …