Should I study/apply MS or MBA in US after B.Tech/ B.Com ? MBA vs MS fees, degree focus, funding ? Which is better ? – Part 2

Fees  MBA vs MS ? Which is cheap ? State University Vs Private Schools

This article is continuation of Should I study/apply for MS or MBA in US after B.Tech/ B.Com ? MBA vs MS fees, degree focus, and funding issues explained – Part 1, please read the previous article  before you read part 2.

MS fee is typically much cheaper than MBA fees. You might ask, why is it ? Simple answer, because MBA is typically done by people who are working and for significant number of them their companies pay for the fee. Why do companies pay for education ? Well, they want their employees to grow and become elite managers to sustain the growth and boost  their organization. Also, people can get paid lot more after MBA because their designation changes if they are good ! With recession it is tough these days…. Will everyone make high salary ? Nope, it depends on your talent and University you go to…economy too L   . Again, it depends on every University. State schools fee is always cheaper than Private Schools. For instance, MBA at private school like University of Chicago will cost you ONLY the tuition for NINE MONTHS is $49,000 and MBA at state school like University of Wisconsin will cost you $13,348 for a SEMESTER or around $26,800 for two semesters.  For masters it is same typically in terms of state or private schools, it is cheaper to study in state schools. For instance, fees at University of Houston Masters program is around $600 per credit, that comes to $5400 per semester if you take 9 credits.  Again, in state schools fees for MBA and MS might be pretty much very close or same with exception of special fee they charge for MBA. But private schools it is much different.

Funding for MBA and MS ?

Funding is a big thing for students and most common types of funding as I explained are in form of TA, RA and GA. Check the post about what are TA, GA and RA for more info if you do not know with funding info.    Let’s think logically first, MS is more technical and research oriented, logically speaking if the University has more research funding then, there is more funding for MS. On the other hand, MBA, it is not tied very much to research, where do funds come from ?  Only source for MBA funding is Fellowships, scholarships or TAs for Undergrad Business students.  If you notice, for MBA, research part is almost not there unless you are in PhD. Guess what, if you are MBA and applying for funding in Business school,  MS people of Marketing or Finance are competition to you for that too.  So, your option is to work in other departments or no funding at all. But for MS, you have many options like working as RA, TA or GA in your department or other department based on your background.  Not only logically, in reality too, there is less funding for MBA than MS due to the research focus and other related aspects. You may get in-state tuition in state universities if you stay long enough like year or so and pay taxes in that states, but in private schools forget about funding…

Confused??  Here is my piece of advice….

I know most of you want to be managers and entrepreneurs in future by jumping into MBA right after B.Tech, B.A or B.Com… Let me tell you the truth folks, You will learn very little if you go to MBA without two to three years of work experience. You have to work in an organization setting to fully comprehend and appreciate the full potential of MBA.  For this reason, most of the business schools have requirement of 3 to 5 years of work experience as a major factor.  Think about this, “if you were never a team member, how will you understand the team member’s problems and their perspective if you  were never a team member and directly have become a manager”. So, start at the base and then climb up ! My recommendation is if you are starting your career, then do not go for MBA, work and then go. Check this article for more info on this. As of MS is concerned, as I said in previous posts there are many types of students who would like to come to US for education and some for Job only.

  • If you coming to US, just for job sake and make money, just go for MS.
  • If you want to do PhD some day and be professor, then MS and PhD integrated program.
  • If you worked for two years, and have Money to support your MBA financially, then MBA
  • If you are not sure what you want to do, then MS. You can always do MBA like me after MS.

To be clear, these are just my personal suggestions. It is your decision, plan well and shoot the bulls eye… I am not trying to discourage anyone to do MBA right after B.Tech, but just telling you the facts I have learnt. If you have any questions, post a comment under this, I will respond !

Good Luck ! Make a Wise Decision….It is your future !

