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I am on H1 valid petition till Year end (2018) and got VISA stamped till Sep 2017 as travelled to India in between.

But my H4 dependents couldnt travel due to schooling so they have stamping till Sep 2016 only.

Since I will be filling all separate DS160 but at the time of stanley there may be a case that as I am eligible for drop box so will it make my H4 eligible also  or they need to appear in interview.

Is there anyother interview waiver program (other than Drop Box)?

Thanks in advance!!
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You being eligible for drop box does NOT make yr wife eligible for it. She will have to appear for interview.

if you combine the application profile , wrong action will invalidate yr drop box.

Remember drop box is just a name. ACTUALLY THERE IS NO DROP BOX. cases are accepted as drop box -which is just a nominclature of process- after scrutiny
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Thank you
Also can I opt for Interview (instead of picking dropbox) so that I can go with my family and do you see any more risk involved than not going?
There is a way by which you can appear for interview along with yr wife.But I do not recommend such trick. Follow right path, not undesirable short cut unless you are really short of time