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I have a H1B valid till June 8th 2018. However, I want to change my visa status from H1B to H4.

Should I wait for my H4 to be approved to give a 2 week notice to my employer? Or can I give it as soon as I receive the H4 application receipt? Will I maintain a valid status if I stop working on H1B before H4 petition is approved?

Appreciate all the responses!

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You may resign as soon as you get a receipt. Or the other best thing is to go out of country and get H4 stamped and come back (faster process)
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Appreciate your response! I have another follow up question if you can help.
Will the interview process be tricky since its change of status from H1 to H4?
Also, can I give the 2 weeks notice after the H4 approval? Will I be on the valid status for those 2 weeks to work?

Appreciate the response! Have a good one.

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