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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am holding US Business visa valid till 2021. I traveled to US for company business purpose twice on this business visa while carrying company invitation letter.

 Now I want to travel to US to visit my daughter.

A. Can I travel on the same visa I am holding to visit my daughter (without any supporting invitation letter from any company)?

B. Or I should have separate Tourist visa ? If yes,Can I apply for it ?

C. If yes and I apply for visa for Tourist purpose, will my existing Business visa  get cancelled?

Confusion is also because both Business and Tourist visa are given same B1/B2 visa.

Thanks in advance


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Answers are

1-YOU  are holding B1/B2 visa. pl check. If yes, You can travel on this visa to visit your daughter

2-Yopu do not need separate B2 /tourist visa.

Today you are holding both business and tourist visas
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Thank very much for quick inputs. So,I can travel to US anytime by buying ticket and no need of any other supporting documents.
Best Regards
Yes.You can travel any time within the validity of visa.
Thank you very much for your guidance.

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