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What is the cost of studying in USA ? MBA/MS in US Cost? How to apply for cheaper schools ?

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Cost of MS in USIt is a well know fact that studying in USA can be very costly. Our goal as an international student applying for MS or MBA is to either get scholarship or find  good schools with less tuition fee. This article will cover the cost of studying in US including rough idea on living expenses, Private vs State schools and their fees variations for MS.   This article is part of the series Guide / steps to study in USA for International students?

State Schools vs Private schools fee differences for MS/MBA :

There are two types of schools in US: private and state schools. As the name suggests, private schools are very expensive and state schools are cheaper in terms of tuition. There is a significant difference in fees between Private and State schools. You may read this article where I compare fee: Is Fee different when you pay than what is listed on I20 ? State Vs private schools Fee comparison . You may also check the below example :

The key thing to consider is fee. State schools are funded by state and they get state grants. Tthats the reason they have less fee. Part of the research budget also come from State for State schools. So, funding chances are good in a good state school.  Private schools funding can be varying based on school and the research activity. Bottom-line the fee is high. Anyways, the fee for a semester varies between $5000 to $15,000 or more depending on the school you apply. Your best option is to go to state school if you want to have less tuition fee.

Living expenses for MS/MBA in USA:

The living expenses varies based on the place and school you go to. Most of the internationals who study MS stay outside with friends sharing apartment. The cost of living for a month can vary anywhere from $300 to $1000 based on how you lead your life. I will have an article in future with more details on expenses as student.  So, for a semester(5 months),  the living expenses vary from $1500 to $5000 based on the city you live and your lifestyle.  If you want to save money on living expenses, you have to apply to schools in smaller towns and NOT big cities. Also, you want to have more roommate to save money. But, having more roommates has its own disadvantages.  It is your preference based on your financial situation. Read this article for breakdown of cost of living : MS/MBA Cost of Living in USA – $250 or $950? Why difference ?

How to Apply for cheaper Schools ?

Now that you know, The total expenditure for a semester for MS in USA can vary from $6,500 ($5,000 + $1,500) to $20,000 ($15,000 + $5,000). Your goal is to aim for cheaper tuition school with better education. Here are some things to consider for applying to cheaper schools

  • Basic rule is : always apply to state Schools unless you have good score and you are confident of getting full funding or Scholarship in private schools.
  • Whenever you are applying to a school, go to the tuition fee page and see the out-of-state tuition fee. Compare the tuition fee with other schools.
  • You can find out if a school is private or state mostly with the name, but if you cannot, just search in the About pages of the University or ask someone in the school. The Tuition fee reflects the state vs private schools for the most part.
  • I am not saying you have to totally avoid Private schools, if you are really looking for saving money and getting MS degree with less cost, then you may want to consider above information. If you have good scores and you are confident, then you must apply to private schools too.
  • Apply to state schools in smaller towns or schools in suburbs of cities. The farther you are from the downtown of the city, the cheaper the rent and living expenses. There are some advantages and disadvantages of small cities and big cities. You may need a car. You can read this article for car related info : Importance of owning a Car in small cities of USA ? Advantages and Disadvantages in big cities having a Car ?

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  1. aliali

    see guy watever u do in us ms or mba or ug’S lowest cost of schools i surveyed is not less dan 350000 n it depents how university u choose u have lower dan dat but u can get i20’s from der but its very less chances to get visa from der

  2. gurwinder

    sir I have done mba hr and finance 2015 ….plz plz sir suggest me in USA which I further degree…low fess…..

  3. karthik

    I had finished my’m looking for low fee college in USA. Can you please help to know colleges with low fee.
    Thank you.

  4. Rahees

    I have completed my UG ( . I wish to do MBA in next year..I want to know about more scopes in MBA…
    how to study MBA in a good college with less fees

  5. sai kiran reddy.

    plz any one can share your experience in american university…
    and tell me that how many semister r there .convert the fees into indian currency

  6. P.Dhanabhagyam

    i have completed my this year what should i do after either or m.s plz rply me

  7. ravi

    Sir, I shall. be completing my 12th class with commerce subjects in April 2016.
    I want to study further in USA in commerce. For that, let me know plz the procedure, estimated cost on studying and any other things important.
    I am resident of Chandigarh (Punjab) INDIA.
    Thanks in anticipation for an early reply.

    1. Suman Chahal

      Is there any entrance and degree cut percent to get in to us universities for MBA degree… And cost of MBA

  8. babu

    Is there any entrance and degree cut percent to get in to us universities for mba degree

  9. kishor

    I would like to know fution fees for MS…..admission criteria…. I want to do MS in Management information systems…. Thanks

  10. MADHU gr

    I want to study ccomputer science engineering in usa plz share ur experience..tq

  11. krishna reddy

    sir, i am studying btech in eee
    i want to know the procedure for getting seat in american university
    i had a minimum knowledge about GRE ang toffel
    but i want to know which university offers low cost
    you have said about public and state universities
    what is the mojor difference

  12. krishna reddy

    sir, i am studying btech in eee
    i want to know the procedure for getting seat in american university
    i had a minimum knowledge about GRE ang toffel
    but i want to know which university offers low cost


    sar , after b,com , i want to study in america . so how many percentege in is require to get admission in USA

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