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I am on f2 visa. I got an admit from university for fall 2018. My husbands company is sponsoring H1B for him this year i.e in April. For this reason, I have been told by the university that I cannot apply for change of status since there cannot be 2 cos requests at the same time (f2 to f1 and F2 to h4), also the cos requests take about 7-8 months. I also thought about going to India for F1 stamping but I have been told I am not allowed to travel if my  h4 is in process. Is it safe for me to go to India now before they file for my H4 petition?
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You are free to travel to India anytime, the only difference is that, if you travel now, there is no abandonment of Change of Status. If you travel later, your COS is abandoned, that's it.  It is better to travel before COS is filed and get your F1 stamping done in India, if you choose to study.  If you are not really keen on studying, I recommend, you wait for few months and get back on H4 after your spouse's H1B. Just do not try to do get F1 visa for the sake of immigration and status, not a good idea.
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Thank you for the response. I really want to study, but I also don’t want to take risk with regards to my visa status. I should able to come back to US

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