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The Beast called 221g – Process and FAQs


Any person planning to travel to US has to go through an interview process at the US embassy/consulate, and as part of the interview process, the officer reviews all the submitted document and information and makes the call whether to approve or reject the visa. As part of the process, they often issue 221g when they want to do additional processing, and cannot make the decision at the time interview is being conducted.

Here, I will try to capture as much information on 221g to try to explain the process.

What is 221g?
When the consulate officer determines that additional processing is required before they can make the decision, they issue 221g.

When is 221g issued?
A person can be put under administrative processing, because of several reasons. Some of the most common reasons are:
1. Background check: This can happen if a person has a common muslim name, or is working in an industry like pharmaceutical, biotech, engineering etc that’s there on TAL (Technology Alert List); or has a name matching to an entry in alert list.
2. Employment check: This can happen if a person is working for a consulting company and the officer wants to ensure that the submitted client/project information is correct; or want to check if the employer maintains control over employee’s tasks and activities (employer-employee relationship).
3. PIMS: This can happen when the petition has not been updated at the KSC (Kentucky Service Center) and the officer puts the processing on hold until the information gets updated there.

What does the DOS do after 221g is issued?
Once your case is put under administrative processing, following steps happen:
1. A slip will be issued. Different color slips are issued for different reasons by different consulates. The slip will have the case number assigned to your stamping. The case number starts w/ the year of interview date and will be of the format 2012xxx-xxx-x or 2012xxx-xxx-xx (assuming the candidate went for interview in 2012).
2. If the consulate needs additional documents for the processing, they will ask you to submit the documents. These can be submitted electronically or at VFS drop-box. The issued slip will have information about the required documents and how to submit them. The processing will not start until all the documents have been submitted.
3. After this, you just need to sit back and wait for them to process your case.
4. Once the processing is complete and you are determined to be eligible for the visa, then you will be asked to submit the passport (if not already submitted) and they would stamp the visa in the passport. If you are not found to be eligible, then they would return the original documents (except for 797).

How long does it take to resolve?
There is no set timeline for 221g processing. It can take as little as a week, or as much as several months.

How to follow-up?
As per DOS “Before making inquiries about status of administrative processing, applicants or their representatives will need to wait at least 60 days from the date of interview or submission of supplemental documents, whichever is later.” One can follow-up in following ways:
1. Track your passport on VFS website
2. Track your case number on concerned consulate website. Note that not all cases can be tracked electronically, and each consulate has a different method of updating the cases.
3. Call VFS (contact information available on VFS website). Note that they will not provide any more meaningful information than what’s already available from (1) and (2)
4. Email concerned consulate (contact information available at respective consulate website). Note that they may not be very good in responding.
5. Email or call Department of State in Washington DC (contact information available on DOS website). Note that they will not provide any more meaningful information than what’s already available from (1) and (2), and may be short in conversation.
6. If you were working in US, then you can email your Senator and ask them for help. However, this should be done only if it has been pending for more than 60 days.

Can I expedite 221g processing?
There is no way to expedite the process.

Does delay mean rejection?
Not necessarily. Unfortunately, administrative processing takes time, and one needs to remain hopeful. If one has been asked to submit the passport, then that’s definitely a positive sign. However, if one has not been asked to submit the passport, then it’s not necessarily a negative sign.

Are there any alternates to this?
There are not many alternates, but the few ones available are:
1. Apply for visa in another category. This can be done as long as you are eligible for that visa category. One doesn’t need to withdraw the pending 221g application.
2. Apply for same visa but through another employer (applicable more to H-1 applicants). Based on your current petition, an employer (same or different) can file cap-exempt petition for you. Once it is approved you can re-appear for visa interview. Again, one doesn’t need to withdraw the pending 221g application.

What happens in case of rejection?
In case the stamping request is rejected after the processing:
1. Consulate will send the petition back to USCIS for reconsideration along w/ their comments
2. All your original documents will be returned to you, except for 797 which is sent to USCIS
3. Once USCIS receives the petition, they will send a notice of receipt to the petitioner
4. USCIS will review the petition (this could take 2-3 months) and either issue NOIR (Notice of Intent to Revoke) or NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny). The petitioner will be given certain days (30-60 days, actual days given is mentioned in the NOIR/NOID) to respond.
5. Based on petitioner’s response, USCIS will finally reinstate the petition or deny it
6. If it’s reinstated, then USCIS will send the document to the concerned consulate, which in turn will get in touch w/ you to appear at the consulate.

[As I get more information on 221g and based on most commonly asked questions in the blog, I will continue to update this post]

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  • zeeshan Jan 30, 2015 Reply

    I had an interview on 27 jan 2015. At the end of interview CO give me white paper with no box check.He just write I-864 form in front Of Evidence of Economic Solvency.What that means and if its like re submit I-864 then where to send it??

  • sun Jan 29, 2015 Reply

    I had my interview on dec 3, 2014 in Chennai for H1B renewal. I was requested for resume and passport which I handed over. The status still shows Admin processing…How frustrating!
    Paying rent and daycare bills over there while here…ahhh

  • kannan Rajan Jan 8, 2015 Reply

    I had my interview on dec 9, 2014 in Chennai for H1B. I was requested for resume and passport which I handed over immediately. I’m still waiting for my visa…Anyone in same boat?

    • kannan Rajan Jan 8, 2015 Reply

      forgot to mention that I was given the blue form…

      • Punith Jan 27, 2015 Reply

        Any update on your status?

        • Kannan Rrajan Jan 27, 2015 Reply

          Nope. I dreamt of hopping into airforce one with Obamas to find my way back to my family in US. What have they done to me :)

    • Punith Jan 12, 2015 Reply


      Did you hear back from the consulate ?

      • Kannan rajan Jan 12, 2015 Reply


        • Punith Jan 12, 2015 Reply

          The wait sucks

          • Sweta Jan 12, 2015

            There is active discussion about 221g going on in trackitt website. Please join that thread. you can google trackitt visa stamping-221(g).

