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Firstly, Thank you for your prompt reply & help.

I have not paid visa fee yet and yet to be scheduled visa interview. With old DS-160, I have created a profile in stanely portal for visa scheduling and generated CGI reference number to pay the visa fee at AXIS bank and after seeing the mistake in DS-160 I myself preventted to pay visa fee. Decided to pay after taking the clarifcations from experienced people like you.

In this context, I would like to know can I fill new DS-160 form and update new DS-160 confirmation number in the interview schedule portal and generate CGI refence number and pay the Visa fee after wards.

Please clarify me as I am need of very urgent help.

Thank You again.

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Dear Friend,

. You can create separate Ds 160 form.

Go to profile. After obtaining CGI No , system will not accept new DS 160 no. Any way try it.If system refuses to accept new DS 160 , - Most likely scenario- contact OFC . Explain yr case . They will guide you  what to do next.

Correction may take 24 to 48 hours

Then proceed with new DS 160  to take appointment
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