221(g) Tracker Stats
Visa Stamping Status
Pending 467
Approved 171
Denied 17
Withdrawn 1
What's the Timeline for 221(g) ?
Unfortunately, there is no set timeline for processing of cases that were issued a 221(g) slip. It can take as little as a week, or as much as several months. Due to the nature of the case, it can be very tricky. Due to the black box nature, we have created this tracker so that you can get a sense of general trend to be aware of what to expect.
By Slip Color
White 298
Blue 182
Yellow 70
Other 50
Green 37
Pink 19

Visa Type

H1 434
Other 122
B1 48
F1 44
L1 8
What can you do after 221(g) is issued ?
221(g) can be issued for variety of reasons depending on the case...The only thing that you can do is submit the relevant documents (if you were given to submit any documents, letters) as soon as you can and hope for the best. If you were not asked to submit anything, you just need to wait...If you do not hear back within a month or so, you can always write to the embassy/ consulate using email ID and request status of your case. If you are asked to submit passport after you submit documents, just submit it.
Passport Status
Passport Returned at Interview 369
Passport Collected at Interview 236
Submitted after Visa Interview 51
Status by Slip Color
Slip Color Status Count
Blue Approved 31
Blue Denied 4
Blue Pending 147
Green Approved 10
Green Pending 27
Pink Approved 5
Pink Denied 1
Pink Withdrawn 1
Pink Pending 12
White Approved 98
White Denied 8
White Pending 192
Yellow Approved 17
Yellow Denied 4
Yellow Pending 49
Other Approved 10
Other Pending 40
List of 221(g) Visa Stamping Cases - Details

The below 221(g) Visa Stamping Cases list is sorted by latest interview date. E.g: April 10th interview date cases will be on top of April 1st.

