Plan/ Schedule to apply H1B visa FY 2013

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If you are planning to work in America on H1B visa, it is very important that you plan the process as it could get hectic at the eleventh hour. If you currently work for a company and the same company is sponsoring your H1B visa, your immigration attorney would be behind you with proper planning and some of the below …

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H1B Visa 2013 Cap Count Updates by USCIS

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Page Updated : June 12th,  2012 H1B Visa 2013 Regular Quota Cap Complete on June 11th 2012 H1B Visa 2013 Masters Cap Complete on June 7th 2012   Looking for H1B Visa FY 2014 ? Check out :   H1B Visa 2014 FAQs As we have done in previous years, for all the H1B visa FY 2013 related news updates and H1B …