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Dear Sir/Madam,

My wife is applying for B2 Tourist visa now. Earlier she had traveled to US (I think on L2/L4)  for two months for leisure ,while I was working there on L1 for a year-long project.

That time( 2008) we applied for SSN for me and also for my wife and we both got SSN. She is doing govt. job in India since 1994.

During her B2 visa interview, will there be any query/problem as to why she has got SSN?

Thanks and Regards

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) sometimes takes guidance from USCIS to issue SSNs to certain visa class holders. However, once issued that number is permanent. If a question does come up, it is best to explain circumstances under which the original number was issued. A foreign US post does not have access to the SSA database unless specifically launching an investigation and an already issued SSN is not usually subject matter for investigation unless there is disability fraud involved. Hope this helps
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Thank you Mr. Shankar.