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I got my F1 visa stamped for Spring-2018. I couldn't join the college neither I returned I20, but recently I have informed HOD of the department that I couldn't join.  I have H4 visa and have stayed in states for more than 1 year on it.

I am applying again for Fall-2018. I want to join in a different college for Fall-2018 at a different university and  as my wife who has a H1B approved and working in that city, we want to stay together. I have more than 8 years of work experience and GRE marks as 303.

i)  Do I need to appear for F1 visa interview and pay SEVIS fees again for the new college ? 

ii) Suppose, if I join the existing university again. Do I need to appear for visa interview again and pay the SEVIS fees as well.

iii) How can I check that my SEVIS is terminated or not ?


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1. If you are already in US, you can do a Change of Status to F1, talk to your DSO at new school. If you are not in US, then you will need to get new F1 visa stamped.

2. Well, you need to check on this with DSO and CBP officer to confirm this. Sometimes, if the same SEVIS ID exists, you may not need to...but, again, I am not sure, you need to confirm with CBP officer by emailing them or talk to DSO.

3. You need to check with your DSO, who issued your I20.
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