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Hi Sourabh and Kumar,

One of my cousin's H1B extension +Amendment has got denied. She is working in an Indian MNC for past 10 years and 6 years with current client. Amendment was due to her promotion as a lead. She is a SharePoint expert. Is there any scope for her to reapply(any other option) for H1B extension or she has to go back? Both her I94 and Visa are expired now. Validity of I797 was till Sep 2017.

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2 Answers

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It is unlikely that H-1B petition gets denied just because of change in the title or promotion. It is important to get the the scenario analyzed by immigration attorneys

She could certainly secure another job and apply for H-1B.

This is not the end of the road and shouldn't worry too much.
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She has to go out of the country immediately and then she can try for cap-exempt H1B.
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