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  • Azeem Hirani Mar 30, 2015 Reply

    Hello Sir
    I have done MS in CS from California state university and i am currently working in Deloitte consulting as a Database Administrator for more than 2 years now.
    I want to pursue MBA, but i am confused if that would be a good option for me after doing MS. I want to grow more into the database field and need your suggestion regarding the same.

  • Aswin Mar 28, 2015 Reply

    I am doing B.Tech ECE final year. What kind of courses can i choose for MS?

  • Akansha Goel Mar 8, 2015 Reply


    I am a Chartered Accountant and B.Com (Hons.) graduate. I have over 7 years of experience (including articleship) in Risk Consulting / internal auditing profile with Deloitte, Ernst and Young and chartered accountant firm in India.
    Now I hav shifted to U.S after marriage. However, I am currently not working as could not manage my work visa so far.

    I plan to start with my further studies so what do you suggest between MS and MBA in my scenario?

    Awaiting your reply.


  • Amol Mar 2, 2015 Reply

    I am Amol .I have done B.Tech in electronics
    and i have 2 years of experience in IT as DataBase devleoper and microsoft bussiness inteligence devloper.
    so which are the courses are applicable for me to do MS and good universities .

  • poorna prasad Feb 9, 2015 Reply

    I have B.Tech and almost 3.6 years in IT.I planned to be a Business Analyst.Will studying MBA in US will help me?


    • chethan Feb 12, 2015 Reply

      Thank you very much sir…..
      Information was very precise and was of great help… clearly pulls out anyone out of the confusion between MBA and MS….

  • Mohammed Faisal Jan 28, 2015 Reply

    Currently am doing my third year btech in mechanical. Am not very much interested in the technical depths, though i do like the subject. So, am not much interested in doing MS. Now,itz MBA. What I plan is to work for 2-3 yrz in the middle east and then go on for an MBA in the USA. I’d prefer to do an MBA in project management.
    Can you give me some advice on the same?
    What all should i keep in mind in the leap?
    What is your opinion about doing a proper job while am doing the course? (maybe the course as par time)
    Please do respond

  • rishika Jan 22, 2015 Reply

    hello sir
    i m dng my engineering in biotechnology i wish to go to US for my MS in biotechnology wld u help me out wht all procedures hav to b done for studying in a gud university in cheap fee requirements

  • eshita Jan 16, 2015 Reply

    Why is work experience required for MBA but not for MS?
    And if I am from B.Tech Electronics background, what shouild I pursue further? Right now I am in first year and I have time to decide.

  • Y shravan kumar reddy Jan 12, 2015 Reply

    Hi sir,
    I have completed my MBA in 2012, currently i have 2 years of work experience with cognizant technology solutions,but here my salary is less.. hence i would like to come USA. Please advice if i apply for MBA or any other courses.? is i get VISA..?

    Many Thanks in advance..

  • ajaz Jan 7, 2015 Reply

    hello sir plz suggest me that is it good is I go to usa for mba bcz now im pursuining mba here frm india I and can I get local universities in us plzzz suggest me or u can coctact me on

  • avinash Jan 7, 2015 Reply

    I completed n I wud lik to knw my future aspects im willing to do ms bt dnt knw abt it plz gve me suggestions

  • Manpreet Kaur Jan 7, 2015 Reply

    Hello sir… I m in (cse) finl year. I want to study M.S in usa … what should I do ?? It’s really important for me… please help me out …

  • mayank srivastava Jan 5, 2015 Reply

    Hi:- I did Btech and then MBA n systems and marketing from India and currently working in TCS as PM total exp is 6 years . I want to pursue mba or ms from USA . I am confused which course to join Pls suggest what course is best MBA or MS or any other

    • Eshant Jan 10, 2015 Reply

      You already have MBA degree and still you want to go for another MBA in US? Could you please explain your reason. Thanks in advance

  • kiran Jan 2, 2015 Reply

    Hi Sir,

    I need your small help about continuing study.

    I am graduate & i did diploma in IT. I have 3 Years experiences in IT. I need to keep my study in IT but I am confused what to do. shall i go for MCA or any other sujects.