          • Raj Jan 23, 2015

            A problem without a solution, waiting without a job for this many days is frustrating. I have client letter not in a letter head though but has manager contact details & signature and vendor letter in letter head but I have given 221g blue form. It is been 60 days by tomorrow and no response.

    • Sridhar Jan 21, 2015 Reply

      I am also sailing in same boat.. still waiting on it.

  • Divya Jan 5, 2015 Reply


    I had my H1b visa interview on Dec 31 and received a blue slip 221g with the additional administrative processing box checked. The interviewer also took my passport and my resume. He asked for my start date and since it was the first week of Jan, he said he would expedite the process (Wrote ‘EXPEDITE’ on the paper he inserted in my passport). How long would the process take in this case? (All forum discussion mentions that the process cannot be expedited…)

    • Sridhar Jan 21, 2015 Reply

      Hello all, I would like to share my ongoing H1 B Visa renewal experience here.I have submitted my documents through drop box for my H1 B visa renewal on dec 11 2014. I have got email to collect documents on dec 19th 2014. When i went to collect my docs, my passport had 221 g blue form, asking me to attend the consular interview, with out appointment. I went for interview on Dec 29 2014, VO asked few questions about my employment, I have said my position as research chemist, he stressed again research. He asked my resume and kept my new passport (old one was returned to me), also he said it might take couple of weeks for administrative processing and gave me 221 g blue form again, with no additional docs required option checked. I am still seeing the ceac barcode status as administrative processing. when i was trying to track the passport status, it is showing as: there is no update available for passport number submitted. Guys, if any of you are experiencing similar situation, please do post your valuable inputs.

    • sudhakar Jan 26, 2015 Reply

      Any update on you case… I got 221G… and nearing 60days .

      • Sridhar Jan 29, 2015 Reply

        i have no update dude. still its under AP

    • Sridhar Jan 29, 2015 Reply

      Hello Divya,
      Did you receive any update on your case?

  • EVANS Dec 27, 2014 Reply

    My wife took our baby to the USA for sponsored medical treatment. I have been longing to visit them twice but denied a visa. The 3rd time l was given a yellow paper written FURTHER ADMINSTRATION IS BEING DONE IN MY CASE n wait atleast 60days for response. What are they investigating since its a non

  • Balram Sirigadi Dec 24, 2014 Reply

    Hello , i have attended f1 student visa at mumbai consulste on 19 dec 2014, VO gave me 221g GREEN FORM,and told me to submit required documnets via email in pdf and word format.Now , i m preparing the required data to send when can i expect the call / email form the consulate if i submit tomorrow .What are the chances to get VISA ?

    • Nikhilesh Yadav Dec 26, 2014 Reply
      follow me on this link . I got 221g for f1 on Nov 24,2014 ,its been a month but i didnt get any reply

    • Nikhilesh Yadav Dec 26, 2014 Reply

      follow me on immihelp 221g

  • saleh Dec 22, 2014 Reply

    Hi,aI apply on b2 visa . I interviewed on 21/12/2014 , and the officer gave me a white slip 221 g and check the box (your application requires additional processing). I check my visa statue on website and it was written refused and the statue update to 21/12/2014 , can this statue changed if it will issue

  • Zahir Dec 22, 2014 Reply

    Hi people,

    I had my PA on 19th Dec 2014 and my VISA(H1B) is yet to be approved. I have been given 221G (Blue color letter) with additional administrative processing point checked. And VO dint put check mark against any of the documents to be provided. She dint get any of my documents and gave away my passport also.

    What should i do to proceed further.??

    Please help me out in this.

    Zahir M H.

  • H1B_221G Dec 10, 2014 Reply

    Hi Sweta –
    What is the “non-TAL processing”?
    I joined trackitt com – usa-discussion-forums ..

    Thanks …

  • shehryar Dec 10, 2014 Reply

    Hello lakshmi. Iam a final year medical student from Karachi. I had my visa interview for 8 weeks elective period on 19th of Nov. I got into administrative process and the VO asked me to email me my resume and that the process would take 3 weeks but he didNOT keep my passport. Within two weeks I got a call from the embassy they told me to submit my passport to the Americam express. I did not ask any further questions and submitted that day only. Its been a week now and i havent received any replies or phone call. What does this mean. Iam quite worried and impatient now.

    • Adi Dec 24, 2014 Reply

      Did you hear back from the embassy yet? Is this your first 221g ?

      • shehrysr Jan 10, 2015 Reply

        Yes. Allahmdulillah ive got my visa for five years . They took a month, and disturbed all my.plans but in the end.. good things come to those who wait :)

    • Lakshmi Jan 5, 2015 Reply

      Write to them they generally reply asking for status. Typically they ask for passport when they want to stamp visa.

  • SG Dec 8, 2014 Reply

    Hi Friends, I had an interview for H1-B Stamping on Nov 18th and I was given 221(g) white slip asking me to submit project details document. The VO did not check any of the check boxes, ultimately I received an email on 26th to submit the docs and I submitted on Nov 28th. Customer support says I need to wait for atleast 10 working days to receive some response. What is the usual processing time? Any Idea? Does it depend on the type of document as well?

    • Sweta Dec 8, 2014 Reply

      What docs did they ask you to submit via email? Is your case TAL or non-TAL?

      [no external links allowed ]
      It would be great if you could post your questions and info there.

      • sg Dec 9, 2014 Reply

        They asked to submit project details doc via email. My case in NON-TAL.

        • SDR Jan 7, 2015 Reply

          Hi SG,
          Do you have any update on your status? I have attended today and received the same as you received. Did you sent the required documents via email directly or via dropbox?


  • AP Dec 8, 2014 Reply

    My Friend got 221g but his visa was approved in 3 days. in my case it is still pending. Although i came for visa restamping.

