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My attorney submitted the RFE response 3 days ago. This H1B petition was filed under Premium Processing. When can I expect to see the USCIS website update the case status to 'Response to RFE received'?
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I am also in the same situation  My attorney sent out RFE on 27th Feb. But still case status is not updated. Let me know if you get any changes.
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Did you receive the documents? How many days they are taking to send?
The employer courtesy copy of approval notice(I797C copy) was received by the employer on 16th March. As per that doc visa was approved on 13th March itself. Did you get your approval?
Tomorrow is my 16th day and I think I would receive an update tomorrow. I have filled new petition. are you already in US?
My application got Approved today
Did you receive the docs?

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