    Pls suggest me.

  • surya prakash mishra Jan 1, 2015 Reply

    hello sir,
    i am in third year in (B-tech) chemical engineering .actually i little confused i am thinking that after chemical m-tech is best but some one say MBA is also good in need suggetion please help me

  • Anant Dec 31, 2014 Reply

    Hi Sir,

    Currently I am pursuing 3rd year of B.Tech. with CS branch and having 80% in academic till now. I want to do MS just after college but I am confused about the specialization in computer science I should adopt. Can you please help me with this? Need more info about the college vs fees with world wide ratings.

    If possible, can you please help me with the Networking and computer science with the structure of the whole courses? If you could provide me some links through mail, that will be very much helpful for me.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Utkarsh Malhotra Dec 28, 2014 Reply

    Hello Sir

    To begin with, i am currently in my third year of engineering (B.Tech) in Electronics and Communication.
    I have managed to maintain my CGPA above 8.5 till now.
    I have also planned to give my GRE and TOEFL exams in the coming months.
    I had planned to be an investment banker when i grow up,and for that i had planned to apply for MS in finance in US or UK.(I was driven towards btech because in india most students have no idea what to do after school and once they complete their btech they think of what they actually want to do in their lives).
    Now the question i have is… i have no background in finance or related fields, never really read something that explains the basics of corporate finance or anything.
    But i really want to go for MS in finance…. is it possible for a guy like me to be accepted by any good college with no work experience and past knowledge.
    If NO is there some way in which i can sell myself to the college,making them believe that selecting me will not be a bad option.
    do reply sir as this confusion is really bothering me :)

  • Nabeel Dec 18, 2014 Reply

    Thanks For sharing,
    I’ve got it now.

  • bharti Dec 14, 2014 Reply

    Sir I hv done btech in ece.. nw m studyin engineerin buks for gate & ibps so. Studyin histry for intelignc bureau xm. Also intrstd in goin abroad. M doin evrythin bt dnt knw wt m actly doin m so confused sir . Cnt decide wt shud I do wt shud b focus plz sir help me to decide..

    • jagmohan Feb 7, 2015 Reply

      Dear Sir,
      I have done my B.Tech in electronics & communication…and got campus placement in ZTE Telicom India in MTS project. Its being 1 year here…now I am thinking of MBA as I want to be in a position of Project manager..kindly guide me in which field I should do MBA and at what time,,,?,,is it correct time to do…and from which college…waiting for your support…

  • Nithin Kishore Dec 12, 2014 Reply

    I am 22 year old B tech Graduate.i have done many jobs in many fields,
    like marketing executive,business developer and now HR,I have got a job once which is in developer side ,unfortunately i cant join in that company due to some health problems,now i realize that opportunities will never wait for any body.and my question is that if i continue my HR job,will i get any kind of benefit in my career with out MBA.

  • kanav singla Dec 10, 2014 Reply

    I have done B.C.A as a graduation with 60% and i have a working experience of 3 yrs (1 yr as a intern and 2 yrs as a emp) in MNC. Now, i am confused between what should i opt further for study MS or MBA . As i have only little interest in technology and i want to settle in abroad (usa or canada ) after studying from there itself.Can u please help and suggest me for choosing right course and do my brain wash,so that i can go for GRE or GMAT accordingly.

  • nani Dec 10, 2014 Reply

    Actually I dont have any idea about what I hav to do after,
    But I got very less % in my (cse), and I dont have much subjct knwldge in computer science.(no experience)
    First I decided to do I’m thnkng about MS… main thing is I really hate java which one suites for me?

  • mahesh Dec 8, 2014 Reply

    is it possible to do ms in usa by a student

  • shilpa Dec 7, 2014 Reply

    i have done my MBA in Finance and im going for another MBA in finance. actually i wanted to go for MS in Finance but i couldn’t apply for it.
    what should i do now? is it a good option to go for MBA again?

  • sudharsan Nov 29, 2014 Reply

    Thank you very much. It was very useful

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