    • Sweta Dec 8, 2014 Reply

      Is yours TAL or non-TAL admin processing? And what kind of admin processing was your friend’s? If you came for visa restamping, weren’t you eligible for the drop box H1B stamping?

      • sudhakar Jan 4, 2015 Reply

        Hi Sweta,

        How can we find its TAL or Non-TAL.. I attended the VISA interview on Nov 28th 2014 and I got 221G administrative processing.. VO mention this should take 3 week but now its more that 5 week still waiting. USCIS called the vendor and look like they were happy with response and this happen on Dec 15th 2014 and then status data alone is updated but still it show administrative processes.. Now I’m really worried on next step..Any inputs is appreciated…

  • H1B_221G Dec 3, 2014 Reply

    I was attended visa interview on Sep 25, VO given 221 g – admin process. Still I didn’t got any status, I sent mail to customer support team. They sent response ‘it will take time’.
    I have one doubt, if they will cross check with company or attorney?
    Where I need to check status for admin process. (Attorney or company)


    • SG Dec 9, 2014 Reply

      Hi H1B_221G, have you received any response? Was any check box checked in your 221(G) slip?

      • H1B_221G Dec 9, 2014 Reply

        I didn’t got any mail from uscis.
        Administration Process – check box is checked.
        I discussed with attorney and company HR, both didn’t got mail.
        So, how many days i need to wait, is it any option for this.

        • Sweta Dec 9, 2014 Reply

          Did they keep any of your documents? If yes, what docs did they keep. If not, you might want to ask them what docs they want from you. Are you into research or do you work for other clients?

          • H1B_221G Dec 9, 2014

            project description and I-797 documents.
            I am software engineer and working MNC company.

          • Sweta Dec 9, 2014

            Looks like yours is non-TAL processing. If they have already taken your documents, that meas they will use those to look deeper into your case. Are you on a full-time job or on contract?

          • H1B_221G Dec 9, 2014

            In house project US base small company.( Full time job)
            Thank you …

          • Sweta Dec 9, 2014

            There is active discussion going on about administrative processing on trackitt website. You might want to join that.

          • H1B_221G Dec 9, 2014

            can you share link for trackitt website

          • Sweta Dec 9, 2014

            This forum does not allow us to post external links. Go to trackitt dot com and then usa discussion forums h1b visa stamping 221g. Try to google it and go to the last page. Let me know if you don’t find it.

    • SG Dec 9, 2014 Reply

      Hi H1B_221G, in your case they kept the documents on your interview date which is Sept 25th, that means you never happened to submit any documents after that, am I right? If am right then you have been waiting for more than 2 months which means you crossed 60 days. I was told by the customer support that the max time is 60 and with in 60 days the decision will be made. I think you should call customer support and they may escalate your case to the officials.

      • H1B_221G Dec 9, 2014 Reply

        Hello SG/Sweta,
        I called couple of times and they escalated my issue, but no use same response from Support team. However, I will try one more time.
        Sweta – What is the “non-TAL processing”?


        • H1B_221G Dec 10, 2014 Reply

          Hi SG/Sweta

          I have joined trackitt forums for following link
          [external link spam]

          Thanks ..

          • Sweta Dec 10, 2014


            How did you get your case escalated? Did they say they would escalate it on their own or did you ask them to escalate? When was your interview and when did you submit your documents?

            non-TAL is when they want you to clarify the relationship between you, your employer and your client. They want to make sure you’re deployed in a genuine project and are fulfilling the non-immigrant worker criteria. They ask for client letter, yours and your employer’s tax returns, etc.

          • H1B_221G Dec 10, 2014

            I called customer support team on November and they escalate my issue. Today I called again, so they told me “you already escalated on November so you should wait at least one month”. Interview on September last week
            They taken I-797 form and project details.

  • Arun Nov 27, 2014 Reply

    I’ve submitted all the documents as per 221(g) Blue form. But they have replied and asked me to resend the “Detailed Statement of Purpose” in .doc format.

    Can anyone of you please help me with some sample copies?

    Thanks in Advance.

    • Sweta Nov 27, 2014 Reply

      Hi Arun,

      I had written a page long statement of purpose stating how my education, experience and training has helped me perform my current job duties. I wrote one paragraph about how my Masters degree courses helped me in my current job. But, my attorney deleted all that and only asked me to write 3 lines about what my intention is at my current job. He said that if I write a long SOP, it can raise unnecessary questions.

      How long was the SOP you submitted initially? How long did they take to get back to you asking for a more detailed SOP?

  • Aditya AK Nov 26, 2014 Reply

    Question : on getting a blue 221(g) to submit additional document, Is it mandatory to submit the requested documents at Team Stanley Document drop off location ? Or its fine if I just email them ? The Visa officer said I just need to email them and never made a mention of drop box location.

    I attended for my H1-B visa interview(First Time, it is NOT a visa extension) at Chennai. The VO issued a Blue 221(g) and requested to submit additional documents through email. He kept my passport though saying that I don’t have to visit the embassy again. I can just email the documents and they will process. However, I received my passport within 2 weeks without stamping. I emailed them all the requested documents within 2 weeks. I just received an automated email saying they received my email and they will start processing my case upon receipt of the requested documents. When I email them asking my status I just got a generic reply.

    • Lakshmi Nov 26, 2014 Reply

      email is good enough. yes they will give you the standard reply till the visa is approved. can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 12 weeks. need to patiently wait :-)

      • Aadi Nov 26, 2014 Reply

        Thanks Lakshmi.

      • H1bVisa221g Nov 26, 2014 Reply

        Thank you Lakshmi
        What you got mail?
        You submitted any document?
        You submitted passport or dropped your passport?
        What you did after you got mail?


        • Lakshmi Nov 26, 2014 Reply

          When consulate asks for any documents to be sent as email please send it as email. No need to drop. Passport I sent by priority mail (postal mail) to consulate when they asked for it.

