F1 Visa Stamping Experience – Islamabad, Pakistan

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One of our readers Amir Shah shared his F1 Visa stamping experience with us.  Thanks to Amir ! You can share your experiences here Background – F1 Visa to attend University of Houston for MS – Computer Science I gave my F-1 visa interview at Islamabad embassy for going to University of Houston for MS in Computer Science. I visited …

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June 5th, H1B 2013 Cap Count Update – 8,400. Prediction – June 11th Complete ?

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Yet another Monday of the H1B visa 2013 season…Only thing is that we are inching towards the finish line…USCIS updated H1B visa 2013 cap count numbers earlier today, the numbers include all the H1B petitions that USCIS received until Friday, June 1st, 2012. Below is the summary of the count updates: 7,200 new H1B petitions were filed under Regular quota …

Experience – USCIS H1B Petition Approval – A Luck Game !

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One of our readers, Amit,  shared his H1B Petition approval experience with our readers. Thanks to Amit for sharing. You can share your experience here  Background  – Filing H1B visa Petition with USCIS My company filed the H1B petition in mid Sept 2011, to provide software development services at client location in NJ, US. Client agreed to accept one resource …

H1B Visa 2014 Cap Count Updates

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Page Updated :  December 14, 2014. H1B 2014 season was over on April 5, 2013 with lottery. Currently, we are in H1B 2016 season. See below for details: Check out :H1B Visa 2016 – Start Date, Sponsors, Fees, FAQs H1B 2014 Cap reached on April 5th, 2013. Read : 124,000 H1B Visas Filed. Lottery Process Did you miss FY 2014 ? Check …

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H1B Visa 2014 – All you need to know – FAQs

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  H1B 2014 Cap reached on April 5th, 2013. Read : 124,000 H1B Visas Filed. Lottery Process For this year FY 2015 H1B Info  read : H1B Visa 2015 – FAQs Page Updated :  January 18th ,  2014 As USCIS is all set to accept H1B Visa petitions for the fiscal year 2014, many of you have questions on various aspects of …