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My employer has filed the H1B visa application, which got processed in lottery as well. Later on USCIS has asked for the RFE twice (In Oct 2017 and Dec 2017) and my employer has provided them on time.

Now My employer has informed me on 24th Jan 2018 that the USCIS has denied the petition, they have not mentioned any reason (due to some legal problem).

Can you please suggest what are the options do I have now?

H1B in cap: 2017-2018


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What is your status now? If you are on F1 visa, you can stay until your OPT expires and try H1B Again.

Meanwhile, you may ask your employer to Appeal/MTR the denied H1B.
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Hi Rana, I am in India only.

I have asked my employer to Appeal or file MTR but not sure if they will do.

The denial update was like “USCIS adjudicating officer was not convinced that the position met the requirements for specialty occupation according to H1B Regulations”
I am working as a software consultant in a repotted MNC having 10 Years of IT experience.

Let me know if in this case we can Appeal/MTR?


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