      • Aadi Nov 26, 2014 Reply

        Hey Lakshmi,

        Just 1 more question. Do you have any idea why did the VO kept my passport during my interview but I got my passport 2 weeks later(Without stamping though). He would have given my passport then and there itself. The passport had 1 more 221(g) in it with just this check box ticked –> “Your application requires additional administrative processing”

        Just getting all kinds of horror thoughts :)

        • Lakshmi Nov 26, 2014 Reply

          They kept my passport for 2 months and returned without stamping so I wrote to them. They said that it was likely to take more time and that the passport may be required for other travels. They told me that they would ask for the passport once the processing was complete. So don’t worry. These days processing is taking a while.

          • Aadi Nov 26, 2014


            And how about document submission letter/Courier submission letter that is available in in traveldocs portal ? I missed to email that. :(

            Its mandatory if we are required to submit documents at VFS. But, Is that mandatory even if I’m required to just email the requested documents ?

  • Mustafa Nov 25, 2014 Reply

    After my interview, I received a 221g yellow slip and I was tracking it on the website. After about 6 months they told me to send in my passport. However, they sent me back the passport with another 221g slip and a case number. Did this happen to anyone before? What could be the reason for this?

    • Lakshmi Nov 25, 2014 Reply

      These people can get away with anything. I have heard similar cases like yours so don’t worry. In my case they kept my passport for 8 weeks and then returned to me and again asked some queries (not as another 221g) and after I sent them they asked for my passport after another 4 weeks amounting to 12 weeks for visa issual

      • H1bVisa221g Nov 25, 2014 Reply

        Hi Lakshmi,
        I attended interview on 26th September 2014 in Chennai India and my H1B visa on hold and VO given 221 g form, selected check box administration process. However, grace period 60 days over, normally how many days they will take and still now I didnt got any mail from USCIS.


        • Lakshmi Nov 25, 2014 Reply

          My case went beyond 60 days period. I got it after 90 days. I heard that the recent delay was because of some issues with the server. But not sure. You can write to them asking them about the status of your visa since 60 days are over. Typically they give the same standard answer.

  • howard Nov 24, 2014 Reply

    I petitioned a k1 visa from Bangladesh. My fiance interviewed, received 22nd for more information. We both have found it impossible to “create profile” via traveldocs/be website. Have tried various browsers, computers, you name it and still nothing. Error messages vary. Website manager suggested clearing cookies, update java and I still get errors. The information I submit is correct. You know of any remedy? Time is wasting.

  • Gopal Nov 20, 2014 Reply

    Hi Laxmi,

    I have attaended for the interview on october 16th, they have issued the white slip and didnot tick any column on the paper. They said I will be getting any email regarding the required docs but still I didn’t get any email from the counslate on the required docs. I appreciate if could let me know your inputs.

    • Yukti Nov 20, 2014 Reply

      Same case . My interview date was nov 3,2014 and no updates yet . Did they try to reach your employer or client ?


    • Yukti Nov 24, 2014 Reply

      Hello Gopal,

      Did you receive any update from them?


    • lakshmi Nov 24, 2014 Reply

      Typically they would get back to you for documents if they need anything specifically. Quite possible that they have everything that they want. In any case you can just write to them asking if they need any additional documents.
      I got my visa (b1) after 3 months , 5 days after my conference date. Bad luck.

      • Yukti Nov 24, 2014 Reply

        Oh thats sad.
        Thanks for your reply Lakshmi.
        I dont understand their procedure at all.
        Shall i write them mail to “
        ” as mine was new delhi consulate.


        • Lakshmi Nov 24, 2014 Reply

          I used the email ID given in the slip. My slip had an email ID. Otherwise write to the email ID that you have specified. Please specify your application number.

          I guess there was some server problem and that is why my batch of visa approvals got delayed. Typically in 6-8 weeks you should get your visa. The other reason is I applied from Bern, Switzerland since I study there. I heard the US consulates in India are much faster and efficient.

    • Aman Nov 24, 2014 Reply


      I just went through the 221g process at the Delhi Consulate.
      I’m a PHD in biomedical sciences from USA applying for H1B.
      Visa interview – Sep 17th 2014. Docs submitted same day. No updates after that. Status changed Nov 13th, 2014. Visa issued next day.

      Stay positive – the visa is taking this long in Delhi for 221g.

      • Yukti Nov 24, 2014 Reply

        Thanks Aman for your post..
        So we can expect that it would easily stretch for 2 months .
        Have they contacted your client anyhow ?

        • Aman Nov 24, 2014 Reply

          Yes, 8 weeks is a standard time frame now.
          I’m a scientist so I don’t have any client type of a work.

          • Yukti Nov 24, 2014

            Ok :)
            Thanks Aman for the information.

      • sweta Nov 26, 2014 Reply

        Hi Aman,

        Thanks for your post. What kind of documents were you asked to submit? Employer documents or your details such as invitation letter, resume, research work, itinerary, funding info, etc.? I was asked to submit MY details so I’m guessing I was put in administrative processing because my education and job falls under Technology Alert List. Your response would be very much appreciated.

        • Aman Nov 26, 2014 Reply

          Yes, they asked me for resume, research, itinerary etc etc on that list. I made one document with eveything and emailed it them. I started bugging them 30 days into the process. Around 7 weeks in I got the congressman involved as well. Got the visa in 8 weeks. Not sure if anything helped but you can only try. Good luck.

          • Sweta Nov 26, 2014


            After 30 days, did you follow up with them by emailing them or calling them? What is the procedure to get a congressman involved? Is that done through my company’s lawyer?

          • Aman Nov 26, 2014

            I called them always.. Can try to get some more information.
            For congressman, reach out to their local office. They usually have a standard way of dealing with such issues. Your company could do it on your part if they have good connections with the local congressman. Then their office can send out an official enquiry to the US consulate in India where your case is pending, requesting an update.

