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I was tracking the status of people getting picked up in lottery for 2019 H1B. I didnt see anyone getting picked up by regular quota . All are under masters quota. Why people under regular H1B didnt receive anything.  I have applied under regular quota and waiting for lottery results.
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2nd of may, waiting for receipt.
Pls let us know when you receive the receipt @syedsamdani44
my SEVP portal date just updated today

I'm in NJ, non-STEM, and non-AD

Good luck to everyone!
Yes, my employer received the receipt. Now waiting for approval.
My H1B & dependent H4 (I-539) are field together in the current H1B lottery. The H4 check was issued by me & isn't cashed yet. Does this mean I was not selected in the lottery since data entry is complete OR do I have hopes?

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I got picked yesterday - master cap. My two co-workers are still waiting, also in master cap.
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For those of you tracking your lottery status under REGULAR quota H1B 2019

So I received my case receipt today (05/15/2018). My employer/HR dint give me any info on the check. However, the receipt says case received on 04/12/2018 and notice date 05/07/2018.

Hang in there. regular quota receipts just started. All the best.
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Did you received the receipt info from your employer/HR?
I heard that it will be difficult to get H1B from now onwards..

I did check my SEVIS, SEVP, Fragomen Portal... no luck yet, this is my last attempt. :(

BTW Congrats @H1needed
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Anyone who was previously waiting hear any updates? Getting nervous...
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