Name Slip Color Visa Type Visa Stamping Status Consulate Interview Date Processing Time Details
SHH Other H1 Approved Vancouver 2016-10-21 81 Details
Warrior White H1 Pending Mumbai 2016-10-20 161 Details
Saurabh White H1 Approved New Delhi 2016-10-20 40 Details
Srinivas Narahari Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2016-10-20 161 Details
Hima Bindu t White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2016-10-20 161 Details
RAMUK Blue H1 Pending CHENNAI 2016-10-19 162 Details
Arv Blue H1 Approved CHENNAI 2016-10-19 76 Details
G L Lokesh Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2016-10-18 163 Details
NALLANI VENKATA RAMA RAO White B1 Approved US EMBASSY , HYDERABAD 2016-10-18 31 Details
Shoba A Blue H1 Pending CHENNAI 2016-10-18 163 Details
Sp1984 Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2016-10-18 163 Details
h1b_first time stamping Blue H1 Pending CHENNAI 2016-10-18 163 Details
Kumar White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2016-10-18 163 Details
Venkata Shashidhar Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2016-10-17 164 Details
Swamy White H1 Approved Hyderabad 2016-10-17 164 Details
konda Blue H1 Pending chennai 2016-10-17 164 Details
Gemini052379 White F1 Pending Tokyo 2016-10-17 164 Details
Mina White Other Pending Abu dhabi 2016-10-17 164 Details
gnananath White B1 Approved hyderbad 2016-10-17 31 Details
VasP Yellow H1 Denied Hyderabad 2016-10-17 164 Details
Sdixit Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2016-10-17 164 Details
ppk White H1 Approved Mumbai 2016-10-17 35 Details
Chandra Sekhar p Yellow H1 Pending Chennai 2016-10-14 167 Details
Puneeth Ganesh White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2016-10-13 168 Details
VAMSIDHAR SIDDAM Blue H1 Pending chennai 2016-10-13 168 Details
Krishna Blue H1 Pending Chennai INDIA 2016-10-13 168 Details
gvm White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2016-10-13 168 Details
Jason Blue H1 Pending chennai 2016-10-12 169 Details
God White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2016-10-12 169 Details
Hiramani Barman Blue H1 Pending Chennai, India 2016-10-12 169 Details
Ladan Khodaparast White B1 Pending Belgium 2016-10-11 170 Details
Laleh Khodaparast White B1 Pending Belgium 2016-10-11 170 Details
Subha Shankar White Other Pending Kolkata 2016-10-07 174 Details
PSaini Blue H1 Approved Chennai 2016-10-07 174 Details
tintumon White H1 Pending India- Mumbai 2016-10-07 174 Details
JOOYEON HONG Blue Other Pending SOUTH KOREA 2016-10-06 175 Details
Mayur Patel White F1 Pending Mumbai 2016-10-05 176 Details
Brb Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2016-10-05 176 Details
Gaurav Dwivedi White H1 Approved Delhi 2016-10-04 177 Details
njgal White H1 Approved Chennai 2016-10-04 9 Details
Alyona White Other Pending Montreal 2016-10-03 178 Details
RoSogolla White H1 Pending Vancouver 2016-10-03 178 Details
kumar White H1 Pending Hyderbad 2016-09-30 181 Details
Geshy Yellow Other Approved Nairobi 2016-09-29 15 Details
Lamin s Mansaray White Other Pending Freetown 2016-09-29 182 Details
sai_dhams Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2016-09-29 182 Details
CKG White H1 Approved Hyderabad 2016-09-27 23 Details
Dr.Supriya Patil Other B1 Pending Seoul south korea 2016-09-27 184 Details
Lucifer White H1 Pending Mumbai 2016-09-27 184 Details
Viveliber Pink H1 Pending Singapore 2016-09-27 184 Details
MOHAN RAJ GANESAN Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2016-09-27 184 Details
Swetha Ita White Other Pending Hyderabad india 2016-09-26 185 Details
Harish Blue B1 Pending Chennai 2016-09-23 188 Details
babachandrasekhar sodiset White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2016-09-22 189 Details
ABHISHEK TRIPATHI Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2016-09-22 189 Details
Vineet Yellow H1 Pending New Delhi 2016-09-22 189 Details
IHussain Blue B1 Approved Chennai 2016-09-20 10 Details
Raju White Other Pending Hyderabad 2016-09-20 191 Details
smehta White Other Approved Mumbai 2016-09-20 29 Details
Lavanya Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2016-09-20 191 Details
kkk White B1 Pending germany 2016-09-20 191 Details
vm2019 Blue H1 Pending chennai 2016-09-19 192 Details
Harish Kumar Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2016-09-19 192 Details
Sarah Lachica Tresvalles Other Other Pending Us embassy manila 2016-09-16 195 Details
XYZ2 White H1 Approved KOLKATA 2016-09-15 4 Details
White H1 Pending Monrovia Liberia 2016-09-15 196 Details
Manikandan Subramanian Blue B1 Approved Chennai 2016-09-14 197 Details
Minnesotan Yellow H1 Pending New Delhi Embassy 2016-09-14 197 Details
VineetS Yellow H1 Approved New Delhi 2016-09-14 76 Details
kri White Other Pending hyderabad 2016-09-13 198 Details
Shakul Buedi White Other Pending United state of America 2016-09-13 198 Details
Iyp White H1 Pending Mumbai 2016-09-12 199 Details
Vijay Blue H1 Pending India - chennai 2016-09-12 199 Details
Shvetha Blue H1 Approved Chennai 2016-09-12 42 Details
Lakshmi Blue H1 Approved Chennai 2016-09-12 56 Details
ASP White H1 Approved Mumbai 2016-09-08 26 Details
mcaveca Other Other Approved philippines 2016-09-08 0 Details
amarnadh reddy vonteddu White Other Pending hyderabad 2016-09-08 203 Details
Manjunath Kaliwal White H1 Pending Mumbai 2016-09-07 204 Details
Swapnil Pharate White H1 Approved Mumbai 2016-09-07 7 Details
H1-B Applicant Pink H1 Approved Germany 2016-09-03 9 Details
harry White H1 Pending New Delhi 2016-09-03 208 Details
Manisha Shukla White H1 Approved Mumbai 2016-09-02 11 Details
Aditya Kumar Other B1 Approved New Delhi 2016-09-02 209 Details
Sreenivasulu Bedapudi Blue H1 Pending Chennai, India 2016-09-01 210 Details
Vijay Other H1 Pending Chennai 2016-08-30 212 Details
Reddy White H1 Approved Hyderabad 2016-08-30 71 Details
ramesh dugar White H1 Approved hyderabad 2016-08-30 55 Details
B Srinivasarao Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2016-08-29 213 Details
Uriel mora Blue Other Pending Juarez 2016-08-28 214 Details
RANJIT NAKIRIKANTI White H1 Approved Consulate 2016-08-26 216 Details
AMRITDEEP KAUR Yellow F1 Denied DELHI 2016-08-25 217 Details
Piyush kumar Yellow Other Approved New Delhi 2016-08-24 26 Details
Evgeniy Khanin Yellow L1 Approved Ukraine 2016-08-23 23 Details
Zohajb White Other Pending Abu dhabi us consulate 2016-08-22 220 Details
kris Blue H1 Approved Chennai 2016-08-22 49 Details
darwin bilog White Other Pending US manila embassy 2016-08-22 220 Details
Adjapong Solomon White Other Denied Accra 2016-08-22 220 Details
eager Blue H1 Pending chennai 2016-08-16 226 Details
Ejaz Hussain Pink B1 Approved Jeddah 2016-08-16 89 Details
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