          • Priyam Dec 25, 2014

            Hi Aman, can you give details on how you got the congressman involved? What exactly did you say and what is the process, how does it work. I would like to reach out to my local congressman.
            I got section 221g on Nov 24th, phd in bioinformatics, delhi, submitted docs on nov 28th, I absolutely cannot wait for 80 days, I will lose my job, so please help.

  • Khan Nov 19, 2014 Reply

    Hello Everyone, I am a medical student I had my visa inteview today in karachi. I was inquired regrading the elective i had got at a Mount Sinai hospital. I answered all the questions. The VO thought that i either had forged the document or i was lying at some point. He asked me about my grades and what my parents do. he has put me in administrative process and RETURNED my passport and has given me a white slip saying that i need to submit my Resume at an email address. I have a good enough CV with many achievements. I am a bit depressed now because he has returned my passport. How much chance do I have? Has it happened to anyone before?

    • lakshmi Nov 19, 2014 Reply

      In many cases they return the passport. Don’t worry. They will ask for it when the processing is over.

      • Yukti Nov 20, 2014 Reply

        They have issued white slip to me but no documents asked yet .neither they have contacted employer nor client .its been more than 2 weeks now. Any idea ?

      • khan Nov 20, 2014 Reply

        Okay thankyou for your response. Basically a lot of seniors from my uni said it has never happened before, its a new thing. Like they have never asked for resume of a student. But he did not reject me . So I still have a chance right ? He told me ill know about it in 3 weeks.

        • Lakshmi Nov 20, 2014 Reply

          These days they are returning the passport because the admistrative processing is taking longer. Don’t be surprised if it takes a couple of months.

          • khan Dec 2, 2014

            Hello. I got into administrative process and the VO asked me to email me my resume and that the process would take 2 weeks. Today, after two weeks I got a call from the embassy they told me to submit my passport to the Americam express. Does that mean my visa is approved and my administrative provess is complete ?

    • Raxa Jan 6, 2015 Reply

      Khan Have you got you visa?

      • khan Jan 10, 2015 Reply

        Yes. Allahmdulillah I’ve got my visa for 5 years. It took a month. But well, its all good now :)

  • Murtuza ali Nov 13, 2014 Reply

    I got 221g white form on 10 Nov 2014. I’ve applied for F1 student visa. The CEAC status is “REFUSE” from the date of my interview. What is this means? Is my visa is rejected or its been in administrative process? The status is refuse from the very first moment after my interview and still the same till now. Anybody here with the same situation? Help me out here.

  • Vijay Nov 11, 2014 Reply


    I am checking the case status in website and for the last one week, i couldn’t check as it displays an err message “Application ID or case number is required” even after the case number is given. Does anyone facing this problem? whats the remedy.

    Appreciating your response!

    • Lakshmi Nov 12, 2014 Reply

      you should select non-immigrant visa type and NOT immigrant visa

      • Vijay Nov 13, 2014 Reply

        Hai Lakshmi,

        I have given all the three details – non-immigrant, location and my case number. When i hit enter, the case number gets space out and displays an err message. I am facing this message for last one week only and couldn’t check the case status.

        Please advise.

  • snig Nov 10, 2014 Reply


    I applied for J2 renewal at Chennai consulate but was issued a blue slip stating further administrative processing is needed. Its been 67 days but still under processing. Any kind of hope or way to resolve it will be appreciated.

  • Vijay Nov 10, 2014 Reply


    I got a 221G Blue slip for my H1 extn on May 29 and waiting for nearly five months. Anyone is waiting for the same period and is there any option to get in touch base with US Consulate other than WAIT.

  • Vijay Nov 10, 2014 Reply


  • bini Nov 9, 2014 Reply

    Hi I ws interviewd on 5th Nov 14 for h4 visa along wd my spouse’s h1 visa. The VO was very giving strange remarks which we cudnt guess y. After few queries he said ur visa will go under administrative processing. We were not given any paper as 221. The status in track my passport shows same “adminstrative processing”. Any hope??

  • Adi Nov 9, 2014 Reply

    Hi friends,
    I attended H1B Visa stamping interview at Mumbai Consulate in Oct 2014. They took a long interview and after then gave me 221(g) White paper. My case is still in administrative processing.
    Before interview I was a student in USA and have my F1 Visa till 2017 but they cancelled my F1 Visa with stamp”CANCELLED WITHOUT PREJUDICE”.
    I want to ask you guys as my H1B is still in Administrative Processing and I have not yet completed my Masters degree in USA can I reapply for F1 Visa??????

  • Yukti Nov 7, 2014 Reply


    I went for H1 b interview on nov 3,2014. They have submitted all my documents including my passport , client letter , tax documents of employer ,797 .
    My case updated date has been changed to nov 5,2014 but I did not received any email or updates.
    When can I expect any update?


    • Lakshmi Nov 19, 2014 Reply

      I dont think there anything to worry as long as you have been told that your visa is approved. Some times it takes 3-5 days before they mail the passport with visa

      • Yukti Nov 20, 2014 Reply

        They have issued white slip to me but no documents asked yet .neither they have contacted employer nor client .its been more than 2 weeks now. Any idea ?

  • Lakshmi Nov 4, 2014 Reply

    Did you get your visa ? I have been waiting for 75 days now.

    • Naveen Nov 6, 2014 Reply

      Hi Lakshmi,
      Even I have been waiting for about 80days. Did you hear anything or has there been any progress in your case?


      • Pallu Nov 6, 2014 Reply

        I am also waiting…84 days today…

        • vijay Nov 13, 2014 Reply

          Dear Friends,

          In my case, its been 125 days from the additional docs submitted date and 168 days from the case creation date. And also the case got updated twice before 60 days and no updates since then.

          While you were referring the wait period, which days you are referring – whether its from case creation date or docs submission date? Also, did anyone of you get your case updates in the mid of admin processing.

          Its little disturbing when i see the forum updated with wait period more than an year or an year and a half. I was in hope that i would get the status in a month since its almost 5 months.

          Appreciating your response.

          • Lakshmi Nov 28, 2014

            Vijay I was told that every time they update status with you furnishing a new set of documents, they reset their processing clock. You should start counting 6 to 8 weeks from there. I know it is very frustrating. But do we have a choice. The price we have to pay having an Indian passport :-) you write to them telling that it is already 125 days.

    • Rafael Nov 6, 2014 Reply

      My wife and I have been waiting for her father’s tourist visa renewal that got stuck for 221g for 17 months.

  • Surenther Oct 10, 2014 Reply

    Hi All,

    I have attended my interview today in chennai. She asked my Employee and my Client. Then she asked my I797 Copy and Client letter. She kept those documents with my passport and she gave me blue slip of 221g. In that she selected “YOUR APPLICATION REQUIRES ADDITIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING BEFORE A FINAL DECISION CAN BE MADE” . She didn’t asked for any other documents. I don’t know what will happen!

    • vinci Nov 6, 2014 Reply

      Did you get your VISA?

    • Megha Nov 28, 2014 Reply

      Same thing happened to me as well! Did you get your stamping yet?

    • als Jan 7, 2015 Reply

      any reply from them

  • Pallu Oct 9, 2014 Reply

    I had my H1b renewal (extension) stamping interview at Hyderabad, India on Aug 13-14, 2014. I had my first H1b stamping done from the same post last year April 2013) and received the visa ~35 days post interview after administrative processing. I am a Ph.D from biological sciences working as a scientist in US since 8 year (5 years J1 & 3 years H1b). Since I received administrative clearance about 16 months ago, I did not anticipate: 1) my H1b renewal to undergo administrative processing, and 2) even if it undergoes admin processing, I expected it to be faster. Hence, I scheduled my interview for the very next day after landing in India. I was now traveling to India on bereavement leave as my father passed away suddenly in May 2014 & did not attend the last rites because of urgent planned experiments ongoing that time. Now my visa has been under administrative processing for 56 days and I am still waiting. My work is severely affected in the laboratory in US and I am fearing to loose my job. Also I am not able to reunite with my 5 year old kindergartener son who is with my husband in US. I have already changed my flight ticket 4 times in anticipation of visa issuance. Please guide me.

    • Pallu Oct 9, 2014 Reply

      Also to add, I did not have a change of job, or change in visa, or chnge in employer, or change in name…no major changes since last year…still visa has not been issued yet.

      • nsns Oct 11, 2014 Reply

        Did you get approval yet?

        • Pallu Oct 11, 2014 Reply

          No, I did not get the approval yet. Still waiting…58 days as of today post interview.

    • Lakshmi Nov 4, 2014 Reply

      Pallu I have a similar situation. it is 75 days and no news.

  • 221(G) Sep 30, 2014 Reply

    I attended visa interview today and VO issued 221(G) blue form requesting for few more docs but he returned all documents including I797,I-129,passport etc. The USCIS case status still shows decision. I have asked my employer to respond with requested docs.
    Anyone on same boat ?
    Since, they returned all docs, should I still be hopeful ?

    Pls advice, I am into big depression now..

    • Andy Oct 8, 2014 Reply

      There is hope. We were issued a white slip and after responding to it we received decision in one week. And visa is issued. Don’t worry.

    • Pallu Oct 9, 2014 Reply

      My documents were also returned and I was asked submit more documents by email. I am still waiting for the visa though.
      Best wishes for your visa.

      • Sai Oct 22, 2014 Reply

        Hi Pallu,

        I’m exactly in your situation, Ph.D., Research Scientist , second H1B renewal , no change in employer or anything. Went to the interview on Aug 28th and got 221G and waiting since then.

        Is there any update on your case?.


        • Pallu Oct 25, 2014 Reply

          No updates till now. It has been over 70days since interview.

          • Sai Oct 25, 2014

            Hopefully, we will here something this week . Based on below:

            dratluri79: 24th July, H1B, AP, TAL, 7th October, 8th Oct. received email to submit passport,Issued Oct 14 Hyderabad
            hyd221g: 4th Aug, H1B, AP, TAL, email recvd to submit ppt Oct 21
            rrr0109: 4th Aug, H1B, AP, TAL, Hyd. No updates yet
            pallu78: Aug 14, 2014, H1b renewal, AP, TAL, Hyd; updated Aug 25, 2014.
            senapathy : 25 Aug, H1B, AP, 25 Aug, TAL, Hyd (white slip)
            VisaStatush1: 25 Aug,AP, 5th Oct, Hyd (221g white slip)
            Vamshi 2014: 28th Aug, H1B, TAL, Hyd (221g white slip). The VO said the process would take 2 weeks. No updates yet.

          • Sai Oct 31, 2014

            Hi Pallu,

            I started sending email to, weekly once, since the interview and i used to get usual response like below, but today i got different rsponse. Though the intent of both the messages is “wait till we contact you”, I wanted to check if the change of template is indication of something (besides i crossed 60 days wait period) and did you get similar responses also:

            Usual Response:
            With regards to your concern, we would like to inform you that, your visa application is under processing at the Embassy/Consulate. Most administrative processing is resolved within 60 days of your visa interview or the submission of supplemental documents, whichever is later. When additional administrative processing is required, the length of processing time will vary based on the circumstances of each case. Also, the status on the website will be updated periodically.

            Today’s Response:
            Your application is pending under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) for mandatory administrative processing. Unfortunately, there is no definite time frame for this processing as it depends on the individual circumstances of each case. U.S. immigration law requires that additional steps be completed in some cases before a file can be advanced for adjudicative review. The Department of State is continuously working to expedite visas. We appreciate your patience. Please be assured that we will contact you as soon as this processing is complete.


        • Aman Oct 26, 2014 Reply

          Hi guys,
          I’m in the same boat as you. PhD in biosciences in US. First H1 stamping after STEM OPT and stuck with 221g from the Delhi Consulate. Been 45 days since document submission with no update on status. This is crazy.

  • jawad Sep 19, 2014 Reply

    On my interview 17/09/2014 in Islamabad, Pakistan. They put me on administrative processing session 221G they told me it can take 6 months or years they also gave me green slip to track my case. They kept my passport when I got home from embassy that same day I got call from them that I got my visa and I should come and pick up my passport from embassy. 221g happened to most of my relatives n friends but they got visa within 2-3 days.

  • Raj Sep 12, 2014 Reply

    Hello Saurabh,

    How long a case can take under 221g. Mine has been over 6 months now. I appeared in March 2014. They came to my employer(office) in mod june and after that there has been no update.


    • Rafael Nov 10, 2014 Reply

      The longest I have heard of is 2 years. See link:

  • Sri Sep 6, 2014 Reply

    Hi Saurabh,

    I want to withdraw the 221g with Chennai consulate which was issues in Dec 2013.
    Now,i want to withdraw the case.
    How do i withdraw the case and how much time will it take?

    • Sri Sep 13, 2014 Reply


      can the consulate not withdraw the case, even if requested? Can the consulate ignore the withdraw request

  • siva Aug 21, 2014 Reply

    Hi Saurabh,

    I Went for stamping on 01 Aug 2014.
    VO asked me my company’s and client name after then he asked me for Client letter, LCA, I29 which i provided him. He told me to wait for a while and then he called me and gave back all the documents including my passport and your told me application is on Administrative processing and will contact me if needed. He gave me 221g white slip.

    When i check my visa status online:

    U.S. Department of State
    Application ID or Case Number: *********
    Case Creation Date: 31-Jul-2014
    Status Updated Date: 01-Aug-2014

    Your application was refused. Please see the letter or other instructions you received at the interview.

    For more information, please visit U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad.

    Please help…


    • nag Sep 12, 2014 Reply

      Hi Siva,
      Me too attended for h1b interview and consulate officer issued me white 221g form tick marking administrative processing.He returned all the documents similar your case.Do you have any updates regarding your case.

      • soujanya Sep 18, 2014 Reply

        Hi Shiva,

        I have also attended interview on 15th sept and was given 221g. My status is showing up as undergoing necessary administrative processing in CEAC website.My passports were given to me at time of interview by all company documents were taken by her.she took fingerprints from me and my Husband also. Is it a positive or negative sign.

  • rafael Aug 21, 2014 Reply

    My father in law has been waiting almost 15 months for his tourist visa to be renewed. It is ridiculous. They kept his passport but since it was taking sooo, we emailed them to have it back. They did give it back obviously without the visa and apparently the process goes on.

  • Rohan Aug 15, 2014 Reply

    Hi Saurabh,

    Thank you for your time and sharing very inportant information. I have one question that during the adminstartive process. can i re- submmit/update?

    Because my purpose and the location of the VISA ic changed. So can update or change the documents which i shared priviously to US team via email….

    Please reply Sir. am not able to get any appropriate answer on this

  • chandra Aug 1, 2014 Reply

    hi saurabh
    i had my f1 visa interview on 16th july and my was visa approved and was not issued any 221g or any other form. she just said i am giving u visa. The thing is i did not get any update on my passport till date and my passport status says: There is no update available….and coming to visa status says : it reads administrative processing….what i do not understand is i was not issued any form then why administrative processing? ….saurabh have you seen this kind of issue before and if so what could be the reason and what am i supposed to do. please reply

    • SA Oct 2, 2014 Reply

      Do not worry. It is the terminology they use until they have you pick up the visa.

  • javan Jul 25, 2014 Reply

    my F1 visa interview was onn 24th,june,2014. i was asked to submit affidavit of support and a bank statement.its now 30 days since i submitted the required documents and ioly have few days to my admission long do these people take to take action?my case was al;so updated on 13th,july…………what next for me,so frustrated…..

    • bik Jul 31, 2014 Reply

      Did you get your visa??

    • javan Aug 1, 2014 Reply

      No i have not gotten my visa yet.the waiting is agonizing and so frustrating.Hope to hear from them, soon its been 38 days to date,your prayers.

  • shaiz javaid Jul 11, 2014 Reply

    Hi all,
    I got my visa rejection in 2013 and they gave me green paper which was 221(g).After three months the uscis send all the original documents back to me.
    Now I want to know that can I reapply for immigration visa to USA?

  • Rajdeep Jun 9, 2014 Reply

    I have attended h1b interview at delhi consulate, my visa was put in 221G.
    Employer had provided all the requested docs, and then VO asked me for re-interview.
    VO said that visa has been rejected and gave some lame reason.
    It has been more then 3 weeks, but my visa status is still in refused status (last update date still first interview date).

    Any idea what should be status once it get finally rejected ?

    • yashkant Jun 26, 2014 Reply

      Hi Rajdeep
      My case is same do you have any updates.I also attended on 15 june and they retain my passport and i 797 no updates after that.

      • Nilima Jul 29, 2014 Reply

        Did you get back your passport? I am on H4 and they kept my and my kids passport and wanted my husbands I797 copy. He is on H1B and has valid visa stamped. It has been 7 days since I sent I797 to their e-mail reply, no status update yet.
        Just wanted to know if you got your passport back if if yes how many days after and is you visa approved?

    • Gebin Maxey Sep 30, 2014 Reply

      If your visa is rejected the status should read “refused” and no further action can be taken. Your only hope is to reapply next time with different credentials.

  • Balajee Jun 1, 2014 Reply

    h1b was applied on 01April 2013,
    It took long time to know that it was selected in lottery, June
    and then got RFE on 20th Sep 2013,
    Employed replied and finally it got approved on 28th Dec 2013.
    Attended interview at Hyderabad consulate on Feb 4, 2014, and got 221G (white paper)
    employer took 2 months time to reply this, 01st April
    following question was asked by consular office , and again employer took 20 days to reply.. 25th April.
    and now its 01st June, and no ray of hope..
    I have already went 1o times to chilkur Balajee and completed 11 rounds.. I also assured balajee that I will make 108 rounds once my visa gets stamped.. but either no help from Balajee yet..

  • nasir May 31, 2014 Reply

    I was interviewed at us embassy in f1 category ,during interview I told them I am maried they changed my category to f3 ,and send my case to national visa centre to hold until priority date become current so at this point what can I do .thanks

  • sairam May 13, 2014 Reply

    Hi all,
    Nice to hear from all, I am also sailing in the same ship . I got 221 g white form from London .The VO asked few Questions on my job profile, client….etc ,last she gave 221 g form and said she need more investigation on the client ,no documents asked retained I797 form and client documents and returned the passport. On 221 g form she rounded the passport, ticked the dsc 160,passport size photos, this plus.

    I am an Indian working for an MNC company from 8 years, earlier I visited to US for 3 months on L2 visa , and 6 years
    back I got h1b stamped in delhi (did not went to USA on personal reasons).
    Still now no email nor my status is updated in pdf file.Still now I don’t know what they are want from me.Can anyone suggest me.

    • Biplab Jun 21, 2014 Reply

      Hi Sairam,

      When did you attended the interview? Is your visa approved now ?

  • Varun May 5, 2014 Reply

    Hi Saurabh,

    Thank you for taking our questions! Let me start with a little back ground on my education/work history in the US. I traveled to the US in 2007 to obtain a Master’s degree in biotechnology, and upon completion I landed myself a job conducting research in a cancer research institute. I initially worked for them using CPT, OPT for about 1.5 years and then they filed for my H1B in May 2011. I worked with them for another 1 year on my H1B (non-profit). Please note that I did not come down to India for stamping because of time constraints. I then moved to another company, again conducting cancer research (for profit) in May 2012 after they got the receipt number for my H1B petition (the lawyer said that using the portability act I could begin working for them as soon as we received a receipt number since I already was on an H1B at the time from my previous employer). My H1B was approved with a starting validity date of 11/1/12. Now, I worked at the company for two years before I could travel to India about three weeks ago for my stamping. My interview was on the 22nd of April 2014. The VO asked me to show how I worked at the new company from May 2012 to November 2012 and I explained to her that the lawyer had advised the company about the portability act and I also told her that I had all the supporting paperwork that spoke about the act. She claimed she wasn’t interested in looking at the paperwork and just asked me to leave behind my passport, new 797 (the company that I work at right now), new i129 documents, updated resume, and my old 797 approval (for the previous organization I worked at). She then issued me a blue 221g form and didn’t ask for any additional documents and the form just has the “Your application requires additional administrative processing before a final decision can be made” box checked. I’m a little concerned because with some searching on the internet I was able to see that the blue form is usually issued when additional documents are required (although she did say that I had provided all necessary documents). Could you please advise on any additional steps I need to take, or should I just sit tight and wait? I’m extremely worried because I have a car, apartment, credit cards, etc that are back in the US and I’m extremely worried that the VO did not ask me for any of my tax documents or anything. Did my immigration lawyer just screw me over by making me start work using the portability act? I apologize for this long drawn out email. It’s just that I am starting to get really worried and I wanted to provide you as much detail as I possibly could. Any information or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again!

    P.S The last time I visited India was in December 2008 – January 2009 while I was still on my F1 visa. Just making sure you have all the information :-)

    • varun May 6, 2014 Reply

      Edit: They also kept the supporting letter from the company I worked at which states my role in the company and tasks that I perform, experiments, etc.

    • sajeev Oct 24, 2014 Reply

      Hi Varun,
      I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I hope you manage to get the visa and is back in the US. I have a question for you. How could you transfer from non profil to profit and start working immediately? Didn’t you have to wait till october?


  • hk rohit May 2, 2014 Reply

    my husband has gone for interview for k1 visa in april 27 2014. the consular officer has give him a white 221g letter . in that its just written is insufficient evidence of your intent to marry petitioner with in 90 days of arrival to usa .so you are ineligible for visa under 221g . we saw over status it was administration process for 2 weeks after the status change returned to NVC. we call to nvc they said your case is still in india . then i message to india consulate they said your case is now at nvc they send me a mail and they have given diplomatic pouch no . they said when you will call nvc tell them about pouch no ……what to do now help me
    we have all the proof genuine . success me what to do ?????????

  • Faruk Apr 6, 2014 Reply

    how dose us info pass work? do go out usa and coming back usa by info pass?

  • ahmed Apr 6, 2014 Reply

    What is us info pass? may i go out and re-enter in usa by info pass without green card?

  • Venkat Mar 14, 2014 Reply

    i had Attended Interview in Chennai Consulate on Aug 27(2013) For H1 B.
    i was issued blue slip at time of processing 221g. Still waiting on the updates
    I don’t have 1-94 This is Fresh H1 which was picked in 2013 lottery. Is this Eligible for cap-exempt?

    • lokesh May 19, 2014 Reply

      Hi Venkat

      Is your visa approved ? .. pls help me in sharing ur exprriance with this 221g beast. i also got this last week not sure what’s going to happen. they did not asked any documents they just made tick on admin processing 221g lue slip and took all documents and passport returned. do let me know what was ur case and how it worked for you.

      • venkat May 19, 2014 Reply

        They Said My Case Has been closed . Reapply for Stamping

        • lokesh May 20, 2014 Reply

          How much time did they took to give u this information. i hope and pray reapply helps you this time.

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